Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 7

Physical Attraction... Chemical Reaction

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2007 on ABC
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Two arguing parents, who are named Jane and Don, bring their son in because he swallowed marbles, while a middle aged woman comes in wanting cosmetic surgery on her chin. A father worries about raising a child alone when the mother needs surgery.

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  • Not a bad episode...But I still miss Burke!!!

    Callie and Miranda relationship made a drastic change. I think deep down inside Callie really gave Miranda the job. I was glad to see Callie move on, she didn't seem too upset about losing her job. Izzie and George relationship was doomed from the beginning. I wish Izzie would have figured out she didn't want George before she ruined his marriage to Callie, although that wasn't a bad thing. Hopefully they will explore the relationship of Callie and Dr. Sloan. Love that guy. Derek needs to move on....maybe to Christina, Meredith is annoying. Wouldn't that be funny. I'm glad Miranda got the job, she would do a better job, I just hope she doesn't lose her family like the Chief did. All in all a good episode.moreless
  • Nice episode. We are given strong information about Lexie and now it's impossible to hate her. Also, we reach this conclusion: Callie's marriage was broken...over nothing.

    I have to say that this is one fine episode of the season. Background information about Lexie is given with more details, even though Lexie stats in "A change is gonna come" that "[...]fathers drink so much that they don't even know in what year are they in". We overlooked this information and it seems to be the main reason of Lexie's problems. Besides, the way she comfronts Meredith and also the way she tries to get closer to her were worthy of a trophy. I liked Rockmond's performance, that sweet style from the second season of 'Prison Break'. It was good to see a familiar hace guest starring.

    Also, the Chief's decision was fine. I loved to see Miranda as a human being, crying, and expressing herself as she did in this episode.

    Surprisingly, I didn't quite hate MerDer in this opportunity: maybe it was because of Mer's comments, such as "I saw my half-sister half-naked"... It was grotesque!

    The little boy attempt to divorce the parents was, in my opinion, to give a clear message. When parents quarrel, the most damaged are always the children. This happens a lot and we don't notice. You also can watch this in The Simpsoms episode "A Milhouse divided"

    Mer's narration needs no futher comments, since it talks for itself "Chemistry. Either you've got it, or you don't"

    But some things...

    That old couple story wasn't funny at all. That guy was just growling, and the lady was obsessed about beauty. Wasn't that kinda stereotipical? We are beautiful as we are, in our own ways, so I don't condome cosmetic surgery (except the patient who had an accident and needed the face fixed).

    Erica's turning down was...predictable...but not the reasons. Maybe that's true, but is not the same reason that it's given in 4x11. There was no way to be suspicious about Erica's "taste" in this episode.

    Cristina is not herself anymore. She should have insisted with Hahn, or have gone with the Chief (a long time ago!) to denounce this. Now it seems another character is loosing his essence.

    Meredith being angry at Lexie? Mer's just bein' rude and she should be more open with Lexie, since Lex is proven to need a lot of afection.

    And the worst part of the episode award goes to...Izzie and George! A marriage was broken and the leftovers guided to nowhere. And, therefore, Callie's pain was all for nothing... Callie's destroyed and the reason for the marriage's ending was met by...chemistry?

    Mer's narration needs no comments, since it talks for itself "Chemistry. Either you've got it, or you don't"

    To sum up, this episode revealed us a lot about Lexie's mind, gave us a lot of warnings and also destroyed (again) Gizzie's storyline.moreless
  • Brilliant, the best episode so far this season.

    This was another great episode but as I said why do they have to go ruin Gizzie, well they didn't breakup but it basically implied they had no chemistry so I'd say it won't last much longer. I personally like them as a couple and think its a shame to ruin them (After re-watching this episode, I actually wasn't bothered by this, it was a funny storyline). About time Baily got the job and Callie was fired, to be honest I hope Callie gets her own storyline now, she needs one. Lexi saying "Screw you" to Meredith was also good, finally she stood up for herself. I'm not sure about Alex and Lexi, I don't know I think there the ones with no chemistry. So we were informed that Thatcher, Meredith and Lexi's dad has a drinking problem, that should be interesting. Dr Hahn needs to get off Cristinas back. Sloan liking Hahn was a good side story but I'm glad she said no. When will Meredith and Dereck either stop with the breakup sex or get togther as a couple, who knows?moreless
  • Dr. Hahn continues to make her presance noticed at Seattle Grace. The chief demotes someone. Meredith continues to try to push Lexie away. Alex gets to see what Lexie has to deal with while being around her father. Izzie and George have issues.moreless

    The episode begins with George and Izzie in bed after they finally get to have sex. I remember thinking to myself "Well, looks like they finally got that hot perfect sex." However, we find out that both George and Izzie have issues with the other one. George tells Meredith that Izzie is horrible in bed, and reveals some details that Meredith really did not want to hear. I thought George's comments were a little mean until Izzie cornered Meredith after he escape from George. I knew that was going to happen, she'd run from George and run right into Izzie. I thought it was hilarious when Izzie said George kisses like a chicken pecking her face. Izzie and George discuss their issues and agree that they need to do something to take their minds off being so nervous about sleeping with each other. George throws out the idea of playing out a fantasy, so Izzie tells him one of hers. They act it out, and we see George in the bathtub and Izzie on the floor when they were done. Izzie's face looked like she was terrified and i thought that was extremely funny! Izzie decides they should never talk about that encounter again. Finally, in one more attempt to get the sex they had before when George and Callie were still together, she brings out the box of fun. The episode ends with these two smiling and agreeing that this sex was even better than the first time...until they both realize that the other one is lying! I thought it was very funny. Maybe they should have thought about how bad the sex would be before they decided to get back together. I can't wait to see what's in store for these two next. So Yang decides to paint the walls in order to make her place feel like it's not Burke's apartment anymore. I thought it was funny when she said "i'm painting it a happy, like blood." Yang continues to have problems with Dr. Hahn. After a suggestion from Bailey, Cristina decided to try herself in the E.R. She gets a patient who brings in a baby that hit it's head. The woman was in the middle of hugging Yang when she collapsed. Dr. Hahn also took over this patient from Cristina. I'm wondering if Hahn is trying to eliminate her competition since she is the new head of Cardio, because Yang would be her biggest rival in that area. I have to say i was a little disappointed. I thought for sure that Yang would put up much more of a fight against Hahn. Yang decides to settle for scrubbing in with Callie on Ortho, which she hates. Callie can't keep up with all the schedualing difficulties and her surgeries along with all the other problems she has to attend to while being CR, so she asks Bailey to help cover for her. The chief finally figures out what's going on and demotes Callie from her position. When the chief asks Bailey if she'll be the new cheif resident, Bailey starts to cry. I don't think i've ever actually seen that woman REALLY cry since the show has been. I've seen crocidile tears, but not actual sobs. I was pretty surprised. So, Mark tells Derek that he has a thing for Dr. Hahn. After Derek says that it would be a bad idea, Mark hits on Hahn anyway at Joe's bar, and she shoots him down. I have to say as being a fan of Brooke Smith's acting she was probably the best person to play a character that would be a suitable replacement for Burke. I loved her on Crossing Jordan, and i love her now. Anyway, The husband of the woman with the baby comes in and doesn't really want anything to do with the baby, but seems more concerned with his wife who is trying to hold on for her life. I thought the baby might have been stollen, or might have been a crack baby or something, until we finally find out that he isn't the real father. I knew there was something going on there. After the mother dies, Lexie tries to get the man to be a father to the baby. Meredith takes this oppertunity to send Lexie a message without actually speaking to her, but this was after Meredith was mean to Lexie again, and also told Alex to stay away from her. It was also after Lexie decided to start spewing out things about herself to Meredith, basically forcing Meredith to get to know her a little bit whether she wanted to or not. I thought that was actually pretty smart. I like Lexie and i'd like to see Meredith have something to do with SOMEONE in her family. So When Alex dumps Lexie, Meredith changes her mind and tells Alex to take her home from Joe's. Alex takes Lexie home where he runs into Meredith and Lexie's father who is drunk and trying to get in his car. Alex offered to go to the store and get him some more liquor, to save him from getting behind the wheel. Alex got a glimpse of what Lexie has to deal with, and Lexie asks him not to tell Meredith. In the meantime, the chief has Derek running around doing errands for him like they are married! I thought that was quite amusing. After Derek makes plans with the chief to have dinner and a movie and then forgets, the chief walks in on Derek and Meredith in bed together. A couple brings in their child who swallowed a marble and announces to his parents that he wants them to get a divorce. Here we get to see the mother played by Stephanie March, my former favorite A.D.A. from Law and Order SVU. The boy gets sent home only to wind up back in the hospital in a horrible amount of pain, where we learned that he swallowed what he thought was eight more marbles. The team then discovers that they were magnets and the boy's life is in danger. The team has to perform surgery on him. Alex and Izzie had to deal with two bull headed patients that were obviously not going to follow what they needed to do before being discharged, so Bailey makes the two room together. Alex and Izzie walk in on the two having sex. I thought that was pretty funny. All in all this was another fantastic episode, and as usual i can't wait to see the next one.moreless
  • good episode but not as good as the ones we got used to...

    A boy swallows a marble because he wants his parents to pay attention on him and stop fighting. Although there isn't any problem on him, the next day he swallows 8 marble-like magnets which are attracted to each other and they move slowly through his diafragm. Bailey successfully takes them out and the boy asks his parents to take a divorce.

    A woman comes running with her baby saying that it fell from the stairs. The doctors treat it well and it is alright but the woman collapses and her heart stops beating. Twice this happens and there must be a surgery. Unfortunately, she dies because her heart couldn't take the strain. The father of the child, which is adopted, decides to raise the child himself and name it Letisha, a name his wife wanted.

    A guy that has to crap and a woman that came in for cosmetic surgery are very annoying so they are put together in the same room to stop whining. Later when Alex and Izzie come looking for them they find them in the same bed...

    Callie asks Miranda to take over her duties as a Chief Resident. After some good decisions of Bailey, Chief Webber starts suspecting that something's wrong. When he realises that Bailey took all those successful decisions he fires Callie and makes Bailey Chief Resident.

    Izzie and Georges' perfect night is not as they have imagined. Izzie does something with her legs that George doesn't like and Izzie says that George's kissing is like pecking.

    Erika doesn't want Christina with her in cardiosurgery and Bailey tells her that she should try another specialty and suggests the ER.moreless
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Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

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Dr. Cristina Yang

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Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

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Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

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T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

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Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

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Thatcher Grey

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: When George's patient returns to the clinic claiming to have eaten 8 more marbles, they fall through his armpit and not his mouth as he bends over to regurgitate them.

    • Goof: When Bailey is operating on the boy who ate magnets, there is a shot where she leans over to check how many she's found already. The magnets (small metal balls) roll loosely around in the surgical tray. They do not stick together as they did in the imaging beforehand. They also do not stick to the tray, which is presumably magnetic (it is made of the same material as the scalpel, and the magnetic stick to that).

    • Goof: Usually after someone has a face lift, their face is sore for the days and weeks after. In this episode, the lady who Dr. Sloan operated on was clearly moving her face and talking probably no more than a couple of hours after.

    • Goof: When Bailey is performing surgery on Ryan, the boy who swallowed the magnetic marbles, she notes that she has "seven magnets in [her] tray" and therefore one more to find as when George asked him he said he swallowed eight. However, George only discovered that they were magnets when Ryan spat up a cluster of them. How could Ryan have swallowed eight, spat five up and still have eight in his body?

    • Goof: When Izzie goes to check on her post-op patient Harriet, her hair changes between a loose bun and a ponytail with a headband three times.

    • Goof: We hear Cristina says she needs a crash cart during the Grey's Anatomy intertitle but a few seconds before we could clearly see a crash cart already there.

  • QUOTES (43)

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): Chemistry, either you've got it. Or you don't.

    • (after they had sex)
      George (smiling): That was amazing.
      Izzie (smiling): See? See, I knew we had it in us.
      George: That was as good as the first time.
      Izzie: No, it was better. Way better.
      George: No, you're right. Because we were drunk, and well, I'm not married, and that was just...
      Izzie: Incredible. (smile fades) You're lying.
      George: Well, so are you.

    • Meredith: What did you do tonight?
      Derek: Nothing. You?
      Meredith: Nothing.
      Derek: It's late. Shouldn't you be going soon?
      Meredith: I just wanna lay here for a few more minutes.

    • Lexie: Alex, I'm fine. Thank you. Really, you-- you can go.
      Thatcher (comes out of the house, drunk): What a pleasent suprise. It's Dr. Karev, isn't it?
      Alex: Yes, sir.
      Thatcher: Alright, then. I don't wanna interrupt you two. (tosses his keys)
      Lexie: Wait, Dad, you're going out?
      Thatcher: Just down to the store.
      Lexie: Dad.
      Thatcher: It's just down to the store, Lexie.
      Alex: Uh, why don't I go? You know, my car, it's right here.
      Thatcher: It's fine.
      Alex: What do you need? Scotch? Vodka? Gin? (Thatcher just stares at him)
      Lexie: Scotch. (Thatcher looks pissed, drops his keys on the ground and walks back into the house, Lexie picks them up) Just don't tell Meredith, okay?

    • Richard: I married Adele two years outta college. There's a lot that I need to learn how to do for myself.
      Derek: Just pick up your own shirts from now on.
      Richard: Taxi Driver?
      Derek: Meredith is comin' over.
      Richard: Ah, I better get back to my trailer.

    • Cristina: I finished painting.
      Callie: I got fired.

    • Lexie (to Joe): I told her that I could draw with an Etch-a-Sketch. Outta of all things I coulda choosen, an Etch-a-Sketch, no wonder she thinks that I'm pathetic. (exhales and puts her head on the bar. A little later, Alex and Meredith are sitting at a table looking at her hunched over on the bar)
      Alex: I told her that I couldn't see her anymore.
      Meredith: You did?
      Alex: Whatever. I don't need another chick with issues.
      Meredith: Thank you. Alex. (looks over at Lexie) Alex. Will you take my sister home? She plays the trombone, and whatever. Just take her home, please.

    • Mark: I saw your transplant today.
      Erica: I know.
      Mark: You have extrodinary technique.
      Erica: I know.
      Mark: Can I buy you a drink? I have rather extrodinary techniques myself.
      Erica: You're not attracted to me. You think you are. But you're not. You're attracted to my skill, and my confidence, and maybe how hot I look with my hands on a heart. But mostly you're attracted to me because I'm not attracted to you.

    • Lexie (to Meredith): I'm not stalking. I just-- I hate apples. (Meredith looks at her confused) I hate them. I think that they shouldn't be allowed to be a fruit. That's one. And two, I can draw really, really well on an Etch-a-Sketch. Like, really well, like I could be a professional, if you know, that profession existed. I play the trombone, badly. And I like math. And I noticed that you do this thing with your hands when you're trying to make a point. Like, like this... (gestures with her hand) And I know that that's about you. But-- I do it too. So, also about me. So, that's five. Five things that I'm hoping it'll make it a little harder for you to hate me.

    • Richard: Dr. Bailey. You've been covering for Dr. Torres.
      Bailey: Chief... I've just been shufflin' a little paperwork.
      Richard: You've been doing the lion's share of the Chief Resident's work. All the responsibility and none of the credit. You deserve the credit. You deserve the job. I shoulda given it to you in the first place. I hope you'll take it now, because what you do and how you do it, makes this hospital work.
      Bailey: Well, it's about time that you noticed. (starts to cry, and hugs Richard)

    • Lexie: Hey.
      Alex: Hey.
      Lexie: Cool lounge.
      Alex: Yeah. No interns allowed.
      Lexie: I know that. Um... I was looking for you because I was wondering if... If you would meet me later. ... In the on-call room.
      Alex: I can't.
      Lexie: Oh, okay, but I thought you said--
      Alex: I know what I said-- But I can't.
      Lexie: Because of Meredith.
      Alex: Look, I'm not getting involved in whatever you two got goin' on. I'm not choosing sides.
      Lexie: Except, clearly, you are. So... (leaves)

    • Richard: Dr. Torres, you got a moment?
      Callie: Uh, I don't actually. I got two more surgeries. I know the schedule's been a little crazy. I'll get on it tonight.
      Richard: No, you're not actually.
      Callie: Okay, you're right, I may not have it until tomorrow but...
      Richard: You're not gonna get on it at all.

    • Richard: Miranda. Do you have any idea why the Brotherton's baby is still here?
      Bailey: I believe Dr. Torres decided to keep the baby here for another day.
      Richard: Well, why would she do that if Dr. Shepherd was ready to discharge her?
      Bailey: I don't know, you'd have to ask Dr. Torres.
      Richard: Mmhmm.
      Bailey: If it were me, and the mother kept coding, I would keep the baby around so they could get a little more time together.
      Richard: Mmhmm. And why did Torres have Stevens and Karev put their patients in the same room? That's a clear violation of protocol.
      Bailey: You'd have to ask her. But, both of those patients were impossible and neither was willing to follow post-op instructions. I mean, if it were me, I would put them in the same room so they could encourage each other to get out of here.
      Richard: And she told Dr. Yang to find a new specialty? That's a pretty odd thing for someone who has such an affiaty for cardio.
      Bailey: Again, you'll have to ask Torres.
      Richard: Mmmhmm.
      Bailey: But... It has to do with Erica Hahn putting her through her paces, so Yang has to see what else is out there, otherwise, she won't fight hard enough to stay with cardio. I'm just guessin'! You need to ask Torres!
      Richard: That's just what I'm gonna do. (Richard stares at Bailey contemplating)

    • Mark (about Erica): I've got a thing for her.
      Derek: You don't have a thing for her.
      Mark: I do. I do have a thing for her.
      Derek: It's gonna end badly.
      Mark: You don't know that.
      Derek: Yes, I do.
      Mark: What do you know, you're dating the Chief.
      Derek: You know what, that jokes not funny any more. It's over used. (Richard walks in, right by Derek and sits down, everyone is silent)
      Mark: Lover's quarrel?
      Richard: We're not quarreling. It's not a quarrel.
      Derek: More importantly, we're not--
      Richard: If I got throught the trouble to choose a movie, he should have enough common courtsey to mention it if he makes other plans. A phone call, a note, something. And if he's not gonna pick up my shirt, just tell me. I'll pick them up. I'm perfectally capable of picking up my own shirts.
      Derek: No. No, you're not. You're not capable of picking up your own shirts. You're not capable of doing anything on your own. If I wasn't around, you'd starve in a dirty shirt and die a lonely death.
      Richard: Oh, for God sake's.
      Derek: You know, I offered you a place to put your trailer, and you've been taking advantage ever since. You can't handle doing the dry cleaning and cooking, so I have to pick all the slack.
      Richard (realizes something): Hold that thought. (walks out)
      Derek: You see, he can't handle the truth.
      Mark: I definatly have a thing for her.

    • Alex: Well, where is she?
      Izzie: Oh, well, it looks like she finally got out of bed. (they hear giggling behind the curtain, Alex pulls it back to see Harriet and Jerry having sex) Oh my god!
      Jerry: Oh, don't look so shocked. We're adults.
      Harriet: She always looks like that. (Alex shuts the curtain)
      Alex: Well, it looks like he finally crapped. (Izzie sighs) What?
      Izzie: Even they have chemistry.

    • Richard: All I'm sayin' is, the next time you're gonna have company over. Lock the door.
      Derek: All I'm sayin' is, the next time you come over you should knock.

    • Alex (standing on the porch of the house): You definatly don't wanna go in there.
      Meredith (jumps a little): Alex. ... George and Izzie?
      Alex: Yeah.
      Meredith (walks over to him): The Chief just saw me naked.
      Alex: Mmm. Nice. (cracks a beer open for her, you can see Lexie approaching)
      Meredith: I thought I said no having sex with her at this house.
      Alex: I didn't invite her over.
      Lexie (walks up): Hi.
      Alex: Hey.
      Lexie: Alex, you wanna get a drink at Joe's?
      Alex: Yeah, sure.
      Meredith: Alex.
      Lexie: There's no rule that says he can't have a drink with me.
      Meredith: Actually, there is. I'm making one. No drinking with Alex. No sleeping with Alex.
      Lexie: What exactly did I ever do to you?
      Meredith: Get your own friends. Get your own life. Stop living in mine!
      Lexie: Screw you. I'll wait in the car. (walks away)
      Meredith: I know that was mean but she's every where.
      Alex: You say that she's not your sister, you say that you don't wanna know her, so then why the hell do you care so much? (walks away, to Lexie)
      Meredith (to herself): I don't. I don't. I don't care.

    • Izzie (running her hand over a box): It's a box fun. You know, it's just been too much pressure, too much trying, we just gotta get back to having fun.
      George: Yeah. So it's a box of props?
      Izzie: It's a box of fun.
      George: Okay. ... Can I --?
      Izzie: Yeah. (he does and takes out a bottle of liquor) It's a box of fun and booze because I figure it can't hurt.
      George: Yeah. Yeah. (goes to get something else) Oooh, that's-- that's... (Izzie shuts the box)
      Izzie: Oh, you know what, don't say it. This will work. We will work. We just need to take the pressure off.
      George: Yeah.
      Izzie: We have the house to ourselves tonight. We're gonna have a drink (George takes a huge gulp of liquor) ... and we're gonna play.
      George: We'll play.
      Izzie: We'll play, with our box of fun. (she starts chugging a lot of liquor down from the bottle)

    • Derek (they are laying in bed naked): What did you do tonight?
      Meredith: I stayed late at work because my house is a mess. What did you do?
      Derek (pauses, then realizes): Oh, no! Oh, dinner and a movie! (they sit up)
      Meredith: Dinner and a movie? (Richard walks in, with DVD's and take out)
      : Oh! Oh. Ah, dear. (looks away, while Meredith and Derek groan, and cover up) I'll just um... (looks to the side, uses the DVD's to block is vision) I'm-- I'm sorry. 'Kay? I'll-- I'll just um... (walks out)

    • Mark (watching Hahn in surgery from the gallery): Her hands are beautiful. (Cristina gives him a look) I mean, surgically, the finess.
      Cristina: I was in ortho all day, there's no finesse to breaking bones. (same time as Mark) Carpentry.
      Mark: Carpentry. Yeah. You want finesse, you should try plastics. It's all finesse.
      Cristina: Yeah, no room for error when you're dealing with someone's face.
      Mark: It's more than just face lifts. I'm a board certified ENT, I take out tumors. (pauses) It's also a lot of face lifts. But even a face lift, I'm changing a life. I'm holding someone's future in my hands.
      Cristina (seeing Hahn touch a heart): Holding a heart is way better.

    • (after Ryan swallowed 8 magnets)
      George: You know, he did this so his parents will get a divorce. He made himself sick so that they would take hi seriously.
      Bailey: Mmm. I bet they take him seriously now.
      George: Nah. They just said that they would try not to fight as much.
      Bailey: I am elbow deep in their eight year-old. Sounds like somethin' a little extra effort can't fix.
      George: You're probably right.
      Bailey: I am so right. About so many things, it'll make your head spin.

    • Harriet: What the hell is this?
      Izzie: Oh, room shortage, we're gonna have to double up.
      Harriet: What?!
      Izzie: Harriet, meet Jerry.
      Jerry: This is absurd!
      Izzie: Oh, not so angry, Jerry. It's bad for the complexion, right Harriet?
      Alex: Harriet, Jerry might be monoplizing the bathroom for a few hours, so if you need to go, I'd go now.
      Jerry: This is unacceptable!
      Harriet: I don't even think it's legal.
      Izzie: Well, my advice to you would be to get yourselves discharged as soon as possible.
      Alex: See 'ya. (they leave the room)

    • Bailey (opens the door to the O.R, where Callie is jamming to music while doing surgery): Dr. Torres, I need to talk to you for a minute.
      Callie: I'm in the middle of a scattered femur, thank god for men who ride motorcycles, right, Yang?
      Cristina (unenthused): Right.
      Bailey: There's some scheduling issues that you have to deal with.
      Callie: Yeah, can you handle that again? Thanks. (goes back to jamming to the music, Bailey shuts the door, and enters the hallway)
      Alex (walks up): I need to talk to Dr. Torres. My patient won't crap and won't stop talkin' about it. I'm done.
      Izzie (walks up): Is Dr. Torres in there? My facelift won't walk and she is abusive. I can't work with her.
      Lexie (walks up): Dr. Shepherd is ready to discharge Teresa Brotherton's baby but father's in no condition to take care of her.
      Richard (walks up and sees them huddled around Bailey): Is there a problem?
      Bailey: Uh... Just a little adminstrative traffic jam. Dr. Torres has it all under control. (Richard walks off) Okay, here's what's gonna happen. Take crap man and put him in the same room as lazy face, they can abuse each other. The baby can stay another night. Now, get out of here. Oh! And if anybody asks, none of this was my idea.

    • Harriet: Ugh, I am in too much pain. Leave me alone.
      Izzie: Yep. And the best thing for pain is to get you outta bed and get you moving. You will feel much better.
      Harriet: I will feel better if you leave.
      Izzie: Harriet...
      Harriet: Stop scowling, you can scowl later when you actually have something to scowl about. When your ass expands, or when you get a double chin, but right now, you are young, you should be having fun. Go. Start enjoying your life. You're getting uglier by the minute!

    • Lexie (to Meredith): Listen, I, I -- I had no idea that it was your house. And I -- I'm not the girl that sleeps around, I'm not. You know, there's just so much going on at home that-- (gets interrupted by a patient, they talk to him a minute)
      Meredith: Dr. Grey, why don't you go get the baby.
      Guy: You're both Dr. Grey. Are you two sisters?
      Lexie (pauses): No. No. Just same last name.

    • Mark: Mornin'.
      Derek: Mornin'.
      Mark: I'm a person of substance. Plastics isn't all face lifts. I do many substanal, life changing surgeries.
      Richard (walks in elevator as they walk out): The stain is still there, so next time make sure you stand there and watch them mark it with the tape. (elevator doors close)
      Mark: And everyone thinks it's so easy being the Chief's girlfriend. You need to talk, I'm here.

    • Cristina: Uh, you know, I've been trying to do what you said but it's not working.
      Callie: What did I say?
      Cristina: To try another specialty.
      Callie: Cristina, I have back-to-back surgeries, and I don't know what you're talking about, okay? So, bye. (turns to walk away)
      Cristina: Dr. Bailey said it was your idea, but I thought maybe--
      Callie: Oooh! Oh, yeah. Yeah, that-- The... Yeah. My idea... for you to try... other specialties.
      Cristina: So can I scrub in with you?
      Callie: You hate ortho.
      Cristina: No, I love ortho. But, I can't observe anymore, I-- I need to scrub in even if it's on ortho. ... Which I love.

    • George (they go to kiss and bump noses): We should-- We should, ah, just stop for a second. We're nervous and akward. We have to admit that we're a little nervous and we're akward.
      Izzie: Yeah, it's a little akward.
      George: Yeah. We just 'cause-- 'cause we're nervous and we just have to get over ourselves.
      Izzie: How?
      George: Um... We could pick a fantasy.
      Izzie: A what?
      George: You know, a fantasy. (Izzie chuckles) You could pick a-- Any fantasy.... Any fantasy any... I will do anything that you want me to.
      Izzie: Anything? (cut to them in the bathroom, with him laying in the shower, and looking like he fell, and Izzie is sitting outside the tub wrapped in a towel looking distrought)
      George: That's what you wanted?
      Izzie: No. ... I mean, yes. But, that's not what I meant.
      George: What did you mean then?
      Izzie: Let's just not ever talk about this again. Please. ... We have chemistry, George. I know we have it. Because we had the best sex I've ever had in my life, do you remember that sex?
      George: I do. It's vague and it's inflashy, but I do.
      Izzie: I want that sex back. We can do this.
      George: Well, I want that sex back! ... I think I chipped my tooth.

    • Richard: Hey, have you seen Torres? Now, she promised me a breakdown of next weeks E&T confernce... (Bailey holds out a folder) by the end of today. (he takes the folder)
      Bailey: Uh, she asked me to pass it along, must've slipped my mind. My apologies.
      Richard (looks at the report): This- this is good. Nice work.
      Bailey: Thank you. I mean-- Yep. (Richard glares, and walks off)

    • Alex: You paged me?
      Lexie: Yeah. I was wondering, do you think that I could pick her up? The baby. I mean, the father really hasn't been down here and she's been through so much already.
      Alex: That's not why you paged me.
      Lexie: It's not?
      Alex: You paged me because your legs are still shakin' from the other night and you're trying to work up the nerve to invite me to a friendly neighborhood on-call room. (smirks)
      Lexie: Actually, I paged you because I wanted to know you if you could please tell Meredith that I had no idea that her house was your house. She and I-- We were making progress. And now she must think that I'm a stalker!
      Alex: Sorry. Your issues can't be my issues. I am here for the sex if you need it. (picks up the baby and hands it to her)
      Lexie: If I need it?
      Alex (smiles): You know you need it.

    • Mark: Hahn took my O.R, she's pushy.
      Cristina: She's pushy and rude.

    • Erica (showing him an x-ray): Know what this is?
      Mark: Looks like multiple rib fractures and a massive hemo-throax.
      Erica: Actually, it's you giving up O.R two. My patient is emergant.
      Mark: Well, then what do I tell my patient?
      Erica: If it were me, I'd tell her to age gracefully.

    • Harriet: Is there a surgery that can make me look like her?
      Mark: You're much prettier than Dr. Stevens.
      Harriet: Then how come I can't even remember the last time that I had sex. I bet Dr. Stevens can remember the last time she had sex.
      Mark: Harriet, don't harass the residents.
      Harriet: She's young. She still has her looks. Although, sweetie, you're already getting worry lines. What do you possibly have to be worried about?
      Izzie (defensive): Nothing. I- I don't have worry lines.
      Harriet: Oh, your frown line is already promidant. (Izzie touches her face) Whatever is wrong in your life, you need to fix it, quick.

    • Cristina (to her interns): The E.R. can be a candy store. You've got car crashes, and implaiments. (to Nurse) What've you got?
      Nurse: Sprained ankle and infected bunion.
      Cristina (turns back to her interns): It can also strip you of your will to live. Okay, go troll. Find me somethin' good. (Cristina walks off, Lexie follows)
      Lexie: Dr. Yang. Has Meredith said anything to you about me? Because she's been avoiding me for days.
      Cristina: You know, what did I say to you about talking to me about your personal life? (a woman comes in crying, carrying a baby)

    • Cristina (reading the board): Grey and Hahn. (Bailey walks up) Hey, she can't do this. She can't just not teach me, it's her job! Torres has to make her teach me.
      Bailey: Hey, if the chemistry isn't there...
      Cristina: It's not chemistry. She doesn't like me.
      Bailey: She says it's chemistry.
      Cristina: You know, I'm going to Torres.
      Bailey: Ah, Dr. Torres, wanted me to tell you to... find another speciatly.
      Cristina: Why?
      Bailey: It's not gonna work with Hahn so you need to find a way to make it work with another specialty. I suggest that you try the E.R.
      Cristina: What?
      Bailey: Uh, this isn't a request. It's an order. From your Chief Resident. (walks away leaving Cristina shocked)

    • Richard: The schedule is a mess, your mess, clean it up. (walks off)
      Bailey (walks up): The chief had on his stern face.
      Callie: Yeah, you know? I was -- I was happy this morning. You know why? Because I have back-to-back surgeries today. (smiles)
      Bailey: You have on your 'I want somethin' face.
      Callie: Will you cover for me? Do the Chief Resident thing, so I can stay happy. (Bailey is about to say something) Just- Just today. Please, please, please, please.
      Bailey: You want me to--
      Callie: Be me. But you know, better. Be you.

    • Meredith: I don't care if you see with Lexie.
      Alex: No, I just can't do it at my house.
      Meredith: It's my house.
      Alex: Ah, get over it. It was a one-time thing anyway.
      Meredith: Alex.
      Alex: No, seriously. One-time. What's the problem with you and your sister anyway?
      Meredith: She's not my sister. (Alex keeps on walking, Meredith stops when she sees George)
      George: Hey.
      Meredith: You look weird.
      George: I don't look weird.
      Meredith: What's wrong?
      George: I look fine.
      Meredith: I know you!
      George: It's horrible! The sex... with Izzie... horrible.It's like she's trying too hard. It's like... you ever seen a porno? Not that Izzie is a porno, she's an angel, but is like she's trying to be a pornstar, she's trying to act all dirty and sexy, which sounds great, right? (Meredith cringes) But, in reality, I just wanna say: Izzie, just because you can do that with your legs, doesn't mean that you should!
      Meredith (holds a finger to her ear and cringes): Aah... I wanna run!
      George: Run. Run now.

    • Izzie: Oh. (sighs) I love George.
      Meredith (wide eyed): Oh, god.
      Izzie: I do, I love him, and I'm so happy because he's kind and smart and um, sweet and sexy. He's perfect, perfect, except for the fact that he kisses like a chicken. You know a chicken pecking the ground for food, justs pecking and pecking and pecking, and when he's pecking at me like that I forget that I love him, I forget that he's kind and sweet and sexy and I just wanna scream, "Stop pecking at me!" Did he peck you like a chicken, Mer? (Meredith doesn't know what to say)
      Cristina (walks in): Mornin'.
      Meredith: Cristina needs me. (walks away from Izzie, over to Cristina)
      Cristina: I'm painting Burke's apartment so I can stop calling it Burke's apartment. A happy color. Red. Like blood. Plus, I am on cardio this whole week. One of the benefits of living with the person who makes the schedule.
      Alex (walks in): I'm on post-op. Again! Second week in a row. Trade with me.
      Cristina: Oh, yeah. No way.
      Alex: I was talkin' to Meredith.
      Cristina: Why? I'm with Hahn.
      Alex: Dude, wake up and smell the surgical board.

    • (after having sex)
      Izzie: Wow...
      George: Yeah.
      Izzie: That was...
      George: Arobic.
      Izzie: Arobic bad?
      George: No, no. Why did you think that it was bad?
      Izzie: No, no... I mean, obviously we were both nervous.
      George: Yeah... yeah. We've been waiting for so long it's like--
      Izzie: You've gotta be good.
      George: -- You know, it better to be worth it. (they chuckle, akwardly)
      Izzie: Yeah, it's a lot of pressure.
      George: Yeah...
      Izzie: Let's just do it again.

    • (A kid eats a marble and his mother agreed to give him something if they go to the hospital)
      Kid: But I still get something right? You said that after we get to the hospital I would get whatever I wanted!
      Mother: Absolutely, sweety, you were really brave.
      Father: Yeah, buddy, anything you want...
      Kid: I want you guys to get a divorce!

    • Erica: I'm taking Meredith Grey from you this week. Her mother was a good surgeon, and I wanna see what she's like.
      Mark: Well, that's not how it works here. You get assigned a resident. There's a schedule.
      Erica: Well, the schedule doesn't take into account certain things.
      Mark: Like what?
      Erica: Like the fact that I don't want Yang. You can have Stevens. And I'm sure Shepherd won't mind. (walks away)
      Derek (walks up): Won't mind what?
      Mark: She's sassy.
      Derek: She's a woman of substance, you two have nothing in common. Ah, I'm late. I had to drop off the Chief's dry cleaning.
      Mark: You're doing his laundry?
      Derek: We're helping each out.
      Mark: Yeah, what's he doing?
      Derek: He has an extensive DVD collection. (pauses, raises his eyebrows, and exhales)
      Mark: You're dating the Chief. (Derek half laughs at him)

    • Derek : What's new with you?
      Meredith: I saw my half-sister half naked. (Derek chuckles) What's new with you?
      Derek: I had dinner and a movie... With the Chief. (Meredith moves to get off the bed, Derek pushes her back down on it and kisses her) Hey, you could stay.
      Meredith: Eh, I think I'm gonna go. Leave you wanting more and all of that.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Before we were doctors, we were med students; which meant we spend a lot of time studying chemistry. Organic chemistry, biochemistry… we learned it all. But when you are talking about human chemistry, only one thing matters; either you've got it… or you don't.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Milostná romance (Love Romance)
      Slovakia: Fyzická príťažlivosť, chemická reakcia (Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: January 28, 2008 on Foxlife
      Saudi Arabia: February 12, 2008 on ShowSeries
      Latin America: March 24, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Australia: March 25, 2008 on Seven
      Sweden: March 26, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Germany: April 2, 2008 on ProSieben
      Finland: April 9, 2008 on Nelonen
      The Netherlands: April 21, 2008 on Net 5
      Croatia: April 24, 2008 on RTL TV
      Israel: April 28, 2008 on YES Stars 1
      Norway: October 7, 2008 on TV2
      Romania: November 18, 2008 on TVR1
      Serbia: January 30, 2009 on B92
      Czech Republic: February 19, 2009 on Prima

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. iluvitwhenya by Northern State
      2. Name by Derek Webb
      3. Pouring On The Gasoline by Calahan
      4. Rain by Priscilla Ahn
      5. San Jose by Joe Purdy


    • Chief: You've been doing the lion's share of the Chief Resident's work. All the responsibility and none of the credit.

      This could be an allusion to Charles Dickens' book A Tale Of Two Cities in which one of the main characters, Sydney Carton, is called the Lion and his partner is referred to as the Jackal. Carton does all the work for their cases and is the smart one of the pair despite giving off the appearance as the one who is dragging the team down.

    • Episode Title: Physical Attraction... Chemical Reaction

      The title of this episode is an allusion to a line from a song by Madonna called Physical Attraction.