Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 24

Perfect Storm

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 16, 2013 on ABC

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  • love it

    Love it!
  • GIRL!!!!

    Seriously, why do they keep killing people... Specially one of the serie's most charismatic one...

    It was a really good episode, keeping us scratching the couch every time a nearly tragedy happened, but almost all of it went good...

    Except for yeah, Arizona having that fight with Callie... Callie didn't deserve it! Bad Arizona! :(

    Meredith, naming her newborn "Bailey", but I hope they change it to Richard, in his honor :'(

    Break ups everywhere... Arizona-Callie, Owen-Cristina... Probably April-Matthew, Jackson-Girl I forgot her name xP

    oh, and Alex finally revealing his feelings to Jo! :) and she takes him! ^^
  • Aw MAN!!!

    When Richard went into that basement and I heard that water sloshing around his feet I said "oh my god he better not get electrocuted!!"...... and at the very last scene where they showed him, I started screaming lol. I actually almost started tearing up. What the hell they need to stop killing off people hehe. But Dang man im gonna miss richard, it was sad to see him like that *sniffles*.

    *Sighs* anywho..

    I'm glad that bailey grew some balls and operated on merideth, smashing things can make any situation better. But I loved how she looked reborn again when she said "lets go" and started walking hehe.

    I'm glad Jackson didn't die but oh man April is all into that chocolate man again so this is gonna be interesting how that works out.

    And did Christina break up with owen? I think that she's gonna want kids at some point but it would be awesome if she ends up pregnant or something.

    And im surprised that Callie knew right off the bat that Arizona did something,very smart girl ^_^. I loved how they were lashing out at each other and we end up seeing this very ugly dark side of arizona again blaming stuff on callie and callie realizing that their relationship may be over.

    Sooo much juicy cliffhangers *evil laughs*

    But I can't wait for the next season, so excited!!!

    I'm still mad and sad that richard is dead but I guess we'll see what happens.
  • Replay

    WATCH THIS EPISODE HERE==> http://short. ie/kk5n03


    It's most likely Owen that will almost die, because grey's anatomy tweeted a picture where Webber said : He will die on this table if you don't operate, Yang.

    So I'm guessing she doesn't want to operate on Owen but she's the only Kardio surgeon there during the storm :/ I don't like him that much but I don't want him to die..
  • Excellent finale

    This was one of those finales that had everything to look forward to from start to finish. Started off with a minor dark feeling talking about the perfect storm had me wondering what would be going wrong within this episode and how tragic it would go, and last who would be the unfortunate one that we would lose after this season, with everything from

    - arizona cheating on calleigh

    - grey having her spleen rupture

    - avory finally confessing his feelings

    And all the problems revolving around jackson and april and losing webber (most tragic of them all).

    I just cant wait for season 10 to see how the characters will develop and move on from everything that happened today, amazing episode that had my heart racing with suspense the entire time.
  • Great season finale

    So looking forward to season 10.

    Indeed, it was a sad episode, but also a happy one and surely one in which the relationships got a boost to develop further.
  • Epic season finale

    Simply AMAZING!!
  • MerDers baby boy

    dont like that choice, i thought george would be the perfect name for the new babygrey.
  • Shonda Rhimes does it again...

    This entire ninth season has had me sighing and rolling my eyes about a million times. I missed a bunch of episode just because I felt like the show was changing too much, not focusing on patient/doctor relationship anymore but rather on the whole business/money/settlement issues with the hospital and all that. So I walked into the season finale expecting nothing more but disappointed.

    Well, I was wrong. It seems like the staff at Grey's Anatomy really put their A-game in season-finales. The writing was once again great, and to me it felt like one of those old episodes. Something that could've been placed back in season 5 or something. And, let's be honest here for a second, that's when the show was amazing. After that, it just fell through a slump.

    Great performances from Ellen and Sandra Oh, as always. And what a cliffhanger! Thank you, Shonda Rhimes, once again, for another major death. I'll be checking in for season 10, but I hope it will be the show's final season. Not because I don't love this show! I have always loved it, and I'm one of those old fans that was there when the Pilot episode first aired on ABC, for the first time! (Back then, it was on Sunday nights, can you believe that?!)

    But because I respect the show so much, I hope they will go out with enough dignity. While I believe this season should've been the last one, I will check back again next year and hope that the show will end on good terms. Good job tonight, though.
  • it was a great season but...

    ... but it could have been much better without the drama around Bailey

    every season or every 2 seasons, there is always so stupid stuff about Bailey, annoying stuff for the show

    the other story annoying me is the story between Owen and Cristina, she is not a human being, she is just a surgeon, period.

    and also, she's Meredith's person, otherwise, she can't feel love, there is no point of focusing the story on her, she is not capable of loving

    Arizona is right, Callie is acting like she was in the plane crash

    I hope chief Weber is not going to die too

    Hilarie Burton is a great addition to the cast
  • can't wait for season 10

    although I've complained about season 9 a couple of times

    I think the series finale was quite good.

    however, there were too many near misses so you could tell something was going to happen from the start.

    when webber went to get the guy who was fixing the generator, I thought he was going to get electrocuted then. guess he had a slight stay of execution.

    we all knew meredith wasn't going to die because the series had been renewed - can't have Greys Anatomy without Grey!!

    the best and most heartbreaking scene was between callie and arizona. what amazing actresses.

    owen and christina's scene was supposed to be heartbreaking, but to be honest it lacked the usual emotional kick in the chest. not through the acting I don't think.

    I think they were saving all of the heartwrenching moments for Callie and Arizona.
  • withdrawrel symptoms !!

    Season 9 did not finish the way i wanted, Callie and Arizona are one of my fave couples on this show and they keep messing with them first the whole your not gay enough for me from Arizona then the baby situation with a side order of the shooting at the hospital then oh Arizona mark thing!

    then the massive heart breaking plane crash. Are this couple gunna get a break?... oh wait nope then cheating something so low.

    needed the new season to sort this out !!

  • lost me!

    But Arizona WHY??? I loved this couple sooo much. I am so angry with the writer. It is completely survived so many things together and they always come back to the leg???ridiculous!car crash, shooting,travelling to Africa!"Apparently they lost me" :(((
  • Predictable and unrealistic

    Entire episode was predictable. On top of that - how does a top hospital have a single 80 year old man as the emergency guy when they knew there was going to be a massive storm. Who restores power to the hospital when there are sparks and water everywhere. No backup batteries? Seriously? And where'd the power to light up the head torches come from?