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  • the best show on tv for years

    I get to watch Greys Anatomy in Spain, but lucky for me in English, I love it, we get to see series 5 on the 22nd January, cant wait, Meredith and Dereck are my favourite actors I am always more intrested in them than the others, saying that I enjoy all of them but they just stand out, I hope the series goes on for years, I am still hooked on Friends, but of course this is different, so please keep it going, I think its sad that George is leaving his cute. Thank you for entertaing me.
  • i really dont understand what the heck is going on with this show!

    in season one and two, it was my guilty pleasure, and i had fallen completely in love with it. my favourite characters were izzie, george and bailey.

    but season 3.. izzie kind of goes sort of pathetic, but you still love her and then the whole thing with izzie and george's relationship, how he cheated on his wife for her and then they break up within a week.. how pathetic. i was glad katie heigl won that emmy though.

    but season 4. has been utterly pathetic. not only do they completely ignore their interns, the poor interns get no air time and no hands on experience- leading them to figure out things on their own- which of course gets them in trouble with the chief.. but do the doctors get in trouble... nope.. only cristina. its pathetic. they are crappy teachers to their interns, and all they care about is their sex lives. and izzie with denny is just friggin disturbing and kind of makes me gag bc hello.. hes dead. tptb are seriously making me gag this season. i'd rather watch reruns of veronica mars on cosmo than watch new episodes of this show. sad.
  • I've been watching since day one and I get more into it as each season progresses.

    I love that Shonda has kept the characters progressing in the way they deal with their relationships and in their professional lives. I also enjoy that when she has a story idea that she does it no matter how popular or unpopular it could be. I think thats what makes creative writers successful. Shonda gets a lot of grief over her storylines sometimes but its keeping a lot of people watching and its making everybody talk about the show. I say BRAVO Shonda and keep doing what you do because no matter how wacky the stories can be I watch TV show for entertainment and not the reality factor. I love that she can get me so deep into the show that I forget what's going on around me
  • Follows Meredith Grey surgeon in training with her other fellow doctors in training. It follows there relationships and how it effects there work. IT is filled with interesting surgeries a mirror to Houses diagnostic portion of medicine.

    The show has many different aspects too it that make it entertaining to all sorts. For me its the surgeries and i enjoy the soundtrack. The side i tend to find OK but not amazing is the relationships they were OK in the first season but dragged on and on and now one of them is shacked up with a supposed ghost. But ignoring the necrophilia the newest season is still as good as the last but does not feel like it is going anywhere unless it was a show just about interesting surgeries each episode but its about drama and it seems to have loads of that no matter how much it feels like desperate attempts. Other than ghost girl becoming more annoying shes already stumbling and just goes for the gold of stupidity. But overall this show is great and has potential to be great or at least interesting surgeries. So i will recommend this to anyone who is interested in medicine, anyone interested in crazy people interacting with other crazies.
  • The show is better than most

    I love this show but they are getting a little to wrapped up in the doctors than patient medicine. It's supposed to be a medical drama, not a doctor drama. It was better when the show revolved around medical mysteries than a ghost from the beyond?
    I just think they need to move out of the stories of the doctors and move on to more medical mysteries that they were so awesome at. They need to get out of the news and into the writing room. I never hear heros coming out with such offscreen publisity, they kick butt come ratings.
  • What happened to this great show?

    When i started to watch Grey's anatomy, I use to really love it, great characters and awesome storylines. But ever since the begin of this season I realy hate the show. They keep bringin back Denny, I mean, he is dead. Let him be. And the wrote brooke smith out of the show, i loved her relation with Dr. Torres. Great thing for a pupulair show to have a lesbian relation ship!
    And finally, cutie o'malley is leaving the show. No reason for me to watch anymore. =(

    I hope this show really turns arround or they will loose a viewer.
  • A medical "dramedy" which, whilst not perfect, still manages to please.

    A look-see at where Grey's Anatomy is today: Izzie and Denny-created-by-Izzie's-deteriorating-sanity... I don't know if it's "hurting the show" in terms of ratings, but it is rather an odd storyline. If anything, it shows the depth of... whatever it is that Izzie is going through, which, incidentally, seemed to make a sudden appearance in the story. Either Izzie is having conversations (and sex) with a "ghost", or she's seriously losing it, and either way, to me, it doesn't sit quite right with the idea behind the show (as far as I can tell) - namely, that it's called Grey's Anatomy because Meredith (who seems to be more in the background these days, which is fine by me because she can be quite irritating) opens almost each episode analysing people and situations. Meredith seems to have such "insight", (whilst being a bit of a nutcase, and a not-very-convincing doctor), however, it just seems a little weird that there are storylines that are so far removed from Meredith, that it seems as if her narration is almost "God-like" in that overseeing kind of way - which works more with Desperate Housewives (putting aside one's personal belief about such things).

    Wow! You'd think I don't like the show! I really enjoy it, actually. I just think there's the occasional odd and/or unconvincing storyline. For example, Callie suddenly being drawn by lesbianism, but still bedding Mark every now and again, as if to try to convince herself that she's not really a lesbian. A woman, happy to have sex with her "girlfriend", but desperate to sleep with her male friend as well. Hmmm... I'd be very surprised if the writer/s or people behind these ideas aren't men!

    Back to Izzie and the make-believe-Denny storyline - there needs to be a development fast. Izzie needs to become seriously psychotic, or get over her issues.

    And finally, why is it that when Alex finally steps off the I'm-a-Jerk Train, Izzie's not really on the platform waiting for him? It seems that one of the themes of Grey's is that it's extremely difficult - at best - to find happiness and contentment in this life. At worst, there isn't really any.

    All of that aside, there are moments when all of the main characters get to shine (albeit it with somewhat uneven distribution and consistency), and where we get to savour that distinct Grey's-like dialogue.

    All-in-all, still worth watching.
  • This show needs to focus on the better characters.

    Please stop the Izzie/Dead Denny storyline. I can't stand Kathryn Heigl because of her self importance. Hopefully this storyline is leading to Izzie having a complete mental breakdown and then leaving Grey's.
    I really like the new doctor with asperger's. It's always a great episode when the focus is not on Meredith, another annoying character. It was great to see Yang happy again. Little Grey is so much better than her annoying character but she can be a little too hyper. Karav is such a great character. He seems to be a good doctor who is underappreciated for his medical skills. Callie is always great. She is such a real woman who needs a real man!
  • Loving Cristina

    The only one thing that held my interest in this episode is Cristina. Her acting was really good. As always Meredith "it's all about me" attitude made me cringe. As for Izzie-Alex-Denny love triangle, well, I hope Grey's Anatomy is really doing the right thing regarding this issue because everytime Izzie and Denny scenes comes up I hit forward button as fast as I could. It's just, BORING. At first it got my attention and then it started to bores me.

    Even if I am not a fan of Alex and Izzie I love the part when Alex did the I freaking love you speech.

    Sadie confuses me, still... :(

    I really want to see Callie in a stable relationship and also Mark really settling down in a serious relationship.

    I wonder if it really is true that George is leaving Grey's Anatomy? Being such a good friend to Izzie, much?
  • One great show with a fine balance of medical and personal dramas

    I have loved Grey's Anatomy since episode 1 and although I enjoyed the first 3 seasons the most, it still continues to develop lots of drama, both medical and personal. The cast of characters is fantastic and many of the stories have been highly imaginative, even now during its fifth season.

    We have seen the interns from season 1 develop into Residents at Seattle Grace and the senior staff have moved along in their lives too, especially Miranda Bailey who is one of my favourite characters.

    I don't know how much longer this series will continue but it is still up there as one of my absolute favourites.
  • Don't know why I like it, but I do.

    This is one of the types of shows that I shouldn't like, but for some reason I do. Having been a treatment room medic in the army,I'd have to say that real doctors by and large are light years away from T.V. doctors and this includes the doctors of Grey's anatomy. I've got a real doctor for a brother in law, and in my wildest dreams I couldn't picture him boffing a collegue in a linnen closet. No way. But the show is entertaining. The humor is light and quick,and mildly kinky at times with small doses of gritty realism thrown in usually at just the right time to help keep things interesting. That, and I've got a mild crush on Ellen Pompeo,and that helps to keep me tuning in from time to time. She's easy on my eyes.
  • Grey's Anatomy Rocks!!!

    Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorites. A great cast and McDreamy is steamy. My favorite character is Izzie she's a great actress. Very intelligent and charming. I like how they save lives and talk about the important things in life. i kinda got sick of the whole meredith and Derek thing. She's not an affectionate person and it seems she'll never really need him. The back snd forth stuff gets boring to me. But I still do like the show. Grey's anatomy is a great show. Another Fan, Winny look alike
  • A show that always keeps things fresh.

    I would say that my most favorite thing about this show is they always keep the story line fresh. You never feel like the show over does one part of the story or another there is such a great balance in the storyline. You start to feel like you are there with the doctors because there is a human feeling to the show also. It is a great show that continues to reinvent itself through out each season. to me that is a great show. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I do and even in the same ways.
  • Trouble at seattle grace !

    At one time ontop of the world, Greys Anatomy sees it self in a posistion it thought could not be imanginable 2 years ago ! The show has no stedy route, it goes from a "medical Drama", to a "medical comdedy" to a "medical Romance" and soo one, from epsiode to epsiode, and sometimes all at once durning the SAME epsiode !!

    The showss needs to stick with the "medical drama" route, that one time had it ontop of the rattings. Even if the show hasent been the same since losing star Isah Washington, they still have a few good story lines / characers to roll with and finish the second half of the season strong. plus they always have the option of brining in a new character to satisfy all of its fans needs!

    BUT If this show dosent clean up its act it could see it self "off the air" by the end of the 2009-2010 season !!!!!!!!!!!
  • A show based in a hospital that seemingly has nothing to do with medicine! But I'd be lying if I said I didn't get caught up in all the drama in the lives of these doctors!

    The show follows the life of Dr. Grey a young female intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. It also follows the events in the lives of the other doctors in the hospital.

    This show is bizarre in the way that the medicine rarely takes centrestage instead opting for a more character driven show. This can make the show seem a little silly and makes its surrounding rather pointless (this concept would have worked just as well in a law firm or even a coal mine!)but con sarnit if it ain't enjoyable TV.

    If I did have a seious gripe about this show it has to be the lead character, Meredith Grey, who seems to get more annoying season after season. I mean, the first season she was interestng to follow around but as things have transpired over the last 5 seasons she is now just a chore to watch and you can't wait to go to back to Izzy or George or McDreamy.

    But all in all this is just a fun romp that will make anyone tune in for their weekly check up at Seattle Grace. This show is the pure definition of guilty pleasure.
  • Meredith Grey and other interns trying to become doctors.

    I absolutely love this show! I just started watching it, i know im a little late ( : But atleast I am watching it. The drama is great with the surgeries they have to do, it has really funny comedy in each episode, and the relationships between the characters are really great! I love derek and meredith together they are soo cute!!!! I hope that they stay together now, through all their ups and downs they are still perfect for each other with their amazing chemistry. The whole cast is great working together to give us a great show. I can't wait for more!
  • George is an official Dr. Izzy and Alex confront their own personal demons. Mer makes a (somewhat laughable) mistake. Cristina is badass. And Bailey makes her own history. Awesome episode.

    Just when I thought that last week's episode was awesome, Shonda rises yet again and gives us "There is No I in Team". The Domino procedure was pretty amazing, and it wouldn't be Grey's without some emotional drama, i.e. a love triangle that had the potential to destroy the Domino Surgeries. From the previews, I was a little worried that, for some reason, our team might actually fail at something, but I'm glad that everything worked out o.k. As always, the last 10 minutes were the best.

    Meredith: Throws a small tantrum over Derek taking the sole credit for their clinical trial. I see her side of it... it was her idea, and he never did thank her for it (except at the end, with the holy grail of surgical gifts). But I'm glad she stood her ground with him and "battled" it out instead of leaving him for a bottle of tequila like she used to. And the fact that she DROPPED a kidney was, I'm sorry, a little hilarious, especially when Bailey yelled "5 second rule!!" Meredith is right, she's not half the surgeon her mother was, but she's just getting started I think.

    Cristina: I love how they almost "hazed" the interns to see who they would give to George. I have a feeling that she's going to warm up to "2" like she did with our Lexipedia. Even when she's being cruel and tough, I still find her amusing. And I CHEERED to myself when I saw Dr McMajor, Owen Hunt, sitting at Joe's. Hello, he's coming to Seattle Grace! She needs her "man"!

    Izzie: She still gets too emotionally attached to her patients, but I don't foresee that changing anytime soon. Obvi she and Alex were paired with the emotionally diverse father-son pairing to work out their issues. I think, when it comes down to the tough stuff though, she can hold her ground with the trailer park girl toughness she has.

    Alex: Even though we got a little insight into what his family life was like when he was little, it would still be interesting to find out a little more. Alex does seem like a good guy, but he's damaged and I don't think we've scratched the surface of what happened. I do think he wants to be a good guy though, and the fact that he manages to YELL some sense into the son shows that he still does care about others... in his own way. It'll be interesting to see, since they've grown since they last tried to hook up, how their potential relationship could play out.

    Bailey: 5 second rule. Berating the residents for saying she didn't get to pick them for interns. Priceless.

    This upholds my theory that my favorite episodes of the seasons tend to be the 4th of the season. (I guess if you count this season's premiere as 2 separates, this debunks it, but I counted it as one.)
  • awesome!

    I always liked medical shows.I was obsesed with house and i thought a medical series couldn't be better.Well,i was wrong.I started watching Grey's Anatomy just a few weeks ago.It is my new best friend.Now i am in the middle of the second season and i am very happy i started watching it.A frien got me into it and i am grateful.It is not all about medical stuff.It shows the characters personal lifes and feelings.I also love the way it combines drama with comedy.Sad moments are very intense and funny moments are very ...funny.It is very real unlike House where they always save the patients.How would i classify this Show? Absoludely Fabulous!
  • Is Grey's going down the tubes?

    This show has been at the top of my list for a long time. I have followed it since the middle of season one I believe. The first episode that I saw was the one where the paramedic put her hands into a mans stomach cavity to hold his insides in and there happened to be a bomb inside of him that had not exploded. I was on the edge of my seat, captivated by this show, in fact this is one of the reasons I had to get DVR so I would never miss an episode again. However since Addison left to Private practice the show has gone down hill and now this season premiere that was below average even for a regular episode. I am worried that Greys is going to fall on the charts this season. I use to love Meredith and now she is becoming annoying, depressing and repetitive. They need to let Denny go and stop all of these stupid dreams and out of body experiences. They are cheesy. Please I am begging you to step it up and not let this show crash and burn.
  • This is a very good show, with so many talented actors. It should last forever or as long as the best ones do.

    I love this show. Everyone on it is a remarkable actor/actress. But I must admit, I tuned in from the start for one particular actor, and that would be Dr. Mcdreamy! He is so easy on the eyes and I enjoy the character he brings to the show. I am also glad one such character was written off, no name mentioned here. But the rest of the cast is amazing, and they need to be very proud of the work they do. They have a very well written and produced show, that should go on for an indefinite period. Good Luck
  • Seriously? Seriously!!

    I have watched and loved Grey's Anatomy from day one. However and I am not alone when I say this, but what is going on?

    When I seen a small clip of the show where McDreamy was lying covered in blood with Meredith screaming his name I was excited, scared and generally emotional. But then all it was, was a bad dream?

    Last season would have been brilliant if McDreamy had left Meredith, then had an accident we would have been gripped. But no it was all happy and lovely and not what Greys is about. Then to my horror this double opener was only ok. Finally I thought something was going to come between the two love sick puppies but no it's still the same old and it is beginning to irritate now. Please can they just get over it, seriously!

    I loved Christina's story line and feel that the show should be about her not Grey. Who doesn't want to be kissed by G.I Joe? I was so looking forward to this I have waited a long time for season 5 and it was only an average opener. Please tell me there is going to be better episodes; I couldn't stand it if it was like season 4. And for the love of God give Izzy some decent story lines I miss her and I am sick of seeing ghost of Danny, go into the light already. Let's just hope things improve, seriously!
  • Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigel, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson, Sara Ramirez (2- present), Brooke Smith (4- present), James Pickens Jr., Kate Walsh (2-3), Eric Dane (3- present), with Isaiah Washington (1-3) and Patrick Dempsey

    One of the best medical dramas that have come to the silver screen. Two that i know of that might actually be better, ER (its been on for 15 years, come on), and House (a classic). Grey's Antatomy brings so much drama to the screen, and the most fan driven relationships that people really want to work out, like Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Izzie (Katherine Heigel) and Alex (Justin Chambers), as well as many other characters. Speaking of characters, they are some of the most likeable characters on television, some like Alex, in a not-like, but love sort of way. This is one of the best shows on tv, as shown with over 80 nominations, and 20 wins.
  • One of the best medical shows.

    I've liked Grey's Anatomy since first episode. Great story and fabolous characters. Seriously!!!.I liked chemistry between main characters. From the beginning this show had perfect balance between comedy and drama. The first two season were awesome, and every single episode was special. It was the fresh and charming. But during the third season, I noticed that show lost the "magic". It was too much drama there!!! And the season third finale was very dissapointing. After fourth season I think the show is still great, but I think it isn't perfect like before. Unfortunately greys lost something, but I still loved it.
  • Best 2nd Show on ABC

    seems like Anatomy is all about competition and the surgeons' egos, but hospitals are not about ego. The patient comes first. The scene where the interns are heckling George during his first surgery, taking bets on whether he's going to fail - that kind of thing doesn't happen. And if somebody's spilling stool into the abdomen, the attending isn't going to taunt the intern.There's a lot more downtime for the residents on the show than in real life. And no shifts are 48 hours. It makes for good TV, but it's against the law in New York, fortunately for me. At the end of the shift, Meredith looked way too good to be post-call. If I'm really going to respect this show, by the sixth episode I want to see bags under the eyes; I want to see yellow teeth from drinking too much soda on call; I want to see a unibrow on somebody. Still, I think it's a great show. I'm totally hooked
  • Set at a hospital with ators as doctors.

    I love this show to bit and that is why i choose a classification of absolutely fabulous. It so amazing. It is about doctors in a hospital and ther relationships with one another. Some doctors have intamite relations with each other and others have normal relationship. Some of the time there is fights between the doctors about some doctors liking each other and then the other doctors get mad. It is perfect for people who just want to sit back and relax and enjoy the show. It is so amazing everone everywhere will love it and if you love it you will probaly love private practice too. I love both those shows.
  • my favorite show

    I love this show every season grabs me in.. yeah season for wasn't as goood but it had all the Grey's charm I love. So i know season 5 will be worth it... as for characters Christina is my favorite but I am so ready for her to have a storyline.. Izzie I adore her she is such arangeable character I hear this season she may see Denny.. I don't know how.. and meredith so flawed.. her view of life is amazing ... Put together with the naively sweet lexie, more than see at eye george, the damaged alex, the hilariously handsome mark, and so charming derek the show is the best
  • I usually can not stand shows set in hospitals but this one is different.

    the medical stuff and the shots that make me lose my appetite are still there but they are nearly allmost drowned out by everything else. this show has so many layers and i challenge anyone to say its just another hospital show. The characters are so great and believeable. The actors do such a great job of portraying theese people that an audience is hard pressed not to really feel for these people. The plot is easier to follow than alot of shows on tv at the moment, which is refreshing. shows where you have to think to much to understand can irritate you after a while when the reason you watch tv is to relax. And it's funny. there arent many shows that provide a laugh every week. I hope the show continues to keep me laughing for a while. I think it could easily pull off a few more seasons off top notch drama and comedy. i just hope emredith stops being so whiney now shes 'whole and healed'.
  • The best show on TV. AMAZING!

    The best show on TV. I love this show. It is great medical drama. Based in a hospital of course. But the best thing is that they combine medical mysteries and the doctors' lives in the show and blend it together and you get a wonderful, amazing, great show! Every episode is special and amazing in its own way.


    Grey's Anatomy will definetly go down as a classic and one of the best shows from this time period (So far. And I don't think and show will come out to top this.)

  • Catchy

    This television series is one of the best dramas I've ever seen in a while. The cast has great chemistry, especially Patrick Dempsy and Ellen Pompeo. The script is flawless, full of new obstacles for each character to go through per episode, with bits of comedic writing in it as well. I have compared this series with the ER series and personally, I like this series much better. Grey's Anatomy has bits of life lessons for viewers to learn every so often. Many episodes breaks your hearts, making you feel tempted to even yell or shout at the television screen! Great cliff-hangers, making viewers waiting impatiently until next Thursday to see what happens next! Overall, Grey's Anatomy is a wonderful show. Tune in!
  • Wow, this is honestly the best 1-hour show to watch on TV.

    Ummm, what's there to say about this show? Now, where I am Season 3 just began so I don't know if this show EVER got bad later on the series (or in season 4) coz ive never seen THOSE episodes.

    I luvd season 2. The finale was awesome and this show in its entirety is unbelievabley nice. It's got drama and I love the comedy sometimes too. It's such a wonderful TV show that, no matter what people might say, I will always love. Now I've heard some rumors that Izzie might be cut off the show?! NOOOOOOOOO i luv Izzie and Season 3 is so emotionally involved around her and the whole Denny-Douqette thing (I spelled it wrong, right?)

    This is a wonderful TV show, so nice, so emotional, funny, dramatic...... I hope ABC won't make a drastic mistake (like it's done quite a few times before) by cancelling it!

    --Love Grey's Anatomy.
    --Love Grey.
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