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Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 3

Make Me Lose Control

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2005 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Cristina and Meredith try to figure out if Cristina should tell Burke that she's pregnant right before Cristina faces an emergency. Alex and Izzie get closer while Meredith's mother gets too close. Relationships are revealed among older members in the staff and George gets a tough assignment.moreless

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  • This episode was a marvelous balance of heart warming & heart breaking. Grey's Anatomy just keeps getting better!

    It is seldom that a show leaves me wanting more at the end of an episode… and this seems to be the way Grey’s Anatomy is headed this season.

    After what seemed to be a rough series premiere last season, this show has won it’s way into my heart. This episode in particular was the best I have seen.

    Whether it is the heartbreaking revelations about Meredith Grey’s family life exposed by her Alzheimer's stricken mother or Bailey, who prides herself on being exacting with her interns, holding the head of one of Cristina during her emergency surgery… you can’t help but connect with these characters.

  • Great episode

    I have always liked Alex, I really don't know why. And now, as I can see, other people (Meredith and Izzie) like him too. So I am very happy of what happened in this episode regarding him. I still hope that he wouldn't mellow that much and be the same as*hole as usual, if not, only a little bit. Anyway, it was a very nice episode, all because of the Ellis Grey character. Almost everything revealed from yang's pregnancy to meredith's mother. So I can wait to see what would happen next, now that all the cards are on the table.moreless
  • This show is "losing it's control"... in a good way! =)

    This episode was definately one of the best episodes in this season and in the previous one. Mostly because... (finally)... Meredith's mother is back! I couldn't stop laughing. Oh, I felt so sorry for George... or should I say, Thatch? =)

    Anyway, Izzie and Alex are warmin' up... well, I agree with Izzie, why is he such a jerk with other people.

    Now, the interesting part. If you watched the episode, or you will watch there's a part where Cristina scrubbed in the operation, I think she scrubbed... anyway, Burke was talking to her as "Dr. Yang" and from the moment she lost consciousness, it was "Cristina!"

    I think she will be a very... a very... hard and exhausting patient, and I can't wait to see what will Ellis do! Oh, poor George =)moreless
  • Solid episode.

    Bailey finally shows her softer side. She almost cries in surgery, but is strong enough to stick up for Cristina’s privacy but not letting Meredith in the room. Then, she sits by Cristina’s bedside

    I’m actually kind of glad Derek and Addison have some sparks between them. As tough as Meredith’s life is, she’s a little too whiny. She acts like the world is just out to get her. Yeah, Derek made a mistake. But she doesn’t have to bite his head off every time he tries to be nice. And yeah, her mom is sick. But now people know, so she should find comfort and a support system, rather than just pretending like she’s okay.

    I’m glad Burke finally found out about Cristina’s pregnancy. It was a good way for him to do so.

    I must confess that I, like Izzie, am beginning to like Alex. He showed genuine compassion to Meredith, which was really sweet. I just hope they eventually explain why he IS so arrogant and obnoxious so much of the time.

    And I still love George!!!!moreless
  • Another fine example! The truth about Meredith's mom comes out!

    Another fine example of an episode

    I like how they brought out the light about Meredith's mom and the complications around it.. It's nice to see that meredith has so much trouble with the fact that her mom has Alzheimer and then her showing up at the hospital.

    The scenes with the mom were very funny btw!

    Meredith and Derek?! I said it every time but I love them! Their scenes are good and Addison should just go and let them be happy!

    Izzie and Alex seems to be building up.. It takes an interesting turn.

    Cristina and Dr. Burke... Really sad that she lost the baby... I wonder how they'll both deal with that fact.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

T.R. Knight

T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Angela Goethals

Angela Goethals

Kelly Roesch

Guest Star

Stephen Breithaupt

Stephen Breithaupt

Mr. Geston

Guest Star

John O'Brien

John O'Brien

Lab Tech

Recurring Role

Kate Burton

Kate Burton

Ellis Grey

Recurring Role

Linda Klein

Linda Klein

Scrub Nurse

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: When Addison and Derek are in the room with the premature baby addicted to narcotics, she is listing options for her and Derek's relationship. The chair that Derek is sitting on has a blanket over it and it changes position throughout the scene many times.

    • Goof: The surgery board has a circled 'R' indicating the removal of the right fallopian tube and ovary. In the next scene Bailey explains to Yang they had to remove her left fallopian tube and ovary.

    • Goof: After George talks to Dr. Burke about a biopsy, the camera shows Cristina's procedure on the board and we see the term "salpingo-oopherectomy", which would be spelled "salpingo-oophorectomy" - the surgical removal of a fallopian tube and an ovary.

    • Goof: During Cristina's surgery, we see Bailey standing over her, stroking her head. Then, when Meredith tries to come in from the other side of the operating room, Bailey goes over to her and stops her. At the end of their scene together, we get a shot of Meredith and Bailey looking back at Cristina on the operating table, and Bailey is magically standing over her again!

    • Goof: When Cristina is being rushed down the hallway after her collapse, we see Izzie walking alongside the gurney, and she is wearing the blue cap that the surgeons always wear during surgery. Then, when Cristina starts saying "Izzie, Izzie, I'm pregnant," the cap is gone, and you can see all of Izzie's hair.

    • Goof: When Addison is talking to Derek she puts her hand in the incubator and shes not wearing her wedding ring. But when she pulls her hand out she is wearing her ring.

    • Goof: Just after finishing Cristina's surgery, Addison finds Derek watching over the premature baby. Addison goes over to check the baby, Derek sits in a chair and we see a close up of what is meant to be Addison's arm in with the baby. However, the arm is dressed in a pink top under light blue scrubs. It is very clear that Addison is wearing salmon coloured scrubs, not blue ones. The close up is actually a shot of Izzie from earlier in the episode.

    • Goof: About 16 minutes in, when Meredith and Alex are talking to the blushing girl, it looks like her "blush" is being washed away by her tears.

    • Goof: In the beginning when Derek and Dr. Webber are talking on the elevator, initially a bandage is visible from under the hat, but disappears in the next shot.

    • When George reports to Meredith that her mother believes that he is Meredith's father, Meredith is surprised, saying that Ellis never talks about her father. This explains Meredith's shock when she hears all the rage her mother held towards her husband.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Bailey: Need something?
      Meredith: I'm coming in.
      Bailey: No, you're not.
      Meredith: I am. I'm her friend.
      Bailey: Exactly. She's lying on the operating table, naked, exposed. She's sedated but she's probably scared out of her mind. Now right now she's not a doctor. She's not your friend. She's a patient and she deserves to have all the privacy I can give her. You're not going in there.
      Meredith (sighs): We went jogging this morning. I made her go jogging. There's no way that could of...?
      Bailey: No. It started out this way. Nothing caused it to happen.
      Meredith: You have to let me in there.
      Bailey (jokingly): You can try. I'd have to take you down. Hey I might be short but you're pretty tiny. I could do it.
      Meredith: Right now. Just in this moment. I hate you.
      Bailey: Hmm, yeah well I can take it.

    • Burke: There is an arryhtmia when I pressed down on the tumor. That is a sign of what Yang?
      Cristina: Uhm... Uhm it's a sign of uhm... It's a s... (having difficulty to breathe) It's a sign that the tumor has infiltrated the pericardium.
      Burke: Possibilities?
      Cristina: Uhm...you know I'm sorry, I...
      Burke: Do your homework, Yang. It could be causing a tearing in the hard muscle of the heart. (Cristina looks dizzy, in pain and collapses)
      Nurse: Doctor Yang!
      Burke: Cristina! Cristina! (Bailey and Izzie are in the gallery, they stand up, look inside the OR and go to help) Somebody help her. Cristina! Don't just stand there somebody help her! Get in a gurney in here! Don't just stand there damn it, somebody help her! Cristina!
      Izzie (enters with Bailey): Cristina!
      Bailey: We've got it Dr. Burke we've got it!
      Burke: Okay talk to me, talk to me, what do we know? What do we know? Talk to me Stevens!
      Izzie: I don't know.
      Burke: Come on people, let's move!

    • (Glass shatters)
      Ellis: Get away from me, you insipid little man.
      George: Dr. Grey calm down.
      Ellis: Get out of here, get out of my room!
      George: Please calm down.
      Ellis: Get away from here, get away from my house!
      Nurse (enters): What can I do?
      George: Please get some haloperidol. (Nurse leaves)
      Ellis: Don't give me that look. That sad little soulful, little puppy routine, I know it by heart Thatch, and I'm over it. I don't want to hear about your day, or your students, for your pathetic little research grants! (pants) My-my work is what counts. It's what pays for this house, it pays for... it pays for you and it pays for... it pays for Meredith, and your precious lifestyle. So why don't you just leave me alone and let me do it? (awkward pause) Meredith may think she needs you but I sure as hell don't!
      George: Dr. Grey!

    • Izzie: You guys are wrong about him, alright? Once you get to know him, he's really sweet.
      George: He's Alex.
      Cristina: Punk ass.
      Alex (calls back loudly): Hey Grey. Izzie was telling me you have tapes of your mom performing surgery. I'd kill to see the Ellis Grey in action.
      Izzie (calls back): Hey you know what? Maybe you can come over tonight and we can all watch it together? Right? (Meredith, Cristina & George look at her disbelievingly)
      Meredith: Oh yeah, if this were a hell dimension.
      Cristina: Yeah, run away pig boy.
      George: Do you have a thing for Alex?
      Izzie: No.
      Cristina (groans): Oh.
      Izzie: I don't.
      Bailey: Are we saving lives or having a tea party? Walk faster people.

    • Addison: So I'm leaving in the morning.
      Chief: No.
      Addison: Excuse me?
      Chief: No, I'm not accepting your resignation.
      Addison: It's not resignation, Richard, it's notification. I don't offically work for you. I came for one case, I can track the twins progress from New York.
      Chief: What about the preemie?
      Addison: I'm letting go of the preemie, you know that. He calls me Satan, Richard.
      Chief: You don't like to hide from a fight.
      Addison: It's not a fight, he wins. I'm leaving in the morning.

    • Bailey: You have a problem?
      Izzie: No.
      Bailey: You have a mocha-latte?
      Izzie: No.
      Bailey: Then go away.

    • Bailey: Izzie, the Dr. Shepherds need an intern up in NICU.
      Izzie: Wait, both of them? Together? And me by myself...w-with the two married people, who hate each other?
      Bailey: Go! Cristina, you're on the thoracotomy.
      Cristina: Oh, with Burke? I can't have the hateful married couple instead?

    • Derek: Nice hat.
      Richard: Shut up.
      Derek: What are you doin' here?
      Richard: I'm going back to work.
      Derek: You're not cleared for surgery.
      Richard: Leave me alone, Derek. I've been sitting home for a week watching Oprah give away things on T.V. Oprah, Derek! You clear me now or I'll hurt you.
      Derek: If you want me to clear you, you should have thought about that before you gave chief to Burke. And before you invited Satan to Seattle.
      Richard: Satan?
      Addison (getting in the elevator): Good morning. Richard, I like the hat.
      Derek (to Richard): Satan speaks.
      Addison: Actually, I prefer to be called Ruler of All That Is Evil. (Richard laughs) But I will answer to Satan.
      Derek: What is she still doing here?
      Richard: I asked her to stay, we have a pediatric attending on materity leave.
      Addison: Yeah, actually, I could use you on a consult, could you meet me up there, Derek?
      Derek: Uh, yeah. Fine. (Addison gets off the elevator)
      Richard: Nice lady.
      Derek: I'm not clearing you for surgery.
      Richard: Fine. I can catch up on my paper work.

    • Bailey: Did you know about Ellis Grey? Did Meredith tell you?
      Izzie: No. It's just you think, you think you know someone, know who they are. You share a house and make wishes on eyelashes with them and we don't know each other, none of us. We're just a bunch of interns who work together. There's nothing there.

    • (After examining a baby)
      Derek: She's just gonna live a short painful life.
      Addison: You don't know that.
      Derek: It's my job to know that.
      Addison: You're not god, Derek.
      Derek: Excuse me.
      Addison: I'm sorry, honey, but you're not. You don't get to decide who lives--
      Derek: Wait, did you just call me "honey"? Don't call me "honey".
      Addison: Fine. You're not god, Dr. Shepherd. Look, if the patient has any chance to live, which I think she does, then you have a responsiblity--
      Derek: Don't talk to me about responsibilty.
      Addison: You took an oath, Derek.
      Derek: An oa--, don't you dare talk to me about oaths.
      Addison: Derek, I messed up. People mess up.
      Derek: You slept with my best friend on my favorite sheets.
      Addison: The flannel sheets? You hate the flannel sheets.
      Derek: I love the sheets. I did.
      Addison: You like the itailian sheets with the little paslies--
      Derek: Will you just stop talking about the sheets?
      Addison: Fine!
      Izzie: I'm sorry, I'm just gonna go check on the labs. (walks away)
      Derek: Addison, don't do this.
      Addison: She's a fighter, look how far she's come already.
      Derek: You're attached, don't get involved. Just please, don't make her life any more painful than it already is. She's too far gone, you have to let her go, let her go in peace. (walks away)
      Addison: Derek, please, she needs somebody to fight for her. (he leaves) Fine Derek, walk away - it's what you do best.

    • Ellis: What the hell are you doing here! Haven't I told you, how many times have I told you not to bother me when I'm at work!

    • Addison: You know, the way I see it, we could deal with us, in one of three ways. Option one, I could apologize, you could forgive me, come home and we can move on with our lives like adults. Or option two, I could apologize, you could forgive me, come home, but you could still bring it up to use against me whenever we argue.
      Derek: Are you trying to be funny?
      Addison: Satan has a sense of humor.
      Derek: What's the third?
      Addison: I don't know what the third option is. (kisses him) I just know I still love you.

    • Alex: You could talk, you know if you need to.
      Meredith: I'm fine.
      Alex: You've said that word so many times today, it doesn't even sound like a word anymore. I'm just saying you can talk to me cause, you know, even if I repeat every word you say no one around here likes me - they'd just call me a liar and move on.
      Meredith: Izzie likes you. (smiles) You're blushing.
      Alex: Shut up. For what it's worth, I don't know how you're still on your feet. If I found out my mom might have cancer, I'd be under the bar right now.
      Meredith: You want the ugly truth?
      Alex: What, you have an ugly truth? I never would have picked you to have an ugly truth.
      Meredith: I'm more afraid she doesn't have cancer.
      Alex: You know, liver cancer's fast. Painful, but it's fast and they give you morphine. They don't give you morphine for Alzheimer's.
      Meredith: No, they don't. (pauses) What kind of person wishes their mother had cancer?

    • Meredith: How's Cristina?
      Izzie (sighs): She's gonna have a lotta pain for a few days, but she's gonna be ok.
      Meredith: I'm glad you were there.
      Izzie: Are you?
      Meredith: Yes, I am.
      Izzie: It's just---it's just that alot of the time, I feel like you and Cristina are kinda over there and I'm here.
      Meredith: So, about Alex--
      Izzie: I know, I know, you guys hate him, fine. (George groans)
      Meredith: Yeah, we do but I just wanna say that I believe you - that he's different when you get to know him. (Izzie smiles)

    • (Cristina and Meredith are jogging in the park)
      Cristina (breathing heavily): Oh, you're stupid. Oh, god, you're stupid evil sadist, and I wanna kill you.
      Meredith: Endorphins are good. Endorphins are mood elevators. This is supposed to make us feel better.
      Cristina: Do you feel better? (Cristina stops running and Meredith runs circles around her) Slutty mistress.
      Meredith Pregnant whore.
      Cristina: Sleeping with our bosses was a great idea! (Meredith stops running now)
      Meredith: You know what's ruined for me?
      Cristina: Huh?
      Meredith: Ferry boats. I used to love ferry boats. Derek's got a thing for ferry boats, and now every time I see a freakin' ferry boat--
      Cristina: You know what's ruined for me? Coronary artery and aortic aneurysms. God, I used to love aortic aneurysms. (they lie down on the ground)
      Meredith: Have you cried yet?
      Cristina: Hello! Do you think we'd feel better if we cry? You know just like let it out.
      Meredith: Probably, yeah.
      Cristina: Do you want to cry now?
      Meredith: No!
      Cristina: Okay, let's--let's jog. (they don't get up from the ground)

    • Alex: Wait.
      Izzie: What?
      Alex (gets the eyelash off her face): You have an eyelash. (places eyelash on palm) Make a wish and blow it away. (to a nurse) Hey, Nurse Ratched, there's a dead guy stinking up room 4125. Do something before he rots.
      Izzie (walking away): See, that is exactly what I'm talking about. Why are you so afraid of showing people you are a decent human being?
      George (walking up): Remember when he wall papered the hospital with pictures of you in your underwear?
      Izzie: Yeah. Yeah, I do.
      Alex: It was before I knew you.

    • Meredith: I just think you should still tell him about the baby because he should at least have the responsibility of having to pay.
      Cristina: No! You know what? He'll never know. It's over. Once this pregnancy is taken care of, Burke won't even be a blip on my radar. He'll be smudge.
      Meredith (sarcastic): Right.
      Cristina: Meredith... leave the sarcasm up to me.. really.. it doesn't suit you.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): No one likes to lose control, but as a surgeon there's nothing worse. It's a sign of weakness, of not being up to the task. And still there are times when it just gets away from you. When the world stops spinning and you realize that your shiny little scalpel isn't gonna save you. No matter how hard you fight it, you fall. And it's scary as hell. If there's an upside to free-falling, it's the chance you give your friends to catch you.

    • Izzie: How can someone be so offensive and yet so charming all at the same time?
      Alex: It's an art form.

    • Meredith (to Derek): I'm just exhausted. My mother is exhausting. What happened to Cristina. And you. Hating you is the most exhausting. (kisses him) I don't wanna do it anymore.

    • George (acting as Thatcher): I don't like the way you speak to me and I really hate the way you speak to Meredith; she deserves better from you.
      Ellis: I . . . I'm sorry.
      George: You are?

    • Meredith (sharply): Don't.
      Derek: Sorry.
      Meredith: Don't be sorry. I'm so tired it, you being sorry.
      Derek: Dr. --
      Meredith (cutting him off): Don't do it!
      Derek: Dr. Grey...
      Meredith (annoyed): Dr. Grey, seriously. Are you concerned about Alex finding out about us? Is that what matters to you? Do you really think he cares? (Meredith turns to Alex who is trying not to look amused) Alex do you care that I was the intern stupid enough to screw the married attending?
      Alex: No.
      Derek: It's okay.
      Meredith (loud and upset): It's not okay! You have a wife who's not easy to hate. Who's annoyingly kind and painfully smart and currently saving my friend's life.
      Derek (softly): Meredith just...
      Meredith: Don't! Stop talking to me like you're my boyfriend! Stop talking to me at all! (storms off)
      Alex: Dude, that was rough.

    • George: Cristina's pregnant?
      Izzie: Shut up, George.
      George: This is a very bad day.

    • George: I look like Meredith's dad?
      Richard: Just take good care of her. (walks away)
      George: But . . . dad? I need help.

    • Burke (to Richard): I'm glad that you're back. I'm just hiding my joy. Deep down inside.

    • Bailey: Take care of Doctor Grey.
      George: Yes. Thank you. (hugs Bailey) She needs a friend right now. (Bailey kicks him out) Oh... her mother.

    • Izzie: Why do you do that?
      Alex: Do what?
      Izzie: Act like an ass when everybody but me is around, they hate you enough as it is.

    • Cristina (watching Izzie with Alex): What is she doing?
      George: She's hanging out with Alex.
      Cristina (pauses): Why?
      George: I dunno. I think... I think they might be friends. (Izzie & Alex continue laughing and joking with each other) Make the lamb stop screaming.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Surgeons are control freaks. With a scalpel in your hand you feel unstoppable. There's no fear, there's no pain. Your're ten feet tall and bullet proof... And then you leave the OR and all that perfection, all that control, just falls to crap.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Sweden: April 18, 2006 on Kanal 5
      Mexico: March 2, 2006 on Channel 29
      Bulgaria: June 21, 2006 on bTV
      Croatia: November 20, 2006 on NOVA TV
      Finland: November 23, 2006 on Nelonen
      Italy: February 02, 2007 on Italia 1
      Canada (French): February 17, 2007, on Radio-Canada
      Romania: March 27, 2007 on TVR 1
      Serbia: March 15, 2008 on B92
      Germany: September 26, 2006 on ProSieben

    • Awards and Nominations:
      TV.com Awards 2005:
      Best Episode - "Make Me Lose Conrtol" (1 of 5)

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Sleep by Get Set Go plays when Meredith and Cristina are jogging,
      2. By Heart by Sylvie Lewis plays when Meredith and Alex are talking to Kelly (the blushing girl),
      3. Ruby Blue by Roisin Murphy plays when Cristina collapses in the operating room,
      4. Fools In Love by Inara George plays when surgery is being performed on Cristina,
      5. Song Beneath The Song by Maria Taylor plays when Derek approaches Meredith who's crying on the bench.

    • This episode was originally part of the season one.


    • When acting deliberately awful with Izzie, Alex adresses a nurse as "Nurse Ratched". Nurse Ratched is the abusive head nurse in One Flew Over The Cuckcoo's Nest.

    • Chief: I've been sitting home for a week watching Oprah give away things on T.V. - Oprah, Derek!

      Oprah is a popular American day-time chat-show. It is hosted by Oprah Winfrey.

    • George: Make the lambs stop screaming!

      George says this in response to the idea that Alex and Izzy are becoming friendly. It refers to the film, The Silence of the Lambs, whose lead character Clarice Starling had nightmares about lambs.

    • Episode Title: Make Me Lose Control

      The title of this episode is a reference to a song by Eric Carmen.