Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 5

Oh, The Guilt

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2006 on ABC

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  • Patients, we have patients?

    It’s all about guilt tonight, according to Meredith’s teeth-gratingly dreary narration. But then Meredith and Desperate Housewives’ Mary Alice clearly attended the same school of banal profundity and majored in shoe-horning plots into thematic boxes. If you put the narration aside, and Oh, I wish. There are a few insights into guilt, just ticking over of long-running plots. Izzie is wondering how to spend the fortune Denny left her; if only she would bank the cheque. Meredith is wondering whether she should tell McDreamy she dumped McVet; Callie whether she should tell George about Mark; and Addison whether she should reveal a secret to Derek. On the medical front – which just means their quandaries involve actual patients – Preston baulks at fessing up about his tremor, while the fabulous Miranda questions her empathetic approach after she is savaged in a forum on Denny’s death. It’s sappy and slow, but the addicted don’t care.
  • I felt guilty...but guilty of turning on the Tv that night

    Well, as guilt being the underlined topic and the key word, I have a lotta say. Firstly, it was really painful to watch everybody lashing out at Miranda. Come on, give me a break! Pregnancy didn't cause anything wrong to happen. Also, seing Izzie receiving bombs from anywhere, it was terrible. Nobody deserves to be treated as Miranda and Izzie were. I also found the plot very boring, and the patients' stories were really boring as well. It wasn't funny at all watching two people stuck by a pearcing...that's just...ewww, and a little hard to diggest. The few good things that happened were just enough to save the episode: Mark demanding Addison to tell the truth about them, Miranda encorauging her patient to pull through, the philosophical debates about money and future plans involving 8 million dollars, and the best part was when Izzie decided that she wanted to come back to the hospital! But it really wasn't an average episode, it's below average, and just fair. I expected more for an episode called "Oh, the guilt". (7.30)
  • Izzie debates what to do with the check Denny left her. Bailey gets chewed out at an M & M meeting. Callie makes it clear to George that they broke up and what he needs to do if he wants her back. Addison tells Derek the truth about her and Mark.

    Ok, props to Izzie, our favorite recently turned nutcase, who spills orange juice on an eight million dollar check. Anyone here that would keep a check like that lying around in a kitchen please raise your hand...She's going to lose it somewhere. So she finally goes in and talks to the chief, who basically tells her bad things happen, but you don't just quit because of them, especially if you're good at something. I wonder if that will hellp persuade her to come back? Preston goes off on Izzie about him getting shot on her account, and also about his anger that she quit when she has two good hands (and hostile because he no longer does.) I thought he was a bit harsh in that confrentation, but i also wonder if that might be some of the motivation she needs to pull her head out of her behind and get back to work. I thought what Cristina said about the check was absolutely hilarious, saying if she had that money she'd buy a hospital and stock it with sick people to perform surgeries on all day. Then George told her she's a psycho. I also thought the couple that were stuck together during the course of having sex was a very amusing situation. While they were divorced and she was cheating on her recent husband (who she later decided she was going to tell), i still think the situation was funny. It got even more interesting when the daughter walked in, that was a shocker. I couldn't believe the man had a heart attack. So, Addison finally tells Derek the truth about her relationship with Mark, after Mark makes her feel guilty. In light of this event Derek runs into Meredith and treats her in a way he probably normally wouldn't, had he not just found out such information. She was obviously looking for a different response when she told him she broke up with Fin. So he says he needs more time. In the meantime Mark is sleeping with Addison, will they become official? So i thought Dr. Bailey was hilarious when she was telling off the other Dr. and said" you better leave now, i feel a rush of hormones coming on." I thought that was great. Overall, another great episode.
  • Guilt will work itself out.

    Everyone attends M&M meeting and Bailey is blamed for what happened to Denny. Meanwhile Izzie is planning completely to leave Seattle Grace Hospital. To leave everything behind because now she has 8 million dollars.
    Diana comes to the hospital with breast cancer and she blames the baby for it because she woulnd't have tought that it is a milk duct if she hadn't had a baby.
    Sonja and Adam, divorced couple come to the hospital. They had sex and piercing on his penis stucked into her vaginal wall and everyone had a hard time dealing with that.
    Hilarious episode and just as always fantastic and enjoyable.
  • An instant classic!

    This episode is a classic! The way that Alex stood up for Doctor Bailey is priceless and also the looks that Izzie received when the rest of the gang also saw her in the M&M room is unforgetable. I can agree with others that the episode is lacking on the excitment of surgery\'s but this show is ultimatly not about watching the surgery\'s but more of the character lives that have us hooked on the show. From the very begining of the show we are inteligient enough to know that this crazy stuff of doctors sleeping with interns would and should never happen in a real hospital. There are rules in real life but we are cought up in a fanatsy land with this show that seems to have the whole world watching(including me).
  • Well...Not my favorite one.

    The episode to me was weak..coz another side of the hospital came in and interfeared badly in the plot.
    The blondy doctor kinda crushed bailey at first ...and made me think...
    She's known as The Nazi...for god sake...the woman is feared in the whole hospital...
    Than Izie with Dr burke...that talk was cheap..the lines were bad written.
    Than callie and george... at first I got it that george wants her back...but why did she turn him down ? ? Meredith Good stuff...
    Addison coming clean to Derek
    I didn't like derek's reaction but it was expected.

    It was not a good episode ,But considering that even 'bad' is really good...
  • Not the way for Callie

    Anyone who has ever seen more than one episode knows that Derrek and Merideth will be together before too long. The same can be said for Callie and George. The supposed temporary break up is fine but I did not expect her to fall into bed with McSteamy. Was not in her character to go for him that fast knowing how she feels for George. I only had to wonder if they did this because they may be writing her out of the show or because in real life George came out and they want to change his character.
  • WHy hasnt she told him yet?

    So Meredith had the whole episode to tell Derek that he didnt need to be the better guy, he didnt need to back out of the three way dating, bc he was the one! why doesnt she just tell him earlier on? it makes absolutely no sense to me! But did you see the look of pain that was conveyed across Mcdreamys face when Addison aka Satan told him that it wasn't just a fling with Mark? THat was horrible to see those puppy dog eyes of his just droop down. But at least maybe that will shove him back at Meredith again.
  • \"A really good episode, this was a great outcome of the previous episode and a sad one, too.\"


    \"A really good episode, this was a great outcome of the previous episode and a sad one, too.\"

    After the previous episode, this was a really great outcome. And, it was so shocking seeing Izzie as she watches all the doctors asking Bailey about the dead patient who is actually Danny.

    And the best thing about the episode is the background music, it wasn\'t too loud and it was just appropriate for every scene.

    Oh, and I laughed so much when I saw that couple stuck on each other, ha ha ha ha! Well, I think the plot of the episode was really great, it wasn\'t just some nonsense.
  • Some good things, but something felt a little off...

    I liked the fact that Derek and Addison's marital impurities are out to both of them finally. I also liked the episodes theme about guilt. However, Izzie sticking the 8.7 million dollar check on the refrigerator was one of the most idiotic things I have ever seen... if she doesn't want to spend the money fine, but she could still put it in a bank (or at least put the check in a safe deposit box until she was ready to deposit it). I'm not exceptionally fond of Callie or Mark Sloan yet either, but they could grow on me (I haven't decided if I really like them or not yet). I glad that Izzie has finally decided to return to the hospital. The divorced couple that were stuck to each other was a little over the top, though it was entertaining. I think the music in this episode felt a little odd too... I think just a change of music would have been an improvement in this episode. Overall, not a bad episode for Grey's, just not as great as I know it can be.
  • It was fine

    Out of the five episodes that have shown this was the worst... I really like Grey's Anatomy but the whole Izzy thing is boring and she is starting to get annoying. So Izzie accidentally wets the check for 8.7 million dollars. Merideth finally tells Derek taht she broke up with Finn but Derek acts like it was nothing. Derek and Addison once again get into a bigger fight. Karev trys to stand-up for Dr. Bailey in the M&M. Burke gets Christina to help him in the O.R. Cali and George are officially over when Cali rejects George for the last time. Burke gives Izzie and attitude.
  • It has it all!

    I think this episode is a typical for Grey's. Every character has his chance to shine, we have some character's development, and the "medical drama" with the cancer mom, and Bailey's surprise us all with her feelings.

    I'm liking more and more Bailey. I think her development has been the best of the series. She started having an awful personality, but now she's showing that, beyond all that, she's a wonderful person, an incredible teacher and a very good mother.

    On the opposite, I can't stand Grey. I think she's just a bad person. And the more lines she says, the more I can't wait for the show to be renamed to Miranda's Anatomy or even George's Anatomy :D
  • So sad and emotional episode

    So much to talk about in this episode, first the whole M&M scene and how Burk and Baily are trying to defend thier carriers, I\'m ganna say it\'s great how Alex stood up for Baily it\'s amazing how his charecter changes since the begining of the series.Then the Derek/Merdith thing when she told him she know about the divorce really sad sad and the way they look to each other they know they love each other to death but they also feel they can\'t be together. Baily with the breast cancer patient this is what doctors should do not only operating or saving lives but they should also comfert and understand the patients.Izzy Izzy she is not fine and it was the best thing when she went to talk to Burk and the chief that bring her back to reality she needed that talk.Christina she was great in handling Burk\'s inability to finish the operation and she did it in a way that no one notices and without hurting him. the last thing I want to say The sadest scene is when Addison told Derek about her and Mark and the way Derek shows his anger he is great with his acting and sad eyes.....
  • I felt so much pain, *snifs* but good stuff happend to

    Go mark for telling Derek to go after Meredith, bad timing though, that she told him about Fin. I think that Izzie made the right Choice not cashing that check until she knows what she wants to do with her life! I love burk also for telling izzie the truth!
  • Izzie thinks it’s a great idea to put million dollar checks on refrigerator magnets. Dr. Bailey gets her groove back. If you like my reviews check out

    Review: Yawn, I’m sorry I almost feel asleep watching this episode. Last week’s episode was so good, I thought Grey’s was back on the right track, but tonight was a freaking train wreck. I know the writers want to show that the characters are three dimensional and relatable, but that doesn’t give them the right to just take their personalities and flip them upside down. Everyone I use to like sucks now, except Meredith. I still feel the same dull hatred for her that I did on the first episode. Izzie is a complete whack job now. She went from being this strong, intelligent woman, to this weak crazy person. I swear to god if she says “I’m ok” one more time, I’m going to punch her right in the ovaries. Why does she even feel guilty over getting the money in the first place? She isn’t Anna Nichole Smith; she loved Denny so put the money in the bank and get your skinny white ass back to work! If she wants to do some good with it, here is an idea; donate it to heart disease research or perhaps to the hospital. No, it can serve the greater good best stuck to my fridge. Dumb. Meredith continues to be complete self involved. It is really beyond me how anyone could be attracted to her. Do people really want her to get with Derek anyways? The cute fest that would result from that bonding would most likely cause me to have a fatal aneurism. My doctor tells me I should cut back on the TV drama as it’s having an adverse affect on my blood pressure. I’m not sure why Addison’s news was such a surprise to Derek, or why it made such a big deal. In my opinion sleeping with someone else is what really matters so the fact that she went back with him afterwards isn’t that big of a deal to me. Allow when Addison dropped the L bomb, I bet that was a nice stab wound to the gut. Overall, this episode was pretty bad so I hope the writers can fix Izzie and Burke. Oh and if they could kill of Meredith in a freak elevator accident that would be nice too. Parting Thought: Isn’t it convenient that all the medical cases in this show mirror the drama that is going on between the doctors! Horary subtly!
  • Now it's going somewhere

    Now, this was a great episode, so much to comment about. It was so shocking to see Addison tell Derek about her relationship with Mark, and it seems Derek still has feelings for Addison, his reaction is proof of that. Also, Meredith and her bad-timing, that was sad and funny. It's gonna be hard for those two (Mer and Derek) to be together, but eventually it has to happen. About Izzie, she has to be insane, acting so careless around 8 million, that's stupid. It was good that she finally realized (with some help from Christina) that she still wants to be a surgeon. Next epi, sounds exciting, hope they'll keep it up.
  • Bailey treats a young mother with breast cancer; Derek learns more about Addisons relationship with Mark; the interns defend a residents competence at a staff meeting; and Meredith and Addison examine a couple who find themselves in an awkward position.

    I find that the show is moving fairly slowly and i am getting sick of \"depressed\" Izzy. Also, the synopsis of the show that is given is very wrong.. the resident that gets chewed out for killing a patient, is a male patient not female, the ex-couple they are talking about do not have matching tattoos, he has a piercing down there and it gets caught inside her. Also, no one is having leg surgery, a woman is having her breasts removed due to breast cancer and she is very depressed by it and Bailey tries to talk to her.
  • Well things are finally moving.

    However once again they end the episode with 1 couple finishing, and another one popping up. They really need to stop with the sex and bring back the medecine. As always grey's anatomy is amazing on a so so episode but please stop with the relationship, it's like everyone is a cheater and sleeps around. Bring the medecine back. It's like the medecine is there just as a filler, in that case it's not a medical show anymore.
  • True Grey's Anatomy last night

    Last night's episode was great. I saw Grey's signature mark for the first time this season. here they are:

    Mer and Der
    Although, I did not like how Derek received Mer's news about her breaking up with Derek, I liked the Mer and Derek scene in the elevator. Also in regards to Mer and Der, I like how Der appeared when Mer was looking at x-rays.

    Mer and Callie
    They having the Grey's Anatomy Convo. I loved that Callie can finally look past Mer's faults and see her like her other friends.

    The strange patient situation
    The ex-husband and ex-wife being stucked together in the stangest of place by a piecing.
  • This episode makes me feel kind of sad.

    Derek is trying to be the good guy when he and Addison make the divorce final: he gives her most of their property. Callie slept with McSteamy, while George thought they were still a couple. Izzy is pretending to be fine, but clearly she is not. Burke is trying to tell the chief that his hand is still not ok, Christina is being very supportive. Addison wants to get rid of her guilty feelings, and tells Derek the truth about her relationship with Mark. Meredith tells Derek that she broke up with McVet at the wrong moment, he hardly reacts and walks away. At the end Addison is in bed with Mark again... A very sad episode.
  • Good

    This was not my fave. episode so far. I feel like it stumbled a bit and almost seemed like a filler episode. The big revelation that Addison and Mark had a relationship was only a revelation to Derek and it totally stomped on Meredith's surprise for him that she had dumped Finn.
    I did like it when Mere and Callie were having their discussion of telling things to Gerorge and Derek. I also liked the Burke and Izzie confrontation because he was honest with her and let her have it. It really seemed like he was mad and jealous that she could still be a great funtional surgeon but had given up.
  • I'm McFine...

    I am so glad that Izzy is back and I am glad that her and Burke cleared the air – both of them are not ok. What is Derek thinking – I get that he is pissed at Addison but Meredith choose him – the two of them just need to get over what ever it is and get together. They would be good at it. I see where both Callie and George are coming from. He was defiantly non-committal but he certainly had stuff going on with his friends/roommates that sometimes has to come first. If I were Izzy I would make a scholarship fund for people who want to go to medical school. Passing Denny’s money on to those who will help the future Denny’s. That’s a way for it to go to some good. I am glad that Alex talked to Bailey – she needs to realize that she is not the only one to blame. He is slowly regaining himself. Scenes for next week – what is Derek thinking (does this sound familiar) sleeping with someone – and there is a new Mc on the block – this time the boys get McHottie.
  • Gosh, I'm glad things are moving a bit faster! Lovin it more and more every week!

    Every character moves forward in development and the mixture of comedy and drama is well-done. Lovin' it! Starts off with a cool "M'n'M" conference and already I feel the drama tingle in my spine! These writers are geniuses and they never manage to lose their edge in the process. The cases are always whack and funny as well too which I always enjoy!
  • Another amazing episode of this awesome series. Very funny at times. Highly recommended.

    I am more impressed by this brilliant series week in and week out. It has taken me quite a long time to get into the show, but after this weeks hilarious episode I think it is safe to say that I am in it for the long haul. Currently it is the number one series on television, as far as ratings are concerned and I am beginning to learn why. The characters are phenomenal as is the writing. It is great to see another character driven series having such great success. This episode is great in many respects, notably that it is laugh out loud funny in more than one occasion. If you are not one of the twenty five million or so viewers tuning in weekly to see this series, than I highly recommend that you become one. Give this show a chance and it may grow on you as it did to me. This episode is fully entertaining and really must-see television.