Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 23

Readiness Is All

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 09, 2013 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Lauren: Dr. Avery, Dr. Robbins is gonna do the calvarial graft, and then I thought I would walk you through the reconstruction of the nose and the lip.
      Jackson: Oh, I'm fine to watch the master at work today.
      Arizona: Come on, Boswell. It sounds like you're trying to get us to all the work.
      Lauren: Sounds to me like Avery is chicken.
      Jackson: Not what I said. You came out all this way.
      Arizona: Well, he can run a hospital but he's still a baby surgeon.
      Lauren: You're one of the Grey Sloan seven?
      Jackson: Is that a thing?
      Lauren: Yes, that's a thing. You guys are legend. You bought the hospital, saved the staff.
      Arizona: Well, you know us control freaks. We try to run everything.
      Lauren: It was brave. I couldn't have done it. And I'm so impressed. And you, sir, are doing this reconstruction, okay?
      Jackson: Okay.