Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 11

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2005 on ABC

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  • great episode.. as usual

    When Addison decided to show Izzy a lesson it was such a great thing. Izzy needed a lesson at that time. Though the way Addison dealt out the lesson was a bit harsh it was what was needed by Izzy at that time. As far as Derek and Meredith go they belong together and there is a bit of hope thrown in at the end of the episode but was false hope. It was a teaser to wring the audience in and keep them hoping that Derek and Meredith will get together again. The writers I feel made a mistake the only one I have seen in the show by bringing Addison in. Or rather having Derek choose her instead of Meredith.
  • It was great.

    Dory and her quintuplets are still in the hospital (it's actually the next day following last week's episode), and only one of them is doing well. Dory, understandably, gets hit with a five-time whammy of hormones and depression, and feels like her babies' health problems are all her fault. Izzie does her best to juggle: 1) taking care of the babies, 2) being real mad at Alex, and 3) getting in a fight with Meredith for talking to Alex. She finally loses her ***** when Addison teaches her a "lesson," which is not so much a lesson as leaving her alone all night to "save" a baby who is totally going to die. Thanks, Addie! Fortunately, Meredith takes Izzie to buy a dog, and the dog is adorable, so everything is all better.

    Cristina gets assigned to a prisoner, played with much gnawing of scenery by Rosanna Arquette, who has swallowed several razor blades in an attempt to get out of solitary for a while. When that doesn't work, she swallows a broken light bulb, and wins Cristina's heart in the process. It's really weird. Even weirder? George, poor George, who spends the entire episode putting leeches on an old man's nose and fighting with Nurse Olivia of the Syph.
  • That's what friends are for

    I really like the way they reveal a piece of the characters in every episode.

    Unfortunally for Alex, we saw his bad side this episode.
    I understand that Alex blames himself for the (plausible) death of a patient, and I understand that he needs some support because everything seems to fall down on him but guess what: That's what (girl)friends are for. Instead of that, he screws Izzie by having sex with Olivia.

    Izzie had a really hard time too in this episode. Alex cheated on her and she felt really lonely when nobody seemed to care. On top of that, Addison made her watch after a baby who was gonna die anyway. I guess Addison is right to give Izzie the lesson that she did because Izzie does care to much every now and then but the timing was really bad.

    I really liked Cristina in this episode. She opens up more in every show and slowly, she and Burke look like a real couple! It was great to see her get some toast at the end. A small step for men, but a giant step for Cristina!

    Bailey became more human in this episode, again! I liked it when she was talking to one of the quintuplets about her son. She is a strikt person, but she shows she has a big heart.

    I also liked the end when Izzie and Meredith brought a dog home. Izzie really enjoyed having a dog, I\'m glad that something could make her happy at the end of the day!
  • another great episode

    When Addison decided to show Izzy a lesson it was such a great thing. Izzy needed a lesson at that time. Though the way Addison dealt out the lesson was a bit harsh it was what was needed by Izzy at that time. As far as Derek and Meredith go they belong together and there is a bit of hope thrown in at the end of the episode but was false hope. It was a teaser to wring the audience in and keep them hoping that Derek and Meredith will get together again. The writers I feel made a mistake the only one I have seen in the show by bringing Addison in. Or rather having Derek choose her instead of Meredith.
  • Group of interns trying to fight their way in the medical world

    Well, what can I say about this episode? First off, I did like the way Dr. Sheppard taught Izzy the lesson. It did look like one of these days when she would get too close to a patient that it was going to overwhelm her judgement as a doctor. I felt bad the way it was done, but it was necessary. Meredith showed what a good doctor she is by putting the babies together and making them better. I also saw at the end of the show a glimmer of hope for Mcdreamy and Meredith. She should be spending Christmas with the people she loves (which should be him, imho). I look forward to every episode and the dynamics between the characters. This was just another great show.
  • my one problem with this show

    usually, i only like shows for the first season. i don't know, everything just falls apart season 2! i'm actually still liking grey's anatomy though, and some aspects of it are getting better... BUT PLEASE, something needs to happen with the voiceovers...they either need to get less cheesy, or at least shorter, or preferably, just axed! i can't think of a single show where i actually like the voiceover.
  • Blatant unethical conduct by hospital overshadows what could have been an okay episode.

    There was one MAJOR problem with this episode, and it involved the quintuplet storyline. Dr. Shepard (the female Dr. Shepard) thought it was time to really challenge "Izzy" and make her a better doctor, with more distance from her patients. So far, so good. However, this challenge was done in such an unethical and borderline evil way, that the hospital would most likely be sued for emotional distress. Not distress for Izzy, but for the premie and her mother.
    It was basically admitted that Dr. Shepard KNEW the baby was going to die, and put Izzy in charge overnight without letting her know that. Izzy, in a vain attempt to save the baby's life, pumped her full of drugs, (and who knows what else) etc. In short- she basically tortued the poor kid while trying to save her. The baby's mother, apparently (although near a breakdown herself) was never told the baby was dying, and didn't have an opportunity to say goodbye, hold her, etc. THAT is where the unethical conduct of the hospital comes in.
    The rest of the episode was basically okay- although I am getting a bit tired of Yang's apparently inability to relate to anyone.
  • Where do all the lonely people come from ?

    Quints are hanging there but they are not doing so well as they expected. Izzie is FURIOUS at Alex for adultery. Addison tells Izzie that baby is her responsibility and that she better be alive when she returns. Baby died but it turned out later that Addison knew that she would die already. It was a test so Izzie can become a better doctor. A solitary prisoner comes to the hospital because she had swollen four razor blades. She just wants to talk with somebody because she is 23 hours alone. Crisitna is not an attachable persone but she feels sorry afterwards for Constance...the solitary prisoner.
  • Great writing combined with great directing and acting.

    I have always kept myself from watching Grey's Anatomy because I knew that if I watch it I'll have another show to add to my long list of addictions. But I came across an episode yesterday and ended up watching it. It was this episode.

    I loved the thematic element and how it is the thread that holds the episode together. In this particular episode it was loneliness and it was portrayed through various characters like Izzie, the nurse (I can't remember her name), the babies in the ICU, the prisoner and even Alex.

    Given that it's my first time watching the show, I was blown away by the cast, especially Sandra Oh with her silent and not so silent quirks.

    I can't discuss and dissect the storyline given that I don't follow the show but what I can say about the little I saw is that this is a show that combines great writing with great directing and great acting. The best combination you could ever find.
  • it was a peaceful episode. everyone seemed normal except for izzie who was still pissed at alex for sleepingg with the syph nurse. the elevator scene with izzie and the nurse was priceless! really the nurse should have kept quiet.

    i loved all the scenes with mcdreamy and meredith, it was so peaceful, and mature. addison's lesson to izzie was so harsh i dont think that test will work for izzie the way it worked for her when she was an intern. george should get over the crush he has on meredith already, it will really be a series killer if they got together seriously. and alex poor poor alex,it just keeps getting worse for him. failing his boards, getting caught by izzie with the syph nurse, clinically killing a patient, how bad can life get. christiana needs a crash course on relationship etiqutte. i thought patricia arquette was great in her role thiis episode.
  • Epizoda mi haresa. Gotin eno ne 4ak tolkova 4e da mu dam otzenka deset. :-D

    Idvaneto na Steve v bolnitzata mnogo izloji Meredith, no kogato Derek zapo4na da revnuva Meredith stana mnogo gotino. Napravo 6tqh da padna kogato vidqh kolko sa razli4ni domovete na Kristina i Burk. Apartamenta na Kristina be6e tolkova razhvarlqn, a kogato tq kaza 4e ne pere, ne mie 4inii i v hladilnika i ima somo voda, vodka i dieti4na kola mi stana mnogo sme6no. Dokato apartamenta na Bruk be6e tolkova 4ist i podreden, vsi4ko v doma mu si ima6e spetzialno mqsto.
    Naistina majete sa stranni sa6testva, sre6tate se v bara, pravite sex, no ni6to pove4e, a te ve4e si mislqt za detza, ka6ta i drugi takiva raboti.
  • “I like you bitter and pissed off. You’re almost like a normal person now.”

    The interns arguing about whose quint was the best was great. They just have to make everything a competition!

    Burke is so cute with Cristina, making breakfast and coffee for her. I just don’t completely understand WHY he tries so hard. She doesn’t do anything for him!

    The leech thing was absolutely disgusting!

    Bailey talking baby talk to the baby and Cristina catching her was classic.

    Izzie’s bitterness was a bit over the top. Okay, she’s upset. But she doesn’t have to be obnoxious to everyone. It was very Meredith-esque. Speaking of which, Meredith wasn’t half as annoying as usual this episode.
  • Love this series, especially George

    Okay, missed the beginning because I had a meeting, but my daughter filled me in and, again, I loved it.
    Nobody understands why Alex did what he did with Olivia and they all hate him.
    I understand completely why he did it, and I won't say that I agree with what he did, but at least I understand.
    Having said that, I do understand why Izzy is upset. I would be too if I were on the receiving end.
    The stories with the babies is heartbreaking, being a mom myself. The funniest thing though was (and I have to say "again") George with the dog in the end. he always makes me laugh
  • Grey's Anatomy Lonely Heart.

    This episode was quite well done. Although nothing too drastic happens during the show, we see more character development, but in a subtler manner than the last episode (2-10).

    It’s interesting to see Christina's indifference to anything and everything highlighted again. However it seems that with each passing episode, a small dent is made in Christina's isolated shell. In this episode, we see Christina open up more towards the end as she takes a toast from Burke's plate. Although her storyline is starting to drag now, I hope its going in the right direction in future episodes.

    We also see that Meredith is getting over her breakup with Derek. Well maybe not completely, but she’s actually trying to cope with the breakup without bringing home a different stranger every night. I didn’t like the direction her character took in the past episode, but its good to know that she is recovering now.

    I guess the highlight of this episode was Izzie’s life. She gets screwed (figuratively obviously) by her boyfriend, by her attending, and by her friends. Initially she is angry at everyone (she had all the right reasons to be), but we quickly see her recover and become friendly again---Izzie’s admirable character shines through in this episode too.

    We also see development in Bailey’s character. It seems that she is a nice person, but has strict standards for work and life, which leads to her nickname the Nazi. We have seen of her good character before, and we see it again as she talks to one of the quintuplets. Finally, we see that Addison Shepherd isn’t really comfortable either. Until now it seemed that she had a great life with no worries (after her marriage was amended), but her hesitance to put Izzie through trials rather than befriending Izzie, shows that she is also “lonely”—the theme of the day.

    Although this episode didn’t have any surprises or cliffhangers, it was a solid episode which further advanced the characters for whatever is next for them.