Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 19

My Favorite Mistake

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2007 on ABC

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  • Totally unbelievable: let George out of the closet before this story kills the show totally...

    Grey's anatomy has suffered a script-meltdown of Biblical proportions: Izzie & GEORGE?!?!?! I mean, come on!!! Like others have commented: there hasn't been a sign of any romantic and/or sexual interest between the two - it's been the definition of a good friendship and now all that's been ruined. No credibility whatsoever. George is more and more becoming the ultimate pain in the show and I really wish they could just get rid of him. Pairing him with Izzie is for me so stupid that I'm really thinking about NOT watching the show anymore. I don't know how the writers could have done this, it's like spitting in the face of both the audience and what the serie's accomplished. I have a much better idea: since George obviously is very unsure with women, looking for his sexual identity etc going from unanswered love (which resulted in a sex-failure with Meredith) via the fast and not-so-well-thought-through-marriage with Calley to the now getting drunk and having sex with Izzie: doesn't all this point at a guy who really is homosexual but can't admit it? That would be a believable turning of the story. Seeing both Meredith, Calley and Izzie also serve as mother figures for George, it's even more believable. Let George finally come out of the closet even IN the series. The story with him and Izzie will kill the show, it's totally disrespectful. And I'm sure this story will now last for a yawning seven or eight episodes of mindboggling, crying and fortune cookie-comments. The show, the audience and the actors deserve more. Much more. I wish "Be kind, rewind" could be done with this episode.