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  • One of the best medical shows.

    I've liked Grey's Anatomy since first episode. Great story and fabolous characters. Seriously!!!.I liked chemistry between main characters. From the beginning this show had perfect balance between comedy and drama. The first two season were awesome, and every single episode was special. It was the fresh and charming. But during the third season, I noticed that show lost the "magic". It was too much drama there!!! And the season third finale was very dissapointing. After fourth season I think the show is still great, but I think it isn't perfect like before. Unfortunately greys lost something, but I still loved it.
  • Best 2nd Show on ABC

    seems like Anatomy is all about competition and the surgeons' egos, but hospitals are not about ego. The patient comes first. The scene where the interns are heckling George during his first surgery, taking bets on whether he's going to fail - that kind of thing doesn't happen. And if somebody's spilling stool into the abdomen, the attending isn't going to taunt the intern.There's a lot more downtime for the residents on the show than in real life. And no shifts are 48 hours. It makes for good TV, but it's against the law in New York, fortunately for me. At the end of the shift, Meredith looked way too good to be post-call. If I'm really going to respect this show, by the sixth episode I want to see bags under the eyes; I want to see yellow teeth from drinking too much soda on call; I want to see a unibrow on somebody. Still, I think it's a great show. I'm totally hooked
  • Set at a hospital with ators as doctors.

    I love this show to bit and that is why i choose a classification of absolutely fabulous. It so amazing. It is about doctors in a hospital and ther relationships with one another. Some doctors have intamite relations with each other and others have normal relationship. Some of the time there is fights between the doctors about some doctors liking each other and then the other doctors get mad. It is perfect for people who just want to sit back and relax and enjoy the show. It is so amazing everone everywhere will love it and if you love it you will probaly love private practice too. I love both those shows.
  • my favorite show

    I love this show every season grabs me in.. yeah season for wasn't as goood but it had all the Grey's charm I love. So i know season 5 will be worth it... as for characters Christina is my favorite but I am so ready for her to have a storyline.. Izzie I adore her she is such arangeable character I hear this season she may see Denny.. I don't know how.. and meredith so flawed.. her view of life is amazing ... Put together with the naively sweet lexie, more than see at eye george, the damaged alex, the hilariously handsome mark, and so charming derek the show is the best
  • I usually can not stand shows set in hospitals but this one is different.

    the medical stuff and the shots that make me lose my appetite are still there but they are nearly allmost drowned out by everything else. this show has so many layers and i challenge anyone to say its just another hospital show. The characters are so great and believeable. The actors do such a great job of portraying theese people that an audience is hard pressed not to really feel for these people. The plot is easier to follow than alot of shows on tv at the moment, which is refreshing. shows where you have to think to much to understand can irritate you after a while when the reason you watch tv is to relax. And it's funny. there arent many shows that provide a laugh every week. I hope the show continues to keep me laughing for a while. I think it could easily pull off a few more seasons off top notch drama and comedy. i just hope emredith stops being so whiney now shes 'whole and healed'.
  • The best show on TV. AMAZING!

    The best show on TV. I love this show. It is great medical drama. Based in a hospital of course. But the best thing is that they combine medical mysteries and the doctors' lives in the show and blend it together and you get a wonderful, amazing, great show! Every episode is special and amazing in its own way.


    Grey's Anatomy will definetly go down as a classic and one of the best shows from this time period (So far. And I don't think and show will come out to top this.)

  • Catchy

    This television series is one of the best dramas I've ever seen in a while. The cast has great chemistry, especially Patrick Dempsy and Ellen Pompeo. The script is flawless, full of new obstacles for each character to go through per episode, with bits of comedic writing in it as well. I have compared this series with the ER series and personally, I like this series much better. Grey's Anatomy has bits of life lessons for viewers to learn every so often. Many episodes breaks your hearts, making you feel tempted to even yell or shout at the television screen! Great cliff-hangers, making viewers waiting impatiently until next Thursday to see what happens next! Overall, Grey's Anatomy is a wonderful show. Tune in!
  • Wow, this is honestly the best 1-hour show to watch on TV.

    Ummm, what's there to say about this show? Now, where I am Season 3 just began so I don't know if this show EVER got bad later on the series (or in season 4) coz ive never seen THOSE episodes.

    I luvd season 2. The finale was awesome and this show in its entirety is unbelievabley nice. It's got drama and I love the comedy sometimes too. It's such a wonderful TV show that, no matter what people might say, I will always love. Now I've heard some rumors that Izzie might be cut off the show?! NOOOOOOOOO i luv Izzie and Season 3 is so emotionally involved around her and the whole Denny-Douqette thing (I spelled it wrong, right?)

    This is a wonderful TV show, so nice, so emotional, funny, dramatic...... I hope ABC won't make a drastic mistake (like it's done quite a few times before) by cancelling it!

    --Love Grey's Anatomy.
    --Love Grey.
  • Seriously amazing seriously

    OMG! Grey's Anatomy is the most amazing show in the entire world! I have all three seasons already and am waiting for the 4th to come out. (sept 9th) Then the season 5 on Sept 25th!!
    I love the MerDer sitiation! OMG Patrick Dempsey is SO fing HOT! :D his twins are adorable!!!
    I am so incredibly amazingly seriouldy excited for season 5!!! But i am having a problem i cannot find a season 5 preview . has any one seen one yet if you have can you emai me? !!

    Never change :D
  • i have only watched this show from time to time but every time i tend to watch it its always sad! but it has some good twists in it

    ok so this show is a favorite to most but i honestly there are some episodes that i am just not that interested i like McDreamy but some times the show just has all sadness to it and its depressing to watch it. it honestly is the type of show that if you dont start watching it from the beginning its ok bc it is not to hard to catch on the only reason i have seen the episodes i have seen is because my mom and cousin are in love with it and they used to watch it every thursday but i think it is a decent show and deserved to be reviewed......
  • Love It :)

    Grey's Anatomy is about a group of interns turn doctors who work at Seattle Grace Hospital. The characters are as follows; Izzie, Alex, Christina, Meridith, Alex and George (They started off as interns and are now doctors), The other surgeons include Derick, Mark, Callie, among others. Meridith and Derick have alot of history, and always end up getting back together. Izzie and Alex also have history as a couple, but are my personal favourite. The story is based around all these characters, watch as they deal with their trials and tribulations, sometimes as they struggle through day to day life. Izzie is my favourite character, i like the way she is around people.
  • PERFECT!!!!!! I really can't switch it off

    This show is addictive... frim the 1st episode i couldn't stop watching... i practically watched the whole 4 seasons in 1 month.... i liked that it was full of medical problems that give one an overview and general knowledge of medicine... plus it's filled of drama, LOVE, friendship... everything we find in everyday's life... it is far from boring... in no episode do u think when will it end and you never know what will happen between meredith and derek next which is for me the main reason for watching it... i mean Derek's character ist reason enough as he is really the McDreamy!!!!!!!
  • Follows the lives of interns at Seattle Grace Hospital

    This show to me is one of the best. It mixes ER with a little more soap opera to create a mix of doctors curing patients and their personal dramas in and out of the hospital. The only thing that bothers me is some of the characters don't grow in the show. Like Meredith who finally at the end of the season realized she needed to be with McDreamy but before that it was just a storyline that went on and on and on.......I was happy that McDreamy and Meredith got together because they do match each other and yes relationships take work but these two make it worth the effort. The other characters as well provide interesting storylines but Mcreamy and Meredith is the main reason I'm watching.
  • Real life characters

    As being a fan of E.R. for a long time, I was very much interested by Grey's Anatomy. I got engrossed into the particular dramas of the characters very quickly and, even if, in the beginning, I thought that I would not care much for this series, I found myself in front of the TV every night the show was aired.

    I always enjoy movies that focus on personal drama and how people manage to deal with everyday's challenge, not only with the extraordinary. People like Meredith, that have a tough time showing their feelings, or anyone of the interns, live around us, and that is the major contribution of the show. Even in a small world, like a workplace, people still manage to show who they are and make their mark on everyone else.
  • A show that started off as a witty and trendy soap, with strong characters - excellent actors - and inspired storylines, found its own style and it's own pace and was getting better season after season. The fourth is kind of a letdown.

    A show that started off as a witty and trendy soap, with strong characters and inspired storylines, found its own style and it's own pace, and didn't success just as ABC's ER but as a really great medical drama. The first season was excellent, the second, even better, and the third was paramount, now without Addison, without Burke, with writer's compulsion to make everything worse - to keep audience interrested I can only guess - when there's hope and beauty, love and reality (George and Izzie, Alex and Rebecca), the fourth is a massive letdown. But don't get me wrong, it's still a good show. Even though we loved Addison, we knew she had to go, that's how it has to end for her, after having lost her husband, and every hope of happiness. Even thought we know why Burke/Isaiah is gone, we knew he had to go too. His relationship with Cristina was chaotic and unbalanced.

    For them, it was a perfect ending. Derek and Meredith had a lot of problems of their own, and even more as a couple, then again it's a perfect hangover in the season fourth finale. As of Lexie, she is a great new character, with promising storylines.

    The problem is elsewere. We still have hope for Alex, Cristina, Callie, Mark, and especially Izzie & George, but the writers have to let go of the redundant storylines (Alex and Izzie) and get their own ideas for twists (the Izzie and George twist is a ripoff from Friend's Joey and Rachel's) They have to go back to the first three seasons to see what is missing. What is missing is the professional bounds between pupils and masters, the cynical yet beautiful ties between the five of Bailey's team, and the career storylines (i.e. Alex's choice between plastics and OBGYN) The last season - shortened by the strike - is pure chaos and that sucks and there are more moments of justness in the last seasons, and less clichés in the writing than in the first ones, so even if the good's gone, we can only hope the best is ahead.
  • Meredith Grey is surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital where she meets her friends Cristina, Izzy, George, and Alex during her internship. Before beginning she meets her on and off boyfriend, Derek. The show follows her in and outside of OR.

    I use to not like this show when I didn't watch it because it had such high ratings taking away potential viewers from The Office. I gave it a chance one day and instantly became crazy about it!!! The story lines are great (although sometimes repetitive) and the cast is amazing. They do a great job portraying their characters which is Emmy material (even though Katherine Heigl has taken away her chance to run ...). I love this show so much that I can never wait for Thursday to come around so I can watch it and know how the cliffhanger is resolved.
  • Good medical drama, better in the early seasons, but still with the potential to get back its charm by toning down the over-the-top elements and bringing in some good medical crises to solve! Well worth watching (especially season 2!).

    From season 1 I really liked this show, it seemed to mix the medicine/doctor storylines well with a good bit of relationship drama. I loved the relationships between the main characters, and thought they developed really good friendships and couples throughout the first 3 seasons. Despite the constant on again off again relationship between Derek and Meredith annoying some people– I quite enjoyed it, you understood it had to be that way because it was a TV show and could have got boring very quickly otherwise. Plus – the season 2 finale for me was one of the best I've ever seen, with the Izzie & Denny relationship being one of my favourites across all shows. However, now the bad… I think Season 3 was the start of a downhill trend, there were still good episodes, not AS good as the previous seasons, but still good. By Season 4 – I was really only sticking with the show because I had for the first 3 seasons so I was interested in how the characters were developed. Unfortunately, I don't think it was done very well – we lost Burke from the show (which I think didn't do it any favours), and the characters seemed to become more caricatures, extended and distorted versions of themselves, doing things I just didn't think were believable. It was a difficult season to watch for me.

    Although – I have hope! The season 4 finale had glimmers of what made me like the show so much in the first 2 seasons. I really want to keep watching this show, so I hope they get the balance back to what it was, of course keep the relationship drama, but make it believable, and include more interesting medical cases. After all – it is based in a hospital. I don't want this to seem like it's a negative review – I do love this show, I just loved it more at the start and don't want it to go downhill, as it seems to be. I would still recommend it to new viewers!
  • An interesting and great show about relationships and medicine, varying between drama and comedy.

    Meredith Grey, a somehow damaged woman is an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. She and her fellow-interns and friends Christina, who is hyper-competitive and very focused on surgery, Izzie, who is very caring and sensitive, George, the nice next-door boy who has a crush on Meredith and Alex who seems to be a jerk but is really a nice guy. Their resident is a strong woman named Miranda Bailey who tries to teach them to be good doctors but somehow personal stuff keeps getting in their way: Meredith falls in love with her attending Derek, who is married but leaves his wife for her. Christina falls in love with the attending Preston Burke but when they want to get married, she gets cold feet. And of course there are many other problems concerning love-lives and several patients.

    There are many reasons I love this show (although I originally didn't, don't know why anymore):
    - The cases. They are always very interesting and fascinating. But I think Grey's found a good balance between medicine and relationships and doesn't overdo the medicine part, because finally it's the people we care about
    - The characters. There are just so many and so different characters on this show who are each individually strong. You always get the feeling, that those are real humans with feelings. Addison, for example, is not portrayed one-dimensional as a cheater but also as a woman who did something wrong but is still a good human being. I like that kind of realism in a show.
    - The relationship issues. Yeah, I know, some people don't like TV relationships but I'm a romantic and I like them, especially on Grey's. And there are, many, many relationships to care about.
    - Derek and Meredith. I always root for couples, never for single characters on TV and those two are just perfect. Although Meredith isn't my favourite character in the world, she and Derek make this relationship working.
    - Bailey. Just an amazing character and an even better actress. It's a delight to watch her
    - Patrick Dempsey. He's just too good on the eyes…
    - The drama and the comedy. I really like the fact that this show goes both ways and is good in both comedy and drama. It's just more interesting than just a comedy or just drama.

    All in all, this is a show you have to watch if you like relationships with drama and comedy as much as I am and you want to see a very well-done show with heart.
  • With some many characters and compelling storylines is hard to keep up, but we have grown to love them... great writing, great drama, nice hair.

    Grey's Anatomy is a very hip show, good dialogues, crazy medical cases… nice town (Seattle) but most important, it shows us that doctors are mortals too, and they fall in love, out of love, they get involved in messy complications and they have doubts, not only of their skills but about life itself…and did I mention they have great hair.

    During the first two season we saw the Meredith-Mcdreamy affair, we were almost pushed to get involved, but the others characters had added so depth to the show that every storyline seems too important to pass out, every little drama between the girls and the boys seems very sincere and every failure is shared by millions of fans who watch every week.

    Really good show, strongly recommended to everyone who has doubts.
  • perfect finale!

    wow! 2 hrs of awesomeness! so much exciting stuff going on!
    my second favorite part was christina telling hahn to shut up. then cheif backing her up. its about time someone put her in her place. she's not perfect and now she knows it.
    really enjoyed the boy in the concrete story line. glad he lived. =P hopefully that popular girl will see the light now.
    also enjoyed the beth/jeremy story. so glad they got to get it on before he died. that was awesome. knew he wasnt going to make it and didnt think she would but im glad she did so the trial would be a success. and derrick and meredith can open that bottle of champagne. (but i'll get to that later).
    the callie/hahn kiss i have mixed feelings about. always knew hahn could go there, but didnt expect it from callie. was also nice to see alex vulnerable. havent seen too much into his story so hopefully they'll get into that next season. as for him and izzy... i dont know. doesnt matter to me if they get together again or not. and finally, my absolute favorite moment! of course, the ending. meredith got the help she needed and took a chance with derrick. i like how they kept them apart until the very end. very suspenseful. although i cant help but feel like when he left to get rid of rose that that might start something... i absolutely loved this episode and cant wait til next season!
  • the best episode yet.

    i've gotta say this episode out-did itself. i loved all the patient in this episode and i liked how one patient needed all the doctors. i also liked the other one with the couple that had brain problems. and i really liked the pimp doctors thing between mer. and der. and the best part i think was the ending because you saw all the couples. i like merideth, before i just hated, but when i saw the whole house lay out in candles, and how she was all pissed off, that was a perfect way to end it, but i don't think thier home free, i think rose is gonna do somethin to mess them up. anyway it really didn't leave in any cliff hanger so i CAN waite for the next season, but i did really think this episode was perfect.
  • Meredith Grey is in her first year at Seattle Grace hospital, she is here with the chance of winning the competition involving about 20 others. While at the hospital she must live a normal life, avoid affairs and try to win the competition.

    Greys Anatomy is a show about a woman called Meredith Grey whom is trying to win a competition hosted in Seattle Grace hospital. The winner of the 1-year-long competition will have a full time job at the hospital and the others will be sent packing.
    Meredith is facing the test of a lifetime as she continues to try and beat 20 others in order to get the prize. During the seasons she will make firends with her competitors, have an affair with the doctors and at the same time try and live a normal life.
    Good luck, Meredith! You're gonna need it!
  • This show is all about the lives of the interns and medical staff at Seattle Grace hospital. You get to see a bit of the medical situations that occur in the hospital and you get to see the drama in the personal lives of the all the staff members.

    Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. I find that the surgical cases are really interesting but my favorite thing about this show is the characters. The way the interns interact with each other and with the attending doctors and the way they deal with the different situations that they are presented with. Yang is one of my favorite interns (now resident) on this show, Sandra Oh does an amazing job portraying this character. George is another character that I absolutely adore, he's so cute and innocent. Dr. Bailey definitely is my favorite character on the show, I just love her. Dr. Burke is my least favorite doctor on the show, I just don't like the way he is, I'm sooo happy that he's off the show. One thing I'd like to say is that the lives of real doctors cannot be as dramatic as all the characters on this show! lol
  • Its a funny med drama...better then E.R

    In Grey's Anatomy, the patients are not the usual screaming people with blood everywhere. Sometimes it's a man who swallowed a handful of dolls' heads, sometimes it's a woman who can't stop having spontaneous orgasms even when she doesn't want to. Or, it's a guy who has a tumor at his pelvic area causing him to have a constant erection, and sometimes it's a man with an unexploded bomb in his body cavity. It's different, and really creative. Not at all predictable, and the quotes are clever and witty. This show really makes you long for more. It's a comedy set in a hospital with romantic flings happening all the time, so you just have to be ready for almost everything.
  • meredith grey starts out as an intern as well as her competitors and they must face the drama at the hospital and the drama in their personal lives as they work in the hospital and progress during the years

    i really do like this first it was just on too late and i couldnt really get into it but now i do really like it..there was one ep i didnt like but ill get to that when i do that ep..this show is full of both intensity and drama..its nice to see the drama in both their competitive side and as things happen in the hospital and in their personal lives as we see relationships being built and destroyed at the same time..its a very intriguing show an it gives a nice view into the hospital system and how doctors get to where they are
  • I love the drama!!

    I love the drama that and that is what it is all about on Grey's Anatomy!! Rotton relationships, careers, family, and all the other issues that everyone deals with and never talks about. I am a sucker for drama's on television, but when you add all the twists and turns it makes it even better. I really want to see Meridith with Mc-dreamy, but if it doesn't happen they should still keep us on the edge of our seats. I hope that Grey's will continue it's vetures for many more seasons to come. I will continue to be a faithful viewer.
  • Some interesting characters in a fast-paced setting.

    I started watching this show recently as part of my Netflix "experience"--no commercials and lots of shows for a very small price tag. You know the benefits I'm Sure. This show strikes me as a little like the old Mary Tyler Moore Show--the central character, around whom all of the plots and characters swirl, is the least interesting part of the show. I find the Character of Meredith Grey to be inane, infantile and uninteresting. The real interest in this show is generated by not only the medical setting and shtick (sp?) but by several of the edgier cast members/ characters-- Bailey, Addison, Christina, to name the best of them. Tye males in this chow are either stodgy authority figures, robotic surgeons, "hunks" or bumblers. All in all, wirth watching, though I doubt I'd hang in there if I had to sit through the commercials.....
  • Great again!

    I would say that the show is definitely getting better. The first two seasons were very good, funny and even if it was another tv show taking place in an hospital, it was original for a lot more focused on the relationships than on the actual medical cases. But, I found the 3rd one very deceiving. Too many dead people, i don't remember any good moments during this season.The character of Meredith was too miserable and pathetic. I almost stopped watching it at one point. On the contrary, I think that the 2 last eps tend to find new inspiration, it is funny again! I want GA to go on like that!
  • This show is amazing.

    This show makes my life. It's so awesome. Meredith Grey lives a hard life, and being a surgical intern *cough* sorry, resident now, doesn't make it any easier. She always has these "McDreamy" Issues... which is okay, because she's had a challenging childhood. It's McDreamy who needs to pull up his socks. Anyways, Meredith and her fellow doctors make this an enjoyable drama series. It's no wonder it's one of the best rated shows on television. They're always getting into mischief and handling cool surgeries. And where would a show be without some romance? Everyone on the show has had their fair share of love, even Cristina. It's a very enjoyable show.
  • The wait is almost over!!!!

    I love this programme and has gotten increasingly better with each season. I've watched it from day 1 and despite it being more like a 'woman's programme' at the start, it has turned into an all round excellent drama with enough power to keep pulling me back week in and week out. I genuinely enjoy the various characters in this show, and for a change there isn't any that I don't like. Looking at previous postings, Gray's is either a love it or hate it show and I am pleased to be a lover and cannot wait to get it downloaded this weekend. We over here in the UK are currently being shown the last season and I can't be bothered waiting months till we get the current US season.

    So, welcome back Gray's, it's about time!!!
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