Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 19

My Favorite Mistake

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2007 on ABC

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  • Can't believe so little people like george/izzy

    I absolutely adored this episode!! Many of us were waiting to see George and Izzy kiss, and I loved the fact we only saw it mid episode in a steamy flashback! (great song, by the way)Some of you don't accept the fact that he's married... so what? An impulsive Vegas marriage is not really a marriage. And I really think that Callie has to go. She's rude, doesn't relate to any character in the series, and has nothing to do with George... Although I think the actress who plays her part is kinda awesome. Second, I remember an underlying sexual tension between Izzy and George since day 1. Every guy who has such a hot best friend is bound to have fellings for her. He might not be aware of this now, but he has to be... any other way would be totallt unrealistic. So, great episode, and George, buddy, congrats...
  • I don't like the Gizzie thing.

    I'm still not liking the Gizzie thing, but this is not going to blow over and I'm really scared. How much bigger is this going to get? George definitely wants to stay with CAllie and I want him to stay with Callie too. Seriously. But the episode was nice. The writers kind of ran away from the constant dramatic side of the show and focused more on a comedic aspect which I really love. I don't like where the race for Chief is going. Who is going to win this? I don't know. Let's just say, NOW, I think MArk is gonna get it. URGH!

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  • Totally unbelievable: let George out of the closet before this story kills the show totally...

    Grey's anatomy has suffered a script-meltdown of Biblical proportions: Izzie & GEORGE?!?!?! I mean, come on!!! Like others have commented: there hasn't been a sign of any romantic and/or sexual interest between the two - it's been the definition of a good friendship and now all that's been ruined. No credibility whatsoever. George is more and more becoming the ultimate pain in the show and I really wish they could just get rid of him. Pairing him with Izzie is for me so stupid that I'm really thinking about NOT watching the show anymore. I don't know how the writers could have done this, it's like spitting in the face of both the audience and what the serie's accomplished. I have a much better idea: since George obviously is very unsure with women, looking for his sexual identity etc going from unanswered love (which resulted in a sex-failure with Meredith) via the fast and not-so-well-thought-through-marriage with Calley to the now getting drunk and having sex with Izzie: doesn't all this point at a guy who really is homosexual but can't admit it? That would be a believable turning of the story. Seeing both Meredith, Calley and Izzie also serve as mother figures for George, it's even more believable. Let George finally come out of the closet even IN the series. The story with him and Izzie will kill the show, it's totally disrespectful. And I'm sure this story will now last for a yawning seven or eight episodes of mindboggling, crying and fortune cookie-comments. The show, the audience and the actors deserve more. Much more. I wish "Be kind, rewind" could be done with this episode.
  • George & Izzie!

    I loved this episode! I'm really suprised that so many people gave it bad reviews! First off, George and Izzie! I've been waiting for this to happen since the series premiere! The closet scene was POWERFUL! Of course, I was screaming in my head for George to kiss her, but I'll wait patiently. I'm glad George stood up to Callie's dad too. I'm ready for Callie to go. I loved her at first, but she's so rude to Meredith and Izzie! The lady who grew bones was just heartbreaking. All in all, this was definitely one of my favorite episodes.
  • I hated it!!!

    I agree with the previous review. I HATED this episode. I mean, come on, Izzie and George? He has never looked at her like that and she has never looked at him like that. When it happened between Meredith and George, it made sense. He'd always loved her. She was in a vulnerable place. It was a mistake, but I buy it happening. This was just bad TV. The writers are running out of stuff to come up with. Go back to the drawing board! You guys are better than that!!!!!!!
  • What's not to like about this episode? It wasn't the best, but it had some great moments.

    I'm sure I am the only one who thinks that, but I really like George and Izzie together!

    You may ask me "what the hell can you like about them together?!" like they did in all the Hebrew forums, and well... I don't know.

    There is something there, and I always said it.
    Since season one, I always said that they should do something with George and Izzie, and now they finally did :)
    so I'm totally happy about it.

    Besides, there was the whole thing with Alex and the jean doe... He was so cute!
    When he helped her chose her new face and all.. You could see he really cares. She really brings out his worm and loving side :] I also liked when McSteamy copied Baily's opinion for the interview.. lol.

    The other parts of the episode, like with Callie's father, were kind of boring.. So that is why the episode only got 8.5 in my book.. But it doesn't mean it wasn't a great episode.
  • Ialways enjoy greys anatomy

    This was one of the better episodes how there was so much going on 1st you have whole izzie and george thing i just knew that was coming i mean izzie been wanted him but i guess he doesnt feel the same way or do he:? then burke and yang its like they are so wrong for each other but yet so rightim glad that she decided to marry thats a big step for somrbody like her but that whole be kind rewind plan she had i just knew that he was not going for that and last but not leas my favorite couple sheperd & grey i just love those two he loves her so much and tries so hard to pertect her since her mom died and him finally coming out and saying how he felt about her near death whatever and saying hat his ten year plan is about her
  • Izzie falls for married best friend, George, who doesn't remember sleeping with her. Meredith gets to do a very complex procedure on Jane Doe. Cristina amputates a foot from a diabetes patient. The attendings race for Chief continues.

    This was a very intriguing episode that has made me completely desperate for more. Seriously. I haven't felt this happy about a Grey's episode since last year's "Losing My Religion." So this episode was a big deal. I was so surprised about how much "Gizzie" (aka George and Izzie) could grow on you in just one episode. AMAZING! I was starting to think that every character in the show was paired up with someone we already knew they were romantically interested in. I was really mad about how MerDer, Lexie, Burktina, O'Callie were so easy. Taking something as new and fresh as Gizzie really was really compelling. I was really impressed by the closet scene, and I actually found myself, dare I say it, rooting for adultery. But then again, to me marriage is just a piece of paper, and I'm willing to accept Callie and George's marraige falling apart if it means more happiness for Izzie because after her dead fiance she really deserves it. Yeah, I know supporting adultery is wrong, but it looks like if it doesn't happen, Izzie will get hurt and I have to cut her slack over Callie because she is really fragile after all the stuff that has happened, and Callie, I think could get over this, in a way that could make her stronger. As for the rest of the episode, I was very intrigued by Jane Doe, now renamed Ava, who picked her new face. Meredith got to do a very special procedure on Ava and although Mark used her to score points with the chief, it was what the deceased Ellis Grey would have wanted for Meredith. So, I found Mark's 'right now' plan so backstabbing it was funny. Mark would be a so-so chief though, as all the other attendings would be too. Too bad Bailey isn't a contender. Colin Marlowe has experience so he'd make an ok chief.

    Anyway, it was a great episode. I never expected a two minute silent scene in a closet with two characters who haven't had sexual chemistry till now to be soooooooooo good. The music was excellent too, and I even downloaded the two songs, "Sideways" by Lets Go Sailing and "Still Alright" by Adam Merrin. I highly recommend them. An excellent episode, I applaud the chaos since it is the first time we had it this season. Meredith "dying" was a joke. ;-P
  • the battle continues...

    So there were things that I really liked about this episode. I liked that Alex has turned into a really great person with Jane Doe. Really trying to help her cope with all that is going on and she expects nothing out of him, but a friend. She even teases him about “the red head” when she hears him talking to Addison. I also like that McDreamy was right about McSteamy using Meredith, it would have sucked if he would have been wrong. Speaking of McSteamy, he’s the thing that I didn’t like. He totally used Meredith to score points and he used Bailey. It’s going to suck if he gets chief be using the others and not being true. I think it will change the tone of the show.
  • This is exactly why I watch Grey's Anatomy! The humor is comming back which is really good to see!!!!

    This episode has to be one of my favourites. When Alex is with Jane Doe it shows you that he has a soft side to him and that he isn't always an ass which I thought was good. When Derek was talknig to the cheif about not having a ten year plan because all he could think about was Meredith giving up when she was in the water made me feel sad and really bad for him. I could have cried. Callie's dad is a total jerk. I thought he would be some much nicer then that! He didn't respect George or anything!! When he spilt the drink on George and It showed the flashback from the night before with him and Izzie I felt bad to Geroge too!!

    I loved the scene with Cristina and Burke. They are such a good couple. I always love what Cristina has to say!!! she just makes me laugh!

    I adored the last scene with Meredith and Derek they are my favouritest couple ever!!! They are just meant to be. Derek cares so much about Meredith and he shows it and Meredith cares so much about him too!! They are soo cute together!!

    I think Sloan is going to be the new cheif for some reason. I don't want him to be it but w/e. I want it to be Addison but I heard that Kate Walsh was leaving grey's Anatomy so she can't be. If she isn't then I wwant Derek to be the cheif. But I actually want the cheif to stay cause it's going to be very different with someone else bering the cheif!!
  • This was another light hearted episode. It is quite a relief after the past few. funny funny funny!

    george not remembering the night before was classic. I was shocked that Izzy was emotionally attatched to george. i always thought her hold on him was pure friendship. arg christina and burke please get a clue! you two are never going to agree. you are better off apart.

    meredith notice that derek to emotionally falling apart. he is a wreck because he knew that she could swim. he thinks that she had no reason to live. poor derek. the jane doe story line still remains as touching as ever. i think Ava is a good look for her. Alex...getting softer by the minute.

    way to go George for standing up for callie even though you reek of booze.

    another great episode! x
  • This was amazing...this episode was a necessity to the show

    What made this episode so fabulous was how Derek, Meredith and the rest of the every week staff finally discussed what happened with Meredith in the water a few episodes back. That was one reason "Scars and Souvenirs" disappointed me so much. I was truly looking forward to seeing Der/Mer relationship problems and fixes on 'SAS', but instead they made the problem more about Mer and her father. I was glad to see that they finally talked about the water- or at least Derek did with the Chief. And I was glad that Derek was back to normal and tried to "save" Meredith again. It was so sweet and upsetting when she told him to leave! And the whole George/Izzie thing was a good twist, but I am truly hoping that nothing will happen beyond the one-night stand.
  • George is a wreck. Callies dad is in town. Izzy is in a strange phase. Jane Doe is getting a new face. Christina wants to go back but Burke wants to move forward.And its time for the chief of surgery interviews!

    Technically, alot happened in this episode. What with George seriously hung over and forgotten all about the night before and Izzie struggling with the weight of knowing what happened. Callies dad being in town, was not as exciting as I had hoped it would be. He turned out to be a softie- but without anything majorly intense happening. Intense- was the scene between George and Izzie in the closet after he remembers the night before. There were a bit of Meredith - Derek scenes which were enough to have me all happy. Its still moving to see how Meredith effects Derek. Looking forward to seeing some more interaction between the two, and waiting for him to open up to her. umm...Mark Slone did better then the rest in the chief of surgery interviews!?! I cant imagine Slone as the chief. I just cannot. I love him and all, but Mark as the chief of surgery? If that happens, it would just be wierd. Christina and Burke finally had things sorted out. The scene with them in bed and her telling him how she doesnt want to wear a viel...*so nice*. :D
    So the engagement isnt off...YEAH!
    And lastly, guilt ridden George. Seriously, I love the guy, but he did something terrible. For some reason, I am all with him on not telling Callie. George and Izzy? that just doesnt sound right.
  • The day after.

    As it could be expected, after so many things last week's episode brought there was no space for new things in this week's episode. What we saw was the development of some plots and also the emergence of 'new' aspects of old dilemmas.

    Izzie and George are having a tough day. She, due to many reasons, especially the one she tries to deny what happened since George can't remember a thing. He, thanks to his father-in-law visit. But not before long, George remembers everything and what comes next is just a fabulous scene without any dialogue in it where you can understand everything passing through their minds, abscence of dialogues or not.

    Cristina is in trouble with herself until she does the only thing she can, she denys her feelings until she is so tired she runs to Burke telling him how their wedding is going to be.

    And the master piece of the episode (after George and Izzie's mute scene, of course): Sloan doing everything he can to obtain the chief-of-surgery position, including stealing Bailey's ideas for the hospital and using Meredith as a pawn to impress Weber.

    A very well conducted episode that ends with George and Izzie torn apart because she doesn't admit the truth and he's willing to suffer a failed marriage because he promised to love Callie through the good or the bad.

    Stay tuned! Let's see how long these decisions will last.
  • I think we're going somewhere!

    My Favorite Mistake refers to the aftermath of the Izzie-George hookup from the previous episode. In My Favorite Mistake, we see Izzie and George copping with what happened and trying to get through it. George finally meets Callie's dad, which was very interesting to see. I'm not head-over-heels about the Izzie-George hookup from the previous episode though.

    Callie has a patient whose muscles turn into bone. The patient ahs a very troubled daughter and all the doctors have to deal with her. At the end, the patient dies, but the daughter is taught a very important lesson, and I think it was worth the lesson. I liked the story.

    The Race for Chief: When everyone finds out that new comer Colin Marlow has a 10 year plan for Seattle Grace Medical Hospital, Burke, Addison and Derek comes up with one of their own. Meanwhile, Mark seeks the help of Dr. Bailey to come up with his "now plan," and not his 10 year plan. The idea of letting Mark get the leverage at this stage was good. I still highly doubt he will end up as chief, but if he does I'm cool with it.

    Derek blames Mark for letting Merideth scrub in on Jane Doe's surgery. He thinks Mark was just sucking up to the chief because everyone knows how worried the chief is about Merideth. Derek was also worried about Merideth, but in taking the surgery because Derek knew if something went wrong in the surgery it would affect Merideth greatly. Good plot, but not one of my favorites.
  • Intresting episode.

    Another great episode, although I have to say I am bored of the whole Chief thing already. As long as it isn't the irritating Professor I don't mind who gets it.

    Poor Izzie! She has been through so much and know she's possibly lost her best friend forever. There are only really 2 ways this can go, neither prospect is appealing!

    Great to see Hector Elizondo again. I loved him in Chicago Hope and haven't seen him since. He was good as Callies dad, I hope we get to see more of him.

    I'm starting to worry about Meredith. She clearly isn't alright, dispite her constant assurances to the contrary. Derek can see it and is worried he may lose her after all. I was hoping we'd get happy Meredith but it seems that she needs to work out a few issues first.

    The Question Should Be “On A Scale Of 1-10, How GOOD was It?” I would say 100!! I Loved It, Loved It, Loved It!! WOW! Izzie and George know what happened and they want to keep it a secret! Callie’s dad comes and trusts George with his ONLY girl! Jane Doe is going to get a face (Meredith Helped). The race for chief is still on, and you know what? I think Sloan might get the job! I had that feeling long before I saw that episode, but I always wanted Derek to get it! But he doesn’t seem too interested in it anymore, all he wants to do is be with and take care of Meredith. *siiighh* I just LOVE DEREK! And that scene in the end! So Sweeeeeeet! Okai, I have to finish off here otherwise I will NOT Stop talking about McDreaaaaaamy ;*~
  • Nothing really happened

    It was a good episode but it was mostly filler. Meredith is dealing with her dead mother's memory. Sloan beat all the other attendings out during the interview. Cristina finally realized that Burke is not going to let her slow down their relationship. Alex continued to get close with Jane Doe.
  • Loved it

    Loved McSteamy catching Addison do her presentation in the mirror and telling her just to be her. Loved the fact that at first George didn't remember what happened while it tortured Izzie the whole day. Loved the scene with them in the linen closet where they couldn't say anything.
    Loved it when Derek confessed to the Chief that he didn't know where he would be in ten years and how disturbed he still is over Meredith's drowning.
    Loved the Cristina patient that she DIDN'T want to operate on. Loved Marlowe's advice about marriage to her and the fact that she and Burke have already just planned the wedding and it doesn't have to be a big hge ordeal. What can I say I love this show I can't exactly think of anything I didn't like.
  • Not as exciting (or conventional even) as a typical Greys episode but certainly opened a few doors for a potential storylines.

    So basically, Burke & Christina progress further into their engagement, Meredith teams up with Dr. Sloane-to the dismay of Derek (typical), Addison begins to see Alex as more than just an intern (whats new there) and finally, the triangle that has formed between Izzie, George and Callie has become double-sided shape again, with Izzie left in the dark (and possibly in a very regretful state). I forgot about the Colin Marlow....probably because he's just a bad smell who lingers around the hospital. Being a die-hard Greys fan here, I'm beginning to become sleptical about where the show is heading, and whether they may be runnning out of storylines....lets hope next episode revives the series a little more.
  • Adultery, hangovers, and in-laws…and all before lunch.

    “Sometimes what we need is a new plan…”

    This episode was 10x better than what I was expecting! I’d thought we’d get something similar to the George-Meredith aftermath, but this was much deeper. George and Izzie had some very intense moments, notably when George remembered what happened. And he didn’t even confront her – it was more of a linen closet breakdown. But I think it said more than any words could have. George is obviously horrified, but I think it’s more at the fact that he cheated on Callie than the fact that he slept with Izzie. The question remaining now is whether or not George wants Izzie (and vice versa). Her speech to the patient’s daughter/George was very emotional. The acting was wonderful from both Katherine and T.R., and the whole storyline is now much more intriguing than my initial thoughts of Gizzie. I can’t wait to see how this works out.

    There were some times throughout the episode when I thought Mark was transforming into a stand up kind of guy. Even when Meredith confronted him he really seemed to care for her wellbeing. But stealing the “right now plan” at the end completely changed that. Oh McSteamy, why can’t you be nice? But, he was awfully sweet at points. A couple more weeks of no sex and I think Mark’ll be a changed man. (Oh, and I love his new nickname of man-whore. Addison’s got it right :D)

    Alex was adorable with Jane Doe, aka Ava/Eva (whatever it is). I love how he told a patient to “shut up”. At first I thought they would become romantic (and maybe they will eventually). But in this episode they had best friend chemistry, which I suppose it a lot more fun. Plus, Alex and Addison still seem to have some underlying attraction, which Jane Doe has noticed.

    I’m glad Cristina and Burke are back on track. I was really worried when he kept talking about not going back…I thought he was going to breakup with her using some lame line like, “I need to move forward and I need a clean slate”. He came through, though.

    Lastly, Derek is finally addressing Meredith’s “drowning”. Mer really seems to be covering up all her feelings, and that showed with all of her “dead mama” comments. Thankfully Derek is concerned and even remembers it all. I think we’d all feel cheated if that was swept under the rug. Let’s just hope Meredith doesn’t sink (no pun intended) into a deep depression of sorts – because it feels like that’s where this is going to lead.
  • Maybe not entirely why I watch this series, but definitley a fine example of why I LOVE it!

    I didn't laugh during this episode, but not all times are funny. This episode has some very good parts, and definitley won my attention. I have to say, I loved the morning after symptoms with Izzie and George. Especially how George reeked of alcohol ALL day. That struck me as slightly funny. I just don't understand how Callie can be so unsuspicious. I wonder if sex with Izzie was in the ten percent that George wishes he couldn't take back. Also, I'm curious if Izzie actually has feelings for George. That would really stink for Izzie because George is, well, married. There's no other word to describe the marital bliss; or lack of it. I really loved how Derek stayed close to Meredith, to make sure she was breathing. How he wanted to protect her and continue being her knight in shining whatever. I love the way Derek is when it comes to Meredith. His career could fall to crap, but he'd still have Meredith. He really loves her in a way that he never loved Addison. I know I keep using the word "love" but hey, I LOVED this episode.
  • Do you all remember 02x19"What have I done to deserve this?" It was like that episode, but with a few things different.

    Even though I saw this before, I liked it.
    This episode is not either good or bad, it's like a regular episode.
    The tension between Izzie and George was good, and the Race for chief reunions were excelent, I mean, how the reunions affecter the attendings. Mark, he was great in this episode and I loved how he treated Meredith. Derek was a complete idiot about it. I liked Ava's quest for identity! Colin Marlow is, by far, the worst character they have ever created! Not even Sidney is that bad!
    There's no much to say, since this episode didn't catch my eye.
  • Izzie and George discover the possible ramifications of their drunken night before. Callies father comes to town. The board starts interviewing the staff at the hospital for position of chief. Cristina is getting cold feet about the wedding.

    Another great episode. It starts out with Izzie waking up in bed next to George and we realize that she remembers she slept with him the night before. Her friends crack comments that makes her think they know, and they also think she is still drunk from the night before. She realizes that George doesn't remember sleeping with her. Later that morning at work Bailey assigns Izzie to work with George and Callie, and being the only person who knew the secret at the time had to be a very awkward situation. Izzie talks to Addison about sleeping with the wrong person and asks her advice, without actually telling her who she slept with. I thought the comment about god was hilarious. Addison says "God wants you to be an adulteress?" and Izzie replied "god got a virgin pregnent with magic. god is not playing by the rules." That cracked me up. Later on George remembers what happened with Izzie when he is in the middle of having lunch with Callie's father. George freaks out a bit and Callie is happy because she thinks George is standing up to her father. I thought Izzie was going to blow it because she was acting so weird. I thought that since Callie already knows Izzie has feelings for George that she would have picked up on it also. George tells Izzie to keep it a secret and decides not to tell Callie because it would hurt her too much. I thought the part where Callie was telling George he smelled like alcohol and replied "funny little man. funny little smelly little man" was also amusing. I then remember thinking "poor Callie." It really isn't fair to her and i think she has a right to know. I'm sure she'll find out sooner or later. The guilt is going to eat at George and Izzie until one of them cracks. My money is on Izzie, especially since George is the first guy Izzie has been intimate with in any way since Denny died. So the team start their interviews for chief of surgery. Mark pitches Bailey's idea to the board about a "right now" plan. That snake. He also uses Meredith to gain points with the chief by manipulating her into thinking the chief felt sorry for her, and to convince her to help on a facial reconstructive surgery on the Jane Doe that Alex has been working with. Derek tried to help protect her from this and she got angry with him. Alex helps convince Jane Doe to choose a face for the surgery. I can't imagine how hard that must have been for her. I hope someone finds her soon though. It's kind of sad having to refer to her as Jane Doe, and she's been all alone in the hospital all this time with no one but Alex and Addison. Yang is getting cold feet about the wedding and having her ex be the wrench in the middle of it all isn't helping matters any. She wants things to go back to the way they were before she moved in. Burke makes it clear that he has no interest in going back at all. Yang gets a case of a diabetic man who is a construction worker, and informs him that she has to amputate his foot because there is an infection in the protruding bone coming out of his heel. Yang later tells Burke that the wedding has to be something small at the justice of the peace, with few people which include only Meredith and Derek so far. The team gets a rare case of FOP, a disease that turns human muscles into bone. It basically turns a person into a statue. I had never heard of this before and i thought it was cool until i found out that the disease is basically fatal. The woman's daughter was so insistant and headstrong about everything that she seemed to be some kind of machine, not really a person at all. I know the FOP patient must have been in a lot of pain and she really didn't like her quality of life. I think she felt she would be better off dead but her daughter wouldn't hear of it. She wound up dying while in surgery. Addison and Alex still seem to be having feelings for each other. If Addison still liked Alex then why did she challange Mark with the no sex for sixty days deal if she really doesn't want to give it a shot with him because she still has feelings for Alex? I still can't believe Izzie and George slept together, and i feel very bad for Callie. She's been growing on me more with every episode. Anyway this was a great episode and i can't wait to see what happens next.
  • A great episode! I for one one like the George and Izzie thing!

    I thought izzie was very funny in this episode, best bit being "Hey, it's the o Malleys!" made me laugh a lot! Meridith and derecks relationship is obviously strained and doesn't look good but were okay for now. Don't like Colin Marlow but liked Cristinas attempt to tell Burke she wants things back to the way they were. Alex shows his softer side yet again but has his bad guy moments. Bailys short part in the episode was funny and i wish she was given more screen time. George having a hangover was brill, TR acted it so well. Overall great episode and only 6 eps until the finale! YAY
  • YAY! but neigh... the ep was great like usual and also great that issie and george did it. but now what about george and kellie. aww : (

    YAY! but neigh...
    the ep was great like usual and also great that issie and george did it. but now what about george and kellie. aww : (

    im glad that issie and george are freinds again [although i dont think that is official in this ep yet. but its on its way guys] but i dont whant them doing it. : ( . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . excuse the dotts i needed this to be over 100 words

    peace out and enjoy the rest. its good as
  • nothing special about it

    to tell the truth i am a huge prison break fan.i love each episode of it.and i am always surprised to see 24 and grey's anatomy and desperate housewives take all the golden globes.i saw 24 i couldn't finish any season except for season 2.desperate housewives is painful to watch old people older than my mom acting like teenagers.but the thing about grey's anatomy is that i am a doctor and these things happen to me each day i work in a hospital in africa and i see alot things more interesting than these i can't imagine wasting my timmmmme to watch episodes tons of them of regular doctors chatting with each other.what kinda thing is that we sit and watch the relations and comments thrown between regular doctors!!!.why don't they come to our hospital and broadcast us on tv how we work and talk to each other.
  • The tangled web they weave...

    George slept with Callie. Callie slept with Sloan. Sloan slept with Addison. Addison slept with Derek. Derek slept with Meredith. Meredith slept with George. I'm gonna need a scorecard to keep up with these bed buddies. Clearly a tangled web they weave.

    Anyway, in tonight's episode, George and Izzie face the facts the day after they sleep together, and Callie's dad comes in to town and meets George and tells him to never hurt his daughter. Well, dad, I've got some bad news...
    The race for chief heats up too, bringing out some true colors in the candidates. I really think Bailey should be chief. She'd be better than Sloan, who can't even come up with his own ideas.
    I'm excited to see what happens next.
  • With all the plans things can go wrong.

    Amazing episode. Really liked it as always when it comes to Grey's Anatomy.
    Izzie and George slept together but George doesn't remember and when he finally does remember Izzie shows strong emotions for him. Callie's father is in town and George tries to make a good impression but he is still having a hangover.
    Jane Doe is preparing for plastic surgery while a woman comes with desease that turns her into stone.
    Everybody prepar themselves for board project and they also want to make a good impression. Colin Marlow has a ten year plan that devastates everything but Mark devastates even more with his right now plan.
    Amazing episode really liked it.
  • Save their respect somehow, Make this nightmare be over. PLEASE...................

    I can't believe that Izzy would be so low as to sleep with any married man ; much less her best friend. She has always been a very heartfelt caring person. It is heartless to sleep with a married man at all, much less one you should care about anyway. Izzy has gone and lost it. She has lost so much respect from me. She probably has lost alot of other peoples respect too. George is not at all a person who would do such a thing as sleep with someone else. He really loves Callie. Not as much as she loves him I'm sure but there is love there.

    Callie so does not deserve this. No Way......She has so much respect for George and she has tried so hard to be Izzy's Friend this just ain't right people.

    I am tottaly blown away and ...... just so weirded ( I know that is not a word) out about this whole episode. Save their respect somehow make this nightmare be over. PLEASE...................
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