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  • Some interesting characters in a fast-paced setting.

    I started watching this show recently as part of my Netflix "experience"--no commercials and lots of shows for a very small price tag. You know the benefits I'm Sure. This show strikes me as a little like the old Mary Tyler Moore Show--the central character, around whom all of the plots and characters swirl, is the least interesting part of the show. I find the Character of Meredith Grey to be inane, infantile and uninteresting. The real interest in this show is generated by not only the medical setting and shtick (sp?) but by several of the edgier cast members/ characters-- Bailey, Addison, Christina, to name the best of them. Tye males in this chow are either stodgy authority figures, robotic surgeons, "hunks" or bumblers. All in all, wirth watching, though I doubt I'd hang in there if I had to sit through the commercials.....
  • Great again!

    I would say that the show is definitely getting better. The first two seasons were very good, funny and even if it was another tv show taking place in an hospital, it was original for a lot more focused on the relationships than on the actual medical cases. But, I found the 3rd one very deceiving. Too many dead people, i don't remember any good moments during this season.The character of Meredith was too miserable and pathetic. I almost stopped watching it at one point. On the contrary, I think that the 2 last eps tend to find new inspiration, it is funny again! I want GA to go on like that!
  • This show is amazing.

    This show makes my life. It's so awesome. Meredith Grey lives a hard life, and being a surgical intern *cough* sorry, resident now, doesn't make it any easier. She always has these "McDreamy" Issues... which is okay, because she's had a challenging childhood. It's McDreamy who needs to pull up his socks. Anyways, Meredith and her fellow doctors make this an enjoyable drama series. It's no wonder it's one of the best rated shows on television. They're always getting into mischief and handling cool surgeries. And where would a show be without some romance? Everyone on the show has had their fair share of love, even Cristina. It's a very enjoyable show.
  • The wait is almost over!!!!

    I love this programme and has gotten increasingly better with each season. I've watched it from day 1 and despite it being more like a 'woman's programme' at the start, it has turned into an all round excellent drama with enough power to keep pulling me back week in and week out. I genuinely enjoy the various characters in this show, and for a change there isn't any that I don't like. Looking at previous postings, Gray's is either a love it or hate it show and I am pleased to be a lover and cannot wait to get it downloaded this weekend. We over here in the UK are currently being shown the last season and I can't be bothered waiting months till we get the current US season.

    So, welcome back Gray's, it's about time!!!
  • This is about stupid people and me loving grey anatomy

    its so good even though meridith always cries but who cares i cry too people always says its bad its not its my new best friend soz tay but they say its unoriginal, yeah as if its the best show ever and it made me want to be a docter so it is influential as well as heart stopping breath taking and mind mingiling. I had all this writing but then it all disapeared ahhhhhhhhh hhhhhh hhhhh hbhh h h !!! i love greys anatomy why arent we allowed to write in capitals its so annoying thank you for reading
  • Grey's Anatomy

    Meet Meredith Grey. She's a woman trying to lead a real life with while doing a job that makes having a real life impossible. It has been so long that I almost can't remember the last episode.
    Meredith, Cristina, Izzie and Alex now have interns of their own. Callie does a really good job being chief resident and George is held back a year because he has yet to master the art cutting with scissors.
    Most of the stars of this tv drama are now big names in Hollywood such as;Katherine Heigl,Patrick Dempsey and Jefferey Dean Morgan
    This is one of many hospital tv dramas around today and usually I would agree they are all the same and just copy each others plots and storylines but in the case of Grey's Anatomy I have to disagree.Grey's Anatomy is so original!
  • It is original...

    To Senar ;
    I am Turkish.And I watched Doktorlar (Doctors) after i read your review.When i look the production date of ours , i can say that Grey's Anatomy is the orginal one.And i am pretty sure that we have taken the script from Grey's Anatomy.No need to shame.But i am really sorry the way you feel "Amercian TV Show having to copy from a Turkish one is a bit shameful".There are so many shows , series in the world TV's taken from other countries TVs.Just to make you happy we have taken So You Think You Can Dance and The Nanny :)))
  • A drama about the lives of doctors and nurses at a hospital. It follows their complicated lives and romances.Most of the stars of this tv drama are now big names in Hollywood such as;Katherine Heigl,Patrick Dempsey and Jefferey Dean Morgan

    This is one of many hospital tv dramas around today and usually I would agree they are all the same and just copy each others plots and storylines but in the case of Grey's Anatomy I have to disagree.Grey's Anatomy is so original and the storylines are usually short and easily understood.
    All of the characters are very likeable and the writers really seem to create good and bad stories for each to even out the character's stories.Even when this programme had just aired and most of the actors and actresses were virtually unknown they still had amazing acting ability and were all very talented.Since its first series the actors and actresses have all become A-List and Katherine Heigl-Izzy has starred in a few box office hit films in Hollywood as of lately.Patrick Dempsey also starred in a hit movie in 2007 as the "Prince Charming" in a modern day Cinderella/Snow White Disney movie,Enchanted.The reviews of this drama have all been excellent and it was highly praised since its first episode because of the casual humour,intriguing storylines and amazing talent.
  • I never thought I'd like such a show ... not in a million years ..... but I love it!!

    I've never been a fan of romantic comedies, I'm more into action and scientific stuff, so naturally when I first watched an episode I thought to myself "BORING"...

    But then I found myself coming back for more, I was captivated by the vivid diverse characters and complex challenging situations with all the emotions and thrills they brought into this show ... I was hooked!

    My favorite character would have to be George O'Malley (I'm always rooting for the underdog), T.R. Knight is such a good actor, Katherine Heigl is great too although I'm not a big fan of Izzie. I'm glad they're doing a spin-off coz the show's been a bit crowded recently, with Sara Ramirez and Eric Dane joining the regulars it would help to eliminate a coupla characters (for me Addison is expendable, so is Mark for that matter)

    I can't wait to see how this show pans out, it's very interesting and extremely entertaining ... not to mention hilarious. I just love it.
  • Cool

    "Grey's Anatomy" is an ER like show that airs on ABC. Personally, I think this is a great show. I have seasons 1 and 2 on DVD box set. They cost way too much but it was worth it. This show is way better than the 1994 through present show, "ER". i like the seriousness of it all but, its one of the only medical shows that ive ever watched and it is easily my favorite medical show. ER used to be but after watching the first 5 minutes of this, my opion soon changed. It could be funny though, but it is a medical show.
  • its a realy great show, well read my review lol

    Only three episodes into its debut season, Grey's Anatomy finds itself thinking about brain death. I do not claim that the quality of this thinking, in a dramatic series that seeks to be a sort of "ER goes to the senior prom," is likely to impress any licensed bioethicists. But compared with Congress in the Terri Schiavo case, the surgical residents at Seattle Grace Hospital look like Aristotle and Saint Francis of Assisi. And unlike Bill Frist, Peggy Noonan, or Tom DeLay, they are actually in the same room with the patient when they make their diagnosis, rather than on-call at the nearest television studio, sucking on the camera as if it were their feeding tube.
  • Its Your Standed Medical Drama But Manages To Keep Things Interesting And Fresh With A Great Cast And Some Intriging Surgeries.

    This Is Now One Of My Favourite Shows. After Watching Series 1 Im Completely Hooked And Cant Wait To Watch
    Series 2. I Was Introduced By A Friend Who Said I Might Like It Since I Love Scrubs. I Was Unsure At First But After Watching The Pilot I Instantly Fell In Love. The Shows Strong Point Comes In The Form Of Its Wonderful Characters. There A Humourous And Diverse Bunch Of Medical Interns And Its Great To Watch As They Develop Their Surgery Skills, Their Freindships And Their Love Lives. In Series 1, A Large Part Of The Story Is About Whos Sleeping With Who, And I Personally Found This To Be Great Entertainment, As It Is Filled With Happy, Sad, Hilarious And Quite Simply Disastrous Moments In Amongst The Hospital.
    Overall, Its A Great Show That Contains Everything You Would Want From A Good Drama, And More.
    Greys Anatomy - 10/10
  • Drama that takes place at Seattle Grace Hospital in which a Surgery Intern called Meredith Grey try to find a happy ending to finish with all the drama of her live.

    Grey's anatomy is the most perfect match between Medicine and Romance that you will find at the TV!... With Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, George and Alex you can laugh, you can cry and laugh again and surely you can feel identified with any of the MDs of the Seattle Grace Hospital. It also have a perfect soundtrack, handsome guys and the most innusual cases of medicine!.. Sometimes you could feel that is too much drama but then it surprises you with a 180º change at the story.
    If you are a Girl and you are an MD you will totally Mclove it!
  • I love GReys ANatomy Yeahhh

    Okay Dr MCdreamy we lovvvve you your soo hott and McSTeamy i think the name explains it all
    Well let me give you the back story of the sow GReys ANatOmy
    Meredith Grey surgical intern trying to find her place in the world. Shes the type ofgirl who has one night stands
    But one night stand would change her life forever
    On her first day of work she is late because of Derek. They had a one night standd and now shes trying to get him out of her house. Its like magic as soon as she steps into the operating room Scary Magic but Relieving MAgic
    Christina George Izzy Alex are Merediths fellow surgical interns.
    DR. Bailey, and Dr. Torres are the surgical residents

    THen we have the interesting group The group full of the MC's (THE ATTENDINGS)
    Dr.McDreamy (Derek) VEry awwkward for Meredith
    Dr.MCSTeamy (MArk)
    Addison (Dereks wife even more interesting and awkward)

    ANd the Chief
    Richard Want to find out what happens next I kow you do
    Watch it on ABC Thursdays YOull become addicted trust me

  • A doctor comedy/drama, but with romance and friendships and relationships. A perfect balance of suspense, comedy, and romance.

    I have never been one to go for medical shows, and when people told me to watch Grey's Anatomy, I very quickly rejected that idea. Over time, I heard lots of buzz about how great it was, and that I should give it a try. So I did, and I have realized what a idiot I am, watching reruns of the OC when I could be experiencing the greatest television series of all time.
    The romance gets a little complicated and ... varied, but the chemistry of the characters are just unbelievable. The medical part of the show is really fascinating as well - Shonda Rhimes chooses the most unlikely, unique, and rare diseases or situations. I am not a fan of blood, but Grey's Anatomy managed to show that it is a good medical show without going all gory (think ER). The characters are all hilarious, by the way, especially Cristina (portrayed by Sandra Oh). They all have different personality quirks, and when the attitudes mix together, it's like magic. Oh, and it helps that Patrick Dempsey is possibly the most attractive man on earth over 40 years old.
    Grey's Anatomy is possible the most addicting show of all time, so I suggest that one should watch it during a holiday. Everyday, when i get home, I go straight for the computer or TV and start watching.
    A thousand thumbs up, absolutely worth watching.
  • This is a great show.

    I think everyone should watch Grey's Anatomy. It is interesting, funny, and it is sententious. Almost everything is happening inside the hospital, on their jobs, but still everything is so personal. And all the characters are different. There is Meredith, who's just trying to have a normal life, but her life is always weird. Then, there is George, who is soft, and careful, and he even fails his exam, because he was too busy worring about other people, and their problems. Izzie, who can't do anything without personal involving, and it almost cost her her job, she is just too good. Alex, well he pretends to be tough guy, but he has some personal issues which he hides. Cristina...well she is hardcore, and untill she came to Seattle Grace the only thing important to her was her career, but here she becomes soft, she makes friends, and she even falls in love. Derek, well, he is a nice guy..but does he really love Meredith? He thinks he knows what he wants, but I'm not sure he does. Bailey, she is tough, but she knows what she's doing. Even she is unkind sometimes everyone loves her, because they all know she is a great person. Burk, he seems so stable and cold, but he gets scared and runs away. Addison, well, she is fun, she is smart, interesting person, but she really doesn't know what she wants. Richard, he just loves his job. He loves his wife (or he loves Grey?), but he can't live without his job. He is a good chief. Callie, Mark, Hahn, Rose... They're all different people and that's what makes this show interesting.
  • Doctor drama

    I like this show for two reasons:
    1. The medical stories are interesting.
    2. I like most of the characters and their friendships.
    The reason I did not give it a 9 or 10 is because the soap opera element of the McDreamy and Meredith thing does not really interest me as much as the other elements. But as a recent fan of the show I would have to say it is definitely a good show for the most part. It is definitely better than other doctor shows that I have watched, but I just want the writers to tone down the love relationships a little. It feels like an awkward element of the program to me.
  • this show is very encouraging for the youth..who wants to aspire a career in medicine

    every show just gets better and better....characters are so real....the actors have put their soul into the character...cannot choose one favourite among my opinion alex character needs improvement....awesome show..i hope this show just goes on...the director and the crew has put lot of effort which can be seen in every shot...being from the medical field i can personally relate to few happenings in the show...Meredith and the characters revolving around her has improved from the very first season to the latest...during the course of the show there were few things which i personally wished had not happened..but then the next episode will change my opinion..everything happens for a cause
  • Why did I watch that? Cause it is great.

    Why did I watch that? Cause it is great.

    I'd say it again. In fact it is great. Grey's Anatomy is like ER but for Younger people. J/K. The basic formula for Grey's Anatomy is, Character driven, plot driven, Chemistry driven. Add in a little McDreamy, and a dash of McSteamy but not to much. Then add in a little Katherine Heigl, and there you have a number one show. Some of the best besr relationship in the show are between. Doctor Bailey and Doctor Shepherd, Doctor Bailey and O'Malley, and Meredith and Yang. this show is definatly story/character driven. A Must Watch.
  • wow this is really good

    this show is good but not completely perfect sometimes it gets to dramatic but don't get me wrong it is still tight because the interaction between the character is great and you can't help but love them and in a sense you can put yourself as one of the characters.the cast is off the hook specially the women they are just hot lol but this is like er but i think better in a way so go grey's anatomy x x x xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • Best American Medical Drama!

    I have only recently got into this but have watched Seasons 1 to 4 in the space of a month. I'm absolutely inlove with it, it's good to see some actual medical procedures in medical dramas as most these days tend to focus on the relationships of the doctors and nurses.

    The interaction between the character is brilliant and you can't help but love them and in a sense adopt them as your friends. The highlight for me is the friendship between Cristina and Meredith, and I love some of the lines these two come out with - 'She's my person!'
  • greys anatomy was probably the nly show that got me interested so much i would die if it gets cancelled

    greys anatomy, from the very beginning caught my attention. to be trully honest i never thought of watching this... i had watched veronica marrs,one tree hill and the O.C. and i kept saying that greys anatomy is a medical thing and wouldt be that so interesting. but its so obviously that i was wrong. gres anatomy is one of th best serieses ive ever watched slash seen. ever! when i 1st started greys anatomy. i saw that the guys here are so hott. AKA mcdreamy! he caught my eye. literaly :)) during the start of greys anatomy it was already, interesting. every episode, there was already something to look forwarrd to. ILOVEIT! its one of the best series EVER MADE.
  • Talk about funny!

    Who thought of this?? It's genious, everything about it is genious!
    The stories are unique, the characters are unique....
    The finales are alwaya great and the premieres!
    I hope this show goes on for a long time, it's a can't miss one! I love the relationship between Meredith and Christina, George and Izzy, and I think that Bailey's just amazing! They definetly cast the right people!
    I'm on the 5th or 6th episode of the 4th season and can't wait to see what happens...especially with Meredith-Derek, and Meredith-sister (can't remember her name:P)!

    I wish I could give it somthing higher than a ten, but it's not possible!! xD
  • Grey's Anatomy is one of the greatest medical shows to grace our planet!!

    When my sister first got into Grey's Anatomy, I couldn't join in her excitement, as the show didn't appeal to me, or at least the parts I'd seen.

    Then I watched it from the beginning, and I absolutely loved it!! Then I watched season two, and then thanks to my friend, I got an early copy of season three.

    The characters are so interesting and different, and you rarely get a show where you can't pick a favourite character, because they are all so great!! The storylines are so twisted, surprising and exciting, that even if you plan on watching one episode, you end up watching five!! Plus, there is a good mixture of drama, tragedy and humour which keeps you wanting more.

    Lastly, it has an amazing soundtrack!! The music goes really well with what's happening and really heightens the atmosphere, and in sad scenes, I can't help but get welled-up.

    Grey's Anatomy is amazing!! End of.
  • Meredith Grey, an intern who has a complicated life. She works at Seattle Grace with other employees whom she developed a relationship with. She is friends with fellow interns Cristina, Izzie and George who's lives are very unpredictable.

    It's a very humorous series with a twist of drama and medicine. It's a story about the ordinary life of interns and all the problems and experiences they encounter while finishing their internship. It also tells about their strong bonds of friendship and love. You could also learn a lot about medicine while watching it. It also teaches you a lot about life and how you should handle problems.Every episode is filled with surprises. It has a good storyline that would surely entertain people. It takes away your stress. It would knock you off your seat with the laughter and tears it brings.
  • Following a group of interns through their training at Seattle Grace Memorial Hospital lead by Meredith Grey, daughter of the infamous Ellis Grey a pioneer female surgeon in her day who is now suffering from Alzheimers. It follows their lives and loves.

    A new, updated, glossy version of ER for a new generation.

    This medical drama focuses more on the doctors than the patients - all the seret crushes on the bosses like "Dr. McDreamy", and the flings with the othr interns, and the secret feelings of love and lust that could potentially destroy a friendship.

    The characters are all very watchable - Meredith the determined, intelligent who just happens to be having an affair with her boss's boss (a married man, by the way!), the fiesty Christina, who admittedly has some personality flaws like not letting anyone get close o show affection etc., Izzie , who is always perky and happy and looks on the brightside and cares for her patients, the lovable George who is desperately in love with Meredith (who bearly notices he exists) and Alex (aka Dr. Evil Spawn) who can be cruel and sarcastic at times but can also show a soft and caring side at times (although quite rarely!)
  • Good one

    Absolutely great! Nobody knows I'm watching it.. It's a guilty pleasure or a new best friend.. whatever you want to call it.. I can find just a word for it: great! I didn't started to watch it since.. like one week or so.. because I've seen some trailers of some episodes and it seemed to me so.. melodramatic and sad and all of that.. So I dind;t want to watch it at all.. no matter how many good things I was hearing of it. But until recently, when I was convinced by a friend to give it a try.. I was trapped. Watching just one episode and I was already a fan. It's great. It has drama.. but it's funny too and the show has a nice and balanced combination of both. That's what convinced me.
  • sloan marries addison, callie marries george, george has an affair with izzy. george divorces callie. merideth dates derek. bailey gets married and has a son. lexi is merideths half sister and is an intern at the same hospital as merideth.

    i love this show...favorite!! the only thing i hate about it is thats its only on once a week. i hate sitting on my couch waiting for the clock to read 9:00 every thursday, and waiting all week for one eppisode. it sounds so pathetic but its worth it!!!! callie is my favorite character and i hate george for what he did to her. addison was such a great part of the show, but it also is funny watching sloan get around to other women now. merideth has to make a commitment and derek is perfect for her. she is lucky to have him love her because he will always be there when shes ready.
  • Thankfully the strike has finally ended!

    Meet Meredith Grey. She's a woman trying to lead a real life while doing a job that makes having a real life impossible.

    Meredith is on the job at Seattle Grace as a first year intern with at least 20 others. Each year the interns are split into groups are assigned to residents which often results in them getting to have a support system or just a possible chance to get to know the competition.

    Meredith has been assigned to senior resident Miranda Bailey, infamously known as "The Nazi" for her work ethic and her attitude. Bailey gets things done and she doesn't take any bull.

    In Meredith's group are 4 other first-year interns: Cristina Yang, Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, George O'Malley and Alex Karev. Yesterday they were students but today they are doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital. They are participating in the toughest surgical residency program west of Harvard. But their new jobs aren't the only things they have to keep them busy. There are always their personal lives. That is, If they get a chance to have them...
  • I miss Grey's Anatomy so much now that the writers strike has ended it too, along with all the other good shows! Grey's Anatomy is my favourite program ever!!!

    I miss Grey's Anatomy so much now that the writers strike has ended it too, along with all the other good shows!
    Grey's Anatomy is my favourite program ever!!!

    Grey's Anatomy centres around Meredith Grey and the fellow staff in Seattle Grace Hospital as they go throught the trials and tribulations of life, love and work.

    Meredith Grey is my absolute favourite character closely followed by Derek Shepard. Which brings me to their relationship, They just need to realise that they are meant to be together and Derek better dump Rose (who i hate!).
    But i would like it for Meredith to start dating some other guy so that Derek would get really jealous!!!

    That would be perfect but the biggest wish that i have for Grey's Anatomy is that the WRITERS STRIKE ENDS! so that it can return!! I guess i'll just have to keep my fingers crossed!!
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