Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 21

No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on ABC

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  • The best show on television!

    No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance) was so amazing. Like most grey's episodes we see depth in the characters and we also see them at not only their best, but their worst as well. Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) truly blew me away in this episode, it was compelling. Also Izzie's storyline with her mother almopst brought me to tears, and I hope she is the one to get married next week, I also hope she will remain on the show. Cristina was great as well with the pain she was holding in over Owen. George had more screen time. Lexie and Mark were good as well, I hope they last. Callie stood up for what she believed, and the little girl storyline, to me, was powerful!
  • Good episode.

    Grey's Anatomy may not be what it once was, but this was still a fine episode. Some good comedy mixed in with a powerful story about family relations and marital struggles and the majority of the long-running story arcs seem to be getting better. I even was fine with the Yang and Hunt bickering and makeup and I usually detest both of those characters.

    I really hope Grey's Anatomy gives us a definitive answer on whether or not Izzie will be sticking around next season. I don't want to say the show will not be able to survive without her, but it would certainly be a mistake to drop the program's best character.
  • Sad, dramatic and funny. You have to feel sorry for Izzie...Meredith was great here too.

    Izzie having cancer has really improved this season. This storyline is just so sad. She is happy with Alex and yet she is dying. Well the doctors are trying there hardest but hope seems to be in the background...Robbie, her mother arriving was a great way to lighten up the storyline. However it was heart-breaking when she lied to her mother...told her she was better with the help of Bailey...she acted happy while knowing that the cancer had not gone...had gotten worse. Very moving storyline.

    Meredith was brilliant here. The emotion she had for that she wanted her to be protected. I just loved the intense speech she made...telling the mother that the little girl was not going anywhere. The tension between Mer and the chief was at an all time high...quite rightly too because had had no right to call her in for Thatcher. I liked how they made up though, he apologised for not doing anything...he comforted her.

    Lexie is a good character and who lightens things up...her and Sloan work well together. I like Callie but still don't know about Arizona. Hunt and Cristina with the whole 'Take care now' speech was great. He's obviously messed up..but they work as a couple. With only one episode left until the two-hour finale...I can't wait. Brilliant.
  • The message in this episode is that sometimes "sorry" really makes a difference, and admitting your mistake can turn everyone's lives around.Hanging on to your ego isn't always a good thing, sometimes one must find the strength to just let go of it.

    This was really a great episode, with things moving towards closure for everyone, one way or the other. I especially liked the scene with Owen and Christina, where Owen finally shows how much he is impacted by what happened and how hard he's trying to make up for it. He's really afraid of getting back together with Christina in case he ends up hurting her again, and at the same time he's still in love with her, so his emotional state is tearing him apart. Christina at first thinks it's another Burke situation, where her medical career will be negatively influenced by her personal relationships, but when she realizes the reason behind Owen's behaviour she backs him up and says nothing more.

    Callie is involved with the case of an environmentalist who gets really hurt trying to defend a forest, and realizes she can't lie to her parents about being with Arizona, because that's who she is and she doesn't want to be ashamed or in hiding. Her patient helps her see that. Izzie's mother visits and we can clearly see that although Izzie loves her she can't count on her, because her mother is obviously not able to deal with the emotional strain of her daughter being seriously ill. Instead of the other way around, Izzie ends up comforting her mother and she chooses a different path than Callie, and lies to her. George seems to have been somewhat restored to his previous status, as he is now Owen's new trauma protege, which is good because he can be a good addition to the team if he gets the proper script to back that up.

    Also, Ellen Pompeo was amazing in this episode, especially in the scene where she fights with the Chief behind the bed curtain, but in the whole episode as well. She's not afraid to come out as a messed up, imperfect person who however much is hurting stands up for what she believes and for her principles, even if that makes her clash with her colleagues and her friends. In the final conversation with the Chief we realize how deep the impact of her mother's affair with him really was, and how she got over the whole thing completely by herself. Now a new time begins in her life, she's happily in love and about to be married, and at the same time finally reconciled with her past, so I guess the message is that sometimes "sorry" really makes a difference, and admitting your mistake can turn everyone's lives around. Hanging on to your ego isn't always a good thing, sometimes one must find the strength to just let go of it.
  • Nice episode. Digs up some skeletons in the closet.

    What? Is this the bring your parents to work day? Just kidding. Though this episode wasn't as intense as a typical Grey's episode, it still did have some poignant and powerful scenes that makes it worth the watch.

    Thatcher is back after a long time, and now that he is sober, he seeks the forgiveness of Meredith and Lexie. Though this wasn't the main plot. It nevertheless, paved way for some really good ice-breaking scenes between Meredith and Richard. And of course, Sloan gets to meet Thatcher, taking his relationship with Lexie to a new level. Izzy's mother visits and we some a gradual change in her character from being an obnoxious chick to a loving mother. We also had two medical cases. Owen and George treat a domestic violence culprit who get shot by his kid 17 times. Callie treats a environmentalist who is knocked off a tree by a bulldozer. Cristina and Owen provide some really powerful scenes that actually make you hold your breath.

    Good episode. But there was nothing that really stood up.
  • "Take care now" ....Wow they made me cry over a such an easy going phrase. Just WOW between Owen and Christina. There's also a very overdue conversation between the chief and Meredith.

    First I'd like to say I've never particularly liked any of Meredith's family (the biological one, not the real one that's formed around her- that one rocks) and i find Lexie endlessly annoying and just wish she'd go away, and her father well he's just a little too George-like for that NOT to be creepy creepy creepy (not that George is creepy, George is George) and he didn't make an effort with Meredith for such a long time AND SO having him come back an apologize to M and L as part of a 12 step program is just ridiculous, and too late. I was proud of Meredith for not letting it get to her (well ok it got to her but she directed it in a good way towards that little girl) and just thanking him and walking away. Lexie on the other hand crumbled and asked Mark to come and meet him.

    I have always loved the father-daughter relationship that exists between Meredith and the Chief and I loved their talk on how he didn't stand up for her when he knew he should have, and how no-one else did either. It was also nice too that he told her she did the right thing by standing up for Maddy (who shot her abusive father)...especially because he reeled her out when she did. He just keeps repeating that he's so sorry over and over and Meredith rests her head on his shoulder. I liked the contrast between this scenes with Richard (who's like dad and involved quite a lot in her life) and the one with her actual father, and how her talk with Richard made her cry and listen, while with her dad she had no emotion...because it didn't mean anything to her.

    Lastly WOW Owen and Christina, they started off HOT and now its all tragic separation because that's best for both of them right now. Now its WOW!

    Owen:"...I treated you like i would anyone else."

    Christina: "I am NOT like anyone else! 'Take care now'? What is that?! What are you like happy now? What are you...? Are you a choke 'em and forget 'em kind of guy?"

    [Then he hands her the list of 3 word phrases he's worked out with his therapist that he can say instead of THE 3 words he wants to say. Which is just completely heartbreaking.]

    Owen:"My shrink gave me these sentences, we...ah we came up with them together. They're all three word sentences, so that i can have something to say to you instead of the three words that are..................they're killing me......the three words that you know i feel but i can't say them because it would be cruel to say them because i am No Good for you. I don't want to torture you. I don't want to look at you longingly when i know i can't be with you, so yeah i'm smiling and i'm saying 'take care NOW'. I'm letting you off the hook.I'm trying, I'm trying SO hard to let you off the hook. I'm trying to make it right, what i did to you, can't you see that? I'm just trying to make it right."

    Christina: [hands him back his list] "Take care now." [walks past him]

    So yeah by this time i'm dabbing at my eyes and sniffing, because that was one of my fav scenes in the whole damn season, both actors were amazing and NOW I'm probably going to keep watching because of them.
  • A fine installment for this soapy series...

    As a rule, this program annoys me with its' heavy emphasis on relationships. Which is odd, because I usually wish for more character development, not less, in other shows. This episode was a standout, with mature insights that seem to be lacking in the week-to-week stories. The medical cases are always interesting, sometimes they are educational, other times they are oddly hilarious. This one had a limited medical storyline. I expected the predictable elements, but the acting was exceptional in an episode about how our past can affect our everyday lives. I am sure next weeks 100th show will be wonderful as well. Time to re-evaluate the merits of this show. It may be soapy, but this one was splendidly done.