Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 1

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on ABC

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  • Addison has come to Seattle Grace hospital on a job preposition. She meets Derek's new girlfriend and claims herself to be his wife. Meredith goes on a 'I Don't like Derek' riot and Addison shows her beautiful adoration.

    When I first met Addison I was like, who is this person breaking up the Mer/Der couple, but as the episode told its story, I grew to love her, and grew distant from Mer/Der. Now Addison was so much fun and I love her personality. I didn't ever understand why Derek would treat Addison like that. The whole story tells itself. Derek walked in on Addison and Mark in their home in Newyork, Derek, without tryng to make his relationship work, or without finding out why Addison took this turn in their marriage, Left for Seattle. If you really loved someone, wouldn't you stay to make things better. Derek threated Addison like crap, yet still Addison gave up her life to be with him, even though he did not love her anymore. They where a good couple while it lasted. I found I gave this episoe a high rating, only because Addison was in it.
  • Why Grey's Anatomy is one of the best shows of the noughties.

    I've just rewatched this episode and it's reminded me of seeing it on tv the first time around. It was the episode that made me think Grey's was a fantastic show and destined to be one of my favourites.

    It's also the first time I wrote down the lyrics to a song playing on a tv show so I could look it up and download it. It's The City which plays over the end. I still love that song.

    The thing I like so much about this show is how they take standard human dramas (unwanted pregnancy, affairs etc) and turn them on their head. Is Derek a pr*ck for sleeping with Meredith when married. You start off thinking so, but, of course, things are not what they seem. Is Christina selfish for not telling Burke she's pregnant? And so on.

    Grey's has always confounded audience expectations, right from the very beginning and that is why fans love it so much.
  • Addisson is back...

    This episode continues from where the plot was in the last episode of the first season. Addisson is back and Derek and Merediths' relationship is ruined. we learn that Derek left Addisson because he found her cheating on him with his best friend. But apparently, this wasn't enough for Meredith because he thought that she was a way out for him yntil he got over his wife.
    Meredith learns that Christina is pregnant from Burke. Meanwhile, Christina doesn't give much attention to Burke which annoys him, and when he asks for an explanation, the make out and are seen by George.
    Joe, the bartender, faints and the Shepherd and Burke have to freeze him to death and then recover him within 45 minutes, an operation that would cost a couple of thousand grand which Joe can't afford. George finds a way to make Joe's operation affordable and is congratulated by Alex, who he punched in the last episode.
  • Emotional much? Tissues are recommended.

    This episode, the opening episode of the second season, mind you, was pretty good. If you have a box of tissues handy, get ready to use them, because the end of the episode, if you're emotional like me, will make you cry.

    After a recap of the first season, Addison Shepard is introduced. We later find out that she is actually the one who cheated on her husband, who in turn did the same, but not to get even, as you may first assume.

    Someone breaks it off in this episode, but you're going to have to watch it to find out.

    I love how George's backbone comes out in this episode! I'm not saying anything more than that.

    All in all, this was a good episode to the start of the second season.
  • The Season Premiere!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of "Grey's Anatomy", just as much as the three-part boat accident where Meredith almost died. Yeah, those three episodes were amazing, but this one episode showed the talent that these writers have, not to mention Shonda Rhimes, as well as the comedy and the emotional rollercoaster that these characters ride. Addison definitely shook things up in this episode, and the physical comedy between the interns and Derek at the beginning, not to mention Burke, Addison, Derek, and Meredith later on in the episode, was simply awesome. Plus, Alex showed some of his softer side with Joe the bartender, the Chief sent George to spy on the hospital, and Burke and Cristina figure out their relationship.

    All in all, a great of my favorites!
  • What it takes to be a surgeon ?

    Addison reveals the details about her relationship with Derek and it turns out that she cheated on him. Joe the bartender needs to have operation that costs too much and they need to find a way to help him and George will make it somehow. Meanwhile Meredith is forced to work with Addison and she is very strict and completely professional towards her. Preston hears the name McDreamy and he starts to think who it may be. Cristina reveals to Meredith that she is pregnant but when everything seemd fine Preston breaks up with her. Meredith can't forgive Derek even when he opened his soul to her.
  • "A great episode in which we see how people's lifes are not so pink as they seem."

    This was a typical episode of the better side of Grey's Anatomy. The whole episode was so funny, and yet it was very sad. Oh, I just love Bailey, she's definately the most funniest character in the whole show. I just couldn't stop laughing when she insulted George. Ha ha ha ha.

    Hmh, I really dislike Addison. She is honest, that's ok, well not really, but at least she told that patient that it wasn't Meredith's fault that she and Derek broke up, but her's fault.

    Oh, and George is so clumsy. The actor did a good job, but you know, that's why everybody is treating him like that - actually, if he was not so self-confident, that would be good, but he is not self - confident at all !
  • An excellent episode.

    This episode was so touching! When George thought of a way for the hospital to help Joe, it was brilliant. At the end when Alex hugged him, it brought tears to my eyes. This episode had great character development. I really liked the fact that Addison set the pregnant woman straight and told her that Meredith really wasn't the one who did anything wrong. I think Meredith is being a little bit too hard on Derek. Yeah, he probably should have told her at some point what happened, but she has to understand that it was a very difficult situation for him. I hope the chief finds out about Cristina and Burke soon. It's not really fair that Burke got to be acting-chief over Derek because he wasn't involved with an intern. All in all, this episode was superb!
  • Shut up, I'm your person!

    Did Derek have an excuse for why he had a relationship with Meredith even though he's married? Yup, I think he did. Did he really have a reason to lie? I think not. Am I mad they're not together? You bet I am!!!

    Allison cheated on Derek with his best friend. Does this mean he kinda still loves her? Was Meredith just a rebound person? I would get that feeling, and I guess Meredith did too. Offcourse he has been treated like crap, but he has no right to treat other persons like that. It was serious for her, obviously. Was it for him? Is he going to get back with her? Or is he going to run back to his wife? So much questions, so much time to wait before I can get answers ;)

    I adored the way everyone tried to protect Meredith :):) It was just great, how they tried to stop Derek, by standing in front of him :P:P I also loved the way Meredith screamed her guts out on the parking lot. But this is all because I'm a big fan of drama, and I just love friend-relationships. But Meredith and Derek should be together! Pfff, gggh, tsss. *Goes to sit alone in a corner of her room to sulk*

    So Christina finally spilled her big secret to Meredith. While the way she did it was kinda typical, I think it's great that she did. Now she can finally start thinking about what's she's going to do. I'm sure Meredith will try and convince her to think about it a little more. I suppose she will have an abortus, now that that **** Burke dumped her, but she shouldn't do it, when she thinks she's going to regret it. You never know what's going to happen in your life right?

    What we found out in this Season Premiere? Alex has a heart!!! Yeah, I know!!! I couldn't believe it either ;) I hope he kinda keeps getting more heart, 'cause he could have to potential to be cute, while now he's just an ass. But maybe Izzie will change him ;)

    The sponge thing was just brilliant. As I heared all day at school "I'm a bad sponge". He's just cute :P:P

  • Meredith learns the truth about Derek and Addison.. Cristina tries to make the right decision...

    A very interesting season premier...
    It picks up where the season finale of season 1 ended.. Well not entirely since Meredith is no longer there and Derek is talking to Addison.
    I find it very sad for Meredith and you immediately have your opinion ready at the beginning of the episode.... You think! You lowsy guy! How could you do that?! But later on it is revealed that it was Addisons fault and that they are seperated just not legally...
    But apparently that's still not enough for Meredith... I loved their last scene at the trailer!

    Overall a good episode as everybody deals with their issues.. I really liked Cristina's scenes when she tries to deal with her pregnancy and Dr. Burke!
  • The bombshell that was dropped at the end of last season is revisited. We get to see the not so happy fallout.

    Ok, there are a lot of reasons not to just hop into bed with someone on the first day you met them. One of the most obvious would be getting some dreaded disease. Another, of course, is that they will totally mess up your life in some way. Setting aside the possiblity that they could go all Fatal Attraction on you, it is entirely possible the person is married. That is one of those little facts that should come up in the "getting to know you" stage of the relationship. At the very latest, it should come up by the second date. To wait two months in the relationship and have the spouse show up unannounced is relationship suicide. Or at least it should be. This is the situation that Meredith faces and that everyone has been waiting see. Top it off with a pregnant best friend and a bartender needing a resurrection stat, and you have one of the best second season openers to hit the Western seabord in some time. Having the chief laid up frmo the brain surgery seems a lit bit of a stretch. It did give Burke a chance to shine as the interim, however, It also gave him a chance to blow it with Miss Chang. Somehow, the worse it gets, the better it gets.
  • One of the best episodes of the series yet.

    First of all, I loved the 2 minute recap of all the past episodes. It was a great refresher for those who had seen the show and a wonderful help for those who had not.

    I kind of figured that Addison was in Seattle for work and not just for Derek. The woman whom Addison was treating was such a witch to Meredith about Addison only because she knew how Addison felt. It was still clear just how much George is in love with Meredith as she was talking about Addison showing up.

    Personally, I was glad to see Meredith confront Cristina about her sleeping with Burke (albeit after she found out through George)stating that it was the same as her and Derek and that she was a hypocrit. However, I didn't see it coming that Burke would break it off with Cristina and I can't believe that she didn't tell him about the baby. I could understand her reasoning for it though. Also, I loved that George worked so hard to find a way to make sure that Joe the bartender wouldn't lose his bar because of the expenses he incurred during surgery.

    This episode was a perfect mmix of suspense, character building and great writing and acting, especially by Sandra Oh once again.
  • A great start to another great season!

    This season started off great! I missed this show while it was gone and couldn't wait for it to come back. I love all the characters and especially the backdrop of medicine. The storyline is quick and witty while being touching at moments when appropriate. It makes me wish I could be in medical school! Well, maybe not but I love watching this show!!
  • Rain means new beginnings

    This was an excellent episode. This show keeps getting better and better. It hooks you in and keeps you coming back. I love the fact that the episodes are not predictable. It wasn't like Cristina tells Burke she's pregnant and they fall into each others arms. or when Derek was telling Meredith about why he was seperated that Meredith just played the weak partner. Derek still lied to her. Great episode can't wait till next week.
  • Season premier

    Grey's Anatomy had great start for their sophmore season! Here's hoping that they keep up the momentum, and stay this strong through out the entire season. It's wonderful that Patrick Dempsey finally has a vehicle that showcases his talents! Grey's Anatomy is quickly becoming one of my most favorite shows.
  • Medical Drama at it's best

    This series could very well match that of E.R. With a versatile group of characters and an evolving storyline. Life in medicine couldn't get better than this.

    Returning with this season two opener finds us realizing more that George is not only going to become a good doctor but is also becoming stronger because of it. Then we have Izzie thinking that there might actually be more to Alex, but where will that go?

  • Nice mix of 'touching moments' mixed with wraping of plots.

    I know that I'm a big sap for liking the 'chick-flick' moments, but there are many in this episode and I ate them up like popcorn ;)

    There were many things from the season finaly that were wrapped up, and they spun out the webs of other plotlines to set things in motion for this season.

    A great start to the season.
  • A great premiere!

    This episode picks up right where the finale left off.(It should considering it was supposed to be part of season 1)
    Merideth goes to the bar she met Dr. McDreamy. Cristina shows up with George who has just punched out Alex. With the wit and banter that has made me love this show they compare days. Merideth tells her friends that her dream doc is married. Cristina tells Merideth that she is pregnant. Way to get the show started!
    From there we get to see how the residents watch each others back and Merideth deals with her boyfriends wife. We also see Burke putting his career front and center and how that affects Cristina.
    I love the characters on this show. This episode held true to them. Merideth was her usual mess. Cristina was her usual rock. George was his usual silent hero self. Izzy was her sweet self. Alex showed that under his self indulgent exterior there is a heart.
    I was surprised to find that I actually like Addison Shepard.
    Overall I was thrilled to have Grey's Anatomy back and look forward to seeing what happens this season.
  • Deleviers on every aspec possible...

    It wasn't suppose to happen this way. Gray's Anatomy was originally picked up in order to fullfill a commentment that ABC had to the producers. They filmed 13 episodes on an extrememly low budget in a very fast amount of time. But when the series finally came in ABC thought that it could actually do well. So they decide to put Boston Legal on Hiatus for a few weeks and give "Grey's Anatomy" a chance after Desperate Housewives. ABC was expecting about half the audience of DH, but instead it retained about 85% of DH's numbers and over the course of the first nine episodes the numbers keep getting better and better.

    And tonight was no exception or the shows greatness. Picking off exactly where last year left off, the show thrust all the characters to deal with all of there drama in a very real, emotional, and poetic way. An intersting fact about this episode is that it was actually part of the first season. The first seaosn was filmed as 13 episodes, but only 9 where aired, so this is actually episode 10 of season 1. I believe that is the key reason why this episode was so spectacular... There was no Housekeeping which can bog down a season premier, and all the action was kept in a fluid motion.

    Now its time to talk about what happens in the episode. Meredith meets Dr. Dreamboat's wife, Sandra Oh decides to have her baby aborted, and George is off the hook for punching out the other intern. The only bug I have about this episode is the lack of Issableness... she is my favorite character and she barely had 10 lines.

    Keep up the good work!