Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 23


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2012 on ABC

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  • What will happen?

    This episode started off kind of slow in my opinion, yes we were all wondering who will leave who will stay? What's on the go with Bailey? What will happen to Arizona's friend? And will mark pick Lacy? bla bla bla.

    None of this was overly dramatic and we all could withstand a wait on the answers for a while.

    But the end of this episode with the plane; the glimpses of trees, wreckage, smoke and our beloved characters injured and struggling to grasp the reality of what happened to them; it was just too much to comprehend.

    I am as some might say, an obsessive fan of greys and this accident brought back to many traumatic memories of car crashes, drowning, shootings, icicles falling, and other life or death situations that all of these characters had lived through. All I could think was who is it this time? How will it end for one of my favorite characters?

    Will it be Meredith, injured left to bleed out in the forest? No more likely Derick, killed when he was sucked out of the plane, leaving Meredith to raise their daughter alone and grief stricken by her true loves death.

    And then I thought, Christina? No they couldn't do that to Meredith take her husband and then her best friend, I think that it will have to be Christina that will be left to help pick up the pieces of Meredith after Derick is gone.

    How about Mark and Arizona, if either of these characters die, it will leave Callie destroyed, the love of her life other mother of their child, and then her best friend father of their child gone forever, she'd be completely lost. Could the writers really do this to her after all they went through last season? But after Arizona had just made that heart felt plea to Callie saying "Promise me you won't leave" it makes me wonder, will Arizona be the one breaking this promise?

    I think the best episodes of Greys are the ones that make you really think hard in the end, the ones that make you wonder what's next in the story line and this was definably one of those episodes.

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