Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 23

Readiness Is All

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 09, 2013 on ABC

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  • Greys anatomy

    Nice episode
  • Oh Man Oh Man

    Everyone is gonna be talkin so much junk about Arizona lol. The writers and everyone did a great job with the near finale episodes , it makes me not want it to end after tomorrow and have to wait for the next season but I will be excited for it. But I hope that merideth's baby will be ok. I felt bad for hunt to, i mean come on the kid was a red head like him who wouldn't feel bad for him. But i'm so happy for April I didn't see that coming!! At first I thought it was gonna be a musical again so I started freaking out lol. I'm glad Richard knocked some sense into bailey, I don't like that stubborn side of her, so annoying. Also Karev and that girl deserve each other, they're both nuts but in a good way. I hope that they develop something strong and I love Mousey that girl is a trip ^_^. I can't wait to see how the finale plays out, Excitedness!!!! Whoo!
  • What an episode!

    Jo & Alex are meant for each other :')

    "why would you do that for me?" (Jo about Alex beating Jason if she hadn't)

    " why the hell wouldn't I?" (Alex's response)

    All the things Matthew said to April, man, he nailed it :D perfect marriage proposal

    Meredith worried me, but I'm happy everything's ok!

    and I can't really blame on Arizona... I mean, if the OR didn't explote with the sparks, the oncall room surely did... Two time bombs (Arizona&Dr. Knox) haha... I forgive you, Arizona :D you couldn't help it
  • thats it arizona !!

    seriously after what callie has done for her ?!!! what a B*** !!!

    ive always hated her whinny annoying self but i said nothing !! but thats it :@ i officially hate her now with clear conscience :D :D

    great episode though <3

  • Happy people.

    I absolutely loved this episode. Arizona has great chemistry with the other woman, ofc cheating is well, bad. Poor Callie, after all that she's done for Arizona... I really don't like Wilson, she annoys the hell outta me from the start. Alex should fall in love with someone better than that.. The flash mob proposal for April was really adorable and I'm starting to actually like April lately! Weird but true. Also good that some positive things are happening. Also Meredith falling off the stairs, for once everything was ok with her and now she's going into labor and they seem happy too. I want some more of that, happy people @ grey's anatomy.