Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 3

Make Me Lose Control

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2005 on ABC

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  • This episode was a marvelous balance of heart warming & heart breaking. Grey's Anatomy just keeps getting better!

    It is seldom that a show leaves me wanting more at the end of an episode… and this seems to be the way Grey’s Anatomy is headed this season.

    After what seemed to be a rough series premiere last season, this show has won it’s way into my heart. This episode in particular was the best I have seen.

    Whether it is the heartbreaking revelations about Meredith Grey’s family life exposed by her Alzheimer's stricken mother or Bailey, who prides herself on being exacting with her interns, holding the head of one of Cristina during her emergency surgery… you can’t help but connect with these characters.
  • Great episode

    I have always liked Alex, I really don't know why. And now, as I can see, other people (Meredith and Izzie) like him too. So I am very happy of what happened in this episode regarding him. I still hope that he wouldn't mellow that much and be the same as*hole as usual, if not, only a little bit. Anyway, it was a very nice episode, all because of the Ellis Grey character. Almost everything revealed from yang's pregnancy to meredith's mother. So I can wait to see what would happen next, now that all the cards are on the table.
  • This show is "losing it's control"... in a good way! =)

    This episode was definately one of the best episodes in this season and in the previous one. Mostly because... (finally)... Meredith's mother is back! I couldn't stop laughing. Oh, I felt so sorry for George... or should I say, Thatch? =)

    Anyway, Izzie and Alex are warmin' up... well, I agree with Izzie, why is he such a jerk with other people.

    Now, the interesting part. If you watched the episode, or you will watch there's a part where Cristina scrubbed in the operation, I think she scrubbed... anyway, Burke was talking to her as "Dr. Yang" and from the moment she lost consciousness, it was "Cristina!"

    I think she will be a very... a very... hard and exhausting patient, and I can't wait to see what will Ellis do! Oh, poor George =)
  • Solid episode.

    Bailey finally shows her softer side. She almost cries in surgery, but is strong enough to stick up for Cristina’s privacy but not letting Meredith in the room. Then, she sits by Cristina’s bedside

    I’m actually kind of glad Derek and Addison have some sparks between them. As tough as Meredith’s life is, she’s a little too whiny. She acts like the world is just out to get her. Yeah, Derek made a mistake. But she doesn’t have to bite his head off every time he tries to be nice. And yeah, her mom is sick. But now people know, so she should find comfort and a support system, rather than just pretending like she’s okay.

    I’m glad Burke finally found out about Cristina’s pregnancy. It was a good way for him to do so.

    I must confess that I, like Izzie, am beginning to like Alex. He showed genuine compassion to Meredith, which was really sweet. I just hope they eventually explain why he IS so arrogant and obnoxious so much of the time.

    And I still love George!!!!
  • Another fine example! The truth about Meredith's mom comes out!

    Another fine example of an episode

    I like how they brought out the light about Meredith's mom and the complications around it.. It's nice to see that meredith has so much trouble with the fact that her mom has Alzheimer and then her showing up at the hospital.
    The scenes with the mom were very funny btw!

    Meredith and Derek?! I said it every time but I love them! Their scenes are good and Addison should just go and let them be happy!

    Izzie and Alex seems to be building up.. It takes an interesting turn.
    Cristina and Dr. Burke... Really sad that she lost the baby... I wonder how they'll both deal with that fact.
  • A lot happened in this episode, which made up for the fact that it wasn't the absolute best, but it was still pretty damn good!

    This episode, was crucial in terms of character development. The writers clearly managed to find every way possible of progressing their characters - we had Cristina's crisis, which brought out traits in her friends and colleagues, we had Meredith's mother returning to the hospital, where we saw a little of George and Richard, and we also had an unlikely friendship forged between Alex, and Izzie. Now, I did not anticipate this friendship, but in the second series, the program is definitely making an effort to round Alex's character, making him a lot more sympathetic to both characters and audience.
    I've got to say, where the program entirely failed was in making me sympathetic to Meredith's case. This may be because my absolute favourite moment in the program, was the tension between Derek and Addison, finally culminating in a confession of love, and a long, lingering kiss. Being a fan of their love/hate relationship, I couldn't help but be angry at Meredith as she went and kissed Derek later on in the program! I just happen to believe that Derek and Addison are much better suited than Derek and Meredith, with a hell of a lot more chemistry and a real spark between them.
    The episode also dealt with the separation of friends, nodding its head to the gap we've recently seen developing between Meredith and Cristina, and Izzie. Izzie finally realised that she is on a different side of the room from the other two, and knows very little about them. As compensation, she began her friendship with Alex, which could be interesting yet.
    We also saw some of the elder doctors' characters this week, as he human side of the Nazi revealed itself in compassion for Cristina, and Burke finally realised what was going on with Cristina. Note though, only when he read about it on the OR's timetable.
    Overall, a high standard as usual though not one of the best, but that's only to be expected with so much to fit in. There was some passionate dialogue, some tense relationships and several great quotes. Grey's Anatomy can only get better!
  • Ellis Grey returns to Seattle Grace, only not in the way any of the hospital staff could of imagined. Christina's secret gets out, when she collapses during surgery.

    From the opening moments of Make Me Lose Control, I was glued to the television screen. Just when I thought this show couldn't get any better, I stood corrected, Ellis Grey returns to Seattle Grace and Meredith must confront her feelings for her mother, compounded with her feelings for Derek and her growing relationship with Christina.

    Christina's health crisis shows a softer side of Bailey, and it's at this point we see the maternal side of "the nazi".

    Addison and Derek's relationship seems to reach some sort of understanding, at the same time Meredith realises that she no longer wants to hate Derek...which begs the question: where will Derek's heart lead him...

    Again Greys Anatomy has left me wanting more, with breath that is baited I will await next weeks epidode Deny Deny Deny...
  • One of those episodes that makes you anticipate for the next one. Loved the way they let Burke know about Christina... he wasn\'t \"supposed\" to know, nobody told him, but he ended up knowing without anyone intending to let him know. Loved it! Can\'t wai

    One of those episodes that makes you anticipate for the next one. Loved the way they let Burke know about Christina... he wasn\'t \"supposed\" to know, nobody told him, but he ended up knowing without anyone intending to let him know. Loved it! Can\'t wait for the next episode!!!! :)
  • Simply put, possibly the single best episode of any TV series I've ever watched.

    With this episode I think Grey's Anatomy went from being one of the best shows on TV to being the best show on TV. The story line, the acting, the writing were all woven together into something very special. Merideth's mom deserves an Emmy for her performance, Meredeth was fantastic at the end and in her diatribe on Sheppard. Even Alex was great with his consoling Merideth. There are just too many good things to say about this episode so if you haven't seen it yet you should.
  • This is clearly the best episode of the series thus far, and that's saying a lot! I can't think of any flaws, and thus, a perfect 10.0 is only fitting.

    Like I said, best episode yet. Amazing writing, directing, acting...the works. Every character was involved in this episode, and in one way or another, their roles were all critical to the series, whether a part of a crucial storyline or character development.

    I could analyze each character's role in this episode, but that'd take pages to do, which as riveting as this episode was, I know you don't want to read all that.

    Unlike in many shows where there are secrets the viewers are trying to discover as well, in Grey's Anatomy we have been let in on all of them, yet somehow the writers still know how to keep us engaged and on our feet. In this episode the three main secrets (two by Meredith, one by Christina) are let out of the bag, and it was interesting to see the characters reactions to such discoveries, and it'll be even more interesting to see how they play out in future episodes.

    In addition, it was nice to see the nicer side of Alex, and the love-hate relationship between him and Izzy, and then with Meredith towards the end.

    I'll definitely be tuning in next week to see how these new storylines unfold, and you should too!
  • By far the BEST episode ever. Everything was turned on its ear and secrets are revealed. And you see everybody in this episode too - no one is left out. A must see.

    Again... this is by far the best episode ever. Wonderfully charged - directed and written. There is no way now that George will ever be able to get a date with Meridith. Not after Ellis "seeing" him as Thatch and others confirming that he sort of resembles him. Poor George -- he will always have to love Meridith from afar. So now Meridiths secrets are out (her mother and the fact she was dating Dr. Shepherd) and Christinas is out too -- and she will have to deal with Burk now (I predict he will try to pursue her). Also Baily and Alex have hearts! I really enjoyed this episode - I hope this series continues to preform at this level.
  • An incredible hour which shakes up everything.

    We all knew it was coming but I didn't expect the secret of Mereidth's mom's disease coming to light like this. It was amazing to see the look of horror in Meredith's eyes when her mom was rolled in before everyone, her worst nightmare come to life. But that was just the warmup.

    The scene of her mother screaming at her 'husband', telling her what she really thought was an eye-opener for Meredith. She may have suspected but hearing for herself how her mother considered her father worthless tore at her. George helping wasn't a surprise but that he did it so well was and led to the funny moment of him lying next to Merediths' mom, obviously as freaked out as you'd expect.

    The Christina plot was good too. Burke was amazing, stunned to realize her condition and how he was the father. It will be interesting to see them working together again and how everyone reacts to Christina now.

    The Izzy/Alex arc is quite interesting and it is nice to see there are dimensions to Alex beyond being a jerk. This will be a very fun thing to watch develop and I look forward to it.

    So another excellent edition that promises to change everything for the show, which is a good thing. This has turned into quite the suprise hit and I look forward to seeing it continue.
  • Saw it coming. Waited for it. Counted on it. Wasn't ready when it happened. Glad it did. Some of it.

    It had to happen sooner or later. I was sure of it. I'm not just talking about one little thing either, but I'm talking about a lot of it. I saw it all coming and I'm so glad that it all just came around.
    Number one: the truth about Meredith's mother came out and, as expected, the hospital staff wigged. I've been waiting for that since the first episode when the tremendous fuss about Meredith being a famous child was brought up over lunch.
    Number two: Alex and Izzie. I mean, who didn't see this one on the horizon? I've been rooting for it since the moment Izzie and her studly-yet-dumb-as-a-rock hockey player boyfriend broke up. There has been an element between Izzie and Alex since day one: pure, unadulterated hatred (do we all remember Izzie jumping up and down on Alex's pager?). Hatred that passionate could only give way to something more . . . personal.
    Number three: Cristina's baby. I wasn't hoping that the birth would be aborted, but I had a feeling. Cristina never did seem like the kind of woman to ever wind up carrying a child. I don't know how I expected the problem to vanish, but this was certainly not high on the list. Nonetheless, it is gone. And I really don't like it, but there's nothing I can do about it.
    Finally . . .
    Number four: An end to Meredith's fury towards Derek.
    I can't explain this one. I can't even say how I thought it would come around. I just always knew.
    Like I said before: I saw it coming. Waited for it. Counted on it. Wasn't ready when it happened. Glad it did. Some of it.
  • Surgeons are control freaks.

    Merediths mother is brought to the hospital and everyone finds out that she has Alzhaimers.
    Crisitna collapses on Burke's surgery and Addison operates on her because her fallopian tube bursted and they couldn't save the baby. Burke finds out that Cristina was pregnant. Kelly Roche a girl with abnormal blushing comes to the hospital for surgery in oreder to cure it. Everything will change after this episode. Derek and Addison are still fighting and Meredith confesses to him that she still loves him. Crisitna will recover but will she be able to get pregnant ever again. Amazing and one of the best episodes so far.
  • Complimenting Kate Burton, that is Meredith's mother; Ellis Grey.

    Every time I see a replay of this episode, I look forward to Ellis Grey's performance, which I thought had gotten little recognition. She displayed a beautiful character, you believed her role as Meredith's sickly mother, and you laughed along with her when she maintained memories of our past. Would it be cool to live through a wild romance in your past, you which you did brilliantly? Kate Burton sure pulled that off. Richard had to play along even though he had already went back to his wife and the affair was long forgotten. This particular episode has me at the edge of my seat, especially when Ellis thinks that George is Thatcher; Meredith's father. I'm still a bit upset about Derek and how he treats Addison, but I would not get into that. Applause Ellis Grey, a brilliant performance, well done.
  • Good Job Thatch!

    Meredith's mom is inserted in the hospital and she thinks that she is a current surgeon there. She thinks that George is her husband, Thatcher, and she won't let him get close enoughto examine her. She also has a biopsis which is shows that it is possible that she has liver cancer.
    A girl blushes all over her face when she gets emotional. She is prepared to have an operation, although she knows the high risk side effects, because she can't keep any secret for herself.
    Christina faints when still in surgery with Burke and Addisson operates her but she couldn't do anything for the baby. Burke learns that she was expecting his baby.
    A baby girl who was born very early is said that she doesn't have a chance to survive but when she survives throughthe night Shepherd is prepared to operate her.
    Addisson steals a kiss from Derek and tells him that he can still return home. We also see the human side of Alex and that he only acts like a jurk when other people are around.
  • Seeing Alex in a new perspective.

    This episode was pretty good.

    I really like how Alex is shown in a new perspective. This is definitely some character development.

    In this episode, more is revealed about Ellis Grey.

    It's still not clear about Derek's relationship with Addison, but it's perfectly clear (for me, at least) how Addison feels about her husband.

    //If you don't want to read a spoiler, skip this paragraph.
    And something unexpected happens with one of the interns.
    It's Cristina. It's about her pregnancy. Something happens while she's scrubbing in. Alright, I've stalled long enough. Cristina won't need an abortion, I'll say that much.
    //End of spoiler.

    Meredith's feelings toward Derek are revealed.
  • Storylines are starting to come together with a boom!

    After all the confusion surrounding Christina and her baby, nature decides to take control and make the decision for her, she loses both her baby and a fallopian tube. She passed out in the middle of surgery with Burke and now he knows that it was his child.

    When Grey the elder is admitted she mistakes George for her ex husband Thatcher adn won't let him treat her. This proves difficult for George to do his job and for Meredith to watch.

    the show starts with meredith and christina bonding as they jog; i love the way burke found out she was pregnant,that was a show stopper for me but i felt alittle sorry for him, he looked like a wet puppy. ah how the mighty have fallen. Elis grey was exceptional of i have always loved kate burton.i thinkmeredith was to harsh on mcdreamy even though i understand considering her mother\'s secret has become an open book now. personally i think addison should just go back to new york, you and your husband drift apart as work demands it and the best way to get his attention is to hump his best friend in your matrimonial home on his best sheets :-). this program is better than ER as far as am concerned.
  • Cristina and Meredith try to figure out if Cristina should tell Burke that she's pregnant right before Cristina faces an emergency. Alex and Izzie get closer while Meredith's mother gets too close. Relationships are revealed among older members in the sta

    This episode has just been launched in the netherlands, I loved it! Finally the truth about Merediths mom came out, I felt so sorry for her!
    And poor george haha it was so funny that she saw him as her husband. I was really shocked about what happend to cristina, they all acted well though!I'm looking forward to next weeks episode when cristina tries to recover, which promisses to be very funny!
  • Some very deep secrets are made painfully public when Meredith’s mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, is brought to Seattle Grace for a surgical procedure. Meanwhile, some frightening news about Cristina’s health is brought out into the open.

    Some very deep secrets are made painfully public when Meredith’s mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, is brought to Seattle Grace for a surgical procedure. Meanwhile, some frightening news about Cristina’s health is brought out into the open. Guest starring are Kate Burton as Ellis Grey, Kate Walsh as Addison, Angela Goethals as Kelly Roche, Noelle McCutchen as the nurse, Stephen Breithaupt as Mr. GastoSome very deep secrets are made painfully public when Meredith’s mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, is brought to Seattle Grace for a surgical procedure. Meanwhile, some frightening news about Cristina’s health is brought out into the open. Guest starring are Kate Burton as Ellis Grey, Kate Walsh as Addison, Angela Goethals as Kelly Roche, Noelle McCutchen as the nurse, Stephen Breithaupt as Mr. Gaston and John O’Brien as the lab techn and John O’Brien as the lab tech
  • Another great installment

    This show keeps getting better and better with each episode each season. It grabs you from the jump and keeps pulling you back week after week. I loved that this show shows the life of an intern not to be so over the top but that hard work and dedication is need in every situation. I loved the eyelash scene. It shows a gentle side to the very demanding life the interns have. One of the best. This episode was very touching especially with Grey and her mother. You hope for the best no matter what it is but sometimes the best is not always the easiest.
  • I agree with Meredith. This episode was emotionally exhausting.

    I agree with Meredith. This episode was emotionally exhausting. But, episodes like this are why I watch this show.

    I felt the panic with Meredith when her Mom was admitted as well as the other interns' shock when Cristina had her problem.

    While this episode did not have as many funny parts as other ones did, but it used the parts that it had for great pacing.

    I am mainly wondering how long this Izzy-Alex arc will be going on. While it is amusing, especially in this episode, I don't seem them as a long term couple.

    (But, can anyone tell me what George said under his breath in the locker room at the beginning? I can't seem to figure it out.)
  • this show is great anyone that likes comedy and drama in the same show this is your show

    i saw the episode the other night im a first time watcher of the show and I thought it wasn't to bad and ill deffinentally watch again when it comes back on or when i see a repeat everyone should give this show a chance and sit down and have a laugh although this show wont be for everyone still give it a try you may like it well so long all i hope you have a good night i know i probally will so until next time bye . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Make Me Lose Control - an episode that was like a slow morning before a car crash.

    Episode - Make Me Lose Control

    With the construction of the relationship between two of the characters growing and the typical controlled chaos that is the life of being an intern, the episode feels like is moving forward at a normal pace… then things ramp up.
    The ‘fall’ of one of the interns causes a ripple in the group, as well as a doctor.

    Vague enough?

    I try to keep things general since I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else, but I wanted to get to this part to mention the ‘feeling’ of this episode.

    With a camaraderie building amongst many different people we (the viewers) get a feeling of closeness to what is going on; and when things start going wrong between the multiple stories the soundtrack turns to a melancholy song that fits the mood perfectly. The scene with Miranda Bailey watching over Cristina Yang during surgery as a strong showing of protection, the group looks like its growing ever closer. Another fine example of why after watching this show you can have a reason for being tired since it pulls you from emotion to emotion as it goes on.

    Nothing that changes the landscape of television, but a fine example of what a good show should be all about.