Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 21

No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on ABC
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As preparations continue for Meredith and Derek's wedding, several residents must face the arrival of their parents at the hospital: Izzie's mother Robbie causes a stir when she pays a surprise visit, and Thatcher returns to make amends with Meredith and Lexie. The Chief clashes with Meredith over a controversial medical case.moreless

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  • The best show on television!

    No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance) was so amazing. Like most grey's episodes we see depth in the characters and we also see them at not only their best, but their worst as well. Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) truly blew me away in this episode, it was compelling. Also Izzie's storyline with her mother almopst brought me to tears, and I hope she is the one to get married next week, I also hope she will remain on the show. Cristina was great as well with the pain she was holding in over Owen. George had more screen time. Lexie and Mark were good as well, I hope they last. Callie stood up for what she believed, and the little girl storyline, to me, was powerful!moreless
  • Good episode.

    Grey's Anatomy may not be what it once was, but this was still a fine episode. Some good comedy mixed in with a powerful story about family relations and marital struggles and the majority of the long-running story arcs seem to be getting better. I even was fine with the Yang and Hunt bickering and makeup and I usually detest both of those characters.

    I really hope Grey's Anatomy gives us a definitive answer on whether or not Izzie will be sticking around next season. I don't want to say the show will not be able to survive without her, but it would certainly be a mistake to drop the program's best character.moreless
  • Sad, dramatic and funny. You have to feel sorry for Izzie...Meredith was great here too.

    Izzie having cancer has really improved this season. This storyline is just so sad. She is happy with Alex and yet she is dying. Well the doctors are trying there hardest but hope seems to be in the background...Robbie, her mother arriving was a great way to lighten up the storyline. However it was heart-breaking when she lied to her mother...told her she was better with the help of Bailey...she acted happy while knowing that the cancer had not gone...had gotten worse. Very moving storyline.

    Meredith was brilliant here. The emotion she had for that she wanted her to be protected. I just loved the intense speech she made...telling the mother that the little girl was not going anywhere. The tension between Mer and the chief was at an all time high...quite rightly too because had had no right to call her in for Thatcher. I liked how they made up though, he apologised for not doing anything...he comforted her.

    Lexie is a good character and who lightens things up...her and Sloan work well together. I like Callie but still don't know about Arizona. Hunt and Cristina with the whole 'Take care now' speech was great. He's obviously messed up..but they work as a couple. With only one episode left until the two-hour finale...I can't wait. Brilliant.moreless
  • The message in this episode is that sometimes "sorry" really makes a difference, and admitting your mistake can turn everyone's lives around.Hanging on to your ego isn't always a good thing, sometimes one must find the strength to just let go of it.moreless

    This was really a great episode, with things moving towards closure for everyone, one way or the other. I especially liked the scene with Owen and Christina, where Owen finally shows how much he is impacted by what happened and how hard he's trying to make up for it. He's really afraid of getting back together with Christina in case he ends up hurting her again, and at the same time he's still in love with her, so his emotional state is tearing him apart. Christina at first thinks it's another Burke situation, where her medical career will be negatively influenced by her personal relationships, but when she realizes the reason behind Owen's behaviour she backs him up and says nothing more.

    Callie is involved with the case of an environmentalist who gets really hurt trying to defend a forest, and realizes she can't lie to her parents about being with Arizona, because that's who she is and she doesn't want to be ashamed or in hiding. Her patient helps her see that. Izzie's mother visits and we can clearly see that although Izzie loves her she can't count on her, because her mother is obviously not able to deal with the emotional strain of her daughter being seriously ill. Instead of the other way around, Izzie ends up comforting her mother and she chooses a different path than Callie, and lies to her. George seems to have been somewhat restored to his previous status, as he is now Owen's new trauma protege, which is good because he can be a good addition to the team if he gets the proper script to back that up.

    Also, Ellen Pompeo was amazing in this episode, especially in the scene where she fights with the Chief behind the bed curtain, but in the whole episode as well. She's not afraid to come out as a messed up, imperfect person who however much is hurting stands up for what she believes and for her principles, even if that makes her clash with her colleagues and her friends. In the final conversation with the Chief we realize how deep the impact of her mother's affair with him really was, and how she got over the whole thing completely by herself. Now a new time begins in her life, she's happily in love and about to be married, and at the same time finally reconciled with her past, so I guess the message is that sometimes "sorry" really makes a difference, and admitting your mistake can turn everyone's lives around. Hanging on to your ego isn't always a good thing, sometimes one must find the strength to just let go of it.moreless
  • Nice episode. Digs up some skeletons in the closet.

    What? Is this the bring your parents to work day? Just kidding. Though this episode wasn't as intense as a typical Grey's episode, it still did have some poignant and powerful scenes that makes it worth the watch.

    Thatcher is back after a long time, and now that he is sober, he seeks the forgiveness of Meredith and Lexie. Though this wasn't the main plot. It nevertheless, paved way for some really good ice-breaking scenes between Meredith and Richard. And of course, Sloan gets to meet Thatcher, taking his relationship with Lexie to a new level. Izzy's mother visits and we some a gradual change in her character from being an obnoxious chick to a loving mother. We also had two medical cases. Owen and George treat a domestic violence culprit who get shot by his kid 17 times. Callie treats a environmentalist who is knocked off a tree by a bulldozer. Cristina and Owen provide some really powerful scenes that actually make you hold your breath.

    Good episode. But there was nothing that really stood up.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

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Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

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Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

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Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

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James Pickens Jr.

Dr. Richard Webber

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Chyler Leigh

Dr. Lexie Grey

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Sharon Lawrence

Robbie Stevens

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Kellie Martin

Julie Zelman

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Nina Siemaszko

Kate Carlson

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Jeff Perry

Thatcher Grey

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Jessica Capshaw

Dr. Arizona Robbins

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Brooke Blanchard

Brooke Blanchard


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: As Meredith walks past Derek and the Chief, we see Derek stick his hands in his pockets. In the next camera shot, Derek's hands are at his side, and neither he nor the Chief are turned as far as they were in the previous shot.

    • Goof: George can't count the gunshots: 5+2+9 is 16 not 17.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Julie: It was unbelievable stupid, unbelievable naive, unbelievable irresponsible!
      Callie: What about the part it was unbelievable brave?
      Julie: Excuse me?!
      Callie: Trees may not be my thing but even if you thought it was stupid it was still brave. She slept in a 200 hundred year old tree and watched as a bulldozer knocked her off from it. Because she was standing for what she was believes in. You have to admit she is unbelievable freaking brave.
      Willow: How can trees not be your thing?

    • Meredith: Hey, so, ah, we have to move the wedding up for Izzie. She's... (shakes her head)
      Derek: Okay. Packing up your mom's journals?
      Meredith: Yeah. You know, there's nothing in these for me. I keep thinking, but I don't know. I don't wanna throw them away so I was gonna give them to the Chief. And, he can come to the wedding. If you want. He can come.
      Derek (smiles): Okay.

    • Alex: Okay, that tastes like crap.
      Izzie: Alex.
      Alex: The shrimp tastes sweet and spicy. Kind of like our first date. The good part, the part before I didn't kiss you on the porch.
      Izzie: Okay, nice.
      Alex: The chicken, tastes like a drive to the beach with the windows down and the dog hanging out the window, you know, like when you're a kid. It's salty. Tastes good. But, I'd definitely vote for the shrimp if we have to choose.
      Izzie: There's one more.
      Alex (takes a bite of it): Okay, yeah. (spits it out) Yeah, that tastes like crap!
      Bailey: Okay, the OR's prepped and ready. How 'bout you?
      Izzie: Yeah, I'm ready. (Alex kisses her) Now, I taste like crap. (they share a laugh)

    • Mark: Sorry I'm late.
      Lexie: Ah, dad, this is um, Mark Sloan. Dr. Mark Sloan. He, he's my... ah...
      Thatcher: Teacher?
      Lexie (laughs): No, no. He's my... he's Mark.
      Mark: Nice to meet you, Mr. Grey. It's so nice to meet you.
      Thatcher: Visa versa. Ah, please, here, grab a chair. (Mark sits down, and takes Lexie's hand)

    • Owen: Nice work today.
      Cristina: 'Nice work today'! Seriously?
      Owen: I'm sorry?
      Cristina: 'Run to my truck'. You got O'Malley clipping bleeders, and you're telling me to run to your truck.
      Owen: You know what my truck looks like. O'Malley doesn't. But, that... that run you took saved the guy's life.
      Cristina: Yeah, well, all day, all day you were teaching O'Malley and you ignored me.
      Owen: O'Malley wants to be a trauma surgeon. You've already declared cardio. I didn't do anything wrong today. I treated you like I would anyone else.
      Cristina (pushes him): I am not like anyone else. Take care now? What is that? What are you like, you know, happy now? What... what are you? You know, just a choke 'em and forget 'em kind of guy? (Owen pulls a piece of paper out of his pants pocket and hands it to Cristina. Cristina unfolds it and reads it) 'Hey there now. Take care now. Nice work, Yang.' What is this?
      Owen: It's my shrink. My shrink gave me these sentences. We ah, we came up with them together. They're all three word sentences. So I could have something to say to you instead of the three words that are... that are killing me. The three words that you know I feel but I can't say them, because it would be cruel to say them, because I am no good for you. I don't want to torture you. I don't want to look at you longingly when I know I can't be with you. So, yeah, I'm smiling, and I'm saying 'take care now'. I'm letting you off the hook. I'm trying, I'm trying so hard to let you off the hook. I'm trying to make it right. What I did to you. Can't you see that? I'm just trying to make it right.
      Cristina (teary eyed, she gives him paper back): Take care now.

    • Ms. Stevens: Are you sure you don't want me to stay?
      Izzie: I'm sure. I'm okay. I'll be okay.
      Ms. Stevens: Well, if you're not, you know where to find me.
      Izzie: I love you, mom. I love you so much. But, we do better loving each other from a distance.
      Ms. Stevens: You were always too good for that trailer park. That I knew. I may not know that much, and I may not be quite as smart as you. I always knew that.

    • Richard: Ahem.
      Meredith: Oh, great. Is this another heart to heart?
      Richard: I know you don't like me, and you have every right not to like me. I have abused my power, but now I'm here on your turf. What I need to say... What I need to say is I saw what your mother was doing. I saw how neglected you were, I saw her drive your father off. And, I spent a lot of time beating myself up about that. But, what does that do for you? Nothing. Nothing! I wasn't your advocate. I didn't fight for you. I never stood up for you. I left myself off the hook. I told myself I was young, and didn't know any better. But, I did know better. I wasn't much younger than you are now. I should have fought for you Meredith. Like you fought for that child today. I told myself that I wasn't your father, that it wasn't my responsibility, that I was right not to butt in. I let myself off the hook. (he sits down next to her, she is silently crying) You were helpless. You were a baby. A beautiful, smart, funny little girl, and no one stood up for you. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. (Mer leans on his shoulder) I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

    • Mark: Our tree girl made it through?
      Callie: I can't lie, even if they think I'm wrong, even if they don't understand, even if they think I'm crazy. I'm me. They're supposed to accept me. They're supposed to support me. They're supposed to love me, you know? I can't lie.

    • Richard: Dr. Grey.
      Meredith: I'm sorry for the way I spoke to you earlier.
      Richard: Dr. Grey.
      Derek: Meredith, don't.
      Meredith: I know I was out of line, and I know I can't possibly imagine what you've been through. But, I also know that this cannot be your daughters story. That she shot her dad 17 times to protect her mom, and you went back to him. You have to change her story while you still have a chance. For both of you. But for her, but for your little girl, you have to change her story. (walks away, as she passes Richard) I'll pack my stuff.

    • Derek: You just have to give her some room. You two have history.
      Richard: I apologized.
      Derek: I know, and it's loaded.
      Richard: Look, she keeps yelling at me that I'm not her father. Well, I am not. I fell in love with her mother, that's all I did.
      Derek: Her mother never got over you. And she's not gonna--
      Richard: Oh, that's not my fault. Look I was young, lots of people have affairs. They have affairs and they don't-- Look, what Ellis did after I left, that's on Ellis. And I'm trying to run a hospital here.
      Derek: She's doing the best she can, Richard.
      Richard: Well, her best isn't good enough. If any other resident... If any other resident pulled the crap she did today. She is still here because of my history with you. That's it. That's the only reason.
      Derek: You keep saying you're not her father, but you--- Okay... you know what? Since we're talking. You're the most professional guy I know, most level headed, except when it comes to Meredith Grey. You gave me hell. You know, you weren't gonna give me Chief because I was dating Meredith Grey. You told her about the ring, you sent her out to the woods to bring me back. That's not running a hospital. You paged her to your office to try and address us. You paged her again today for Thatcher. You have history with her. You keep saying you're not her father, but the way you act, you consider her family. For what it's worth.

    • Ms. Stevens: I think It's gonna be fine. I think those mats are gonna be just teeny tiny.
      Izzie: It's ah, mets mom. Mets.
      Ms. Stevens: Mets? Like baseball?
      Izzie: Yeah, like baseball.
      Bailey: Ah, good news. Great news. The cancer's practically gone. It's... it looks like your psychic was right. Ms. Stevens. It looks like we caught it early after all.
      Ms. Stevens: Oh! Oh thank you god. Thank you. Oh, my baby. Jesus, Mary and Joseph thank you. Thank you. Oh, thank you. (hugs Bailey) Thank you. Thank you. But I new it. Didn't I. I knew it. I knew. Because you're my cricket. Nothing can hurt you. (hugs Izzie)
      Izzie: I love you, mom.
      Ms. Stevens: I love you, too, baby girl. I love you so, so much. God look at me, I must be a mess. Well, I'm gonna go clean up, okay? And then ah, then I'm gonna call Jade, and Miss Norris. I got them all so worried. (walks off)
      Izzie: Just tell me.
      Bailey: The mets have shrunk some, but there are new mets, to several new mets in the small bowel
      Izzie: No surgery then.
      Bailey: Oh, I'm gonna operate. I'm going to take out absolutely everything I can. Be as aggressive as I can. Then we'll take it from there.
      Izzie: Okay.
      Bailey: Okay.

    • Callie (doing surgery): Come on, Willow. You can do this. You lived in a tree, you crapped in a bucket, you can do this.
      Arizona: She crapped in a bucket?
      Callie: What are you doing here?
      Arizona: Saw it on the board. Never seen an intermodulary rod put into a femur before. So, bucket?
      Callie: Yeah. Bucket on a pulley. She's ah, up in the tree right. So, she lowers the crap bucket to a friend, everyday, who empties it, cleans it, puts food it, and sends it back up the tree.
      Arizona: Oh, that's friendship. Oh. (laughs)
      Callie: Yeah. (laughs)
      Arizona: You know they teach us in med school how not to care so much. We drape the patient's so we don't see their faces, we do a thousand different things to care a little less. You care like crazy, and I love that. And I'll keep loving that even if you decide to lie to your family.

    • Bailey: I've got a good feeling about this. I think those mets have shrunk way down and I'm gonna go right in and take the rest out.
      Izzie: Really, you think that? Did your psyhic tell you that? This scan has to be good. It has to be good.
      Bailey: Listen, if it's not, it's not the end of the world. There are other thearpies that we can try.
      Izzie: She'll never leave. If this scan isn't good, if I can't give her good news, she'll won't leave. I love my mom, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful. It's just...
      Bailey: It was me. I called her.
      Izzie: I really thought that it was Alex or George.
      Bailey: It was me, because... Look, if my kid was sick I would wanna know and if I was sick I would want my mom. I just thought that you were just a little too proud, or that you were just trying to protect her, but now I get that you were just trying to protect yourself.
      Izzie: She's not a bad person. She was a great mom. She was just... limited. She's just... limited. This scan has to be good.

    • Ms. Stevens (looking at tarot cards): Oh, the lovers card. Do you know what this means?
      Izzie: Yes. No. Yes. I'm, um, mom. Can you please just shut up?
      Alex: It's meat. It's definitely some kind of meat.
      Izzie: You're killin me. You know that?
      Ms. Stevens: It means that the sex is hot. Hmmm? Now, I bet that little old mole didn't get in the way of that. Am I right?
      Izzie (grabs Alex's coat): Honey, hey. Isn't it time for my scan? Isn't it time for my scan right now?
      Alex: Oh! I'll go check, see if I can get things moving along.
      Izzie: Thank you.
      Ms. Stevens: So, tell me about Dr. Hottie. How long have you all been together?
      Izzie: Mom. It's not just a mole. I have stage 4 melanoma. It's in my organs. It's not just a mole.
      Ms. Stevens: You don't have skin on your organs, hun. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Don't just sigh at me Isobel. Just, you know. Just explain.
      Izzie: Okay, um, you remember when Grammy had that tumor on her thyroid?
      Ms. Stevens: Grammy died. She died, she... really soon after that she died. Wh... why are you t... telling me this? You have a mole. I don't understand. You, you just... you have a mole. Wh... what. Wh...
      Izzie: Okay. I'm sorry. That was a really bad comparison. What I have is nothing like what Grammy had. Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

    • Meredith: I know Richard Webber's your friend.
      Derek: It's not about Richard.
      Meredith: It is! It is about him. Because, I have to deal with him on a professional basis everyday. And I have tried to draw a line with him, and he won't respect it. He doesn't respect it. He uses his relationship with you...
      Derek: Richard doesn't use his relationship--
      Meredith: Stop defending him! Okay, be on my side. I need you to be on my side.
      Derek: Okay.
      Meredith: He's not your best friend. He's not your Cristina. Which is why I feel like it's okay to say to you he is not invited to our wedding. Because, I swear Derek, if he's there, I won't be. And I'm the bride, so I have to be. So, I'm begging you please. He's not invited, okay?
      Derek: Okay.
      Meredith: Thank you.
      Derek: Mmhmm.

    • Richard: I can see that you're angry with me, and may be angry with your mother.
      Meredith: Don't do that! I'm not your friend, and I am not your family. You don't get to call me into your office on personal business, and you don't get to speak to me this way right now. It's an abuse of power. I'm a resident. I work for you. You have to speak to me like I'm a resident. And for the record Chief, somebody had to stand up for that little girl, and I make no apologies for that.
      Richard: You wanna just be a resident? Fine. Alright then. That woman, is a victim of domestic violence. This hospital is supposed to be a safe place for her to come and tell her story. And as her doctors it is our job to help her. You did not do your job. Instead you further battered a battered woman.
      Meredith: What about the little girl?!
      Richard: Dr. Grey! You will stay away from that child. You will stay away from that family. You will not come within 100 feet of them. And if you do, you will be suspended from this hospital pending reevaluation of your emotional and mental fitness for residency.

    • (Watching two sisters argue)
      Mark: I can't say that I'm sorry I never had siblings.
      Callie: They're yelling 'cause they care.
      Mark: Is that how it works?
      Callie: Yeah, it is, in some families, it is. I expected them to yell, you know? I didn't except silence.
      Mark: Why don't you call 'em and claim temporary insanity? You don't have to end it with roller girl, just say you did.
      Callie: Yang said the same thing.
      Mark: That's because it's none of their business. There's no reason that you should have to hurt this much.

    • Maddie's Mom: Wait. Maddie needs to tell her daddy she's sorry before he goes. Maddie, you need to tell your daddy you're sorry. Maddie, people die in surgery. You don't want your daddy to die without telling him how sorry you are. Come on, lets go tell him we love him.
      Meredith: You know, no. No!
      Maddie's Mom: What?
      Meredith: Maddie, stay right here okay?
      Richard: Dr. Grey.
      Meredith: No. She will not go apologize to him. You should be apologizing to her. I understand you're a victim here, but there is no room for you to be a victim when your six year old is on the line. She's stronger than you. Your six year old is stronger than you. At least she did something. She stood up for the two of you, which is more than you did for her. No, she won't apologize to him.

    • Ms. Stevens (on the phone): Uh huh, oh really? Uh huh, really? Oh, yeah, that's great. That's great! Oh, thank you. Yeah, thank you hun. Thanks a million. (hangs up) Oh! Oh, that's great news Cricket. You're gonna be just fine.
      Izzie: Oh yeah, let me guess, your psychic told you that.
      Ms. Stevens: It's not just any old psychic, he's the best that I've ever heard of. Anyway, he said that skin cancer is highly curable if caught early.
      Izzie: Oh, that's great. A psychic with internet access. Let me guess how much that call cost you mother... $19.99 a minute?
      Ms. Stevens: Well, when you have a sick child Cricket, moneys not really the first thing on your mind. You seem like a very capable doctor, Dr. Bailey. Can I trust that you caught my daughter's skin cancer early?
      Bailey: Um, well, Ms. Stevens...
      Ms. Stevens: Oh, no, call me Robbie, hun.
      Izzie: No, mom. Don't call her hun. Don't call Bailey hun. You know, if you have questions you can just ask me. She's very busy and this thing I have it's complicated.
      Ms. Stevens: I know it's complicated Isobel, I'm not a complete idiot. Now, I saw this thing on Tyra Show. There was this woman who had a mole on her private parts, and the dermatologist did not bother to check her privates 'cause she thought that they gyney would have done it. But, the gyney didn't do it. Maybe she didn't even go to the gyney. I don't know. Anyway, It was bad. She was bald and everything. She did not have a mole on her private parts did she?
      Bailey: No, ma'am, no. She did not.
      Ms. Stevens: Good.

    • Meredith: Hey Maddie, I'm Dr. Grey. Mind if I take a look at that cut on your face?
      Maddie's Mom: You know, she's so sorry. So sorry.
      Maddie: Is my daddy gonna die?
      Meredith: I don't know. I hope not.
      Maddie: How come?
      Meredith: How come what?
      Maddie: How come he don't die? I shot him lots'a times. How come he don't die?

    • Mark: Are you okay? Are you crying?
      Lexie: My dad's here.
      Mark: Okay.
      Lexie: He's here, and he's sober, and I would really like for you to meet him.
      Mark: Oh. Oh, um, oh!
      Lexie: H-How 'bout, how 'bout dinner? Tonight. Camparo's at eight?
      Mark: Ah, Lexie. Ah, dad's historically do not love me. And, by that I mean when I was a teenager, dad's did not love me. That's the last time I had to meet anyone's dad.
      Lexie: I'm crazy about you, and I know that my dad would be too. You have nothing to worry about.
      Mark: That's what you said when you told me to tell Derek. Lexie, I'm closer to your dad's age than yours. So, I'm thinking he may not love me so much. You know, what we have is fantastic. Why don't we just keep it for us? (they get interrupted by a patient, Mark has to walk off)

    • Ms. Stevens: And then you remember Jade, from 114. Well, she had a spot of cancer last year. It was breast cancer. It was such a shame I thought, cause she had such a great rack. God, do you remember what a great rack she had? Oh, you used to do all those little exercises like this to try to get yours to grow like hers. (laughs)
      Izzie: Mom!
      Ms. Stevens: Anyway, my point is, Jade, well, she had them cut off. Both of them. Just to be on the safe side. And, they look even better now. For real. Life gave her lemons, and she made cantaloupes. So maybe, I dunno, maybe honey, there's an upside in this for you too. Right?
      Izzie: Um, mom, just um, just listen okay? I... I don't have breast cancer. Okay, I have skin cancer. Or, what started out as skin cancer.
      Ms. Stevens: Wait, hang on. Skin cancer? Oh, God! Isobel Stevens. Oh, you scared the hell out of me. And then you made me come all the way up here to Seattle just for some ugly old mole. Oh, sweetheart.
      Izzie: No, I didn't. (laughs) I didn't make you come up here. I ah, I didn't even call you. I'm really... I'm curious, who did? Who called? Who called her? (gritting her teeth) Seriously, who called her?

    • Thatcher (reads from a piece of paper): I'm-I'm so deeply sorry for every time that I ever hurt you, or disappointed you, or let you down. I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I hope, I so hope, that you give me the opportunity to earn it.
      Meredith: Thank you. Congratulations on... you seem well. Good luck. (leaves)

    • Meredith: Hey, you got paged too?
      Lexie: Yeah, report to the Chief's office, STAT. What, what do you think? Why? Why would he page us STAT?
      Meredith: I don't know. Did we kill anyone lately and don't remember?
      Richard (walks in): Your father's here. He's 29 days sober, just out of rehab. He's taking it seriously. He's working his steps. The 9th step is to make amends wherever possible. It's the key to an alcoholics recovery. To take responsibility for the wreckage of his past. I paged you here to ask you to please hear him out as a favor to me. To please, hear him out.
      Meredith: Ah, I'm covering the pit Chief.
      Richard: I'll cover it.
      Meredith: But, there's a trauma coming in.
      Richard: I've got it Meredith. Please. Please.

    • Ms. Stevens: Excuse me doctor. Oh, excuse me young and yummy doctor.
      Alex: Can I help you?
      Ms. Stevens: I don't know, can you? (laughs)
      Alex (laughs): Are you looking for someone ma'am?
      Ms. Stevens: Oh, gosh, I'm gonna pretend that you didn't just call me ma'am. Because, I have this image of you and me in my head playing doctor, and that just kind of ruined it.
      Alex: Okay. I'm gonna go back to work now, but good luck with the... whatever.
      Ms. Stevens: Well, I am looking for a doctor. Gosh, I guess she's a patient now. Ah, Isobel Stevens. I'm um... I'm an old friend. (next shot is of Alex opening the door to Izzie's room)
      Alex: After you.
      Ms. Stevens: Oh, a doctor and a gentleman. Now that's a double yummy. (walks in and sees all the wedding stuff) Oh my, God whose getting married?
      Izzie: Oh, my god, mom? What are you doing here?
      Alex: Mom?
      Ms. Stevens: Shhh, cricket, you don't want that hot doctor to think I'm old.

    • Willow: In a few weeks, I'm gonna be up a tree in Utah. Those corporate bastards, the same one's that bulldozed me out of Kaili-- They want to clear-cut thousands of acres to build another ski condo complex. Those sons of a bitches!
      Mark: There is so much about that sentence that I don't understand. Uh, you were bulldozed out of something?
      Willow: Kaili, she was the tree that I was living in for the past six weeks. She was a beautiful 200 year old oak, in a grove full of 200 year old oaks.
      Mark: You named a tree 'Kaili'?
      Willow: Kaili is Hawaiian for divine beauty and wisdom and she was all of those things. She was all of those things and she's gone. They're all gone and for what, yuppie housing? Those corporate bastards!
      Callie: I'm really sorry, but you're not gonna be climbing up any trees for a good long while.
      Mark: How does one exactly live in a tree? I mean, how does one say, elimate waste?
      Callie: He's asking where your poo goes which may not be the most sensitive question while she's mourning the death of her... (holds back a laugh) tree friend.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): As doctors we can't undo our mistakes, and we rarely forgive ourselves for them. But, it's a hazard of the trade. But, as human beings we can always try to do better. To be better. To right a wrong. Even when it feels irreversible. Of course, I'm sorry doesn't always cut it. Maybe because we use it so many different ways. As a weapon. As an excuse. But, when we are really sorry, when we use it right. When we mean it. When our actions say what words never can. When we get it right I'm sorry is perfect. When we get it right, I'm sorry is redemption.

    • Richard: How many days?
      Thatcher: 29.
      Richard: Fresh from rehab. I could tell you some good meetings in the area.
      Thatcher: Thanks. They gave me a whole list. It's... just one more thing that we have in common.
      Richard: Have you... talked to Meredith? To Lexie? (Thatcher just sighs)

    • Mark: I got you a present.
      Callie: I told you, you can't give me money. Even if you are a fancy plastic surgeon. I am not your charity case. I am not your mistress. I am your friend, your equal. So...
      Mark: It's not money.
      Callie: Oh really? 'Cause I was just doing the poor but proud thing for show before I accepted your government cheese.
      Mark: It's better than money. Wait. (walks into the exam room) She fell out of a tree and broke all her limbs.
      Callie: Ooh, that is better.

    • (Cristina and Owen walk into each other by accident)
      Owen: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. ... Take care now. (walks off)
      Callie (walks up): Hey, so, I can't afford rent.
      Cristina: Owen just told me to 'take care now'.
      Callie: Nice, it's three words.
      Arizona: Yeah, it's more than she's getting from any of her family.
      Callie: My mom's silent, my ant's silent, my sister Aria... I know. I know how much power my father wields, but, seriously. What am I, invisible? Dead to them? To my mother?
      Arizona: You just have to give them some more time.
      Cristina: Well, why can't you just tell them you guys broke up? It's no ones business who you go out with anyway. Right?
      Arizona: And I will leave you to ponder that. (walks off)
      Callie: You really I think should lie?
      Cristina: I really think you should pay rent. But, you know, whatever. Take care now.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Remember when we were little, and we would accidentally bite a kid on the playground? Our teachers would go "Say you're sorry." And we would say it, but we wouldn't mean it. Because the stupid kid we bit, totally deserved it. But, as we get older, making amends isn't so simple. After the playground days are over, you can't just say it. You have to mean it. Of course, when you become a doctor, sorry is not a happy word. It either means you're dieing and I can't help. Or, it means this is really gonna hurt.

    • Alex: Chicken.
      George: Good chicken.
      Meredith & Cristina: It's chicken.
      Izzie: I know it's chicken! I wanna know what it tastes like.
      Alex: Tastes like chicken.
      Izzie: I'm having surgery today.
      Bailey: Maybe, if the meds are strong.
      Izzie: I am maybe having surgery today, and as such I cannot taste the chicken for myself. So I really need you guys to tell me what it tastes like. I need to nail down this dinner, so I can announce it on Meredith and Derek's wedding website.
      Meredith: There's a website?
      Izzie: So, can you please be a little more articulate than just chicken? (Derek comes out of the bathroom in a tux) Yay! Oh, that's the one!
      Bailey: Very dapper Dr. Shepherd.
      Derek: You're serious about this? It's not some cruel joke?
      Izzie: You look fantastic. He looks fantastic right?
      Meredith: Yeah.
      Cristina: Oh, whatever.
      Alex & George: Yeah.
      Cristina: Good luck with your scan.
      George: Yeah, bye. Good chicken. (Mer, Cristina and George leave)
      Izzie: So?
      Alex: It's pork. (Alex leaves, Izzie turns to Bailey)
      Bailey: Alright. I'll taste the chicken.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Slovakia: Druhá šanca (Second Chance)
      Czech Republic: Stačí se omluvit (Just Say Sorry)

    • Sharon Lawrence (Robbie) was nominated for the 2009 Emmy Award for "Oustanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series".

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: June 22, 2009 on Fox Life
      Latin America: June 22, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (a.k.a. Canal Sony)
      Australia: July 2, 2009 on Channel 7
      Germany: August 19, 2009 on ProSieben
      The Netherlands: October 26, 2009 on Net5
      Norway: January 5, 2010 on TV2
      Slovakia: March 1, 2010 on STV1
      Czech Republic: July 8, 2010 on Prima

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Brand New by Emilie Mover
      2. Stay Over by The Rescues
      3. So Far From Me by Brett Dennen
      4. Turn and Turn Again by All Thieves
      5. Wedding Ring by The Hard Lessons


    • Episode Title: No Good At Saying Sorry

      No Good At Saying Sorry is a song by The Early November taken from the album The Mother,The Mechanic, and The Path.