Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 4

No Man's Land

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on ABC

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  • Katherine Heigl stripping off all her clothes? What's not to like about this episode!

    Katherine Heigl stripping off all her clothes? What's not to like about this episode!

    I'm not a big fan of this series, but this episode is starting to turn me around. And as usual, a great performance delivered by Sandra Oh.

    Now if only every episode could be like this! !
  • just up to this ep in australia so all u aussies who love this show read review and comment

    so as i was saying this episode i think was the best so far, it was really really good and its so great to see that the charaters are finally developing i love this show.
    I think my fav character is IZZy she is just so funny and doesn't care wat others think, it'as just a groundbreaking show it's so different i think it deserves to be counted along the same lines as house
  • Wow....Look at Izzy's photo....

    What i like the most about this episode is the Dr. Model thing. Izzy's photos are so hot. But, as it seems Izzy doesn't liek to brag about it. The way she reacted when that guy posted her pics everywhere in Grace hospital was so original... She took off her clothes (damn, not her underwear too!) and showed everybody her perfect body.
    Also, i liked the scene when that man ,that's about to have his prostate removed, confesses to Izzy that he fantasized about her.
    This is a great series and it's getting better and better in every episode.
    P.S. Derek finally went on a date with Meredith
  • Dealing with things..

    So - Izzie's past comes to hunt them when the other interns realize that she is a model in a magazine. And she really is out of herself over it but then manage to pull it all together and get some respect if not even more..

    And George - he has real problems too - it is not easy to live in a same house with two woman. And he has to work it out - if he wants to stay..

    And the cases - I really liked them.. the dying woman and how Cristina has to deal with hit.. those nails.. oh.. so good episode.
  • I'm enjoying Grey's Anatomy! It's already in my favorites!

    Good episode!
    I hope Meredith and McDreamy stay together at some point! I think everybody wants!! lol
    George is really sweet...he could be taking vantage of the girls but he prefers just to complain! I think is gay...maybe I just think that because of the actor!
    Izzie is kinda disgusting...using someone's else tooth brush? ewww! And walking around the house when you live with two strage people is not nice!
    Finally some act 'human' in Cristina! She was starting to sound like House, and she is way far from his level!
    That other intern, the one who spread Izzie's pics - I guess his name is Alex, I can't remember - he is the kind of men that I hate! They think they're better than everyone and can threat women like a piece of meat! I hope the nazi cut his balls off! lol overreacted!
    Meredith's mom seems to be a biatch! She can't remember her daughter but she remembers a nurse?? Common! The nails (is the spelling right?) in the guys head!! Has anything like this ever happened? I think it did, the writers must do some research before showing that on TV!
  • An another great episode of Grey's Anatomy ith great storylines and amazing characters development.

    Grey's Anatomy again dilivered us the emotions we want with all the drama and over-the-top intern situations we need.
    Meredith and Derek dilivered again a perfect chemistry between each other becoming one of the most beloved couple in television right now.
    Cristina meets a former nurse which changes her forever.
    A perfect George episode embarassed by living with women and by his masculinity.
    Izzie finds it difficult to continue her career as an intern in Seattle Grace because of her poster on a magazine where she is shot in underwear.The gossip start pouring in the hospital.She tries to deal with her decision to put everything behind her and to start a new life as a surgeon.
    An awesome episode full of typical Grey's Anatomy moments and great acting abilities.
  • I liked the topic about sexism and all of that, but the rest was just boring.

    It only had one interesting part, the rest was really boring.
    The best of the episode is Izzie in the locker room, shoting and defending herself. She's not that blondie dumb that I saw in 01x01"A hard day's night", and she won't be that anymore.
    What they did to George is half-good and half-bad. Half-good because they all live toghether, and they have rules, so, he has tu buy the tampons; but half-bad, because men really don't buy tampons, he has to do it, even if he doesn't like it, so it's really unaccurate to say if it's wrong or right.
    About that patient that didn't want Izzie to take care of him, I think that's just wrong; he could have asked her to leave or another doctor more nicely or without the hysteria.
    I also find the Fallon's history and the gut with nails in his head absolutely boring and uninteresting.
    They were doing great, until here. This episode is probably the worst of the season.
  • A very lets just say "revealing" episode

    Another fine episode of Grey's Anatomy. Cristina tries to get the jump on the other residents and finds a case she think will get her a surgery. Turns out the lady used to be a nurse and knows Meredith's mum.

    George has to deal with the fact he is living with two hot females who treat him like he is there sister, even giving him the duty of buying them tampons.

    Izzie has her own problems as a patient doesn't want her to be his doctor because she is the woman he has been looking at in a magazine. Alex stumbles upon this lingerie spread and puts it up all around the hospital.

    Meredith has to help Shepard with a patient who has shot himself in the head with a nail gun. The nails are safely removed but and MRI discovers a tumour. Meredith goes behind Shepards back to try and convince the man's husband to not have it removed because he could potentially lose his memor of her.

    Cristina has trouble letting go of her patient when she realises that she was never going to get a surgery and dies shortly after.

    The episode ends with Meredith sitting down with Shepard grabing some food.

    A very good episode, so far there havent been any dissapointing episodes. It was good to see some problems aris from George living with Izzie and Meredith.

  • This is totally my favorite episode!!

    I think it's so funny. Like when Izzie keeps coming in on George in the shower. It's just funnier each time but it's also sad when the scrub nurse died because she seemed nice. But the did bring her back when Meredith is in heaven along with Dylan, Denny and Bonnie. Uh, I gotta fill up 100 words so I w i l l j u s t h a v e t o t y p e t h i s ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
  • Bethany Whisper.

    Izzie underware pictures are finally published in the magazine and Alex puts her posters all over the hospital. Izzie treats a patient with prostate cancer who had been fantasizing about her. George is having a hard time living with girls as they are all so calm and walk through the house in underware only. A men with nine nails comes into hospital and Derek is on the case.
    Cristina is with Liz Fallon who is very sick and she happens to be Ellis Grey's scrub nurse. Meredith tells her the dark secret about her mother and Liz has a big disappointement for Cristina.
    Fantastic episode.
  • What a great episode!

    Really, this is why I watch this show. It's amazing how almost every episode is really great.

    It was so funny with Izzie, Meredith and George. I'm also glad this episode was focused a little bit more on Izzie. I really like the character.

    And also, in this episode was the one of my favourite scenes, Meredith and her mother. I just wished they would show them more often.

    Oh, and that nurse was definitely funny, haha, the way she was teasing Cristina. Well, it was sad when she died, of course.

    I think it was a great thing to show how is George handling with Izzie and Meredith. That was absolutely great.
  • This episode was great!

    My favorite plot to this episode was the whole Izzie and George fiasco. It was hilarious how George kept getting bombarded with Izzie asking him to buy her and Meredith tampons and how he had to keep seeing her in her hello kitty underwear and even how she kept walking in on him in the shower. I couldn't stop laughing throughout most of the episode. It was great! It was very well written also. But the tampon part was by far the best...
  • This is my favorite episode!

    This episode is so funny!!!
    I love the way George falls down in the shower. It's like he doesn't even notice that Izzie is in her underwear. Alex is really funny in the way that he thinks that George thinks of Izzie as a sister. But still Alex is evil!
    The way he posts those pictures of Izzie everywhere. I think Izzie should've knocked his lights out!!!
    Now that would've been cool. George is so hoplessly in love with Merideth. I still don't see how she didn't know. Nontheless I still love this episode. There are some good medical cases and we get to see how copeditive Christina really is.
  • strahoten epizod

    While George is feeling a little less masculine because of the way Izzie and Meredith have been treating him (like a sister), Izzie is assigned to a patient about to loose all of his masculinity. Cristina, true to her competitive spirit, shows up early and assigns herself to an ill woman, who happens to have been Meredith's moms scrub nurse. Alex, meanwhile, is busying himself copying and pasting pictures of Izzie's racy magazine spread all over the interns' locker room. And while Meredith is trying to cope with her mother's Alzheimers, Derek treats a patient who has managed to get nails stuck in his head.
  • Brilliantly written and acted

    I really loved this episode it showed so much more about all the characters.

    We are gradually learning more and more about Alice Grey which is great becuase I think she is a key part of this show even though she doesn\'t feature that much. After all Meredith wouldn\'t be so appreciated if it wasn\'t for her mother\'s fame. Not that she doesn\'t deserve to make her own way in the world.

    The only reason this episode lost 0.1 of a mark was because it really left me hanging at the end. I wanted to know if the guy with the nails in his head would survive.
  • George feels like he's being treated as a 'sister' as Meredith tries to cope with her mom's Alzheimer and Derek has an interesting case when somebody has nails stuck in his head...

    A very interesting episode IMO... a lot happened.

    First of all George feels like he's being treated as a sister.. I loved that.. the whole looking into the shower thing by Izzie and the tampons.. Funny!

    For Izzie I felt sorry when all those posters were scattered around the locker room and at first I hated that patient who didn't wanted to be treated by her but even though he had a weird reason for not wanting it, it was a good one :)
    And her undressing in front of Alex and the look on his face? Funny! :)

    The whole nail thing in the head was just a hilarious case and I just love Derek and Meredith together! They're so cute! :)

    Also I like the whole Cristina and that nurse storyline.. the nurse was right and I like how they related that nurse to Meredith's mother Ellis... Very interesting and it was nice to see Meredith talk to somebody about her mother.. :)

    So good ep, really great for a good laugh :D
  • Losing memories and masculinity.

    George is annoyed.

    The episode opens with the interns at Grey's house. There's conflict though, because George isn't happy with the girls wearing their undies freely (for some odd reason) and they keep walking in on him when he's naked. Alex later pokes fun at him, suggesting the girls think of him as a sister. In usual O' Malley style, it's not something he wanted to hear, and gets worked up about it, further proving that he is, the star of the show entertainment wise.

    Similar to George's problem, one of the patients this week is also being emasculated. Mr Nicholls has prostate cancer, and of course, surgery is required. The way it echoes George's problem is a little too unrealistic and seems too coincidental for "real life", but the link between the two stories is a nice touch, and helps flow things forward a lot easier.

    The other main patient of the week is a regular at Seattle Grace hospital, a Nurse Fallon, who, in the words of Dr Burke, has "come here to die". It's revealed to us that she was a scrub nurse who worked alongside Meredith's mother, and, incidentally, when her name is mentioned, is one of the few things Ellis Grey actually remembers vividly. Seeing Meredith's mother again was great. Not a lot came as a result of it, but it's good to know she's just...there.

    And finally, from a narrow minded neanderthal male point of view, the highlight of the episode is Izzie's episode scenes. It's revealed in this episode she did photoshoots and modelling to pay for her med school costs. Her past comes back to haunt her in this episode, as the underused Alex decides to exploit her, posting photos of her shots all around the hospital. Later in an emotional scene with him she strips showing gracious amounts of flesh, shouting at him, asking him if he wants a closer look or inspection. She's absolutely great in these angry emotional scenes, but the storyline as a whole feels a little pointless, and just an excuse to give Alex something to do.

    The way stories connect to and from each other is already a common strategy in place in a lot of the Grey's Anatomy episodes. It works well here even with two different strong themes, and the show, as a whole, continues to impress, always remaining charming and full of drama. Will this charm ever run out? We'll just have to keep watching.