Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 2

Remember the Time

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2012 on ABC

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  • Intense and Amazing

    This is one of the best Grey's anatomy that episode that they have shown in a long while, this is not a story about a case but rather is the story of the people that make up the hospital. And Bravo! I have to say I'm really impressed like everyone showed up in the episode with their game faces on and superb acting. Good plot and drama overload.

    Basically, the episode is about flashback what has happened a couple of days after the crash. Mark is still conscious is airlifted and seems like everyone is in every level of trauma there is to offer. Chief delivered the bad news to Mark and it's a prequel and pretty much explain how he got a last will and testament since Chief said it's not looking very good. Mark talked to Avery and told him about letting the person you love know that you feel that way even even if it seems

    wrong. And then, mentally as a fan flashback ran into my head Lexie closing her eyes she holds Mark hands. He also ask Avery to sneak Sophia in his room maybe to hold her for the last time.

    And then there was a stoic Cristina who went ballistic and cannot be touched. There was horror in her blank face when she was telling Owen about what has happened in the woods and what she did to survive like drinking her urine. But also that even in the woods she looks after Mark and not let him die even if he keeps on dying. She also explained briefly what happened to Arizona's legs. But I when she said about animal noises and how they are fighting over Lexie, I shudder. I think Cristina is always been in control but she doesn't do well with PTSD, remember Cristina after the shooting? She quit the program, became a bartender and went fishing with Derek. I love her and Owen together, I hope that they will weather this.

    Meredith, I'm a fan but last night she nailed it. That's the kind of woman I've always wanted her to be. I remember her talking to Cristina asking her to snap out of it because she is scared that the hospital will put her on the Psychiatric ward and she will lose the Cristina that she knows. I also have a very close sister-like bestfriend and I understand the feeling when Cristina drove away and Mer, calling her 'my person.'

    Callie is impressive as usual. I was moved by the conversation that she had with Owen and her fear that Arizona may not come back as how she knows her. And Owen seems to feel the same way about Cristina. Arizona made Callie promised that her feet will not be amputated but after a heated exchange with Karev, Arizona crashed and Callie made a decision to cut it off so they can save Arizona. Callie is a good actress she can make her viewers feel fear, desperation and sadness. She shines on the past two episodes with really good plots and emotionally challenging attack on her character. But just like any other person she wants the person she loved back.

    This is a good episode, it's so intense and it's a roller coaster of emotions. It appeals to compassion, sadness and empathy. The desperation of each decision and what lead the characters into taking that past is palpable even to the viewers. This is the kind of episode that Grey's has not done in a while. I have restored my faith with Greys.