Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 1

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Meredith is standning next to her car, in the rain, talking to Derek. Yet when she sits down next to him, her hair is completely dry. How can that be when she just stood out in the rain?

    • The clip at the end, with Meredith driving, is the same clip that they use in the episode "Shake Your Groove Thing", when Meredith was driving home.

    • Goof: Burke has a scarf/double scrub around his neck when on the total shot when he is about to revive Joe on the stand-still operation. The next shot his clothing is not up around his neck, just the standard scrub and operating suit.

  • Quotes

    • Joe: The bar is my life. You know that. You've been at last call with me, practically every night since you moved here. I'm gonna have to shut it down or sell it.
      Alex: You can't do that. Place is an institution.
      Joe: You know, I've owned the bar across the street for 14 years, and I've never been inside this hospital till now.
      Alex: Look, I'll pay my tab, right. That's gotta be good for something. How much is it?
      Joe: Close to a grand.
      Alex: How about I pay, like, 60? That's good. And I'll pay you back later.

    • Richard: I want you to listen to me very carefully. As long as I'm in here, I don't know what's happening out there. With my doctors. My patients. My hospital. You are my eyes today, my ears. I want you to be a sponge.
      George: A sponge?
      Richard: You repost any and everything happening in this hospital to me.
      George: I'm an investigative sponge.
      Richard: I'm not fooling around, O'Malley. There's too much been happening lately under my radar. It stops today.

    • Burke: So, I have a question to ask. I checked the schedule and I noticed that you and I are both off tonight. I made reservations. I have a favorite restaurant.
      Cristina: None of those were questions.
      Burke: Would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight?
      Cristina: You know, the OR is the one place where I can come and think. I'm thinking right now, okay?
      Burke: Of course. I get it.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): They say that practice makes perfect. Theory is– the more you think like a surgeon, the more you become like one, the better you get at remaining neutral, clinical, cut, suture, close - the harder it becomes to turn it off. To stop thinking like a surgeon, and remember what it means to think like a human being.

    • Joe: You look familiar. You been in here before?
      Meredith: Once. That worked out really well.
      Joe: I know that look. It's only one of two things. Either your boss is giving you hell or your boyfriend is. Which is it?
      Meredith: Both. My boyfriend is my boss, which was a problem. But not as big a problem as the fact that my boyfriend has a wife.
      Joe: I'll tell you what this one's on the house.

    • Derek: Wait. Maybe we should discuss this.
      Meredith: No. Here's a thought: quit following me!
      Derek: At least let me explain!
      Meredith: Explain? You know when you should've explained? The night we met at the bar, before any of the rest of it. Yeah, that would've been a good time to discuss it!
      Derek: Look, I know how you feel.
      Meredith: Do you?! Somehow I doubt that because if you did, you would shut up and you would turn around and go back inside because you would realize that I am this close to getting in my car, and running you down in the parking lot!

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): To be a good surgeon you have to think like a surgeon. Emotions are messy. Tuck them neatly away and step into a clean sterile room where the procedure is simple. Cut, suture, and close. But sometimes you're faced with a cut that won't heal. A cut that rips its stitches wide open.

    • Derek: I'm well aware of Richard's recovery time. I'm the one who operated on him, remember?
      Burke: I do, you operated, he survived, and chose me to take over while recruiting your wife.
      Derek: Clearly he has brain damage.

    • Derek: Addison, what are you doing here?
      Addison: Your hair is different.
      Derek: A lot of things are different.
      Addison: It's longer, I like it, it's very Russell Crowe.
      Derek: What are you doing here?
      Addison: What are you doing here? You just pick up and leave everything, your house, your practice, your friends. You had a life in Manhattan.
      Derek: Had.
      Addison: And now you have a girlfriend in Seattle. She seems... sweet.
      Derek: The ice you're on... thin.
      Addison: She's young. That whole wide-eyed "ooh, he's a brain surgeon" thing happening, but still sweet. Which is what you were going for, right? The anti-Addison.
      Derek: If you came here to win me back, you can forget about it.
      Addison: I did. I flew all the way across the country to reminisce over wedding photos, get drunk, fall into bed, and make you realize you can't live without me. Relax, Derek, I'm here for work. I'm helming the T.T.T.S. case you guys admitted last week. And after Richard's briefing...
      Derek: Richard knew you were coming out here?
      Addison: He asked me to come. Didn't he tell you?
      Derek: No, he didn't.
      Addison: Hmm, well, surprise. (in his ear) The hair though, you know I've always had a thing for Russell Crowe. (she walks away)

    • Richard: O'Malley, yell at me again and I'll snap you like a small twig.
      George: Yes, sir.

    • Alex: Oh, sure, I'm the guy with the heart of stone, and you brought snacks.
      Izzie: It's a working lunch.
      Alex: Snacks to watch Joe die.
      Izzie: He's not gonna die die, they're gonna bring him back.
      Alex: He's gonna die die, no pulse pulse, he is gonna be dead dead.

    • Derek: That took a lot of nerve...
      Addison: Oh, come on.
      Derek: Requesting Meredith...
      Addison: She came highly recommended.
      Derek: Right.
      Addison: So you don't recommend her?
      Derek: No, I did not say that.
      Addison: Just not for her medical skills.
      Derek: Oh, would you shut up.
      Meredith (walks up): Dr. Shepherd.
      Derek & Addison: Yes.

    • (After he overhears Cristina say "Dr. McDreamy", a little later, he asks Bailey about it)
      Burke: Who the hell is Dr. McDreamy?
      Bailey (takes a long stare at Derek): Me, I'm Dr. McDreamy. I'm tall, I'm handsome, I like to lean against things, ponder the difficulties of datin' beautiful women... I'm trying to be a surgeon here!

    • Izzie: Let me see it. (looks at his eye) No lacerations, minimal swelling. George really knocked you around.
      Alex: He's a lightweight. Could've pinned him in a second if I wanted.
      Izzie: Yeah, so why didn't you?
      Alex: Are you kidding? I'm riding a career in plastics all the way to the bank. Can't afford to injure these babies. (holds up his hands) Especially over some one like O'Malley.
      Izzie: You had it coming.
      Alex: The dude punches like my sister.
      Izzie: Oh, so, by your definition then, you got beat up by a girl.

    • (After Webber tells George to be his eyes and ears)
      George (talking to himself): Oh, hi, Chief. No, not much going on, well, other than your interim chief making out with my friend in the stairwell, but hey... sponge duty sucks.
      Meredith (walks up beside him): Talking to yourself now?
      George: Yes. No. (pause) Damn it. I'm a bad sponge. A leaky sponge. I'm gonna leak all the wrong secrets. I'm a bad liar. I can't even lie about talking to myself. You look nice today.
      Meredith: Wore my new lip gloss 'cause my ex-boyfriend's wife looks like Isabella freakin' Rossellini, and I'm like... me. I'm trying to outdo her when she's the victim here, how crazy is that?
      George: Not crazy. Smart, you know? Gloss, you know, prevents chapped lips. Y--you--w-was that ex-boyfriend?
      Meredith: I'm an evil mistress.
      George: Well still... you look nice.
      Meredith: Thanks. What are you doing here?
      George: Well... uh--
      Meredith: Come on, O'Malley, out with it.
      George: Okay, can you think of any reason, any reason at all, really, why Cristina would be kissing Burke?

    • Alex (to Joe): You don't want to go to County. I mean here they know how to kill you and bring you back, but at County they just know how to kill you.

    • Burke: What do you want?
      Cristina: What?
      Burke: You don't want to go out to dinner, you don't want to meet me in the on-call room and you sure as hell don't want to talk to me. I could pretend I know, but hey, I don't even have your home phone number. So tell me - what do you want?
      Cristina: Don't yell at me. (Burke walks away) Wait. Hey, we're havin' a conversation here.
      Burke: Well, what do you want?
      Cristina: I don't know. (he grabs her and kiss her, hard)
      Burke: Well, figure it out.

    • Meredith: All right, details. You're pregnant? What are you gonna do?
      Cristina: Well, you know what happens to pregnant interns. I'm not switching to vagina squad or spending my life popping zits. I'm too talented, surgery's my life.
      Meredith: Which begs the question, who are you sleeping with?
      Cristina: Just a guy.
      Meredith: That's all I get? You can't just bring something like this up and expect me to drop it.
      Cristina: Well, watch me. (she walks over by Izzie and George)
      Izzie (to Meredith): Why are you back here tonight? You don't have a date with McDreamy?
      George: More like, McMarried.

    • Meredith: Let's play a game of whose life sucks the most. I'll win. I always win.
      Cristina: You don't wanna play with me.
      Meredith: Oh, I do. I'll even go first. Derek's married. (George spits his beer out)
      Cristina: George, beer is dripping from your nostrils. (he walks off to the bathroom)
      Meredith: Told ya I'd win.
      Cristina: No, you don't win.
      Meredith: Did you hear me? I said Derek is married, as in pig-headed, adulterous, liar, married. Nothing you could say could top that.
      Cristina: I'm pregnant. I win. (Joe collapses) Okay, maybe Joe wins.

    • (Alex keeps asking Izzie who patients are)
      Izzie: You have been treating these people for the last week, how can you not know their names?
      Alex: Surgery is the only speciality where we don't waste time getting to know the patients. They're slabs of meat, we're butchers.
      Izzie: They're human beings. You do know what a human being is don't you Evil Spawn?
      Alex: I'm not evil. Unless evil turns you on. (Izzie gives him a look)
      Izzie: Did you ever wake up in the morning and realize that nobody likes you, and... well, I don't know, care?
      Alex: Oh, oh, I think somebody likes me. (Izzie rolls her eyes and sighs)

    • Derek: One night I parked my car, I unlock my front door, go inside my house, and something 's different. Nothing's different, everything's the same, but yet, still, something's different. And I stand there for a while. And then I know. See, there are moments for me, you know, usually when I'm in the OR, when I just know what's gonna happen next. So I go upstairs, as I'm walking down the hall I try to prepare myself for what I'm going to see when I walk into my bedroom. I step on a man's jacket that doesn't belong to me. And everything I know... just shifts. Because the jacket that doesn't belong to me is a jacket that I recognize, what I know now is that when I go into my bedroom, I'm not just going to see that my wife is cheating on me. I'm going to see that my wife is cheating on me with Mark, who happened to be my best friend... I walked out, flew out to Seattle.
      Meredith: And then you met me.
      Derek: And then I met you
      Meredith: Well, what was I to you? The girl you screwed to get over being screwed?
      Derek: You were like coming up for fresh air. It's like I was drowning and you saved me. It's all I know.
      Meredith: It's not enough.

    • Meredith: After all this time, all your warnings about me sleeping with my boss and you're doing the same exact thing.
      Cristina: Oh, it's not the same thing.
      Meredith: It's the exact same!
      Cristina: No, it's not. You and McDreamy are in a relationship.
      Meredith: And you and Burke are in?
      Cristina: Switzerland. It's very neutral there and they make very nice watches.

    • Cristina: The clinic has a policy. They wouldn't let me confirm my appointment unless I designated an emergency contact person. Someone to be there is case know help me home after. Anyway I put your name down, that's why I told you I'm pregnant. You're my person.
      Meredith: I am?
      Cristina: Yeah, you are. Whatever.
      Meredith: Whatever.
      Cristina: He dumped me. (Meredith puts her arm around her) You realize this constitutes hugging?
      Meredith: Shut up...I'm your person.

    • George: You know Joe?
      Bailey: Oh, yeah. I was the only female intern my year. I didn't know anybody and nobody knew me except Joe. He knew me.
      George: Oh, so you and Joe?
      Bailey: All you people ever think about is how to get into somebody's pants. You nasty. (she slaps him, and Izzie laughs) That's why you got syphilis.

    • Meredith: You're sleeping with someone?
      George: What? Who?
      Cristina: Why is that such a shock? Even George managed to get some action.
      George: Correction, George got some syphilis.

  • Notes

    • As from this episode, the main credits will only appear in the left and right bottom of the screen.

    • Kate Walsh (Addison) passed from being credited as a "Guest Star" to a "Special Guest Star". She's the first actor to receive that credit on the show.

    • Steven W. Bailey will no longer play Jeremy (the anesthesiologist), and will now play Joe (the bartender). Also, passed from being credited as a "Co-Star" to a "Guest Star".

    • In this episode, instead of the usual "Previously On Grey's Anatomy", Meredith narrated at the beginning "Last Season On Grey's Anatomy", showing a quick recap from Season One.

    • Opening Credits are now cut off in long running episodes. The screen fades to white with the title "Grey's Anatomy" in long running episodes.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Sweden: April 11, 2006 on Kanal 5
      Mexico: February 16, 2006 on Channel 29
      Bulgaria: June 19, 2006 on bTV
      Croatia: November 06, 2006 on NOVA TV
      Finland: November 8, 2006 on Nelonen
      Italy: January 20, 2007 on FoxLIFE
      Romania: March 13, 2007 on TVR1
      Germany: September 12, 2006 on ProSieben

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow,
      2. Step Away From the Cliff by Blue Eyed Son plays when Joe the bartender collapses,
      3. All I Need by Firstcom plays when Meredith and Cristina examine Joe,
      4. Looking At the World From the Bottom of a Well by Mike Doughty plays when Meredith is leaving the hospital and Derek tries to explain ,
      5. Everyday is a Holiday by Esthero featuring Sean Lennon plays when George tells Meredith about Burke and Cristina kissing,
      6. Feel So Free by Ivy plays when Burke and Derek are performing the stand still surgery (on Joe),
      7. The City by Joe Purdy plays when Meredith drives home from Derek's trailer.

    • This episode, as well as the next three were originally part of the show's first season. ABC decided to withhold them in order to air them with the second season.

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

      This song had been sung by Manic Street Preachers, BJ Thomas, Hal David, Ben Folds Five, and Burt Bacharach. The title itself alludes to the two times Meredith stands in the rain while talking to Derek as well as to the disastrous turn in her love and professional life.