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  • Gay Scenes

    I have nothing against homosexuals. I have a couple of gay friends. I also know there is a subtle agenda to preach homosexuality through Hollywood (maybe that's the solution to the problems of the world) and Grey's anatomy is championing it. However, it disgusts me to watch two bearded, muscular or hairy chested men making love to each other. It seriously disgusts me. I have gotten to the point of "I can't take it no more". I quit!

    I no dey watch again.
  • Grey's Anatomy

    Grey's Anatomy
  • meredith

    one of my favorite characters in the show I watch her and she play a strong roll in the show and her love for Derek is so beautiful and it show what real love is and how beautiful it can be. but as far for her getting together with Delucca is a big surprise and really don't like it. he just seem like a child to me and it don't fit her. putting her with somebody else in the show is going to be really hard because of how beautiful her and Derek was together.
  • Meredith love interest

    Their is absolutely no chemistry between these 2. No one will ever replace Derrick and that chemistry. She looks very uncomfortable and not at all convincing.
  • Move Forward with Relationships

    I have followed Grey's since Season 1 Episode 1. I am disappointed that 2 new characters were introduced that are spoiling the flow of the show. I don't like 'Linc' , perhaps because you are thinking of setting him up with Meredith. He can't act, either. She should be with Delucca; great couple; great chemistry! The gay doctor adds nothing to the cast or story line. And, Teddy is better off leaving Seattle and allowing Amelia and Owen to move forward. As another fan said, bring back April; she belongs with Jackson.
  • maggie pierce

    As a registered nurse I can say with experience that the character of Maggie is a joke! No way is "she" qualified to be chief of Cardio Thoracic Surgery. There is no facility, (in the USA), that would elect to have anyone in that position that hasn't had at least a decade of experience! I LOL every time she presents herself as such. get fiction, but come is just too silly.

    Maggie pierce is the most cry baby important part of this show. She cries about every little thing. Wah wah is all i hear from her. Might as well hace kept her from being in the show in the first place ..

    She whines and whines nothing inportant comes from her character

  • What About Maggie?

    Love Grey's and watch it all the time but I can't get into Maggie. I've tried for a long time but don't find her to be interesting or to fit the role that she plays. Is it me? I'm sure she is a nice lady and might fit somewhere else but not as the department head, or Meredith's sister and Richard's daughter.

    Please bring back Arizona and April. April and Jackson are the best!!

  • greys

    greys is really screwing up. I hate Teddy she needs to go away Amelia and Owen are finally working on being a family with them and the foster kids she needs to leave she never wanted to be with him when he came to see her.. go away TEDDY!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOT HAPPY WITH TEDDY i cant stand her
  • i think this is a pretty good show overall, one of the best ones even

    Burke is NOT just a great surgeon, he is a good man.

    that's one of the reasons i think this show is a good one, as far as medical dramas go!

    I think Derek - i refuse to call him McDreamy - is an overbearing man, with weird tendencies. But that's just me!!!

  • Seriously?!

    I have watched since episode 1 season 1. Seriously? Please get of the political horse do not ruin this show. 12 episodes into the 14th season and I've had about enough. I understand taking on some things. But putting several in one episode and a slap in the face is not the way to do it.
  • Not believable anymore

    I rarely watch this show, since it has less to do with medicine, but with who sleeps with whom, but I did watch the last show . Incredible. A plug for religion and for BLM. And the irony was, that Bayley acted exactly like the stereotypical African American woman.... obnoxious, demanding, loud, impolite, belittling , and rude to the max. If I had to work for her, I would not....

    There are so many wonderful African American role models. She is not doing her race a favor.

  • Not happy

    I have watched every episode and been a dedicated fan throughout all 14 seasons so far, but the last episode did NOT make me happy. I watch Grey's to relax and take the edge off, but when the bring religion and politics into it, it makes me mad. I am a Christian and if the want to reference the Bible than great, but if they want to try to influence young minds to believe that God doesn't love them than I am NOT ok with that! The episode "personal Jesus" was inopropriate and disgusting!
  • Arizona

    Arizona lost a leg in a plane crash. So tell me how she works that prosthetist is skinny jeans!
  • Season 14

    GET RID OF AMELIA SHES A SERIOUS DRAG AND HAS BEEN FOR SEVERAL SEASONS. Her moody distant character is so boring that fast forward isn't fast enough.

    WILSON NEEDS BETTER CHARACTER LINES. She's cute and has a chance. But make her a bad ass.

    FINALLY.... Let's get Meredith involved with someone! Derek is dead, the writers made that decision now fix it. She needs a sexy love interest. Season 1-4 were all about sex and love with some comedy.


    Wow.... that feels good.......


    Has anyone noticed that we haven't met Derek's fourth sister yet? I wish Shonda will create a moving episode contributing her.
  • Jesse Williams: Shame Shame

    I agree with other posts, this show has declined. Instead of following the boring characters further I'm so over Greys Anatomy and ABC. Because of Jesse Williams' hate speech I will not be tuning in any longer. Disney/ABC has a big problem with loud mouth ass holes. Hey Williams your hatred of whiteness only exacerbates hatred of blackness. You go right ahead and attempt to 'restructure this country's function' into what you think has excluded you and do it your way; maybe you'll get a knock on your door by the secret service. You have too high opinion of yourself. Leaving your blackness wife and sniffing out whiteness makes you look foolish. To think you were a teacher is like saying Hillary Clinton was a beauty queen. What were you thinking?

    What's with grown women professionals living under one roof like a college dorm? Catatonic male doctors being manipulated by one female (Meredith) pulling puppet strings is boring. The only thing interesting are the no-name patients in the ER. Debbie Allen is unlikable making her a perfect match for an ungrateful TV son.

  • Where are the children?

    Grey's makes a big deal about characters like Meredith and Arizona being mothers, yet their children never appear on the show. Meredith supposedly has three children and is a single parent, so why the h*** isn't she constantly parenting when she is not working? Instead, she is off talking to Alex, Maggie, or Riggs. If the show is going to make such a big deal about how she is a supermom, who can do it all, then shouldn't the show actually show her "doing it all"? I like this show overall, but why are there always so many African-American doctors? In the overall American population, there is about 10 percent African-Americans and in real hospitals there is a smaller percentage of doctors who are Black. But at Grey's there is 60 percent Black doctors and 40 percent White doctors. That is so unrealistic. I know this is fiction and not a documentary, but this is not science fiction. Let's try to keep it real.
  • OR messed up S13Ep24

    OMG, I know there was a fire, but if Meredith is a surgeon she would at least do an antiseptic "hand splash" before gloving to assist surgery, & she sure WOULD NOT adjust her mask with her sterile gloves. I'm still cringing. And maybe Edwards should do CPR over her patient's heart, not her right lung. Very distracting ! Time for a new medical program consultant.
  • Change or cancel

    Grey's Anatomy was a great show what has happen? Are u trying to get it took off the schedule.

    Please change characters, or add some better characters, the actors are terrible.

    Jo is a beautiful girl but cannot act, please replace. Then u got Maggie, she's cute, but is a terrible actress also. Then there Deluca, not cute and cannot act. Wake up and put some effort in or take off the air.

    I have noticed a lot of fans giving up on this show, I don't want to give up but feel it's wasting my time also. JoJo, Maggie, Deluca,and this season's Writer all needed replaced ASAP.

  • What is happening?

    I have watched all of the episodes of Grey's Anatomy a couple of times and it is definitely one of my favorite shows ever! That being said, I'm not sure what the writers are doing this season. Watching it, I feel like they have an idea and then go with it but get lost half way through. Example: Alex/Jo, Minnick/Weber situation, I'm just not as excited as I used to be watching this show. The only exciting part for me is Japril. Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams are both amazing actors and they had the best story line this entire 13th season.
  • March 23,2017

    The story line is so dull. I think Shondra is busy with other shows, assuming her loyal fans will put up with this snooze fest. The actors must feel the same way. Ugh I use to look forward to Thursday.
  • One show away of being DONE with Grey's Anatomy

    I have watched Grey's Anatomy since the very beginning and have loved it until now! I am NOT enjoying it anymore. Bringing in Minick (or whatever her name is!) was alright at first but she is still there, which is destroying the show for me. Seriously, Richard's wife and long time friend (Bailey) have thrown him under the bus. Stupid writing. Who is writing this show now? It used to be so exciting to watch each week, I'm almost finished watching Grey's. If the writer's continue to demoralize the best characters on this show, I'm out!
  • Season 11 episode 21

    Spoiler Alert!

    Grey's Anatomy

    Fresh out of medical school five students are trying to prove what it takes to be a surgeon, what could go wrong right? There are certain television shows that really stand out to people. For me, the one that has really stood out is Grey's Anatomy. Grey's Anatomy is one of those shows you can easily get hooked on. There have been many great episodes throughout the thirteen seasons with some that keep you guessing until the end. Grey's Anatomy is a top choice among viewers across America because of the great acting and the show as a whole. There has been one episode in particular that has stood out to me: this would be from season eleven, episode twenty-one titled "How to Save a This episode shows what Grey's Anatomy is all about when being faced with a horribly sad situation, it brings people closer together.

    Grey's Anatomy is a jaw-dropping series that has been around for thirteen seasons. Throughout the course of the entire show Shonda Rhimes, the producer, has been very good at keeping the attention and the interest of the viewers for every single season. Rhimes is very good at giving viewers that cliffhanger episode for the season finale. There have been many moments throughout these thirteen seasons that have been tragic such as shootings in the hospital, plane crashes that involved main characters, and other tragedies that have erupted. Grey's Anatomy is focused on five surgical residents, and their journeys to becoming surgeons at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Along the course of the show, those five residents had tragic accidents happen to them or they decided to pursue something different and left. Meredith Grey would be considered the main character of the show.

    "How to save a life" is one of those episodes that viewers can relate to. This is a very heartbreaking episode for viewers that have watched the seasons up to this point. There is one particular scene that really tears at your heartstrings. It is hard to witness anyone having to say goodbye to a loved one. Another main character in the show, Derek Shepherd, was in a tragic car accident. Derek was on his way back to Seattle when there was an accident that happened in front of him. He stopped to provide his assistance, and he ended up saving their lives. As a viewer, it is hard to not think something bad is going to happen after he stopped, and was able to save the lives of those involved in the accident. After he left the scene, he was halfway through making the U-turn when he got distracted by his phone vibrating. We hear a horn blaring as a truck blasts into the driver's side door. The viewer could tell that something bad was about to happen by his facial expression. When he looked up he was in a state of fear. I think this was a key part to be included because it gave the viewer a sense of fear themselves.

    He was brought to Dillard hospital which was not well equipped to handle these kinds of traumas. This hospital was not classified as a trauma center like Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital is, Dillard is classified as a teaching hospital. The hospital was understaffed, and the doctors there did not have proper training for trauma cases. Derek had bleeding in the brain, but they were more concerned with his bleeding in the abdomen. They refused to do a CT scan on his head which was needed. As a result they were not able to see that he had a head lack. It took the on-call neurosurgeon an hour and a half to get to the hospital, but by this time it was too late. Derek eventually became brain dead.

    There has been one scene from this episode that has stuck with me. It is the scene where Derek Shepherd has just been declared brain dead, and it is time for his wife Meredith to say goodbye. Meredith's face says it all, she is in disbelief that this has happened. Meredith was trying hard to stay strong for her kid's sake even though her husband is dying. When she arrived at the hospital Derek was being kept alive on a ventilator, knowing she needed to decide the right time to take him off life support. As the nurse took Meredith into Derek's room she began to pull the blinds, so that it was more private. The nurse tells Meredith, "I'm going to begin One by one she shuts off the monitors that show heartbeats, oxygen levels, and other necessary life-saving devices. As the nurse is going to unhook the ventilator Meredith yells "just wait!", the nurse is confused because she had already signed the papers to end all life-saving measures. Meredith holds Derek's hand and tells him with tears in her eyes, "Derek, it's okay, you go, I'll be fine". The ventilator is then pulled out and Derek takes his final breath. In this scene, Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) does an amazing job acting. She embraces the role of being Derek Shepherd's (Patrick Dempsey) wife. It was heartbreaking to see Meredith saying goodbye to Derek for the last time, and then to have to come out and tell their children what had happened to him. Whenever something bad happens in this show, like a tragic death of one of the characters, they always play a sad song that goes along with it. If you're not crying by the time the song starts playing, you more than likely will be by the end of it. This episode in particular when Meredith is with Derek they play the song "Chasing Cars", which gets your emotions rolling. Playing emotional songs, the producers are able to capture the emotions of viewers, rather than playing an upbeat song during sad moments in the show. Emotional songs are also easier for views to make a connection to.

    This episode is what Grey's Anatomy is all about. Throughout the many seasons, there have been a lot of deaths of main characters, so this is nothing new for the doctors in this show. This one was especially hard because, in Grey's Anatomy, Derek is a world class surgeon and is loved by everyone that comes in contact with him. When Meredith came to the hospital to tell everyone of Derek's death, everyone was so supportive and there for each other. Meredith did end up going away for almost a year so that she could cope with her loss, but when she got back everyone was still there for her like she had never left. They would call her to make sure she was okay, but they did not push her to come back before she was ready knowing it would only make her want to stay away longer. The doctors are like family in this show, and even though she was gone they filled her in on what happened while she was away.

    The episode "How to Save a Life" stands out because of how relatable it is to many people. It is always hard to say goodbye to a loved one. Grey's Anatomy is a great show all around. This show has amazing acting, and an even better storyline. Even though there are thirteen seasons do not let that scare you. With every season, the show keeps getting better and better. This episode really shows what Grey's Anatomy is all about when they are faced with a sad horrible situation everyone becomes stronger.


    I have watched the show from Day 1, and the writing is not that great anymore , I could care less for the character of Jo and Baileys Husband, same with Riggs he is give or take but def don't want to see him with Meredith, Don't care for April since she took over Meredith's position I miss the old bad ass bomb in her hand Meredith that made no apologies and her twisted sister. I don't think it would be bad if she and Karev ended up together but it would have to be set up right and with time that storyline could not be rushed. Please just give viewers good story lines to watch as the quality of this show is heading down
  • Love the show!!!

    So sick of Arizona, Joe & Meredith. I'd be seriously glad when they get rid of the three of them. The show is better off.
  • Love/Hate relationship

    I am completely in love with Grey's Anatomy! Even though I really wish they would bring back Derek Shepard, Mark Sloan and all of the original characters; I still can't wait for season 13 to realease on Netflix this June!! I know they aren't going to bring back any old characters but it would be so nice to have a flashback episode with everyone in it like Yang and Lexi!
  • This seasons Grey's is boring!

    Sondra's script writing has gone to the dogs! What is up? So, far I have not been able to stay focused on any one show, it is so boring!
  • Sooo SNOOOTY..... ugh!

    UGH! karev is a great guy!!! Joe is the moran!! I hate everytime she talks!! She is the reason Karev is in what he is in.... BECAUSE OF HER!!! I hate her.... ewww! and Shephard is clearly pregnant... from the clothes, to her face, and the way she dresses.... umm.... Meredith.... ewww! she's getting on my nerves!!! so snooooty!! STOP! Just care about ppl.... afterall, alll these ppl care about you, soo STOP! gross!!! Meredith and Joe...... getting on my nerves.

    This show needs some love.... not so much drama from ppl.... just drama from ACTION. The shooting, the drowing, the bombing... exciting.... enough with the He said She said.... ENOUGH!!!
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