Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 10

Much Too Much

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2005 on ABC

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  • "Great writing and foreshadowing"

    One of my favorite scenes from the series is in this episode. Izzie and George discuss Alex's sexual dysfunction when she clutches George's shirt telling him she needs sex. Althought they are best friends at that point in time, they already had sizzle. George responds that no matter how much she begs,he will not "do" her, followed by nodding and mouthing, Yes I am. These two are too delicious together. Other scenes I enjoyed are Cristina showing Burke her apartment, saying I hired a maid once, but she ran away.
    I was less that enamoured with the Meredith/broken penis storyline, but it did serve it's purpose.
  • Nice

    Meredith's attempts to get over McDreamy end horribly when her latest one-night stand shows up at the hospital with a case of priapism -- or, for those of you who are blessedly unaware, when the little general refuses to stop standing at attention. As if that weren't bad enough, the problem appears to be neurological, so McDreamy is called in to consult on the case, and to make fun of Meredith. She is absolutely mortified, but also secretly happy that McDreamy has a hard time with her moving on. A lady who is pregnant with quintuplets is admitted at 32 weeks, and every single hospital employee ever is recruited to assist with the delivery, as three of the babies have significant health problems. Thoroughly Judgmental Izzie, of course, has a problem with the woman's fertility decisions, and says so. It is just as helpful as you might have imagined. The babies are delivered and all whisked away to their respective surgeries. Meanwhile, Cristina tries to get Burke to change his mind about their moving in together by showing him her incredibly messy apartment, and Alex gets it on at work with Nurse Olivia of the Syph, setting his stupid self up for Izzie to walk in on them. Which she does. Oopsie!
  • Funny episode, but there was someone I missed in this episode - Bailey - she was in the episode, but she didn't really make fun of the interns as usually - that's what I missed.

    Exactly. You know, Bailey usually makes fun of the interns, she teases them in some way, and that's what I missed in this episode. But, the episode was funny even without her. Uh, poor Izzie, I wonder what will happen between her and Alex now. And, Meredith got what she deserved - it's boring seeing her as she is only talking about Derek and Addison and how he didn't choose her, I wish they focused on her other side of life more - like her mother. And George didn't really appear in this episode so much, but OK, he was like a main subject in previous episode.
  • Poor Izzy...

    Poor Izzy, she can't get a break. Not only is her boy having 'technical difficulties' he is perfectly capable of getting it up for another woman.

    I found the storyline between Meredith, her one-night stand and Derek to be highly-self absorbed; will Meredith and Derek get over it already? I kinda feel sorry for Addison, she's trying really hard to make her marriage work, and Derek's busy guilt-tripping her and moping over Meredith.

    Poor George, he just get over Meredeith. I don't see what's so special about her, anyway.

    Nice story between Christina and Burke. I love her cynicism and complete cluelessness when it comes to being in a relationship. I'm really interested in how this works out, I hope she doesn't lose too much of that self-determination and cynicism.
  • “I hired a maid once. She ran away crying.”

    Still hating Meredith. She was so rude to Steve. If a guy said to a girl he just slept with that he was going to take a shower and when he gets out, she won’t be there, it would be unbelievably chauvinistic. Yet Meredith doesn’t have a problem with it.

    The guy with the tumor that made him want water was disgusting. He had a horrible personality, and then he goes and drinks out of the toilet?! Ew!

    Cristina actually showing Burke her apartment was a huge step for her. And hilarious, too. I can totally relate to her cleaning habits. :)

    I can’t believe Alex actually slept with Olivia. That made me really angry.

    Why DID they need so many doctors for the quints? It seemed like so many were just standing around.
  • Major Relationship Development -Another great episode of GA -only to keep me desperately hanging on for another week!

    Great development of relationships amongst the interns. Christina & Burke-are they progressing..or not? Alex & Izzi - *sigh* poor Izzi!! Meredith and "barguy" - too funny! Then there's George - still alone...poor George!

    I love the quotes @ the end of the episode and here's a couple of my favorites from this episode:

    BURKE (to Christina): There is nothing you could reveal about yourself that I wouldn't want to know.

    MEREDITH: It only gets problematic when you start to care and your emotions get in the way.

    DEREK: It actually feels a lot different than actually.
  • Much Too Much Review

    This episode is probably my least liked episode of the entire series. Don\'t get me wrong, the episode probably set things in motion for the next few episodes, but I felt that this episode wasn\'t up to the shows\'s usual high standards.
    The transitions between scenes was faster than normal. Usually that technique (of jumping from one arc to another arc quickly) works brilliantly, but in this episode the quick transitions from one arc to another became slightly dizzying.
    Also the soundtrack in the episode was much different than other episodes. It was more poppish, and didn\'t seem to fit seamlessly, unlike past episodes in which the soundtrack complimented the scenes perfectly.
    On the brighter sides of things i did like how the characters are developing. I liked that they showed George\'s adamant decisions regarding Izzie\'s \'request\' in the first scene and how he confronted Merideth about her problems. As for Alex, i dont\' reallly know where his character is going. Sometimes i feel sorry for him, but in this episode he came off a real jerk. I wonder how izzie will deal with that.
  • It keeps getting better and better.

    I love this show.

    It opens with almost all of the interns except George getting some. It kind of goes all down hill from there. The look on Dr. McDreamy face when he and his wife are um... done is one that says he might be thinking of someone other then his wife. Cut to the same expression on the face of Meridith after she is um... done with her one night stand. The we see George having a little chat with Izzy, and Izzy is a little on edge because she did not get some because surprise suprise Alex could not preform.
    Christina get a big surprise when Dr. Burke gives her a key to his apartment.

    Back at the hospital Meridith is suprised to see her one night stand, he is having a medical problem. That ends up embarassing Meridith in front of Dr. McDreamy.

    In the end Izzy catched Alex getting some with Olivia, apparently Alex has such strong feelings for Izzy that he was having performance anxiety, but I do not think that he will need to worry about that anymore since I think Izzy might be giving him the cold shoulder for a while.

    All in all a great episode cannot wait until next week.

  • Meredith is having too many one night stands, Christina and Burke further their relationship, and Alex is still a major jerk.

    Meredith is trying to get over Dr. McDreamy by having as many one night stands as possible. Her most recent turns into a day-after nightmare. As everyone keeps saying, "you broke his penis." This is made even more embarassing situation when the private problem becomes a case for neurosurgery-- and Dr. Sheppard is brought in. Burke and Christina become closer when Burke gives Christina a key to his operating room sterile apartment. He later tells her he wants them to move in together. Christina is scared to become closer, but in the end she takes the step and uses the key. We also see what a slob Christina is with her extremely sloppy apartment. The whole team works on the case of a woman having quintuplets, all five of them girls (she and her husband already have triplet boys). They face unexpected complications, but fortunatelly they have some of the best surgeons (and aspiring surgeons) there for them. Alex is still a major jerk to Izzie. He can't "get it on" with her and he seems to think its because too many feelings are involved. He them proceeds to have sex with a nurse in the sleeping/break room in the hospital, where Izzie finds them. This is the same nurse that Alex gave syphillis to earlier in the season when she them spread it to George and there was a minor outbreak at the hospital. This was a series classic because it was so funny and different. It most likely ended the relationship between Alex and Izzie (at least for now), it also made the relationship deeper between Christina and Burke. It is essentially over between Meredith and Derek because they are both trying to move on and attempting to stop caring about each other and still work platonically around the hospital.
  • Quints...

    It was a great episode, a lot of things develope to make room for new ones, really, a new beginning (i think) Izzie\'s great skills, we saw that Alex still is a jackass, Christina accepted her relationships... great character developement
    This is extacly why i see the show!!! In my opinion, the best on TV right now...
  • Alex cheats on Izzie; Meredith ONS shows up at the hospital; Burke gives Cristina a key and she shows him where she lives.

    I loved this episode. I really like Meredith when she is away from Derek. I fell even more in love with George when he confronted her about the one night stands she keeps having and when he told her there were better guys out there. Burke and Cristina were my favorite part of the show as always. I love that he gave her a key and that she showed him where she lived. I also loved when he told her there isn\'t anything about her he wouldn\'t want to know. I hope all the quints make it next week.
  • This episode was one of those relationship-shifting episodes that change my perspectives on characters involved. Some people/relationships are growing on me more and more, and some are just irking my nerves - especially Alex! Overall good episode and can'

    I thought I was going to see the guy Meredith met at the bar last week in this episode and was surprised to see this other guy. I like how they're keeping Meredith in Sheppard's mind, especially during sex with his wife. I'm still rooting for Meredith so it's keeping me on my toes, yet the cute guy from the bar last week wanted me to partially have someone for her to move on to, not just random guys. The deeper and more of Cristina and Burke's relationship they show, the more I'm loving it. I can't believe Alex's shift of interest from Izzie to the nurse. That just seems wrong.
  • New series of problems at Seattle Grace Hospital.

    Dorie comes at the hospital because she is waiting for quintuplets. Some problems appear with three of the baby girls, so many doctors and interns are being put on the list to take part in the surgery.
    The guy whom Meredith slept the night before comes with the hospital with a problem: priapism. A lot of people find out about this, including Derek Shepard, who is called to examine him. While doing the surgey together with Meredith he tells her that she dating other people is very painful.
    Izzie finds Alex with George's ex girlfriend, Olivia. She tells them angry that they are called for the surgey and then she leaves without looking back.
  • When is too do we know the limit?

    Dorrie comes to the hospital expecting quintuplets. Addison signed the contract with Seattle Grace and she is now regular doctor. The quints are too weark one has a heart condition, one has internal organs growing outside its body third has spine into brain while fourth has undeveloped lungs, only one baby is completely fine.
    Everyone is on the case. Alex studies for practice board and he screws on the case when his patient has a tumor and he has thrist abnormality but he slips through his hands and because of too much water he died.
    Meredith's one night Stand comes to the hospital because she broke his penis but he has later on more severe complications.
    Crisitna spent the night at Burke's place and got keyed.
    Amazing episode...just like every else.
  • Overall, I really loved this episode, especially Izzie's connection with Dorie.

    This is a great episode. The following were the highlights of the episode:
    5. Derek finding out Steve and Mer were intimate. Priceless.
    4. Addison signing her papers. FINALLY!
    3. Alex 'I heard you broke his penis. Nice.'
    2. Izzie's connection with Dorie.
    1. Cristina showing Burke her apartment. HILARIOUS!

    My review is brought down due to:
    3. Lack of Bailey time. 2. Izzie walking on Alex. Cliche.
    1. Lack of Addison (when she's not talking to patients)

    My favorite characters in this episode would be:
    3. McDreamy
    2. Izzie
    1. Cristina (what else is new!)

    And the best quotes were:
    Derek: I'd wait a while before i tested it out.

    Alex: I heard you broke his penis. Nice.

    Izzie: I guess when you take those fertility pills you should read the fine print.
  • a pregnant woman expecting quins and alex being a jerk,something normal and something not so normal.

    A woman who is expecting quins is told that some of her unborn children could possibly have life threatening diseases because she didnt choose to terminate one or more than them.And Alex and Izzie are having a few worries in the bedroom department.One of Merediths many one night stands comes to the hospital with a serious problem down below in which the whole hospital comes to know about including mcdreamy.After another failed attempt at sleeping with Izzie,Alex sleeps with a nurse to see if it is him with the problem or izzie.When time comes to deliver thye quins,alex is missing and of coure izzie is the one that finds him,in bed with the nurse.

    So a jerk's a jerk until the very end,poor Izzie gets hurt again because he is still a jerk and Meredith finally learns her lesson about sleeping around.

    so a brilliant episode but sad for all the alex/izzie fans
  • An Amazing Episode.

    This episode had it all: sex, drama, comedy, embarrassment, betrayal and quins! I found the quins storyline just amazing. The actress who played Dorie did a fantastic job, it would be very hard to hold it together when you are told your babies have illnesses such as possible brain damage and organs growing on the outside of the body. And the ending, when "High" by James Blunt began playing, when Izzie caught Alex with Olivia, and all the surgeons gather when the quins are born, was just an amazing scene.
  • well well! everyone seemed to be getting some except izzie, alex's having a sexual mental block cos of his failed board exams.derek and mere not really enjoying their partners as we see in the aftermath. classic isay

    it was a rampage everyone except the chief was having fun, we see derek with a regret look on his face, and we see mer looking unfulfilled, now that nearly brought a tear to my eyes. then steve with his broken genitalia, that was hilarious. i dont see y mere was feeling guilty infront of derek if only she knew what he had been upto too. why was he making her feeling bad about steve? he is living the biggest lies on the show, personally i think all that matters is love, happiness and one's peace of mind. then izzie catcing alex ontop of the syph nurse my my i wonder how that will paly out. it was great installment.!
  • Mnogo sme6no, sladko i gotino epizod4e. :-)

    Idvaneto na Steve v bolnitzata mnogo izloji Meredith, no kogato Derek zapo4na da revnuva Meredith stana mnogo gotino. Napravo 6tqh da padna kogato vidqh kolko sa razli4ni domovete na Kristina i Burk. Apartamenta na Kristina be6e tolkova razhvarlqn, a kogato tq kaza 4e ne pere, ne mie 4inii i v hladilnika i ima somo voda, vodka i dieti4na kola mi stana mnogo sme6no. Dokato apartamenta na Bruk be6e tolkova 4ist i podreden, vsi4ko v doma mu si ima6e spetzialno mqsto.
    Naistina majete sa stranni sa6testva, sre6tate se v bara, pravite sex, no ni6to pove4e, a te ve4e si mislqt za detza, ka6ta i drugi takiva raboti.
  • Very entertaining

    Watching this episode last night confermed it again. This is a very enjoyable series.
    There is love, drama, humor and they gets equel amounts of time.
    George is always humorous and I always have to laugh.
    The dialogue is good and the stories different.
    I liked the way Christina tried to convince Burke that she wasn't moving in by showing het appartment (looked a bit like my daughters room)
    And Alex and Izzy....he can't perform cause it's too serious.
    Not to mention Georges face when he found that out, priceless.
  • Meredith's one night stand shows up at the hospital and coincidentally needs Derek's help.. And Izzie finds Alex with another girl as Cristina gets an interesting offer from. Dr. Burke!

    A great and funny episode... I found it very funny that Meredith's one night stand appeared in the hospital and a very interesting case too... lol :)
    it was even more funny when Derek had to investigate the guy and found out that Meredith dated him... It did show that Derek is still finding it difficult that Meredith makes an attempt to move on...

    Alex and Izzie... I loved their attempts but I found it harsh that he slept with that nurse... really bad!!! A big NONO

    Cristina and Dr. Burke... well it is interesting... Cristina is growing as a character and I like that... I also liked the phone call she had with Meredith at the beginning of the ep and her reaction outside the hospital when Meredith's date showed up... Fantastic!

    So great ep, a must see!! :D
  • Hilarious!

    Oh my god. So much happened here! The introduction was pure genius, not that I was listnening to Meredith\'s monologue for one.. But I\'m sure it was the same for everyone, trying to figure out who was with who. However, I found it hilarious, though I had to wonder why everyone was getting something but Georgie?

    Anyways, enough about the intro. I personally (well and my Mother) found this one hilariously embaressing. Poor Meredith! And definitely Poor Izzie!

    But then.. who doesn\'t want a Dr Burke to call their own? How sweet was he! I mean.. a key? in the coffee cup? And still being with her after she showed him her place? You can\'t get any better than that!

    Back to the intro quickly - Neither Derek nor Meredith enjoyed theirs, what does that tell you? They miss each other.. and I felt so sure that Derek was going to break up with Addison at that bit with the whiteboard, til she went and spoiled it by asking \"are we okay?\"

    *sighs* ah well.. It\'ll get there, and then I\'ll be extra happy. Til then, I\'ll be almost extra happy just watching!
  • Alex and that nurse?! Wow! It really throws it around. I am glad that we're finally going to learn more about Alex...

    Izzie is going crazy with Alex. Crazy in love with him and crazy want to make love to him. Alex seems like someone who's never been in love as he can only seem to get his body to be "in lust" and not "make love."

    Derek and Meredith seem to be on a good road to messy friendship cross still wanting to be together. We're starting to see here that fickle minded McDreamy may finally know what he wants and hopefully go for it. I wonder who the new love interest will be for Addison when Derek and Meredith finally get together (if they will).

    I hope they don't take Addison out as she's definitely contributed a lot.

    Yang and Burke are moving on their dance steps... will this lead to a GA wedding?! I hope so.
  • Almost back on form

    It seems this show may be returning to its strengths after a few weeks of disappointing episodes. However, i'm not fully convinced just yet. This episode starts with almost everyone having sex, Meredith, Christina, Derek, and almost Izzy. We can see in Meredith and Derek that their hearts are not in it, how long will we have to wait till they get back together, i'm betting on season finale time. We see some real development to Christina and Burke's relationship finally. Although i have to say, how long is he going to wait on her to committ. Using a key means nothing, like come on. And now for the downside, Alex. Is this a different character we're seeing. Unable to perform for Izzy he reverts back to former conquests. I didn't think this was a very well thought through seen, just a quick way of screwing things up between Alex and Izzy, and allow the show to drag out their eventual relationship even longer.

    On a by the by, am i only the only one who hates having to look at Addison every week. I dearly hope i'm not.
  • Sex and the results of sex are highlit.

    At the beginning of this episode, almost all the Doctors are having sex or attempting to. The sx gods are still frowning on Izzy and Alex. There first attempt doesn't go so well and their second is interupted. Then Alex does a very stupid thing. Cristina is freaked when Dr. Burke wants to take their relationship to another level. And Meredith's one night stand turns into an embarrasing medical situation.
  • Probably the main point they are trying to get through in this episode is "Sex doesn't have to be complicated". So, I'd name this episode "Adventurous". Haha

    This episode opens up with Alex & Izzie, Burke & Christina, Derek & Addison, Meridith & stranger having sex. Separately. Meredith and Derek aren't too jolly about it. Alex couldn't "inflate". stranger couldn't "deflate".

    Notable patients:
    1. Mom with 5 daugthers
    2. Man with crazy thoughts
    3. stranger who couldn't deflate

    The most notable one is case 2 where Alex is in charge. This episode is practically attributed to Alex. There is alot of character development for him. This is reasonable since he got the least exposure in "Thanks for the Memories".
    Christina and Burke's relationship is taken to another level when Burke gives an ultimatum (just like he always does).
    The episode ends when the surgery ends. Normally, there is something personal to watch after these stuff. And this was quite a bad end for me. I'd expect a small continuity on any of the 3 relationships.

    -0.1 Discontinuity of actor. stranger in the previous episode and stranger in this episode is different.
    -0.5 Episode ends when the surgery ends. Kinda like a bad cliffhanger.
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