Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 7

Put Me in, Coach

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2011 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • (Owen is throwing balls to Derek who is hitting them into a net)
      Lexie: Uh, the patient and her mother were wondering if you're still doing surgery today. Should I tell them that you're still 'working'?
      Owen: We are working. Sometimes the body thinks better than the brian. (phone rings) Grey, toss him a ball.
      Lexie (tosses Derek a ball, he misses it): Your swing is too high.
      Derek: Did you play ball?
      Lexie: Yeah, I was pitcher.
      Derek: Really?
      Lexie: Yeah. (tosses him a ball, he hits it) Mark's in love.
      Derek: Oh with the eye doctor? That should last fourty eight hours.
      Lexie: Yeah, well, I should be happy for him. (tosses Derek a ball, he misses it)
      Owen: Don't worry, just shake it off, or shake it out, or shake something.
      Derek: It's his new coaching persona.
      Owen: I'm still working on it.
      Lexie (tosses Derek another ball): You're still coming at it wrong. You're-- You're approaching the ball wrong.
      Derek: I'm holding the bat wrong?
      Lexie: No, no. It's not the bat. It's your body. You need to adjust your head, drop your shoulder, I mean, you're not connecting.
      Derek (realizing): Her head's at the wrong angle. I've been adjusting the probe.
      Owen: You have to adjust the angle of her head.

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