Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 17

One Step Too Far

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2012 on ABC



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    • Owen: Hey. You're awake.
      Cristina: You didn't come home.
      Owen: Yeah, there was a--
      Cristina: A bus crash or a train crash or a patient crashed? Yeah. Right. Why are you staring at me?
      Owen: Well, I'm weighing how upset you are and if I want to get into this.
      Cristina: You do. You want to get into this...
      Owen: I'm tired and it's late.
      Cristina: ... with me. You know what? That's the point. It's always late, and it shouldn't be. And you should want to get into it with me but you don't. I mean, where are you?
      Owen: I am-- I am here. For God sake. I'm right freakin' here. I'm home.
      Cristina: No, you're not. ... You have to be honest with me because I am going crazy here. Do you, um, do you love me anymore?
      Owen: It's not about if I--
      Cristina: Owen, please answer the question.
      Owen: I love you so much that it hurts.
      Cristina: Okay. Well, okay, then. Then we can-- We can work on this. We can talk. You know, we-- We have to talk, because I cannot be like this anymore. (voice breaking) And I Mean it when I say that I'm going crazy, 'cause... (sighs) 'Cause that nurse Emily-- I mean, I-I accused her of sleeping with you.
      Owen: You what?
      Cristina: I'm-- I'm sorry. I just-- I mean, I feel like... My whole body feels like... Like you were cheating on me. And then you come home and you tell me that you love me, and I'm... I'm-- I'm relieved. I mean, I'm so relieved because--
      Owen: Stop. Stop. I said I love you so much that it hurts.
      Cristina: Okay.
      Owen: I said... it hurts... to love you.
      Cristina: Just say it.
      Owen: I'm not cheating on you with Emily.
      Cristina: Okay.
      Owen: But I did cheat on you.

    • Meredith: Are you okay?
      Derek: No.
      Meredith: Are you thinking about Lori? (Derek nods) This is why I can't come back to neuro. You cant even look at me. It's no good for us.
      Derek: I know.
      Meredith: You want to talk about it?
      Derek: No.
      Meredith: You want to take your mind off it?
      Derek: No.
      Meredith: Do you want me to leave you alone?
      Derek: No. (Mer lays down on the bed next to him)

    • Richard: You look lovely.
      Catherine: I thought you were gonna stand me up.
      Richard: Well, I'm afraid I am. I'm sorry, Catherine, I can't go.
      Catherine: Is this because I've been flirting with you all day?
      Richard: No. No.
      Catherine: Oh, come on, Richard. You know I'm just having fun. Your wife has nothing to worry about.
      Richard: My wife has Alzheimer's.
      Catherine: How bad?
      Richard: It's bad. She's in a care facility. I go see her every night. She usually doesn't know who I am. She knows I'm a friend, but... She's not there. And I miss her. I miss.... laughing and talking. I miss feeling like a man, not just a friend. Anyway, today, I wasn't lonely, today I felt like a man. And it felt good. So... I don't trust myself going to dinner with you tonight. And my wife needs me. And I need to see my wife.
      Catherine: Richard, you are... a good man. You know that?
      Richard: I'm trying. (they hug) Thank you... for a lovely day.

    • Catherine: Don't you look fine.
      Jackson: Mom, Mara has something to say.
      Mara: I... I don't really.
      Jackson: Sure you do.
      Mara: Dr. Avery and I have decided we won't be joining you tonight.
      Catherine: Oh?
      Mara: Unless, of course you really want me to, and--
      Jackson (whispers): Guns.
      Mara: Since you brought me across the country to run a personal errand for you when I could've been gaining valuable surgical experience...
      Jackson (quietly): There you go.
      Mara: I've decided to take the night off. I'm going to do what I want to do with my time and you can just--
      Catherine: You want to stop right there.
      Jackson: Yeah, you're done.
      Catherine: So you captured my spy.
      Jackson: She will be very well treated. Now you have fun. Okay? Fly safe. I love you. (Mara and Jackson walk off)
      Catherine: I was gonna uninvite you all anyway. I have a date.

    • Emily: Dr. Yang, can I do anything?
      Cristina: Can you stop screwing my husband?
      Emily: Oh, my God.
      Cristina: I have no idea why I am even bringing any-- Don't touch me.
      Emily: Okay, you gotta listen, please. I'm not... We're not... Dr. Hunt and I are-- Are not... I flirt with him. I do. I'm a flirt. It's just how I get through a long shift. But I flirt with everyone and I swear, it-- It does not mean anything and we have never done--
      Cristina: You switched to nights.
      Emily: Well, I switched to nights because my boyfriend-- I have a boyfriend. Here. Call him. He'll tell you. And do you want to-- Do you want to look through my text messages? You can--
      Cristina: Stop. Just... stop.
      Emily: Dr. Yang, I am so sorry. He's just... He's the chief. I would never... I swear.

    • Bailey: Getting all ready for your date?
      Richard: It's not a date. It's a function with a colleague.
      Bailey: Mmhmm. Does she know that?
      Richard: What do you mean?
      Bailey: I mean, the way you two have been flirting with each other all day.
      Richard: I am not flirting.
      Bailey: Well, why do I feel like I need a shower?
      Richard: Are you suggest-- Look, I am a married man with a wife in a nursing home.
      Bailey: I know that.
      Richard: I am not-- Oh, god. I love my wife, Bailey.
      Bailey (laughs): Oh, Dr. Webber, I know you love your wife. You're killin' yourself because you love your wife. Not gettin' any sleep, you're trying so hard to make sure she knows she's loved. G-Give me that. (does his tie for him) You can give yourself a break. Okay? Everybody in this hospital flirts with everybody else. It's fine. You're a good man. I know it. We all know. But I don't know if Dr. Winky pants knows it. (Richard gives her a look) What? I'm just sayin' there's flirting for fun and then there's flirting for profit. I know which one you're doing.

    • Callie: Are you and Morgan a thing?
      Alex: No. No. Her dumbass boyfriend bailed. She just needs someone to keep an eye on her. She's my intern.
      Callie: Right. You ever see one of those gorillas that likes to cuddle the little kitten and raises it as its own?
      Alex: Unh-Unh.
      Callie: It's called imprinting. The, uh, scared little kitten let's the big gorilla cuddle it because there's no mama cat around or, you know, the dumbass cat boyfriend left town.
      Alex: That... This isn't that.
      Callie: Watch out. Because... she's smitten.
      Alex: She is not. Y-You know what? Go watch your animal channel or whatever. (walks off)
      Callie: Big dumb gorilla.

    • Alex: Yeah, his heart's good. Ventric's draining well.
      Morgan: And you got 2-for-1 surgeries.
      Alex: Your son's a gold mind.
      Morgan: We're lucky to have you as his doctor. Since you're about to fail your boards and... work at a bar.
      Alex: Stop sayin' that.

    • Meredith: When we took out the tumor we damaged Broca's area. So she can understand speech and she knows what she wants to say but she can't say it.
      Lexie: Okay, well, just tell me that he can fix it.
      Meredith: He can't. It's irreparable.
      Lexie: What do you mean? I mean... She's not gonna be able to talk? She's 27. She... He ha-- He has to fix it. I mean, there ha-- there has to be something.
      Meredith: There isn't. I mean, this is my fault, too. I shouldn't have let you do it.
      Lexie: Oh, god. Oh, my god. She... I... It-It-It-It-- It was right there. And I mean, I-I never would've done it if... (crying) You saw it. I mean...
      Meredith: I know. I know. You're not gonna cry right now. You're gonna go and talk to Derek. And he is gonna be pissed and disappointed and he's gonna scream at you and he won't look at you for days. Just take it. And you'll move on and you'll learn from this and you will never make this mistake again.

    • Jackson: You're an Oxford educated surgeon. Come on. It's insulting.
      Mara: I know. You think I like snooping around after her slacker son?
      Jackson: Watch it.
      Mara (laughs): The woman has no sense of boundaries.
      Jackson: Yeah, she does. She just hates boundaries so she ignores them. You gotta set boundaries with her. You gotta tell her no. No.
      Mara: Have you met her? She'll fire me.
      Jackson: No, actually, she'll respect you. You gotta tell her no, and then when she gives you those big, sad eyes--
      Mara: No, she doesn't make those eyes at me.
      Jackson: When she glares at you with the disgust and disappointment...
      Mara: Bingo.
      Jackson: That's when you stick to your guns.
      Mara: I don't have guns. I'm unarmed.
      Jackson: You are not unarmed. You have guns. I can tell.

    • Sam: How can I do this when he said not to do this? How?
      Cristina: It would've been better if he died in the crash. He'd be just as dead, but you wouldnt be feeling like this. This way... He's died in slow motion. On Monday, his heart ruptured and I repaired it. But on Tuesday, his lungs collasped. By Thursday, his kidneys failed, and the sepsis and infection took three more days to kill his brain. Sam... If he had died in the crash by the side of the road, if you had seen him zipped up in a bag and driven off, he would be every bit as gone as he is right now, but you would know it. And you could take some comfort in that. I didn't know him. You did. But I would imagine he would have wanted you to have that comfort.
      Sam: Bring me the papers.

    • Catherine: We make quite a team, don't we? Hey, you know what would make this thing fun tonight? If you came with me. I've got Jackson coming, but I'd much prefer a grown-up along.
      Richard: I- I wish I could. I- I mean, I really do, but... (sighs) You know what? I'd be honored to join you.

    • Meredith: It was my mistake. You weren't even in the room.
      Derek: My mistake was leaving you two in there alone. I can't believe you would do this.
      Meredith: I thought, if you had seen the tumor--
      Derek: You didn't think at all.
      Meredith: Okay, it's my fault. Let's just let it be my fault. This will kill Lexie. It will destroy her confidence. Does she even have to know?
      Derek: Of course she does.
      Meredith: She's not strong enough.
      Derek: Well, then she shouldn't be a surgeon.

    • Mara: I thought we could check out your cafeteria, get a bite to eat. Talk.
      Jackson: Listen, Dr. Keaton--
      Mara: Mara.
      Jackson: Yeah, you're very nice, okay? But I am not really interested.
      Mara: I'm not sure what you mean.
      Jackson: Obviously my mom thought there might be some kind of connection or something here, but I'm sorry. I'm just not looking for--
      Mara: A hookup?
      Jackson: Or whatever.
      Mara: I see. You think I'm being served to you like a concubine?
      Jackson: No, I didn't--
      Mara: I'm not here to service you, Dr. Avery. I'm here to serve your mother for a grade. And she has tasked me with digging up as much as I can about your boards, your standing, your love life, and when you're gonna stop screwing around in plastics.
      Jackson: You're not a setup. You're a spy.
      Mara: I rank this slightly above wiping vomit from bedpans, but your mother is a very demanding woman, and if you know anything about her, you know I can't go back empty-handed. So, if you're really sorry and not just a presumptuous pig, you would do a girl a solid, and you will tell me whatever it is that you want me to tell her. And you can do it in the cafeteria, because I'm bloody starving!
      Jackson: Not a chance. It's jambalaya day. Come with me.

    • Meredith: Cristina?
      Cristina: Drop it.
      Meredith: We were talking.
      Cristina: No, you were talking. I said drop it. I'm fine. Everything is fine, really.

    • Meredith: You try the cafeteria, too?
      Cristina (looking through April's fridge): Uh, jambalaya? Disgusting. Why do they even try? April's got, uh, yogurt. (Mer takes the yogurt) And leftover something. (Cristina takes that)
      Meredith: So Lexie removed a tumor from a woman today, and now Derek's all worried that we gorked her.
      Cristina: Mm. Did you?
      Meredith: No.
      Cristina: Well, I've spent the entire morning with Owen's stupid nurse.
      Meredith: Owen's nurse?
      Cristina: The stupid I.C.U nurse.
      Meredith: Well, that's not what you said.
      Cristina: Oh, and you know what? This is really good. Kepner can cook.
      Alex (walks in): Freakin' jambalaya day. It's like a hearty bowl of salmonella. (starts looking through April's fridge)
      Cristina: Hey, how long have you been screwing the intern with the preemie?
      Alex: What?
      Meredith: Morgan?
      Alex: I am not.
      Cristina: Uh, well, you both were in the on-call room this morning... before dawn.
      Alex: Yeah, studying.
      Cristina: You're feeding her.
      Meredith (gasps): Oh, Alex. No. Bad dog.
      Alex: Shut up. I mean, she's... my intern. And she's a patient.
      Meredith: This is gonna turn out like Rebecca.
      Cristina: Oh, yeah. Smashed-up face? Oh, that-- that was bad.
      Meredith: Yeah, she's gonna fall for you, and then she's gonna go crazy and then she's gonna pee on my couch.
      Cristina: Oh, gross.
      Alex: Go to hell, both of you.
      Meredith: Okay, just keep her off my couch, please. (Alex leaves, Cristina & Mer laugh) Are things with Owen any better?
      April (walks in, to Cristina): Is that my turkey casserole?
      Cristina: Oh, yeah. (April takes it from her) How do you keep the crunchy onion things so crunchy?
      April: I put them in last. Come on. I looked foward to this all day.
      Cristina: Delicious.
      Jackson (walks in): Stop Facebooking my mom, alright?
      April: Uh, I'm not.
      Jackson: Really? Then how does she know I broke up with Lexie, hmm? Why is she here trying to hook me up with some junior urologist? (taking stuff out of April's fridge)
      April: Hey. Hey, those are mine. They have electrolytes.
      Jackson: I showed her around half the damn hospital before I realized I was on a blind date.
      April: You told me to unfriend her. I did.
      Mara (walks in): Hi. I'm looking for Dr. Avery.
      April: Oh, yes. He's right there.
      Mara: Oh, there you are. Shall we continue?
      Jackson: Let's do that. (walks out and gives April a look)

    • Richard: Benefit? Hmm. Sounds like fun.
      Catherine: Fun? It's exhausting. Once upon a time I was Catherine Fox, ever since I've become an Avery, every fund raiser gala-charity brouhaha that comes along I gotta squeeze into some pantyhose, get zipped into a couture gown and represent, and every time you go into an O.R, they expect you to do Harper Avery award-winning work, even though I can never win a Harper Avery. The name comes with way too much pressure. You can crumble under it, burn out. Happened to Jackson's father. I do not want it to happen to Jackson.
      Richard: Yeah, it's a lot to hold up.
      Catherine: Don't you wish you could just go back sometimes? I would love to just be Catherine Fox all over again. I was so much more fun back then.
      Richard: Oh, you're still fun now.
      Catherine: I am, huh? Glad you noticed.

    • Emily (about Sam): Do you want me to talk to him?
      Cristina: No.
      Emily: He just needs time to grieve, you know, to work through it.
      Cristina: He needs to think clearly. He needs to understand what has happened.
      Emily: He's losing his husband. They were going to a grocery, just living their nice, boring life, going to the same store they've gone to for 22 years, and a car hits them. Sam never saw this coming. Like I said, I just-- I've taken some time to get to know them--
      Cristina: Are you married? Um, have you ever been married?
      Emily: No.
      Cristina: Then stay out of it. You have no idea what you're talking about. You don't know Sam. You don't know the first thing about what he needs.

    • Mark: Where's your hot tourist?
      Jackson: Yeah, she's not here for a tour. I'm being set up. My mom's trying to expand the Avery dynasty. You were supposed to tell her we were busy.
      Mark: You and Dr. Hotness should be getting busy, if you get my point. Actually, she should be getting your point.
      Jackson: What are you, 12? Why are you so obsessed with me getting laid?
      Mark: 'Cause it works for me. It's called passing on wisdom.
      Jackson: Also pimping.
      Mark: She's here for one night.
      Jackson (sighs): No. I am not going to give my mother the satisfaction.
      Mark (laughs): It's not your mother you should be trying to satisfy.
      Jackson: Child!

    • Mara: God. I thought I had no time for a social life. Are you still dating anyone?
      Jackson: Am I still dating?
      Mara: I mean, are you dating anyone?
      Jackson: Tell me about you. Where'd you go to school?
      Mara: Well, my dad's the director of surgical science at Oxford, so I did my preclinical years there.
      Jackson: Oxford. Wow.
      Mara: Then residency at Mass Gen, then I transferred to the Brigham to study under your mother, and here I am.
      Jackson: That's quite a pedigree, isn't it?
      Mara: Well, you know, a little hard word and a lot of good timing.
      Jackson: No, I get it. I totally get it.

    • Derek: That's a perfect craniotomy right, Dr. Grey?
      Meredith: You dragged me back into neuro to watch Lexie do a boring procedure?
      Lexie: Hey, it is not boring.
      Derek: It is not boring. It's her first solo cyst. Be a big sister. Cheer her on.

    • Callie: Hey, so Tommy's hip displysia can be treated with a harness. And I brought you a scone since you skipped breakfast.
      Arizona: Oh, thank you. (opens the bag) Pumpkin. Ew.
      Alex: I'll take it. (gives it to Morgan) Eat that.
      Morgan: Right. Like I can eat.
      Alex: You didn't eat all night. You're gonna pass out. Just eat it.
      Morgan: When, uh, when are you gonna do the surgery?
      Teddy: As soon as he's prepped. Karev will let you know when we get started.
      Alex: Yeah, I'm gonna scrub in, right?
      Morgan: You just want him to have surgery because it'll look good for your boards.
      Alex: I do not. And aslo I do, but it's gonna be great for my boards. Look, it's gonna be fine, alright?
      Morgan: He's not scrubbing in. He was up all night.
      Alex: Oh, shut up. (they leave)
      Callie: Should Karev really be hooking up with the heart patient intern mom? I mean--
      Arizona: What? No, he's not.
      Callie: He spent the night. He gave her a scone.
      Arizona: You gave me a scone.
      Callie: Yeah, I spend the night with you, too, because I'm married to you.
      Arizona: No. No. She's his intern. I mean, he's just-- He's-- He's trying to-- to be nice, to care. I mean, Alex Karev is trying to be more human, and I think that we can thank me for that. (leaves)
      Callie (to Teddy): They're doing it.

    • Lori: So, I'm a week out of law school... first big interview, huge firm. I've never had a better interview. So I stand up to shake hands, and I pass out--
      Lexie: Right over the coffee table.
      Lori: Draped over the coffee table with my butt in the air.
      Lexie: And your skirt...
      Lori: My skirt rides up to my waist. Not even good panties. Granny panties.
      Derek: Ooh. Wow. Did you get the job?
      Lori: No.
      Derek: Well, your next interview will end much better once we remove the cyst.

    • Derek: Ah, Dr. Grey. So glad you could join us.
      Meredith: I've been kidnapped.
      Derek: She misses me.
      Lexie: She's not even on neuro anymore.
      Derek: Well, she's thinking about coming back.
      Meredith (laughs): I'm not.
      Derek: She is. She's remembering the magic.

    • Cristina: The husband withdrew consent, Owen. I had already turned off the vent when he said no. He has medical P.O.A he said stop. I stopped.
      Owen: So what are you gonna do?
      Cristina: I'm gonna get in on Teddy's preemie surgery.
      Owen: No, you're not. You're gonna stay with him until he gives his consent.
      Cristina: You want me to try and talk him into it?
      Owen: No, I want you to help him through it. I want you to help him understand that this is the only option left for his husband. I want you to do your job and find some damn compassion.
      Cristina (to Emily): Do you need something?
      Emily: I just wonder if I can help.
      Cristina: No.
      Emily: I've-- I've been with this guy since Michael first came in. And we've talked. They know me.
      Cristina: Aren't you on nights now?
      Emily: Well, I can hang around if it'll help.
      Cristina: Well, I don't-- I--
      Owen: Cristina, she can help, let her help.

    • Jackson: Okay, let's go over the game plan again. If we see my mother...
      Mark: We're buried with work today.
      Jackson: And... you're sorry but Jackson has no time to spend with her, okay?

    • Catherine: Mara's considering Seattle Grace as an opion for next year, and I thought, well, who better to show her around than my son? Dr. Sloan, can you spare him for just a couple of hours?
      Mark: Absolutely. Show her around. Take your time.
      Jackson: I- I can't possibly. We are... buried with work.
      Mark: Kepner can cover for you.
      Catherine: Perfect.
      Jackson: Perfect.

    • Meredith: Hey. Have you seen Derek?
      Cristina: Have you seen Owen?
      Meredith: He put me on his service, I told him not to, and he gives me an arachnoid cyst.
      Cristina: I have to pull the plug on a brain-dead trauma. I need Owen to approve it.
      Meredith: There he is. (they watch Owen interact with Emily from a distance) So, he's just sharing his nasty chow mix with someone. I mean, people do that. It doesn't mean anything. Cristina?
      Cristina: What?
      Meredith (sighs): I gotta go find Derek.

    • Morgan: Get your scrambled egg off my blanket.
      Alex: I said I'd bring you one. You said you weren't hungry.
      Morgan: You are gonna have heart failure at 35.
      Alex: No, give me another card.
      Morgan: Don't you feel bad using a distraught mother to help tutor you?
      Alex: I feel bad that I had to sit with you all night so you wouldn't cry yourself to sleep over your sad preemie.
      Morgan: He has a brain bleed.
      Alex: No, he barely has a brain bleed. Look... We expected it. I'm watching it.
      Morgan: Oh, that's supposed to make me feel good? You are this close to failing your boards.
      Alex: Don't even say that.
      Morgan: I know exactly what they'll ask that's gonna take you down. (Alex gets paged) Is it Robbins?
      Alex: I gotta go.
      Morgan: It's Robbins. I'm coming, too.

    • Bailey: Late night, sir?
      Richard: Oh, I'm fine. Um, I sit with Adele 'til she falls asleep. Then I like to be there in the morning.
      Bailey: But when do you have time to get some sleep?
      Richard: I'm fine, Bailey. I'm fine.

    • Catherine: I wanna see this bladder you baked. Look at that. Homegrown from the patient's own bladder and stem cells. Beautiful. All those late night calls paid off, didn't they?
      Richard: Yeah, we couldn't have done it without your consultation.
      Catherine: Flatterer.

    • Derek: Come back to me.
      Meredith: I'm not coming back.
      Derek: You miss it.
      Meredith: What's to miss about neuro?
      Derek: Me.
      Meredith (laughs): We decided it was a bad idea.
      Derek: Well, that was before, when we were trying to get Zola back. I miss you. Just come back for one day. Remember the mystery... the magic-- Gliomas... Meningiomas... Astrocytomas? (Mer laughs)

    • Owen: Wh- What is it?
      Cristina: Oh, you-- you didn't come home.
      Owen: Uh, yeah, there was a bus crash. Wh-- Uh, what time is it? What are you-- What are you doing here?
      Cristina: I just, um... I figured you had a rough night, so... I brought you some coffee.
      Owen: Oh, great. Thanks. Wh- Where is it?
      Cristina: I forgot it. But, um... You-- You go back-- go back to sleep.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): We're trained to be vigilant, to chase down the problem, to ask all the right questions. To find the root of cause until we know exactly what it's and we can confront it. It takes an extremly amount of caution or we can overstep ourselves. We can create problems where none exist.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): Our intentions are always pure, we always want to do what's right, but we also have the drive to push boundaries. So we are in danger of taking things too far. We're told to do no harm while we're trained to cut you open with a knife. So we do things when we should have left well enough alone. Because it's hard to admit when there's ni problem to treat, to let it alone. Before we make it so much worse. Before we cause such a terrible damage.

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