Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 9

New History

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2009 on ABC

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  • A pathetic way to destroy Izzie. But Meredith rocked this episode!


    The best moment ever about this episode? Meredith and Derek's scene (I think they were in the lab or something) and they go a little something like this:

    Meredith: You know, there was a moment, for like 5 seconds, when hit-by-a-bus guy wasn't George and Izzie had just come through surgery, and you and I had just done our post-it.
    Derek: Mmhmm.
    Meredith: Just like 5 seconds where everybody was happy. I keep closing my eyes trying to get back to that.

    Wow. That was really emotional and sad. And true!! What an awesome scene, and Ellen sure is an amazing actress.

    Now what I hated about this episode: Izzie, Izzie, Izzie. Oh god I remember Izzie and Alex's wedding last season and how they made me love them as a couple! And how, just a few episodes, what the hell?! Hated her here.

    Also the guy she brought with her, did not interest me at all. Nothing about that medical case was interesting. It was dull, stupid and very not-entertaining.

    I liked the cafeteria scene with all of them (except Izzie of course). That was a nice change of pace especially when Alex screams at everyone to stop mentioning Izzie and Meredith says, "This is a really weird day." Haha. That was funny.

    So that's all I got to say. Not a "good" episode overall, but Meredith and Derek's scene really make me want to give this episode a high score.

  • Operation destroy Izzie's character.

    I know, I know...her best friend died, she had cancer and was fired but is that really a reason to get so horrible. Especially to Alex. I completely agree with him, why didn't she just come to him? In my opinion this is really bad writing. I don't think Izzie would ever just leave. I don't think she'd refuse to come back and then be unfriendly to Cristina, Meredith - everyone. I did like the Alex/Izzie confrontation though.

    This storyline is a badly written excuse for Katherine Heigl doing a movie or something...I'd rather that she just died back in the premier because this season is destroying her character. I thought Bailey was really good here. Very funny and her concern for the Chief was a good watch. Speaking of the Chief...he's drinking again. I find it hard to care at this point. He's another character they're making very hard to like or understand.

    I would like to see more of Meredith now she's back at work. I'm sick of all this happy stuff, give her a dramatic (not soapy) storyline please. At this point I'm questioning the direction of this season...the stand-out storyline here was Cristina realising that that new heart surgeon was a cardiac god. But that looks to become a love really half good, half blah...
  • Izzie is self absorbed as ever. Chief wrestles with his demons alone. Miranda & Adele brings back the humor. Yang finds her cardio god & her potential rival in the romance department.

    I enjoyed this episode for two reasons; Miranda and Adele. These two women were funny together, and it was refreshing to see some of the light humor come back into grey's. The return of Izzie was not very exciting. I'm not really liking her character these days anyway, sure Alex is no prince. But he stood by her with all her drama and she leaves him because she thinks he's the reason she got fired. The reason she got fired was because she came back to work too soon and made a major mistake with Miranda's patient. How all of a sudden that's Alex's fault is beyond me? Alex is too good for her. I personally like the couple of Owen and Yang, but I also like the new resident with Yang as well. Not sure which couple I'm going to be rooting for with these two. Meredith's back but who cares. Maybe for once in her life she could try and help the Chief. And the Chief gets a storyline, finally. I would probably drink too if I had to deal with all the drama that is grey's. Glad to see he can still count on Miranda and Adele, Derek kind of put him out to dry. And is it wrong for me to want Sloan and Callie together. I just think their more interesting as a couple, plus their funny together.
  • Chief gets his drank on.

    Kim Raver officially joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy. Couldn't care less about that.

    Usually Grey's has about 5 or 6 storylines per episode, forcing one of them to be at least a little bit entertaining. This theory was disproved tonight as the whole episode was just flat out boring. Izzie's return was anti-climatic, Chief's breakdown was poorly executed and uninteresting, and I could care less about the "drama" between Hunt and Yang.

    If this is the direction the show is heading in, I'm probably not going to like the rest of this season. But I'm an optimist, sort of, so I'll remain positive.
  • Chief screws up...

    Tonight's episode of Grey's finally put in perspective the lives of Doctors in the post merger era. Chief Webber gets a reality check eventually dealing with the chaos surrounding the merger. Very evidently from the final scene, where images from the last few years flash across his eyes, as he sips his forbidden beverage. I am sure we can expect a whole lot of drama from the chief now, probably one dealing with his resignation or alcohol abuse.

    Cristina meets Teddy the new cardiothoracic surgeon. Teddy initially appears to be a little rusty at her job, but eventually turns out to have some pretty awesome skills and the ability to patiently teach her residents. Meredith is also back at SG after making her recovery.

    And finally the bad news, Heigl is also back.
  • izzie is so selfish, really felt sorry for alex

    i can't believe izzie strutted in to the hospital and acted like alex was to blame, i hated alex at the start of greys and izzie was one of my favourite characters but izzie has changed so much and she does'nt deserve alex. i like the new cardio surgen i think shes gonna be a good character.
    the chief really needs a good kick up the backside, he would be in worse trouble if it was'nt for bailey covering for him all the time, derek should be chief.

    loved the whole work husband thing with mark.
    gla dto see meredith back. GET THE CHIEF OUT.