Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 23


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2012 on ABC



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    • Jackson (taking April's drink): Alright, let's get you some water, okay?
      April (imitates Jackson): Oh, let's get you some water. (normal voice) You know, I am so sick of everyone being so damn nice to me. (Jackson puts his arm around her, they look at each, and slowly move to kiss) You just feel guilty...
      Jackson: April--
      April: For having sex with me...
      Jackson: Oh, come on. That is not--
      April: And then I failed...
      Jackson: I-I am messed up right now.
      April: And now no one wants me!
      Jackson: What? Oh, crap. Even Seattle?
      April: I don't want your pity, okay?! Can you just leave me alone? Can you do that? I'm-- I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm going to be fine!

    • Arizona: You son of a bitch. I had to hear it from Hunt? What, you couldn't even be man enough to tell me yourself?
      Callie: Sweetie. (to Alex) She's had a horrible day. I'm so so--
      Arizona: No, you ungrateful crap dog!
      Alex: It's Hopkins. You went there. You of all people should know.
      Arizona: You are a miserable, miserable bastard.
      Alex: Robbins, they want me, alright? They really want me.
      Arizona: Oh, well, you... You're actually going?
      Alex (sighs): Can we talk about this when I get back?
      Arizona: No! (takes the chart)
      Alex: What are you doing?
      Arizona: No, you are not going to Boise, because you no longer represent this hospital!
      Alex: Oh, give me a break...
      Meredith (overhearing them fighting): Look at Alex showing us all up by going to Hopkins.
      Cristina: If Robbins lets him live that long.
      Meredith: I'm going to Boston. I told Hunt.
      Cristina: I'm going to Mayo.

    • (After they had sex)
      Cristina: What?
      Owen: I'm happy. I know this doesn't fix anything... But I'm just happy.
      Cristina: I'm leaving.

    • Bailey: Propose to me again.
      Ben: Baby, you should sit down.
      Bailey: Propose to me again. (opens up her coat)
      Ben: Wow. I mean, you-- you look-- Wow. Miranda, I would love nothing more than that but I'm telling you, you should--
      Bailey: Oh, for the love of god, man, I'm-- I'm sorry I messed up your proposal, but... I'm wearing a thong and this is as sorry as I get, so... Come on, ask me to marry you.
      Ben: Okay, look. Th-There was the shooting, right? And then you and I broke up, I just... I wanted to get outta here, to do something different, something... inspiring. I-I just... Didn't think it would actually happen. Um... I got a call, and... I've been accepted as a surgical intern at U.C.L.A. An intern, Miranda, working seven days a week... 1,000 miles away. Everything's different now.

    • Callie: Hey, I just checked in on him. His vitals are stable, and he's sleeping.
      Arizona (turns around, crying): Don't ever leave.
      Callie: What?
      Arizona: Don't... ever leave. Promise me that right now.
      Callie: I'm not going anywhere, I promise.
      Arizona: After my brother... I thought, I can't do this ever again. I won't... do this again. And now here I am.
      Callie: Okay. Whatever you can't do, I will. I'm here. And that's how this works. Okay? Come here. (they hug, Arizona begins sobbing)

    • Meredith: So Seattle's still in the mix. That's a surprise. Because of Owen? (Cristina is silent) Cristina, he should be with someone who wants a baby. And you should be with someone who wants you.
      Cristina: You know what? You and everyone else needs to just... Shut up about it.
      Meredith: It's a huge decision. And I don't want you doing the wrong thing.
      Cristina: It is not your decision to make.
      Meredith: I am your person.
      Cristina: We're not married. You're not my... He's my person.

    • April: Chief, you paged?
      Owen: Yeah. ... I- I can't hire you next year, Kepner.
      April: I'm-- I'm taking my boards again. You know, I'll-- I'll pass this time. You-- You don't have to worry about that--
      Owen: It's not just about the boards. I've had to do some last minute rejiggering of my budget, and I just don't have the money--
      April: This is a top-ranking hospital. There's always money. I-I can help you find it. I'm really good with budgets. ... Chief... I have nothing left. Seattle Grace was my last option.
      Owen: You're not the best candidate for the job anymore. I'm sorry.

    • Richard: Hopkins didn't pull the offer, did they?
      Alex: They, uh, gave me the international rotation and the moving expenses, and they took care of, uh, all my loans-- college, med school.
      Richard: Yes.
      Alex: They're even throwing in a mortgage allowance. I could buy a house.
      Richard (laughs): Good.
      Alex: They gave me everything I asked for. So did Hunt.
      Richard: Then... Why the hell aren't you celebrating?
      Alex: No one's ever wanted me like this.
      Richard: You just don't recognize the view, Karev... The crowd going wild, people taking pictures, the snap of the tape as you break it.
      Alex: What are you talking about?
      Richard: What it looks like when you finish first.

    • Teddy: I- I think we're gonna lose Yang. Owen, what happened? Please tell me. 'Cause I- I have tried everything, short of offering her my own job. I mean, I've sang, I've-- I've danced, I've--
      Owen: I slept with someone else. (sighs) So... There's nothing that you could've done. She's not leaving you. She's leaving me.
      Teddy: I'm sorry.

    • Nick: Hey, Sedona. How's my ticker? Cancer free?
      Arizona: The tumor had taken over your heart, and there was no good way to get it out so... they had to close up.
      Nick: But I thought... You said it was my best shot.
      Arizona (voice breaking): It was.
      Nick: So... I guess I'm going to Belize.
      Arizona (teary eyed): Yeah.
      Nick: Stupid. I'm so freakin'... Why didn't I come sooner? (crying) Why didn't I come? Oh, my god. I'm so stupid. I'm so stupid. (Arizona hugs him and they both cry)

    • Arizona (watching Nick's surgery): They don't know what to do, Callie. They have no idea.
      Callie: It's-- It's Altman and Yang, okay? They'll figure something out. They're gonna figure something out.

    • Derek: C-3 and C-4 are just a mess. I'm gonna have to go further in here than I expected.
      Bailey: You might as well go all the way to C-5. I mean, from the look of this lesion, that's where the bastard set up his hive.
      Derek: I don't want it to be any more invasive that it has to be.
      Ben: Don't argue with her. She's starting her own sci-fi movie. You mess with her, she'll pull out her ray-gun and atomize your ass.
      Bailey: And he's still pouting. You're a physician. Is this really the first time you missed a lunch and the crossword because of a surgery?
      Meredith: Here we go.
      Ben: It was important to me.
      Bailey: Well, this parasite's important to me.
      Ben: Yeah, I can see that.
      Bailey: You know what? Fine. Let's do it right now. Give me the damn crossword.
      Ben: Just forget it.
      Bailey: Oh, no. Nobody's ever going to forget it. Where is Dr. Warren's bag?
      Ben: Miranda...
      Bailey: Oh, there it is.
      Derek (to Mer): And this is why you don't work with your girlfriend.
      Meredith: I warned them.
      Bailey (grabs the crossword): He we go. Oh, this is going to be so great. It's way better than a once-in-a-lifetime, bone-eating parasite. Let's see. One down...
      Ben: Dr. Bailey--
      Bailey: Oh, no, no, no. No help from you. I'm too excited. This is what I live for. Let's see 'Peruvian Mountain range.' Oh, Andes. Five, uh-huh. Uh... 'Planet with water, four letters.' Oh, Mars. Duh. Uh, 'fancy sauce'? Fancy. Ooh. Remoulade.
      Ben: Stop.
      Bailey: What? No. No, I'm on a roll. Come on. Hey, this can't be the Sunday, cause this is way too easy. What's-- Oh, hey this one. 21 across. 'My question to you.' Hmm.
      Ben: I'm asking you to put it away.
      Derek: He's asking you nicely, Dr. Bailey.
      Bailey: Oh, no, no, no. When he doesn't get his way, he holds on to it in his cheek like a squirrel with a nut. We're doing the crossword. What is 'my question to you'? It's a bunch of letters. Um... Oh, maybe it's a phrase. 'My question to you', anybody?
      Meredith: How many letters?
      Bailey: Uh, 2... 9... 13.
      Derek: It's 13 letters?
      Ben: 14.
      Bailey: No, I'm looking at it. It's 13.
      Ben: No, there's 14. Count it again.
      Bailey: I just counted. What do you have x-ray vision from across the room?
      Ben: 'Will you marry me' is my question to you. And the reason why it's so easy is because I made the crossword. Took me two damn months. Not to mention getting a mockup made of The New York Times. The phrase is 14 letters. 'Will', four, 'you', seven, 'marry', twelve, 'me'... fourteen.

    • Mark: Okay, Marion, the ultrasound shows the worm went deeper into your tissue but we should still be able to get that nasty thing out.
      Marion: Jake could die, or be in a wheelchair the rest of his life. I'm the one that insisted we go to Thailand. I keep trying to turn him into somebody else. Maybe we made a mistake.
      Mark: What do you mean, exactly?
      Jackson: How do you know it was a mistake?
      Marion: I don't know why we keep coming back to each other. We're the same people, but we keep expecting a different outcome. Isn't that the definition of insanity?
      Mark: Or love. If there's a spark, there's a spark.
      Jackson: Or maybe you think there's a spark, but it just happened once so you can't really tell and there's no time to actually figure that out because you're probably moving halfway across the country.
      Marion: Are we going to get this worm out anytime soon?
      Mark: Yeah, right. Get the irrigation ready.
      Jackson: On it.

    • Teddy: Okay, dealer's choice. Do you want to the ventricularplasty, or resect the tumor or... Do you want to be the primary surgeon?
      Cristina: Fine.
      Teddy: Fine? Okay, what is going on? Are you staying? Are you going? 'Cause it's-- It's driving me crazy. I- I don't... If it has to do with Owen, whatever it is, I am sure the two of you can fix it.
      Cristina: I'll take all of it.
      Teddy: What?
      Cristina: All of it-- The ventriculorplasty and as much of the tumor as you'll let me do. Thank you. It's very generous. I'll see you in there.

    • Bailey (about the worm): So it's in there. The worm's in his cervical spine, nesting, waiting.
      Meredith: So there's a chance of paralysis.
      Derek: Complete paralysis. I need to get in there quick. Otherwise, he's gonna be a quadriplegic.
      Bailey: Go. I'm going in with you. I'll be on your six. I'll get him prepped. Lock and load, people. (walks out)
      Meredith: She's on your what?
      Derek: I have no idea.

    • Meredith: I love the fireplace, the stonework.
      Derek: You hated it a month ago.
      Meredith: And the windows. These views are amazing. You are a genius.
      Derek: I will build you a dream house in Boston.
      Meredith: What will we do with this one?
      Derek: Mark will buy it. His dreams have always been my dreams. (Mer laughs) Harvard is offering me a $10 million endowment. They're setting me up with an entire research team. I'm gonna cure Alzheimer's, Meredith. That's my dream. Not this house. You're making this choice with Cristina.
      Meredith: She's not the only factor.
      Derek: I'm your husband. You should make it with me.

    • Arizona: Where are you going?
      Nick: Belize.
      Arizona: You're going to have the surgery.
      Nick: Why, so I can get a few more months of pain and suffering?
      Arizona: So you can live, and then you'll have radiation, or we'll get you in a clinical trial.
      Nick: Oh, now you have an opinion, doctor? After you've been M.I.A for three days?
      Arizona: I've been a little busy, Nick. I--
      Nick: Look, I get that this is scary for you. I really do. ... But it kinda sucks for me, too. They're telling me I'm riddled with cancer, and I'm completely alone.
      Arizona: Where's your sister? Did-- Did you call your sister?
      Nick: You're the one that's supposed to be here. You're the one who's supposed to have my back through all this. And you're nowhere! You're gone!
      Arizona: I have your back!
      Nick: Then have it!
      Arizona: Please... Please... have the surgery. It'll work. And I'll be here. I'll be here. I promise.
      Nick: Damn, Phoenix. Things a guy has to do to get your attention.

    • Ben: That's a nasty critter. Raw fish?
      Bailey: Sushi from Thailand in a train station. I'm looking for more damage. Wanna help?
      Ben: No. I'm going to go cancel or lunch reservation.
      Bailey: Oh, are you really still moping about lunch?
      Ben: I had a plan. We had a day.
      Bailey: Ben, there is a gnathostoma worm in this man's body. These things eat through viscera, migrate through the tissue. This is a once-in-a-lifetime parasite. I'm sorry if I find it a little more interesting right now than the crossword and garden salad.
      Ben: The patient is on antiparasitics. The worm is going to die.
      Bailey: Wh--
      Ben: There's nothing else you can do right now other than go to lunch. This is not like one of your movies where the larvae gestate in the brain, leaving the poor host a hollowed out zombie whose bite will now infect the whole populous on the base.
      Bailey: What movie is that?
      Ben: What?
      Bailey: No, that sounds good. I haven't seen it.
      Ben: I made it up.
      Bailey: Oh, man!

    • Jackson: Oh, we can add spaghetti Wednesday to the list of things I'm not going to miss about this place.
      Meredith: Are you kidding? Best deal in town. I've watch Alex go through six bowls already.
      Alex (mouth full): True that.
      Meredith: Hey, I hear Stanford has a farm-to-table chef. You can text your order right from the O.R.
      Cristina: Well, I factor that in. I still haven't made my decision.
      Meredith: Well, it's gotta be Stanford. Where else would you go?
      Cristina: I don't know. I might stay. Everything's on the table.
      Alex: She like-a the spaghetti, too. (they laugh)
      Jackson: Tulane's got crawfish. I mean, that's a selling point. U.S.C-- I mean, what-- What do they eat in L.A?
      Cristina: Souls. (April's phone rings)
      April (looks at her phone): 2-1-2. It's New York.
      Meredith: Mount Sinai.
      Cristina: Answer it.
      April: Bad news is only bad news if you pick up the phone.
      Cristina (answers it, imitating April): April Kepner speaking. Uh huh. Oh, really? Okay. Okay. Oh, my gosh. Okay. No, no, no, no. No, thank you. (hangs up)
      April: They didn't pull my offer?
      Cristina: Oh, no. They did. I just figured that's what you'd sound like in the face of rejection.
      Alex: Hey, you want my fries, Apes.
      April: Not if they're pity fries.
      Alex: They taste the same.
      Jackson: No, you still got Case Western and Seattle, right? You're going to be fine.
      Cristina: Uh, so what does Sloan think about Tulane?
      Jackson: He hasn't weighed in one way or the other. There's something wrong with him. (Lexie gets up and leaves) I think he's disturbed or something. Then again, I've been pretty disturbed myself these days. (looks toward April)
      Cristina (looking at April's phone that rings again): 2-1-6. Cleveland.
      Meredith: Maybe Case Western's offering loan assistance.
      Cristina (answers phone, imitating April): This is Kepner. Oh, yeah? Well, you know what? I am an awesome surgeon. And I would've rocked your stupid little program so it is your loss. Go to hell! (hangs up)

    • Callie (about a baby Arizona is checking): Aww. Look at that. She's cute. It must be nice in here with all these cute little babies.
      Arizona: Yeah.
      Callie: Is she dying, like, right now? 'Cause Nick is. Remember Nick, your brother's best friend, your rock, who is right now packing up and bailing on a surgery that he needs to live because you can't get your stubborn head out of your ass and let go of the fact that he didn't come to you sooner?
      Arizona: Callie, I--
      Callie: No, I- I don't get it. You watch babies die every day. When things looked bad for me, you didn't leave my side. And now your best friend's asking for you. Look, you need to get your crap together before he leaves. Because if he goes now, he is gone. (looks at the baby) She's not actually dying, is she?
      Arizona: No.
      Callie: Okay, good.

    • Derek: How's Julia? You impregnate her yet?
      Mark: No, I was all ready to, but the Lexie... Oh, she told me she was in love with me.
      Derek: Ooh. What'd you say?
      Mark: I said 'thank you for your candor.'
      Derek: 'Thank you for your candor'?
      Mark: What was I supposed to do?
      Derek: Oh, I don't know... Kiss her.
      Mark: Julia's away on a conference. I'm not a cheater. (Derek looks at him) Usually. Look, I owe it to the both of them... I don't want to mess this one up, okay? Julia wants to give me everything that I want. But I'm in love with Lexie who doesn't want anything I want. (the elevator door opens and Lexie is there)
      Lexie: Dr. Shepherd. Dr. Sloan.
      Derek: Lexie, come on in. Plenty of room.
      Lexie: Oh, uh... Actually, I was just gonna update you on the Boise doctors' bios but since you're both here, I'm just gonna give it to you, and then that way, I can... (turns to see the door shut) Leave. (they are silent, the door dings open, they all try to leave at once bumping into each other) Oh, uh, no. Oh, sorry. You guys go. I'm gonna stay.
      Mark: Oh, hey, Lexie, about that other thing, don't think I forgot what you said. I just need to ruminate on that... You know, ruin it up the ol' flagpole?
      Lexie: Okay. (doors shut)
      Derek: You know, it's too Meredith and I are moving to Boston. I'm gonna miss this.

    • Richard: What'd you tell, Keith?
      Alex: I told him I needed a day or two to think about it. You know, I made a commitment to Robbins. I don't know what I'm doing here. I'm freaking out.
      Richard: What's Hopkins giving salary-wise?
      Alex: It's competitive.
      Richard: They throw in a loan repayment package? Uh, moving expenses? (Alex makes a face) You did the whole Africa thing. Tell me you at least asked for an international rotation. Oh, Karev.
      Alex: It's not like I have any leverage. These are two of the best programs in the country.
      Richard: Who both want you. And now's the time to shake 'em down. I mean, pit 'em against each other. You call Hopkins back and tell 'em what you want, and then get Hunt's ass down here and give him the same demands.
      Alex: What if he don't wanna play ball? I mean, if he doesn't have the money, he doesn't have the money.
      Richard: Oh, he has the money. And when he lies and says he doesn't have the money, and he will lie-- You're not doing your job as the chief if you don't lie-- You tell him you know about his incidentals and overhead fund.
      Alex: Incidentals and overhead fund.
      Richard: Exactly. You say those four little words and I promise... the kingdom will be yours.

    • Bailey: The stomach's adhered to the bowel and look at the size of the liver. You know, this is one for the record books. We should be taking pictures.
      Meredith: Oh, we really should.
      Ben: Sure. Let's take a break. Wait for someone to find a camera. We got all the time in the world.
      Bailey: We do have all the time in the world. This is my only case today.
      Ben: Because it's your day off.
      Bailey (scoffs): I'll have another day off.
      Ben: I made a lunch reservation. I even brought the crossword.
      Bailey: We can skip the crossword for one week. (Mer holds something up) Oh, that's not right. What in the name of chickens is going on here?
      Meredith: Is it Crohn's disease?
      Ben: Maybe it's just a mystery. Maybe Lee Harvey Oswald's magic bullet's been dancing around in Mr. Steiner's intestines for the last 50 years. Sometimes we just never figure it out. You marvel at the wonder of it all while you sew 'em up, and you go eat lunch.

    • Meredith: Cristina, I made a decision.
      Cristina: Oh, you have?
      Meredith: You're going to Stanford.
      Cristina: Oh, you've made my decision.
      Meredith: There's no way that you're going to Columbia. And Mayo's in Minnesota, please. And since we're staying here, Stanford's only a couple of hours away. You'll come up, I'll bring Zola down. We can get drunk on the weekends. Okay, well, maybe I shouldn't bring Zola.
      Teddy (walks up): Hey! There you are. Is there anything you want to go over on the conjoined twins before you head off to Boise?
      Cristina: Uh, no. I'm, uh, I'm good.
      Teddy: You sure? Because you're going to be the sole cardiothoracic surgeon representing Seattle Grace. Which, I mean, you know, is kind of unheard of for an attending to allow her fellow to do. But that's just the kind of faith I have in you.
      Cristina: Technically, I'm not a fellow yet.
      Teddy: I know, right? I mean, so just think about all the things that you're going to be able to do when you are. Tip of the iceburg, Yang. I'm proud of you. (walks away)
      Meredith: You haven't even told her you're leaving?
      Cristina: I haven't decided yet, where I'm going.
      Meredith: You just did. Stanford.
      Alex (walks up): Hopkins.
      Cristina: Uh, Hopkins is not in the running.
      Alex (laughs): Not for you, for me. Hopkins wants me. Hopkins wants me.
      Cristina: Johns Hopkins, the hospital?
      Meredith: Alex, how?
      Cristina: Not Hopkins refrigeration school?
      Alex: I kinda bitched out their chief of surgery at my boards, and I- I guess he was impressed. (laughs)
      Cristina: So they know you're a jerk?
      Alex: They totally know, and they want me. Hopkins wants me.
      Meredith (smiles): I'm not surprised at all.
      Cristina: I am 100% surprised. (Alex turns to leave) Hey, nice work, Evil spawn. (hugs him)

    • Richard: You're gonna get a phone call in a few minutes, and not just any phone call. It's from Keith Collier.
      Alex: I don't know any Keith Collier.
      Richard: He was one of your examiners at the boards.
      Alex: Oh, crap. I failed, didn't I? They changed their minds. Son of a--
      Richard: Karev, Karev, Keith is a good friend of mine. Now whatever you told him at the boards really impressed him. I mean, really impressed him. He wants to offer you a peds surgery fellowship at Hopkins.
      Alex: Hopkins has the best program in the country.
      April: They've already chosen their fellows for next year.
      Richard: Which is what makes this so extraordinary. They're adding a position just for Karev.
      Alex: This is you playing some kind of practical joke, then at the end you're gonna tell me I learned something when I really haven't.
      Richard: I am not joking. I have no skin in this game.
      Alex: Hopkins is the dream.
      Richard: I know.
      Alex: It's really not cool to screw with somebody's head like this, you know that.
      Richard: I know. Make sure your ringer's on. (walks away)
      Alex: He's full of crap.
      April: I don't think so.

    • Alex: Here you go, Apes. I was thinking that I could take the trauma rooms, and, uh, we'll split the beds.
      April: I can handle trauma, Alex. It was one phone call. It doesn't mean that I can't practice medicine. I still have three great hospitals who want me.
      Alex: Of course they do, Apes.
      April: Don't call me Apes.

    • Derek: Hunt needs to know where we are on Boston and I gotta let Harvard know what I'm doing by the end of the day.
      Meredith: We're not going. Anything else you need to know?
      Derek: You know, I may have told you I have family on the East Coast.
      Meredith: A couple of times. And I may have replied that my sister lives here, and if Cristina chooses Stanford, it's a two hour plane ride.
      Derek: But if she chooses Columbia, it's only a two hour train ride.
      Meredith: We're not going.
      Derek: They want me to run the entire neurosurgery department at Harvard.
      Meredith: Webber loves me, and Bailey loves me.
      Derek: I will be teaching the best fellows in the world.
      Meredith: We are staying.
      Derek: We're leaving.

    • Nick (about Arizona): Come on. Where is she?
      Callie: Arizona? Um, she's... (sighs) patients. So... So many patients.
      Nick: So, um, basically you all want to chop up my heart into a jigsaw puzzle. It may give me a few more months, most of which, I'll be spending in a hospital bed, while my best friend in the world does everything possible to avoid me? Or I spend the rest of my short life lying on a sandy beach in Belize.
      Callie: Nick, you need this surgery.
      Nick: Tell Scottsdale I said good-bye. Looks like I won't get the chance.

    • Ben (getting breakfast ready): We got one whole day. Tuck's with his dad. I think we should make the most of it-- Sargent exhibit at the art museum, Pike Place, maybe watch the sunset over the water. Twelve whole hours to get to know the city that you have lived in for the past ten years. But still have yet to-- (notices Bailey isn't in bed) No. No, no, no, no, no. You are supposed to be naked.
      Bailey: Okay, well, the-- The hospital just called. A-- A stomach perf, with intestinal obstruction and an enlarged liver. They don't know what's causing it. Uh, uh, it could be fun, you want to come?

    • (Cristina walks in and climbs on Owen)
      Owen: What are you doing?
      Cristina: I don't know.
      Owen: Are you drunk?
      Cristina: I don't know. (takes a moment, then gets up and leaves)

    • (Meredith and Cristina are dancing)
      Meredith: We passed our boards!
      Cristina: We killed our boards!

    • Alex (to Jackson, watching April dance): So, that's what rock bottom looks like.

    • Jackson: I just think it's weird that we're not even talking about it. You know, thing's are unresolved here.
      April: We're still friends. It's all good, Jackman. I love this song! (gets up and starts dancing)
      Alex: Kepner's wasted. That's a first.
      Jackson: Yeah, well, lately, she's been all about... firsts.

    • Richard: You should be proud. You trained these kids well.
      Owen: You should be proud. You trained 'em.
      Richard: Yeah, I sure did.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): So there is this bird, some sort of swallow I think. Every September thousand of them ditch rainy Seattle to winter in Mexico. These birds aren't dumb. And every year crowds of people gather around to drink beer and watch the flocks take off. They call it the Great Migration.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): I don't know how those birds do it. Travel thousand of miles without getting lost. Banging into windows, being eaten by cats. But every spring they are always here. I guess they come back to what they know. People say it's pretty cool watching them go. They say you can actually see the moment when at some mysterious signal, all at once, the birds decide to leave. So maybe I've been missing out. Whatever. There's always next year.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "Lightstick" byZola Jesus (Richard tells Alex to savor his victory. Owen talks to April. Cristina and Meredith talk. Callie finds Arizona in tears. Two characters kiss passionately.)
      "Sexy And I Know It" byLMFAO (Dance party at Meredith's house.)
      "Stone of Suffering" byGet Set Go (Alex challenges Owen. The residents talk about food options. Cristina answers April's phone. Arizona visits Nick and they talk about surgery.)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 10, 2012 on CTV
      Norway: October 2, 2012 on TV2
      Germany: January 2, 2013 on ProSieben

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