Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 6

Poker Face

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2011 on ABC



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    • Arizona: My surgery got pushed. I can't pick up the short rib.
      Mark: The butcher closes at six, right?
      Arizona: Oh, we could roast a chicken.
      Mark: Yes.
      Callie: Could we please shut up about dinner? Please.
      Arizona: Oh, sorry.

    • Richard: I saw Kepner take a mouse from that room, now what's goin' on?
      Meredith: I don't know anything.
      Richard: You blinked. Now, you know something. Is something wrong with the device?
      Meredith: I really shouldn't talk about it.
      Richard: Grey.
      Meredith: Bailey's not gonna find out about it?
      Richard: Bailey locked me out of my own mouse lab, I'm not telling her crap.
      Meredith: Some of the mice are hyperglosemic. We're running tests to try and find out why.
      Richard: Okay, Grey, here's what you do, get a healthy mouse, run some labs and compare the stats. Can you do that?
      Meredith: Well, April's being a little...
      Richard: Oh, you can handle Kepner, Grey. Now, I'm on call so page me when you get the results.

    • Cristina (after her phone goes off): Oh, that's Owen. Duty calls.
      Meredith: Are you two talking yet or is it just sex?
      Cristina: Not just sex. Hot, dirty, stand on my head sex.
      Meredith: I'll take that as a 'no'.
      Cristina: Come on, who cares if we talk. Besides, if you wanna talk about somethin', how about the fact that you're wasting your fifth year playing around with vaginas and mice, huh? Wanna talk about that?
      Meredith: Do you really stand on your head?
      Cristina: I'm very talented.

    • Meredith: I really don't have time for this. Two more moms just came in.
      April: Yeah, but as long as no one is crowning, they'll be fine. (they walk into her office) What are you doing?
      Cristina: Uh, researching a new surgery for my neck guy.
      April: What are you feeding my mouse? Q is diabetic. A donut could kill him.
      Cristina: So then why is he in your office?
      April: So Meredith can run tests on him.
      Cristina: Are you really gonna do her grunt work?
      Meredith: No. Bailey blames me for Richard losing his trial. The last thing she wants is for me to work on it.
      April: Which is why you're doing it in secret.
      Cristina: Okay, that is the worst idea I've ever heard.
      Meredith: Seriously.
      April: I am your chief resident, Dr. Grey! (Mer and Cristina laugh) Which means if you cross me, I will make your life a living hell. I will put you on-call every night. I will assign you dumb interns and I will make sure that you get every exploding bowel and rotting limb that comes into this hospital.
      Meredith: Okay, relax. I'll do it.
      April: Okay. ... It's 'cause I made my voice different, right? Th-That's why you--
      Cristina: Go away before you embarrass yourself.

    • April: Alex, I need you to cover the E.R tonight.
      Alex: No.
      April: It's the E.R., people will die if we're not there.
      Alex: Which will be your fault, not mine.
      April: Alex, please, can't you just be a person for a second?
      Alex: See? This is why you don't deserve this job. You're bad at it. You get all stressed out and frantic and nobody wants to listen to you. You have no authority and your voice, it gets (imitating her) all high and nasally like this when you're nervous. It's annoying. (normal voice) You're annoying. So, no, I can't be a person for a second. Deal with your own crap.

    • Meredith: You're home early.
      Derek: That's the advantage of a boring case load.
      Meredith: Well, did your day get any better?
      Derek: Yes, if you count the fried chicken sandwich that I had in the cafeteria.
      Meredith: Any interesting cases tomorrow?
      Derek: Meredith.
      Meredith: No work talk. I'll be right back. (walks across the hall to Lexie in the shower and opens the shower door)
      Lexie: Meredith!
      Meredith: Why didn't you tell Derek about Mary's tumor?
      Lexie: I- I did. He said it was inoperable.
      Meredith: Did you show him the scans? Did you tell him it was in the frontal lobe?
      Lexie: I- I didn't get a chance. Um, I am naked and wet in the shower, so.
      Meredith: Derek's a tumor junkie. He needs to see the scans and meet the patient to spark the case, the same way he needs the sixteth towel in the O.R to position his arm on the microscope, okay? Are you gonna remember all this or do I need to write it down?
      Lexie: Naked and wet in- in the shower.
      Meredith: I need to write it down.

    • Bailey: Where are my mouse labs?
      April: Sorry, I was stuck in the O.R all day trying not to fall behind on my surgeries.
      Bailey: Oh, so you'd just rather fall behind in my opinion of you?
      April: I will take care of it right away.
      Bailey: It's hard to be a team when only one person cares, Kepner.

    • Derek: Tell me you found the article I asked you for two days ago.
      Lexie: Nope, but I'm really close. This is chart of a patient with a butterfly tumor.
      Derek: Butterfly tumors are inoperable.
      Lexie: No, I- I know but this patient, she's a new mom, it's a really sad story, actually. But I was wondering if you could just do a quick consult?
      Derek: This is why you needed find me so urgently? To tell a woman her tumor is inoperable, to remind her how sad her story is?
      Lexie: No, I- I just--
      Derek: Just find the article.

    • Callie (about Cristina's phone going off): Really? During surgery?
      Cristina: Oh, it could be anyone.
      Callie: Melanie, could you please read Dr. Yang's message out loud.
      Cristina: Melanie, don't do that.
      Callie: Yes, Melanie, do. It might Chief Hunt, he might need Dr. Yang in an urgent matter. (Cristina's phone goes off again) Yep, definetly sounds urgent.
      Cristina: Melanie don't touch that phone! Just uh... turn it off.

    • Derek: Is it July yet? Because I need a whole new crop of residents.
      Owen: Little Grey still struggling?
      Derek: Ah, she's drowning. I didn't know how lucky I had it until Meredith was off my service.
      Owen: Do you know how to read these budget reports?
      Derek: Why do you think I gave up that job?
      Owen: You're a huge help.
      Mark (walks in): Homemade maple ginger scones. Try.
      Derek: No, no.
      Owen: I just had a big lunch.
      Mark: Scones are a very tough pastry to make. You have to be exact with the ingredients, baking temperature--
      Owen: Hey, how's the house coming?
      Derek: Oh, we're working on the drywall now.
      Owen: Really? Hmm.
      Mark: Alright, I get it. I'm a bore. But Avery's doing all my surgeries and I've taken up cooking to keep my mind sharp for when the next big case rolls in.
      Derek: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

    • Cristina: Hey, Karev, trade with me. I mean, you need a good outcome and I'm just doing a stupid neck surgery with Callie.
      Alex: There's no such thing as a stupid neck surgery. You're just afraid of tanking your winning so now you want back on the easy train. Not happening.
      Teddy (walks up): What easy train?
      Cristina: Uh, that's what Dr. Karev calls your service.
      Alex: Because your patient's never die. It's a compliment.
      Teddy: Oh, it has nothing to do with the fact that you're piling up bad outcomes?
      Alex: They were dud patients.
      Teddy: Oh, I'm sure.

    • Meredith: It's called a butterfly tumor because it extends into both parts of the brian. She has about six months.
      Lexie: She's dying so they decided to have a baby?
      Meredith: Well, that's not the point. So, I had St. Cahterine's send over all her scans and I want you to take them to Derek and get him to do a consult.
      Lexie: Derek hates me. You're better off taking them yourself.
      Meredith: Well, the only thing holding our marriage together is that we can't talk about neuro. So he can't know that I had anything to do with this.
      Lexie: So, you're using me? I'm your tumor mule?
      Meredith: Do you want him to stop yelling at you? He needs to be inspired.

    • Callie: I should be grateful that they're getting along, right? I'm not, though. All they do is cook together and talk about food and watch shows where other people talk about food. (Cristina phone goes off, Callie takes it from her)
      Cristina: Oh, don't read that.
      Callie (reading the text): 'I'll bend you over the conference room table and...' Oh! Okay! Why did you let me read that?
      Cristina: My husband can't get enough of me. Jealous?
      Callie: Yes, actually. Arizona and I haven't had much alone time, lately. So, instead we eat.
      Cristina: Oh, that's depressing.

    • Lexie: I'm sorry. I will make sure the nurse seperates your marcro disectors from your micros, I told her that yesterday but she must've forgotten. Which I know, sounds like an excuse and I am sorry for that, too.
      Derek: Lexie.
      Lexie: Yes?
      Derek: Leave, now.
      Lexie: Okay. (walks away, over to Meredith) Hey, can you go have sex with him and make him be nicer?
      Meredith: I told you he's going to be hard on you until you learn all of his quirks.
      Lexie: They're not quirks. They're these scary, nit-picky rules just to drive me crazy. (Mer laughs) What is the deal with him needing sixteen towels in the O.R at all times?
      Meredith: Well, if I give you all the answers, you'll never learn on your own.
      Lexie: You're just as mean as he is. (Mer laughs)

    • Bailey: Kepner, it is preciously challenges like this that I hand picked you for this trial.
      April: You hand picked me because Cristina, Alex and Jackson all said no.
      Bailey: And because you go above and beyond. You solve problems like no one else can. Come on, say it with me now 'I solve problems like...
      April: ... no one else can.'
      Bailey: Now come on, let's get to work.

    • Bailey: What?
      Richard: My key's not working.
      Bailey: Yeah, because I changed the locks.
      Richard: Come on! Now, yes, this isn't my trial but that doesn't mean you can lock me out of my own mouse lab.
      Bailey: My mouse lab!

    • Arizona (kisses Callie's cheek): Wake up, pretty lady.
      Callie: Mmm. Morning.
      Mark (walks in): It's gonna be a great morning. We made you eggs Bendict.
      Callie: Where's Sofia?
      Arizona: Napping. Ooh, try the eggs. The bacon is jalapeno infused.
      Mark: Tomorrow we're making short ribs infused with cabrinet.
      Callie: I just want coffee infused with cream.
      Arizona: Yeah, but just try the holindaze.
      Callie: I have to get ready, I have a big surgery.
      Arizona: Yeah, but just try. (feeds Callie some)

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): As babies, we were easy. One cry meant you were hungry, another you were tired. It's only as adults that we become difficult. They start to hire feelings, put up walls. It gets to the point where we don't really know what anyone thinks or feels. Without meaning to, we become masters of disguise.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): It's not always easy to speak your mind, sometimes you need to be forced to do it. Sometimes, it's better to just keep things to yourself, play dumb, even when your whole body is aching to come clean. So you shut your mouth, keep your secret, and find other ways to keep yourself happy.

    • Meredith: I compared healthy and hypglosemic mice. It looks like the islet cells are being rejected.
      Richard: So, it's not the device. That's good. It could be a reoccurance of auto immunity.
      Meredith: Or a problem with the ingraphment.
      Richard: Maybe it's not the cells being rejected. Maybe there just not surviving because of other causes.
      Meredith: So we should check for signs of rejection.
      Richard: Exactly. (holds up his fist) Bump me. (Mer bumps him)

    • Cristina: It is my fifth year and I have to defend every decision made in my O.R on the boards.
      Callie: Do you know why I picked you to be my co-surgeon? Because you, you take crazy risks in the O.R. But the surgeon I've worked with the past last three days? Safe, boring, a B-minus version of herself. I get it fifth year is competitive. Your whole career depends on it. But if you're not careful you're going to wake up one day and realize you are no longer the bad ass, hardcore, spontaneous, take charge, crazy, fun person you thought you were. But instead some sad sorry wife who stays in every night and talks about food like it's an orgasm when it's clearly not. An orgasm is an orgasm.
      Cristina: I'm sorry. What?
      Callie: Don't let fifth year get to you.

    • Meredith: What'd I miss?
      Jackson: Your O.B now? Well, the mighty have fallen, huh?
      Alex: She misses Zola. Her uterus hurts.
      Cristina: Oh, leave her alone, dirt bag. (to Mer) You are embarrassing me.
      Meredith: I am getting to deliever babies. I'm making life, you know.
      Cristina: Yeah, you know, you're making me gag. Okay, slumming it in O.B for a few weeks is okay, whatever. But wearing the vagina squad scrubs in public, it's uh-- We have standards, Meredith.

    • Alex: What are you ditching O.B to be a vet now?
      Meredith: Well, April dumped Bailey's trial on me. I would be annoyed but it turns out I'm good with mice and I found her secret snack drawer.
      Alex: Oh, sweet.
      April (walks in): Hey, hey. That is not your food. (slaps his hand) Not your food. What have you done to my office?
      Meredith: Get it over it. I'm helping you. Now, go get me a healthy mouse.
      April: Bailey hasn't left the lab in 48 hours, I can't steal another mouse.
      Alex (imitates her): I can't steal another mouse.
      April (deeper voice): Fine, fine. Just keep going. And good job. (Mer laughs. April leaves)
      Cristina (walks in): What does it feel like to get a bad outcome?
      Alex: That guy's paralyzed?
      Cristina: Not yet. (takes a snack out of April's drawer) I wonder what would happen if I took my name off the case.
      Alex: Do it. And take my old guy. Altman has me doing a TAVE on him.
      Cristina: Oh, no way, you're just asking for a bad outcome.
      Lexie: Derek ran an MRI and found out that he can reach under the paraclossa vessels and reach the tumor on both sides.
      Meredith: So, he's operating?
      Lexie: No. Mary's afraid of the risks, well, no, Clay, really. But she listened to him.
      Meredith: Okay, but did you tell them how good he is?
      Lexie: Yeah. (Mer glares at her) Kind of.
      Meredith: Do I have to do everything myself? (gets up)
      Alex (reading Cristina's texts): Hot.
      Cristina: Right?

    • (Callie kisses Arizona)
      Arizona: I missed that.
      Callie: I bet I know what else you missed.

    • Arizona: Hey. You brought pizza?
      Mark: No, pizza. I made a coq au vin. (Callie sets the pizza down, and throws the coq au vin out) What--?
      Arizona: Wait, what are you do--?
      Mark: My coq au vin.
      Callie: Mark, I love you. I love how great you are with our daughter. I love that you and Arizona are friends but you… You need to leave. Because tonight I'm gonna eat pizza and drink beer in bed, with my wife, and then I'm gonna tell her all about the neck I just built and then we're gonna have lots and lots of sex. Okay? We're great parents, but we are more than just Mommies and Daddies. We are hot. And we are sexy. And your new hobby? The hollandaise and the short ribs and the coq au vin? It's getting in the way of our sex life. So please, start having sex again. But not tonight 'cause tonight? You're baby sitting.
      Mark: Can I at least have some pizza? (Callie puts a slice on his plate then motions to the door)
      Arizona: That was incredibly hot. (they kiss)

    • Lexie: He just went in blind. We hit the ventrical, it was the most incredible thing I have ever seen.
      Jackson: Wow. All Sloan taught me today is how to brand a chicken.
      Alex: Altman called me a chicken.
      April (walks up and takes Alex's beer): What you said to me the other day was horrible, mean and--
      Alex: Alright, you're doing it again. You're like a frickin' mosquito. (Lexie laughs)
      April: Yeah, well that's all changing. Lexie you're leading pre-rounds tomorrow, Jackson you're touring med students and Alex, you've got nights in the E.R for the next week. Any of you argue with me and I'll take you off the O.R board, indefinitly. I, on the otherhand just got fired from Bailey's trial so I am gonna spend the night drinking an flirting with boys. (downs Alex's beer and walks off)

    • Richard: Uh, you paged?
      Bailey: Eight of the mice are hyperglasemic.
      Richard: What?
      Bailey: I've been locked in this lab all day and night hiding it from you, trying to understand why. And Meredith Grey figured it out. Now, I've got weeks worth of tests to run and mice to monitor, and real patient's to check on.
      Richard: So, you get help.
      Bailey: From who? I fired Kepner and there's no way in hell I'm putting Meredith on this trial.
      Richard: Oh, the help will show up, trust me. It always does. So, you gotta home, get some rest, the work will be here in the morning. Go. Right now. (Bailey walks out, Richard looks at the mouse) Don't worry, Q. I got your back.

    • Alex: Look, I want my patient back. I was being cautious. You can't punish me for that.
      Teddy: Actually, I can. You've had some bad outcomes, we all get bad outcomes, your problem is that you let it get to you. And now? You're scared. The only thing worse than a bad surgeon is a scared one.

    • Meredith: So we're looking in the wrong place. The device is working but something is harming the ilet cells.
      April: How did you figure that out?
      Meredith: It doesn't matter. So, tell Bailey to look for signs of rejection.
      Bailey (walks in, overhearing): And who do you think you are? Well, God? Is that who you are?
      April: Dr. Bailey she was just doing what I asked her to do.
      Bailey: Because either you're God or you are the most reckless, arrogant resident I have come across in my entire career. I mean to put your hands on another clinical trial after you already ruined one is a level of stupidity so staggering--
      April: I delegated. This has nothing to do--
      Bailey: You are fired from my trial, Kepner. And you... Just give me back my mouse.
      Meredith: Not until you read my research. (Bailey tries to take the mouse, Mer raises her voice) Dr. Bailey, read my research! (Bailey takes Mer's research and the mouse and leaves, Mer turns to April) Hey, that kinda works.

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      Canada: October 20, 2011 on CTV
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