Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 7

Physical Attraction... Chemical Reaction

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2007 on ABC

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  • Not a bad episode...But I still miss Burke!!!

    Callie and Miranda relationship made a drastic change. I think deep down inside Callie really gave Miranda the job. I was glad to see Callie move on, she didn't seem too upset about losing her job. Izzie and George relationship was doomed from the beginning. I wish Izzie would have figured out she didn't want George before she ruined his marriage to Callie, although that wasn't a bad thing. Hopefully they will explore the relationship of Callie and Dr. Sloan. Love that guy. Derek needs to move on....maybe to Christina, Meredith is annoying. Wouldn't that be funny. I'm glad Miranda got the job, she would do a better job, I just hope she doesn't lose her family like the Chief did. All in all a good episode.
  • Nice episode. We are given strong information about Lexie and now it's impossible to hate her. Also, we reach this conclusion: Callie's marriage was broken...over nothing.

    I have to say that this is one fine episode of the season. Background information about Lexie is given with more details, even though Lexie stats in "A change is gonna come" that "[...]fathers drink so much that they don't even know in what year are they in". We overlooked this information and it seems to be the main reason of Lexie's problems. Besides, the way she comfronts Meredith and also the way she tries to get closer to her were worthy of a trophy. I liked Rockmond's performance, that sweet style from the second season of 'Prison Break'. It was good to see a familiar hace guest starring.
    Also, the Chief's decision was fine. I loved to see Miranda as a human being, crying, and expressing herself as she did in this episode.
    Surprisingly, I didn't quite hate MerDer in this opportunity: maybe it was because of Mer's comments, such as "I saw my half-sister half-naked"... It was grotesque!
    The little boy attempt to divorce the parents was, in my opinion, to give a clear message. When parents quarrel, the most damaged are always the children. This happens a lot and we don't notice. You also can watch this in The Simpsoms episode "A Milhouse divided"
    Mer's narration needs no futher comments, since it talks for itself "Chemistry. Either you've got it, or you don't"
    But some things...
    That old couple story wasn't funny at all. That guy was just growling, and the lady was obsessed about beauty. Wasn't that kinda stereotipical? We are beautiful as we are, in our own ways, so I don't condome cosmetic surgery (except the patient who had an accident and needed the face fixed).

    Erica's turning down was...predictable...but not the reasons. Maybe that's true, but is not the same reason that it's given in 4x11. There was no way to be suspicious about Erica's "taste" in this episode.

    Cristina is not herself anymore. She should have insisted with Hahn, or have gone with the Chief (a long time ago!) to denounce this. Now it seems another character is loosing his essence.

    Meredith being angry at Lexie? Mer's just bein' rude and she should be more open with Lexie, since Lex is proven to need a lot of afection.

    And the worst part of the episode award goes to...Izzie and George! A marriage was broken and the leftovers guided to nowhere. And, therefore, Callie's pain was all for nothing... Callie's destroyed and the reason for the marriage's ending was met by...chemistry?
    Mer's narration needs no comments, since it talks for itself "Chemistry. Either you've got it, or you don't"

    To sum up, this episode revealed us a lot about Lexie's mind, gave us a lot of warnings and also destroyed (again) Gizzie's storyline.
  • Brilliant, the best episode so far this season.

    This was another great episode but as I said why do they have to go ruin Gizzie, well they didn't breakup but it basically implied they had no chemistry so I'd say it won't last much longer. I personally like them as a couple and think its a shame to ruin them (After re-watching this episode, I actually wasn't bothered by this, it was a funny storyline). About time Baily got the job and Callie was fired, to be honest I hope Callie gets her own storyline now, she needs one. Lexi saying "Screw you" to Meredith was also good, finally she stood up for herself. I'm not sure about Alex and Lexi, I don't know I think there the ones with no chemistry. So we were informed that Thatcher, Meredith and Lexi's dad has a drinking problem, that should be interesting. Dr Hahn needs to get off Cristinas back. Sloan liking Hahn was a good side story but I'm glad she said no. When will Meredith and Dereck either stop with the breakup sex or get togther as a couple, who knows?
  • Dr. Hahn continues to make her presance noticed at Seattle Grace. The chief demotes someone. Meredith continues to try to push Lexie away. Alex gets to see what Lexie has to deal with while being around her father. Izzie and George have issues.

    The episode begins with George and Izzie in bed after they finally get to have sex. I remember thinking to myself "Well, looks like they finally got that hot perfect sex." However, we find out that both George and Izzie have issues with the other one. George tells Meredith that Izzie is horrible in bed, and reveals some details that Meredith really did not want to hear. I thought George's comments were a little mean until Izzie cornered Meredith after he escape from George. I knew that was going to happen, she'd run from George and run right into Izzie. I thought it was hilarious when Izzie said George kisses like a chicken pecking her face. Izzie and George discuss their issues and agree that they need to do something to take their minds off being so nervous about sleeping with each other. George throws out the idea of playing out a fantasy, so Izzie tells him one of hers. They act it out, and we see George in the bathtub and Izzie on the floor when they were done. Izzie's face looked like she was terrified and i thought that was extremely funny! Izzie decides they should never talk about that encounter again. Finally, in one more attempt to get the sex they had before when George and Callie were still together, she brings out the box of fun. The episode ends with these two smiling and agreeing that this sex was even better than the first time...until they both realize that the other one is lying! I thought it was very funny. Maybe they should have thought about how bad the sex would be before they decided to get back together. I can't wait to see what's in store for these two next. So Yang decides to paint the walls in order to make her place feel like it's not Burke's apartment anymore. I thought it was funny when she said "i'm painting it a happy, like blood." Yang continues to have problems with Dr. Hahn. After a suggestion from Bailey, Cristina decided to try herself in the E.R. She gets a patient who brings in a baby that hit it's head. The woman was in the middle of hugging Yang when she collapsed. Dr. Hahn also took over this patient from Cristina. I'm wondering if Hahn is trying to eliminate her competition since she is the new head of Cardio, because Yang would be her biggest rival in that area. I have to say i was a little disappointed. I thought for sure that Yang would put up much more of a fight against Hahn. Yang decides to settle for scrubbing in with Callie on Ortho, which she hates. Callie can't keep up with all the schedualing difficulties and her surgeries along with all the other problems she has to attend to while being CR, so she asks Bailey to help cover for her. The chief finally figures out what's going on and demotes Callie from her position. When the chief asks Bailey if she'll be the new cheif resident, Bailey starts to cry. I don't think i've ever actually seen that woman REALLY cry since the show has been. I've seen crocidile tears, but not actual sobs. I was pretty surprised. So, Mark tells Derek that he has a thing for Dr. Hahn. After Derek says that it would be a bad idea, Mark hits on Hahn anyway at Joe's bar, and she shoots him down. I have to say as being a fan of Brooke Smith's acting she was probably the best person to play a character that would be a suitable replacement for Burke. I loved her on Crossing Jordan, and i love her now. Anyway, The husband of the woman with the baby comes in and doesn't really want anything to do with the baby, but seems more concerned with his wife who is trying to hold on for her life. I thought the baby might have been stollen, or might have been a crack baby or something, until we finally find out that he isn't the real father. I knew there was something going on there. After the mother dies, Lexie tries to get the man to be a father to the baby. Meredith takes this oppertunity to send Lexie a message without actually speaking to her, but this was after Meredith was mean to Lexie again, and also told Alex to stay away from her. It was also after Lexie decided to start spewing out things about herself to Meredith, basically forcing Meredith to get to know her a little bit whether she wanted to or not. I thought that was actually pretty smart. I like Lexie and i'd like to see Meredith have something to do with SOMEONE in her family. So When Alex dumps Lexie, Meredith changes her mind and tells Alex to take her home from Joe's. Alex takes Lexie home where he runs into Meredith and Lexie's father who is drunk and trying to get in his car. Alex offered to go to the store and get him some more liquor, to save him from getting behind the wheel. Alex got a glimpse of what Lexie has to deal with, and Lexie asks him not to tell Meredith. In the meantime, the chief has Derek running around doing errands for him like they are married! I thought that was quite amusing. After Derek makes plans with the chief to have dinner and a movie and then forgets, the chief walks in on Derek and Meredith in bed together. A couple brings in their child who swallowed a marble and announces to his parents that he wants them to get a divorce. Here we get to see the mother played by Stephanie March, my former favorite A.D.A. from Law and Order SVU. The boy gets sent home only to wind up back in the hospital in a horrible amount of pain, where we learned that he swallowed what he thought was eight more marbles. The team then discovers that they were magnets and the boy's life is in danger. The team has to perform surgery on him. Alex and Izzie had to deal with two bull headed patients that were obviously not going to follow what they needed to do before being discharged, so Bailey makes the two room together. Alex and Izzie walk in on the two having sex. I thought that was pretty funny. All in all this was another fantastic episode, and as usual i can't wait to see the next one.
  • good episode but not as good as the ones we got used to...

    A boy swallows a marble because he wants his parents to pay attention on him and stop fighting. Although there isn't any problem on him, the next day he swallows 8 marble-like magnets which are attracted to each other and they move slowly through his diafragm. Bailey successfully takes them out and the boy asks his parents to take a divorce.
    A woman comes running with her baby saying that it fell from the stairs. The doctors treat it well and it is alright but the woman collapses and her heart stops beating. Twice this happens and there must be a surgery. Unfortunately, she dies because her heart couldn't take the strain. The father of the child, which is adopted, decides to raise the child himself and name it Letisha, a name his wife wanted.
    A guy that has to crap and a woman that came in for cosmetic surgery are very annoying so they are put together in the same room to stop whining. Later when Alex and Izzie come looking for them they find them in the same bed...
    Callie asks Miranda to take over her duties as a Chief Resident. After some good decisions of Bailey, Chief Webber starts suspecting that something's wrong. When he realises that Bailey took all those successful decisions he fires Callie and makes Bailey Chief Resident.
    Izzie and Georges' perfect night is not as they have imagined. Izzie does something with her legs that George doesn't like and Izzie says that George's kissing is like pecking.
    Erika doesn't want Christina with her in cardiosurgery and Bailey tells her that she should try another specialty and suggests the ER.
  • What does this mean about George and Izzie?????? It was about time Bailey got the job!!!!

    Another good episode!!! It was about time the chief recognized Bailey is the right person for the job! I just can't believe she was actually willing to help Torres! Finally she is back where she is supposed to be. Now, does Callie mean she really got fired, like she is leaving or just fired from the resident job and back to being the ortho person???? I really hope she is not leaving. I am so sad to see that is not working out sexually between George and Izzie. They really are a cute couple and I'd hate to see them breaking up. I hope they don't do that. Cristina's storylines are a little boring. I don't see where all the hate from Hauhn is coming. Great medical cases again. I am glad to see they are coming back stronger. Can't wait til the next. George and Izzie better get better.
  • Parents with child who ate some marbles!

    One heck of a show once again. As we see Callie leave after she was fired. Really didn't care much for her. As Bailey got the job finally. Everybody is wondering whether Meredith and Derek will get together for real or they are just holding back a bit. Making sure that they are really comfortable with one another. As two parents come in when their child swallowed some marbles. As one dad is worried about the thought of raising his child alone. As his wife is going to plastic surgery. Which is a risk if you ask me. Really again it is a great show. And here's to more I hope!
  • Finally, the end of some storylines from season 3 that didn't really make sense.

    The best part of this episode is that it is the end of Gizzie. They worked ok when George needed a reason to get out of the marriage and Izzie wanted something she couldn't have, but once they could actually be together they just didn't make sense as a couple. I was also really happy Bailey got the job, it was a great scene between her and the cheif. I liked how Bailey was making all the decisions and trying to make it look like Torres did it. I really liked how she told Christina to do something else besides Cardio, so that she could see that she needed to fight for it. It was entertaining to watch Christina mope about Cardio. It was also good how she put the two patients in the same room, even though they were kind of annoying. The storyline about the baby and the father not feeling closeness was good, and I loved how he realized he knew more about the baby then anyone else, so he should keep it. It was good how this related to Merideth and Lexie, but overall I am not loving the storylines with Merideth. All she ever does is distance herself from her family and her relationship with Derek. Some of the new relationships in the show, like Alex and Lexie, and Haun and Sloan I am not a huge fan of. However, I am loved Derek and the cheif.
  • I watched this one on my way home tonight... I liked this one.

    Izzie and George are having bad sex, I don't know what happened that night but now...
    Callie and Bailey change places so to speak, Bailey does her old job but the credits go to Torres.
    That guy with the bathroom problem was annoying me and that woman with the plastic was also!! I was glad they were put in the same room and that happened lol

    Derek is dating the chief lol Since the chief moved to Derek's land, Derek's has been doing his thinks, they are having breakfast and dinner and having movie nights...
    I feel bad for Christina, she lost her spot in Cardio to Meredith but I really like that red in her bedroom.

    That whole Meredith and Lexi situation needs to evolve.
    Callie lost her job, I knew that it was going to happen, she didn't do it like Bailey and Bailey is the best!

    I was really surprised to see Bailey cry when the chief gave her the job back! She is human I know but it was strange, out of the ordinary.

    Oh and Meredith's preocupation with Lexi, at Joe's was good. After all they are sisters..
    And looks like Thatcher is not doing well...
  • Was good.

    Izzie and George have sex, and the result is not that good. So they keep trying and trying and trying hehehe

    A man is having trouble going to the bathroom.

    Derek is the chief's girlfriend hehehe.

    Torres asks Miranda to replace her job as chief for a while. And that will make a drastic change in the hospital.

    Cristina is jealous of Meredith because she is working with Hahn and Mark is in love with Hahn hehehe.

    A boy makes himself sick so that his parents get separated.

    This overall was a very good episode, the most important stuff for me was Miranda finally getting the job she deserved and Alex seeing the reality in the new Grey's home.
  • It started off rough, but a number of events made it quite good.

    As Callie asks even more help from Bailey, her job gets put on the line, but before that could happen, people would have to find out first.

    Izzie and George are having fun, but deep down, one of them isn't really liking all the excitement.

    Christina continues to struggle with Hahn, but as usual, she is stuck considering cardiology, as much as she loves it.

    Grey and Lexi reach a new level of anger, but Alex remains neutral on the argument even if he is dating Lexi.

    The Chief and Derek don't seem to be getting along as a couple (as Sloan would put it) due to the Chief's lack of knowledge on taking care of himself.

    Sloan is hitting on Hahn, but Hahn manages to set him straight. Though I could see them together.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Meredith): Before we were doctors, we were med students; which meant we spend a lot of time studying chemistry. Organic chemistry, biochemistry… we learned it all. But when you are talking about human chemistry, only one thing matters; either you've got it… or you don't.
  • It is about time Bailey got the job!

    I was looking forward to using the opening in my Chemistry class, only to later decide the imagery would only get me in trouble. Nonetheless, this episode was one of the few individual Grey's episodes that really pleased me. All of the storylines within the ongoing plot wrapped up cleanly at the end, Meredith started warming up to her sister and Bailey finally got the job she deserves. I also think it is ironic that as Callie got demoted and dips into a bad place emotionally, George and Izzie can't make things 'click'. Always good to find out that the chmiestry doesn't work after you leave your wife... Karma I suppose.
  • A good episode, a little contridicting

    Ok. Let me just say that the entire Izzie George thing I never understood. When did they fall in "love"? I'm currently watching the 2nd season and I don't see a lot of interaction between the two of them. I have felt from the beginning of this that Izzie wants what she can't have and that is comeing true. Their sex sucks. There were great classic Dr. Baily hardass clips, along with the new hardass Dr. Hon. Dr. Torez got fired. Although there is some fuzziness on what her job title was. From my understand The Cheif was the chief of surgery and chief resident. He stepped down from only one position and I thought it was chief resident make Dr. Torez the new chief resident then why would she be in charge of the surgical board? It seems that Meredith is finially realizing that she can't be so cold and needs to let people into her life.

    And for once Alex wasn't a complete jerk.
  • The demise of "Gizzie", my dreams are coming true!

    I have loved this show from the beginning, but when they paired George and Izzie together, I seriously considered not watching anymore.

    They do not have chemistry ( took the writers long enough to get the characters to admit that). Izzie had chemistry with Alex but then that relationship burned out. Then Izzie ended up with Denny, and if you've watched from the beginning, you know what happens to him.

    So then Izzie ends up alone, and for some reason, someone thought that her and George would make a good couple. Not! They are great as friends, and hopefully after this disaster, they still can be.

    I don't like Callie, she seems unnecessary. She doesn't really have any friends and the one relationship she was in, ended up in divorce. Sara Ramirez is a great actress, its not her, its her character. She needs a juicier storyline. Whatever happened to her dad? The MerDer relationship needs to end for a while, its boring.

    I was sad when Meredith's mom passed away (although it was inevitable). I thought that they were maybe going to explore more of the dynamics of their relationship before her mom died. But now her Dad is going to be in a few episodes and he has become an alcoholic. When Meredith finally finds out that her Dad is an alcoholic, the scenes should get quite dramatic. Ellen Pompeo is going to have her work cut out for her. It will be nice though, to see more of the families of the characters. I am not crazy about Dr Hahn. I think I like her better than Burke but I'm not sure why. It was nice to see Christina put in her place because she always gets her way and isn't very friendly.

    It was nice to see Dr. Bailey finally promoted. She definitely deserved it. I thought the scene where she cried was pretty funny, because you wouldn't expect her to cry.

    They should get a lady for the Chief! Hopefully the poor guy won't have to live with Derek for very long.
  • Grey's is back in full swing

    Yes, at last, season 4 has caught up to itself.
    How many times did I laugh out loud during this episode? This is why I watch Grey's.
    Brilliant writing this ep.
    Loved Sloan and his observations of Haan, especially when Yang was with him too. Hann is growing on me, she is a head strong character and while I don't agree with her dismissals of Yang, I believe she has a process. At least she is giving Mere a chance to show her skills too.

    Well as I predicted (and hoped) the George and Izzy business has fizzled out. Problem is, will be they be able to get back to being the great friends they were? Doubtful. At least things aren't ending on bad terms though.

    At last! Torres has been fired from the position she had no business doing in the first place. I was almost tearful at Bailey being given the recognition and praise she deserves by the Chief. Rock on! People seem to be confused about whether she was full blown fired, but I highly doubt she was. She shirked her responsibilities and was a rubbish Chief Resident, but she's still their best Ortho surgeon, they wouldn't get rid of her completely.

    I love the developments with Lexie and Mere. These last few eps Lexie has really been given a chance to show what a compassionate person she is, and Mere is coming around to the idea of being her sister too. It's all working for her at the moment. I think I kinda saw the drunk father thing coming. It's pretty obvious that that would be the route he would go down. How cute was she talking about the Etch a Sketch :-P

    Keep up the good work I say to the writers!
  • Not bad.

    Okay, so I only watched this episode because I'm waiting for another TV show, but I have to admit it was interesting and sad. I'm totally confused. I thought this was about you know the drama of working as a doctor/nurse, not a soap opera with more secks than an naughty film. Well, I feel sorry for Yang, being shuffled around a lot.

    OMG that poor kid. Those parents totally suck, though swallowing eight "marbles" really isn't a way to get their attention. I feel so sorry for that guy who lost his wife and felt so freaked out about taking care of their newly adopted baby. At least he was given a pep talk. :)
  • Confusing...was I the only one?

    Okay so this episode to me...Hm.
    George and Izzie:
    I thought that this was the end. I was totally excited in the beginning and throughout the whole episode that they were going to realize that they were not in love and we going to break up with each other. And the end...was George lying about still being married...or were they both lying about having incredible sex? If George was divorced, wouldn't we KNOW? When did THIS happen?

    Meredith and Lexie:
    Great storyline with the dead mom and the adopted was really sad but fit really well. I'm glad that Meredith is starting to accept her more, but that was a total **** move when she told her "to stop living in her life." Oh, and alchoholic...I just feel so bad to Lexie. The way she said, "Don't tell Meredith,"...just sad. But go Alex.

    OH, and was Callie fired from being Chief Resident or FIRED FIRED? Anyway I kind of felt like I was watching a different show this time. Not nesecarilly in a bad way, either. Just the parts where Lexie said to Meredith, "screw you," and the scene with Thatcher. Maybe it was because I'm so used to Grey's being in certain scenerys and those two were different. I feel like the show has kind of transformed, and I'm not saying that that's a bad thing. All in all good episode...would just appreciate some clarification. Maybe a writer's blog, but I'm not sure we'll get one considering the circumstances...