Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 24

Now or Never (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 14, 2009 on ABC

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  • a terrible ending to a terrible season

    after a season of draggin out izzies death they finally show her crash and then make us wait until next season to confirm what we already know. katherine heigle and T R Knight are both leaving so i dont understand how the writers call this ending a cliffhanger. also the "wedding" between mer and der was rediculous. they are no more married than at the begining of the series. the scenes between izzie and denny on the beach were totally stolen from the Locked in episode of house which bugged me. this show used to be great but now its not i this ending has stopped me from turning in next season.
  • Best finale of all the seasons.

    I have seen some pretty good finales in the past, but this was the best finale, by far, of all the seasons that I have seen. I love the way it ended with George standing, in his Army uniform, looking at Izzy as the doors of the elevator that she was in closed. I knew immediately that one of them would die and one of them would live, but the question was which one would be which. The way O'Malley saved that girl really touched my heart. He could have saved so many lives if he hadn't joined the Army, but I understand why he did it.
  • If you DON'T want to CRY, then don't watch this episode. You'll ball like a baby, or at least I did.

    Best finale that I've ever seen EVER. This is part two of the finale. I felt like I was right there with them. George joined the ARMY and everyone is going to intervene and stop him, except Arizona. Arizona thinks that its awesome that he joined, which infuriates Callie. Come to find out; Arizona's brother died because the ARMY didn't have enough doctors over there. Callie reaches out to her and apologizes bringing them closer. Izzy let Shepherd do the surgery but now her brain resets after a minute, which is freaking Alex out. He finally gets so upset that he yells at her that he doesn't know what he's supposed to do now; smother her with a pillow or shoot her full of drugs. Surprise: she tells Yang what he said, which isn't written down anywhere and now her brain is fine. Alex hugs her and she goes limp in his arms. She is DNR, but everyone jumps in (even the Chief) and tries to save her. Meanwhile Meredith realizes that John Doe is George. George pushed a woman out of the way of a bus and is fighting for his life at the time Izzy is being worked on. The last thing we see is Izzy in her pink prom dress in an elevator. The doors open up and George is standing there with a buzzcut in an ARMY uniform. He looked so good.
  • Do you want to cry? To laugh? To get shocked? This episode has it all.

    Yes, that's right. For the first time since Seasons 2's "Into You Like A Train" (remember that episode? the girl and the guy who had a pole inside of them and they were connected like they were hugging), I cried. And yes, I hated myself for it.

    The episode? I am personally in-love with. I watched it 5 times, cried every time at the end.

    Oh and by the way? Whoever tells you they "knew" it would be George at the end (John Doe) is a big FAT LIAR. Because there's NO way they could've known. There's no way ANYONE could've known.

    So what happened in Now or Never? Well, a lot of stuff happened in Now or Never. Like Cristina and Owen. Cristina, who I loveeeeeee. My favorite line ever? When Cristina tells Owen "I can't breathe without you." That was the breaking point for me. I almost flipped out in happiness when I heard her say that. Because when have we seen Cristina all gooey and love-y and tenderly like that? We didn't even see it when she was with Burke. So Owen must mean A-LOT to her.

    What else did I love about this season finale? Oh yeah Izzie. And Alex. And Bailey. And Richard. Tell me you didn't cry at the last scene, when we're all sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting to see if they're gonna try to save Izzie or not and then Richard (my hero!) goes all "SCREW THE DNR!" That also happens to be one of my all-time favorite scenes. Ever.

    And Alex. Crying. Watching his "wife" falling apart in front of him.

    Oh, Izzie. She breaks my heart. When she remembered the whole pillow and Alex-yelling-at-her-thing, I sort of didn't realize that she actually REMEMBERED. Until Alex screamed it. And rushed to get her. Too late, though, right?

    I guess I don't have to speak about the whole George-jumping-in-front-of-a-moving-bus thing. I guess we already know what happened to THAT. So sad, by the way. When George wrote "007" on Meredith's hand, I was literally SHOCKED. STUNNNED. SPEECHLESS.

    My George? .... Dead?

    But let me leave that for another episode (like the season 6 premiere which I HATED because of what happened to George :( so sad)

    --But the best thing about this episode? The thing that makes this episode so special, so unique that I tihnk it's going to be remembered in TV history probably the Meredith Voice Overs. Oh my god, do NOT tell me he voice-over in the end doesn't make you get all ... whatever, sad and stuff.

    "Have you said it yet? I LOVE YOU....."

    In all, no episode can make me say "THE BEST EPISODE EVER" except this one. Brilliant.
  • Shonda outdid herself!

    This episode, Now or Never (2) was so absolutly, positivly, without a doubt, one of the best ever! I can't imagine waiting until September for the outcome. The Meredith/ Derek Post-it wedding was perfect for them. Izzie coming out of surgery memory impaired and everyone's struggle with it, was heart wrenching. I hated that Izzie signed a DNR. George being John Doe? I didn't see it coming, and I almost died when Meredith said "007". I don't know how Shonda thought of it, but Izzie and George somewhat dying at the same time and how everyone was divided up in trying to save their lives. Derek, Meredith, Owen, and Callie with George, and Cristina, Alex, Baily, and the Chief with Izzie. Also I am glad that the Chief said screw the DNR and they rushed to save Izzie's life. It was so awesome in the elevator scene. Like the "midlife" when you are stuck between life and death. Izzie was wearing the dress she did the nioght Denny died and George was in his army uniform. They looked at eachother and pondered (Izzie in the elevator, George right ouside of it). All the whie everyone is desperate to save them both. They both flatline, and then it ends. Boy does Shonda know how to keep a crowd on the edge.
  • such a sad episode.

    first of all i have to say,
    season 5 was the best season of greys in my opinion.

    ok so izzie. i really dont know what to say about it.
    it was so painful to watch her and alex getting their hopes and being let down every time.
    justin's chambers acting was amazing and the whole episode i just wanted to hug him..when he cried when izzie talk to him before the surgery and when she finally died [i think?]

    meredith and derek were..meredith and derek no big surprises,
    i liked to see mer's change how she really matured and she is not dark and twisty any more.

    owen and christina were cute no more no less

    mark and lexie were cute

    and george. WOW. im really really speechles i didnt see that one he tried to say something the intire episode when he said 007 and meredith startrd screaming was really scary cause i didnt understand that it was actually george.
    its such a shame grey's released izzie and george they are such an important characters in the show..

    bailey\arizona\callie\chief was really sad also..when bailey talked about her husband and when callie stood up for george without knowing he is dead already.

    so it was an exellent episode im really looking forward to the next season
  • I hate cliffhangers, but this was deffinitely one of the best episodes of Grey's in my opinion.

    (Spoilers Ahead of Course...)

    I did NOT see John Doe as O'Malley, the prosthetics was AMAZING. And now (only minutes after having watched, my stomach is in a knot of anxiety. I assumed he'd go to the army, do something heroic, and return in a slightly battered blaze of glory, but to be creamed by a bus. For a girl who initially looked over him for a hotter guy. I can only say at least she recognized him for the prince she better always view him as.

    Meredith and Derek's wedding was perfect. Simple and personal, in between surgeries and saving lives, one of the most awkward star-crossed couples commits to the essence of a wedding, on the objects of Christina's blessing. It was perfect, in character for both of them, and better than I'd ever hoped for from the writers.

    Izzy flat lining right after getting her memory back from the surgery seems a little cruel, but certainly in step with a show that killed her fiance right before she got to show him her prom dress.

    If it weren't for the double cliffhanger I would say it was a perfect episode, but even with it, it was truly one of the greats.
  • Ahhhhhhh! OMG!

    OMG! That is what I have to say. I cannot believe what happened. I had no clue it was George! I don't really like the other girl's character, the one that he saved but oh well. MerDer is so cute! I loved their little wedding together. Alex was being impatient with Izzie but you knew it was only because he loved her so much! I think Bailey's husband Tucker kind of has a point, I mean what is the point of being married and having children if you can never get to spend time together? I hope everything works out for them! Anyways, I was seriously glued to the TV for the last 5 minutes and was totally expecting to see Denny through the elevator doors! I can not wait until September. I really hope they keep George and Izzie. George is seriously underrated.
  • Shonda Rhimes Delivers

    Okay, thank God someone knows how to do finales well - Grey's always goes out with a bang, and this season is no exception. And let it be stated that until the show started picking up pace about a month ago, I've been loosely committed to it at best. I never thought that I'd come back to this show after seasons three and four, but hey-- here I am!

    I don't want to spoil anything, but the last five minutes of the season had me glued to the screen with my heart racing. This is probably the best finale you'll watch this season, it's definitely the best I've seen so far. The cast deserves major credit too, they turn out some amazing performances (especially Ellen, I got chills when she had her "realization").

    Exciting, opens up some stories and closes others, throws a few twists and ultimately brings things from earlier in the series back in full circle (there are some emotionally-punched carrots in there for fans who have been watching since the beginning). What more can you ask for?
  • The episode where everything changes. It's the kind of episode that surprises you in many ways.

    Wow, waiting for season 6 so badly. Oh my god, well that's a finale. wow, I really hope that nether of them die, but I think one of them will :'(. for the last 4 minutes I was just like what , god . just like wow wow wow wow, I wanna see the new season already !! :D :D. Seriously, I do not want Izzy and George to leave, they the best, those jokes and stuff, + if Izzy dies, Alex will be broken. And the two best friends can't die on the same time, no no no. I've heard the rumors that they might be leaving, but I think that no fan wants that! Best episode of all times.
  • Izzie has a live saving surgery. When alex hugs her she suddenly crashes, and they're trying to get her alive again. And then you see Izzie standing in her promdress in the elevator and george in an army uniform. He can die too..

    Did this story end with Izzie and George in the elevator, or is that just the end of the first part? I'm really confused now.. Please tell me, because not knowing kills me!!
    I thought it was a very good episode, but I just don't want George and/or Izzie to die. So if they do, it isn't that good anymore.. :( not because of how they play or something, but just because I don't like that they (might or already?) killed one or two of the main charactars.. Please tell me if they died or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as fast as you can please)
  • The most powerful end to the most powerful season of all the shows I watch. No TV show has nearly had me in tears. This was just astounding.

    I never cry. Ever. Well, when I got an ear infection that was so painful I didn't sleep for three nights, yeah I cried then. But never at anything dramatised. And now I'm still thinking about my own life four days after the finale, thinking of all the things I've not done, or worse, done wrong. Truly epic, I couldn't have possibly seen at the end of Season 4, where I was giving up the show a little, to produce what for me has been overall the best of 08-09 programming. Thats including Lost, House, Scrubs, and Heroes (I though I may as well not include the latter anymore)...

    It was just so perfectly told, and planned out, every scene interested me. And george... it takes a lot these days to make a twist NO-ONE sees coming, (and thats still believable). The thing that really pushed me really towards tears was the two of them meeting on the other side. That was just... perfect... there's no other word for it.

    No other Grey's finale has ever given me butterfly's or actually had me eager for the next season (which surely can't live up, can it?) This was the simply the best. Thank you to everyone involved.

    Oh and anyone who's seen my Lost review about the incident giving the same levels of praise... yeah, this aired a day later, and was WAY better.
  • Best last 5 minutes….that anyone has ever seen

    Is George going to make it? Is Izzie going to make it? The last clip of the episode was emotional cliffhanger in more ways than you usually expect, it was not that something was up or you expected to happen, is that many things were going at once and they seemed to be going in the wrong direction (Izzie's DNR and George surgery); to be honest the season had some ups and downs (being a guy makes you wonder why do they take so long to make any decision) but this was a very powerful episode that gave the characters and the actors the opportunity to go beyond the normal "clichés" while adding a healthy dose of suspense and drama, and tears...many, many tears…nice way to go in a season finale.
  • A disappointing ending that handles the departure of two integral actors poorly, and leaves this viewer wondering if the show will be worth watching next season.

    I was very disappointed in this finale. Greys has had some powerful finales in the past-the best example, IMO, was the one with Denny's death, Izzy shattered and not leaving his side, and Alex sweeping her up. That was good fore-shadowing, drama, writing, acting, and set up for the next season.

    I'll admit that I wish the actors who played Izzy and George weren't leaving the show; their characters are the heart and conscience of their social group, knitting the friends, and give the show spark. I can't imagine Greys without them. Given reality, I wish the story lines had been handled quite differently. Instead of shunting George aside after giving him silly plot twists (e.g. the affair with Izzy), they should have built on him as having potential as a good trauma surgeon. They could have built on that, having George interested in pursuing that as a specialization, have him shine with a series of situations, show him considering leaving Seattle Grace for more experience/opportunities, so that him deciding to become an army doctor was the logical conclusion to the story arc. And there was absolutely no need to kill him; he was already leaving the hospital and the country! And that had been defined as "heroic", so George was leaving on a high note. This approach would have created good story lines for the next season, with the remaining characters discussing letters he'd sent them. Can't you just picture Christina jealous over fabulously complicated surgeries, Callie worried about the emotional toll its taking, or Alex making generally disparaging remarks? A character can exist without the actor, friends and family leave town. Greys had handled other actors' departures this way, before. After enough time passing, references to George would naturally taper off since he wouldn't be a presence in the characters lives anymore. If the actor never returns, then George is having a successful career elsewhere; if ABC or the actor ever decide the show isn't "right" without George, he can return as emotionally damaged or (even better) as the conquering hero sweeping in to head up the trauma unit. Or even just stopping by on a visit home (ie guest star). Instead, he's a hero for something non-medical (although suited to his being a good person), and the last medical reference to him is the old nickname "007". It's been years since he was called that, and that was just Alex being a jerk anyway! While the story arc for Izzy's departure was better done (symptoms/diagnosis/coping with the shock/treatment), there were inane elements to it (multi-episode sexual hallucinations with Denny were entirely unnecessary). I did love how she turned her diagnosis into a teaching opportunity for her interns, however. And having Izzy and Alex marry the way they did was well done. (Of course, there's no way that a dress custom fit to Meridith would ever fit Izzy perfectly since they're both such radically different body types, but that's just "television license"). But they didn't even handle the death all that well-- it went from the memory problems, and potential story lines there, but physically fine, to sudden death. As for Izzy, because they had set her departure up as a battle with very low odds of survival, I expected that they'd find a way to kill her off. However, it, too should have been different, so as to set up good story arcs for Alex (and the others). I could easily see her as getting pregnant with twins, and choosing to staying home with them. Since the show rarely shows the non-surgical friends/family of any of the characters, after a couple of scenes of her at home with babies, she could have disappeared from our screens. Maybe the occasional special guest spot for a scene or two the first season or so, but mostly her presence would be Alex talking about sleepless nights and fatherhood and no sex, or Cristina commenting on Izzy giving up medicine to be a stay-at-home mother, or Meridith wondering about becoming a mother herself. Again, just because the actress is gone, the character doesn't have to be. Lastly, the series has provided the back story and elaborated on the characters for all the main characters , and many of the secondary characters, other than Alex. Several times, we have been told that Alex had a rough, difficult childhood, and that Izzy is the only good thing to happen to him. But we've never been told what actually happened to him. He's developed considerably since the show started, but since he's had a thing for Izzy from literally the first episode and finally got her, one has to wonder why the show had to do this to him (particularly after losing Izzy/the whole Rebecca thing/getting Izzy/coping with Izzy's hallucinations) and how he'll take it. We've already had a season where a character mourns their love (Izzy), and another where a character is miserable after a big breakup (Cristina). They had spent time building up Alex as something other than the barely-passing, somewhat improved jerk he had previously been, and realistically there's not much place for this to go that hasn't already been covered. Forcing him to step up professionally (as the breadwinner) and personally (as husband and father) would have been a far more logical trajectory. I'm interested in seeing more about Alex (depending upon how they handle it), but I'm not sure if a George-less, Izzy-less Greys where everyone is mourning their deaths and absolutely devastated will be worth watching. Even once they get over their loss, there's not much to hang good story telling on. The recent story arcs about Callie have been mostly dumb and poorly done (we're going to be controversial! But we're too gutless to do it right!), Sloan has gotten boring (and there isn't much else to cover anyway), there isn't much drama potential to "little grey", and Meridith has matured and grown so there isn't that much there other than interesting surgeries (I love her new confidence, am glad she's taken the next step with Derek, so I hope they don't turn her neurotic and insecure again to find something to write about). Cristina's interesting, but not appealing. Other than Lexi, the show has mostly ignored the current crop of interns as anything other than background, so there's no "meat" there. So what's left to watch? Only Bailey. That's not enough for a show like this. Their only hope then is to morph into a "Chicago Hope", a character-driven professional show, with more about the cases, professional challenges, and conventional relationship issues (e.g. Bailey's marriage woes), and less over-the-top "Melrose Place"- like show all about the nutty things the characters do while nominally working. It's either that, or replace "ER", and be case-driven procedural with only a bit of character development and relationships. ER may have lasted longer than Chicago Hope, but it wasn't the show I watched. Far more promising would have been writing the actors off the show, and leaving the characters living in the background. That way, the remaining characters could merrily go on with their lives, and there could be interesting plot twists coming out of George and Izzy's decisions that could leave viewers wanting to tune in. Bottom line: I'm not happy how they handled TR Knight's and Katherine Heigl's departures, and think they set the show up very poorly for next season.
  • liked it...ironically thought it was predictable, but i'll blame that on "The Insider"

    So everyone including the people who write and adverstise for and make it basically impossible not to read stories about celebrities, movies and television have been talking about how Katherine Heigl and Knight wanted their contracts to be terminated...since it is just annoying to keep trying to work with people who do not want to be there, I assumed that the writers were going to find one way or another to kill of the characters.

    That said, instead of being upset that the characters are virtually gone (unless they do some stupid character ressurections like Denny...PLEASE DON'T) I want to critique their exits and if they were convincing or acceptable enough. First,, I was a little heartbroken about the time that she died, I knew that she was going to die but i wanted a little more of a warning there instead of oh she has her memory she is doing better, eyes close body is limp and she is gone...too painful! It was convincing but i was nevertheless hurt...secretly, I want this to be one big joke on the public that watches shows like Extra and the Insider. I want them to start the new season with Izzie still in her bed, and George still on the operating table. Surealistic zoom into the different sounds in the room, emphasize the Dr. breathing, and then the panels rubbing together, crane the camera up the patients body, then you have the panels shock the body and then we hear the machine sound one is flatlining, and the other one suddenly starts giving the "living sounds"...then zoom focus out of the machine sounds, and we hear and see Drs moving and talking frantically, a big trauma comes in and the Dr.s are so busy treating them that we don't really know if either of them survived or not because that could have just been other random patients...but at the end Merideth says something about Izzie...everyone watching will probably be like this insensitive bleach...and then Karev walks into a hospital room sits on a bed and says, "how are you doing today" crane up...there is Izzie...end

    so that is the ressurection story that i have crafted for Izzie, George on the other hand is so much harder, his death was really believable just because it was his character to do that. i am slightly biased against the use of political things like Iraq in TV dramas, so I was a little annoyed by the inclusion of Owen into the show,and also that of the guy who wanted his leg cut off and then George joining the army and then here goes the state woman, Arizona giving her story about her brother... i wasn't feeling it and i think it was forced a little too much. And i think if they were already writing his character off to war they didn't need to kill him off... that was extra.... Unlike Izzie, unless George walks in that door and is like "I'm only here to pick up my stuff from my locker but don't be sad Iraq will be cool" there ain't no ressurecting him. moving on from Death...I don't like Kimberly Elise in this show... it doesn't feel right!...Meridith and Derek's post-it wedding was not heartwarming at all...they are not going to get married! Christina's relationship with Owen is more work and sadness than steamy romance... they need to rethink that and recast a dream guy for her..maybe a little witty banter and the like.. Owen is too wounded to be saved in this show, he darkens it way too much!sloan and Lexie ..there is nothing wrong with them...they are just boring as calculus...

    so, I actually think that Isiah Washington should rejoin the cast. I know he left because he had that anger flare, and made homophobic slurrs, but if we can forgive cher for all those horrible fashion mistakes, and we can forgive britney for al her wonderful mishaps....we should give Isiah another chance!...this of course would have nothing to do with him but what his character can do for the show..the sexual tensions between him and christina and the history they have with the hospital would just escalade and it would be wonderful....i'm just saying it would be the season you would morally hate at firl but after that you would be totally into it! I want a sexy obgyn to replace addison too!please!

    in general...solid finale, but nothing that exciting
  • Evoked some strong emotions but not an ending I am at all happy with. This may be the last season I watch.

    As usual, the show was technically flawless. But they killed off 2 of my favorite characters. Don't know if there's enough left to bring me back to the show next year. I'm still upset about the way they ignored George for most of this season. And now they plow him with a bus? And Izzie's hallucinations were driving me mad, but when she was normal she was my favorite character. Now the show will be 100% "dark and scary". Now they just need to have Little Grey get jump off the top of a tall building and there will be no reason to watch at all. Oh well. It's a shame. =-(
  • Man...that was one twist I didn't see coming.

    Well, this was the first season of GA I have ever watched. It's an interesting show but I will most likely retire from watching. I will say however that they ended this season on a serene yet amazing note. This episode brought us back to the beginning of the Christina/Owen relationship which I really like. Lexie looks to have matured far great from the beginning of the season (as her makeup indicates, LOL) and Meredith seems to become a warmer more loving woman for Derek. All in all things are becoming less angsty and stressful...for most of them anyway.

    But man what a freaking cliffhanger! I didn't even think to consider that the John Doe was George but it was quite shocking when Meredith found it out and the last minutes of the show was full suspense. An awesome way to end the season. Looks like both Izzie and George may bite the big one since both are no longer gonna be season regulars anyway. Amazingly well written episode!
  • The only episode of GA that made me login just to rate it. Wonderful finale.

    The entire cast gives an outstanding interpretation of a plot twisted and intense. The cliffhanger at the end might be a bit conventional, but the closing voiceover - "Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it?" - was perfectly timed. Where so many TV shows are showing tireness and weakness, this very one episode proves that Grey's Anatomy still has a lot to offer. Special mention to Justin Chambers who proves that he has way more than the tough boy act in his game. Bravo.
  • Ok, seriously… What a shock!

    I did not see that coming!
    First I thought, "McGod did it again" lets face it, Derek has saved everyone (Burke, Tucker, Archer, The chief, and I know I'm missing someone), so it was only logical that after suffering a little Izzie was going to make it… Going all "50 first dates" seemed a little funny, even with Alex going all nuts thinking he had to cut L-VAD's and stuff.
    But seeing two main characters turned into ghosts wasn't funny at all. This episode was nerve wracking, and by far one of the best in the whole show!

    I can't even remember what else happened (except for the truly romantic moment between Meredith and Derek and their fake wedding) beside George and Izzie's drama.
    I was wondering the entire episode "where the hell is George? Don't tell me he's leaving without saying goodbye", and when I saw the "007" I think dropped dead.

    I think (actually, I hope) they pull up a Meredith drowning one here; because I don't want the show to go on without these two. Plus the final scene with Izzie in the purple dress and George in the Army uniform? Breathtaking! It reminded me that I have missed the presence of George on the show.

    This was the perfect season finale, intense, funny and jaw dropper. Way to go Shonda!
  • A young shoulder wants Callie to chop off his healthy leg. Izzie is contemplating wether or not to have the brain surgery. Mark makes a fool of himself when he asks Little Grey to move in with him and she bluntly turns him down. George has big news.

    I was positively surprised. I sat on the edge of my chair the whole time. I "uuh"'ed and "aah"'ed and jumped up and down. There was a proper amount of excitement, horror and tears in this part and it sure keeps me wanting more.

    The plot was brilliantly put together and the actors made the story more real than they normally do. They've really stepped up their game. Normally they do an excellent job but this was just that much better. I can't wait till the new season starts. If they keep this up I must admit I'll be even more hooked than before.
  • Life or Death

    The season finale was one of the most exciting episodes on Grey's Anatomy. First of all the suspense was building from the beginning of the episode. The ending was so intense that I actually started to cry. Two major characters are faced between life and death. The scene in the elevator in the end of the episode is so powerful. This episode leaves you speechless. The accident that happened to George was so unexpected although there were rumors about him wanting to leave the show. I simply can't wait for the next season that will reveal what happens next... Life or Death!
  • This was probably the best episode of Grey's Anatomy in the past 5 years!

    I think I speak for almost %95 of Grey's fans when I say "I never thought they could ever TOP the season 2 finale/tearjerker!" The writers have been doing a wonderful job with the story lines since the beginning of the show but I must admit that when Izzie first started hallucinating, I found it a little cheesy. The afterlife/Denny thing was already the theme in season 3 when Meredith almost drowned so I really couldn't understand why they would take the chance and do it all over again. Also, I couldn't make any sense out of George's absence throughout the season. But this episode makes you want to hit yourself for being so early to judge. As Shonda Rhimes put it, George had sooo little screentime so that the audience wouldn't find his absence in the finale so unnatural and unusual. Technically, they phased him out to prepare the brilliant/electrifying/horrific finale. To see that the whole Mer-Der situation is resolved for good (hopefully)was nice and when Christina said: "You have changed" to Meredith, you actually see the difference in her more clearly. Well, it was about time. There's only so much whining and running you can do when you have a guy like Derek in your life =)) I think there were some scenes where you could sense that something was wrong with George. When the chief told Bailey and Callie that he'd sent George home hours ago to see his mother, I found it really weird because why would he leave without saying goodbye to anyone. Especially when his best friend was just out of surgery. it's not like he was going to Iraq for the weekend. So everytime the scene switched to John Doe, I kept asking myself "Is it possible that this is him?". But the make up was soo good that I kept saying "there's no way they can do THAT to his face". The last 2.5 minutes made me want to scream because I knew there was a cliffhanger in the end. The elevator scene was so brilliant that in stead of screaming at the screen, I watched it over and over again. I also think that the gravity of the episode made each and every individual performance hit their top limits. I think George is a big loss. The other departures were covered with the newcomers (Addison, Hahn, Burke) but I wonder how they're going to do it THAT smoothly when it's one of the five main characters. well, it was his decision and there's not much to say other than "Good luck". His refusal to Shonda's proposal to come and shoot one more episode has brought some different ideas and I think he made a really good point when he said that the last elevator scene was how he wanted to be remembered (I have to agree, it WAS indeed mesmerizing). But there are some who believe that he should have accepted it because Shonda made him famous. I think in stead of looking at the situation from the ethical point of view, people should ask themselves if they really want to remember George being dragged under a bus. The elevator scene, accompanied by the fabulous track of Greg Laswell, Off I Go, should be how we should remember him. well, that's my opinion... A PERFECT season finale. I don't know why it took me 2 months to write this review but well... we owe Grey's writers a "thank you" for doing such a good job.
  • BOOM, who saw THAT coming?

    two words :HOLY CRAAAAP!!!
    now the rest of my review.

    (meredith: Oh GOD!!! its george!!! JOHN DOE is george!!!!!

    she pretty much summed it up when she said oh god.

    **********SPOILER ALERT!****************
    apparently only one of em lives next season. god i don't know which i like more. they can't LIVE without each other you know?

    as soon as he wrote 007 on her hand i screamed, i sure as hell did NOT see that coming. well at least now he won't go to the army.right? :S.

    (girl who got saved by George): he smiled at me and i didn't even bother looking at him back because..i..i was to busy looking around for hotter guys. and then he jumps in front of the vehicle and saves my life. i mean- who does that? who does that to a girl they don't even know?!)

    goerge does that. thats who.
    gizzie. it wont be the same with out you.
  • This season ended amazingly! I couldn't have hoped for anything better. The way the actor played every scene was incredible. I can't wait for the next season, it sure will be was good as this season's ending.

    Amazing season finale!! I could not have expected anything better. It was filled with great emotion (fear, sadness, happiness, mistery). There was not a better way to finish this season. It left me on the edge of my seat, hoping for more to come! Plus, the whole 007 scene, was really dramatic, I mean, it was so awesome how they decided the people should found out about it being George.
    The whole Izzy cancer was so heartbreaking. It was so sad how she couldn't remember anything, and how Alex was really trying to make her remember and, in top of it, when she does remember, she almost dies! Can't wait for next season to come.

    heats stopping, jaw dropping, its driving myimagination crazy!!! cant wait, what next?? !!
    from the lovely locker room wedding to the discovery of the near fatal accident victim's identity--- beloved george; to bailey's unhappiness and decision to izzy's predicament and watching alex cry, oh God, this was a good script, left everyone watching gagging, gasping and awe stricken. what a place to keep viewers hanging. i stopped watching grey's for a while and now am glad to say i am back fully and strongly, aint goin no where.
    but who's it goin to be between george and izzy? i really hope its neither, they keep me glued and i guess they always will!!
  • Grey's is back.

    I know a lot of people expected John Doe to be George, but I totally didn't see that coming. I thought that his sudden disappearance made sense since it was the army and all. Because things have been going so well for Meredith and Derek, I was expecting something wrong to happen. My initial thought as to who John Doe was is Meredith's ex-boyfriend who would be significant enough to stop the wedding, especially since he kept holding her hand tightly as compared to Lindsay's (sorry, I don't remember her name from the show so I'm associating her with her character from The OC). Jaw-dropping ending, I got the chills--even when I watched it the second time!!! It was all so unexpected. Grey's is definitely back. THANK GOD.
  • Now this is what you expect from a Season Finale; emotional moments, shocking twists, great acting!

    Wow. Just wow. This is how you do a Season Finale.

    That shocking twist with George was done so well!
    I watched this episode twice and it's amazing to see how George constantly looks at Meredith trying to explain the situation with his eyes. The writing in her hand of 007 was such a brilliant idea and Meredith's reaction was so heartfelt and believable. Izzie's condition as well was fantastically portrayed by Katherine Heigl and the twist of not one, but two main characters lives hang in the balance was a fantastic way to end the season.

    Some may argue it was predictable that these who characters would exit, but the creator of Greys (Shonda Rimes) has been very tight lipped on the matter of Knight and Heigl's contracts, so there is still that element of mystery of whether one or both will survive or die.

    I just can't wait until fall to find out.
  • OMG OMG OMG!!! My Jaw Dropped!

    The last time my jaw dropped and stayed on the floor wide open, was during LOST's season 3 finale (I won't spoil it, you should watch it cos its the best finale EVER)
    I NEVER thought I would get that shocking feeling again (maybe for LOST's final ever episode, which is yet to come) but I did!
    OMG OMG OMG it was George.....GEORGE!!!

    Just a fantastic episode which is up there with the Season 2 finale of GA. The last 5 mins are AWESOME!

    Shonda Rimes, for me, is up there with Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams, Damon & Carlton and Marc Cherry as the greatest TV series creators of all time! Nuff said..
  • Excellent episode!

    The ending I was expecting!! for real they way Izzie died and the chief said the hell with the Do Not Resucitate ! , the George surprise, the Derek & Meredith wedding on a Post IT, Arizona & Callie everything a really really excellente episode I hope season 6 is as good as this season!!!! .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .
  • WOW

    This has to be my second favorite finale. No finale will beat season two's finale but this finale was amazing !!! Izzie doing the surgery and then having memory problems and then crashing. What a brilliant way to destroy my nerves by bashing them against the wall everytime something new happens with Izzie. Bailey crying made me cry. I liked that they finally gave Bailey a storyline like this one. In season 5 Bailey focused on picking a proffession but now that her and Tucker are over I'm expecting some great romantic storylines for Bailey next season. Christina and Owen finally get together. All the speeches between them were sweet. I loved that Owen finally visited his mother and what a touching reunion it was. Mark and Lexie have been a really cute couple. I laughed so hard when Mark said " I'm a better woman than you are, " to Lexie. I was like " You go sister ". Callie wants to stop George from joining the military but apparently Arizona thinks it's " Awesome " that he's joining and she gives a valid reason to why she thinks it's awesome. A man who saved a woman for the bus enters the hospital. His identity is unknown but Meredith later discovers that it's acutally George. Meredith and Derek get married on a posted which I found cute and hilarious. The whole episode was emotional,exciting and romantic. It had it's humor and it's shocking moments. It was also filled with famous Grey's anatomy speeches. I loved it ! Also, brilliant cliffhanger. Izzie or George ?! I guess we will find out next season :)
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