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  • The show overall

    I'm still like this series; even though, i sometimes feel upset that some of my favorite characters have to be gone from the show.

    i sometimes watch it on and off because i watch some other TV series along with this one too.

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  • April and Jackson's divorce

    I used to love this show, but I am so tired of everyone breaking up all the time!!!!! The viewers have hard enough everyday lives, some of us work in hospitals and see horrific situations daily. We would LOVE to see happy relationships. Just a few??? April and Jackson are the storybook romance we all wish we had, and NOW she's pregnant. Please let them get back together. Everyone else except Miranda has called it quits except Kireve and they're borderline just waiting for the axe! Is it too much to ask for a bit of happiness?????
  • vets are not doctors ...

    I don't know whos idea was that remark or any other peiorative remarks regarding the vets, coming from Yang's mouth, but that was not fair! vets have a harder job, they have to know many things about many species, and our patients cannot talk, they cannot say where they hurt, like that is easy, if they tell you that!
  • Perspective

    This is a very intriguing show. It deals with a bunch of doctors who fight to save patient's lives as well as competing to become the head surgeon. Meanwhile, there is also a lot of death going on around them. This almost represents the American Dream, with competing to become the best, and doing whatever it takes to get there. Some of these actions include sleeping around with other doctors. With death being right around the corner for everyone, it is important to think about what your purpose and values are in life. Would you rather be portrayed as a doctor who genuinely cares about saving people's lives, or someone who is solely focused on making it to the top?
  • Enthralling drama

    I didn't start watching Grey's or Private Practice until the Amelia drug addiction crossover storyline drew me in to watching both shows. I went back and binge-watched both series before that point, and have watched them since. Grey's is getting better. The Yang character is missed, Derek Shepperd character (given his relative absence in recent seasons) is not. The new Pierce, Amelia, and Penny variables are creating a lot of necessary drama and conflict with Meredith Grey to carry Grey on as the show's letterhead. Ellen Pompeo is also looking better this season which is a plus for the show and the character. The only problem I see is: setting up Meredith's new status quo is eating up everyone else's storylines. Where's Bailey? Karev? Hunt? Weber? Arizona? Bailey's character has been used as a utility to promote issues. Callie's character has been used as a utility to introduce new conflict for Meredith (via Penny). Avery-April storyline has been present and escalating, which I appreciate. But the writers need to get back around to ALL of the characters we love, too. This IS a CHARACTER-CENTRIC show!
  • I loved the Worst dinner party ever!!

    I really enjoy some of the characters and I really don't like a few of them, . Amelia, and April are too whinny for me. Actually I disliked the Amelia actress when she was on Private Practice too. She just isn't pulling off the part, a highly gifted brain surgeon she is not. I could believe she was a Valley Girl more than the surgeon. And April, well when she killed the patient many moons ago I was done with her. I also dislike Owen. He too, is too whinny for me. Now if Ms. Rhimes would just get back in the groove and give us a good juicy story I would appreciate it. Also, we need some more hunks.
  • Very disappointing!!!!!

    The first episode of the current season was ok, but the following ones were just horrible!! No story yet, very boring, the conversations were really fast and weird with annoying soundtrack, very naive, a soap opera is even better!! I got the feeling that I was watching a sitcom or Scrubs not Grey's anatomy!! Watching a bunch of doctors acting like hormonal teenagers without anything else was just too much.

    I really admire the show and I've been watching it since the beginning, I've just finished watching a marathon of all the previous seasons, so I really sensed the difference.

    You really need to do something. You have to compensate the absence of Derek by something stronger, not to sabotage the show!!!!!
  • Trying not to fall asleep while watching .

    This show is so boring. The characters have no real relationship with everyone any more. They are all separated from each other, no one works together. Nothing about this show makes sense anymore. Time to find something else to watch.
  • Soap opera

    Wow Grey's has turned into a bad soap opera. Please end it now because season 12 is ruining all he seasons that came before it
  • Grey's Anatomy died with Derek

    This show was amazing for so many seasons. The characters and plot lines (although sometimes far fetched) were truly wonderful and just good television. I've watched great characters come and go (Mark, Christina, Addison, George, Teddy), I've seen characters I love die in a sweet, beautiful way. But this show is truly nothing without Derek Shepard, he was the heart and soul. Tonight's episode proved my point, as it's been the ONLY interesting/good one since Shonda Rhimes killed off Derek, and funny enough, it was all about Derek. The sad thing is, we as the viewers loved Derek Shepard. He was amazing and made Meredith a better person (and tolerable). The way he was killed off was a disgrace to the character, to Patrick Dempsey, and quite frankly to the fans. We deserved to see Derek die (if he had to) in an honorable way, surrounded by people he loved and who loved him. We were cheated as fans. Shonda Rhimes made a huge mistake, and now her only "recon" to salvage any hopes of getting this show to the next season, is to make this season about Dereks memory (point in case tonight's entire episide). Well too late Shonda Rhimes. You killed the wrong character this time.
  • Oct 15th airing

    Was completely hilarious with the senior citizens!!! I absolutely loved it.
  • Grey's Anatomy

    Grey's Anatomy - Wow. All I can possibly say is wow. This series is filled with suspense heartbreak - and when I say heartbreak I literally cried my eyes out like a little baby numerous times - , and excitement. Grey's Anatomy is a series that revolves around surgeons and their adventures throughout the years of training to become a surgeon, it also deals with relationships and crises throughout each of their lives. I feel as though this series is like a drug, no matter how much you need to stop doing it - in this case watching it - you are seriously addicted and cannot turn away. You feel as though that you understand each of their lives. For me, I feel like I resemble the main character, Meredith Grey. A scary byproduct of watching so much Grey's Anatomy is that you won't just feel like you resemble them, you will also feel like you can do their job just as good as them. I mean I could easily walk into an operating room and do an entire brain surgery just from watching Grey's Anatomy -. the suspense throughout each episode and throughout the series is what gets you;it's what reels you into getting so addicted to the series. You can't help but wonder who's going to die next or if Dr. Sheppard is going to finish his brain surgery successfully after he promised a patient's family that their family member is going to come out okay. To sum Grey's Anatomy up, it is an amazing series that I would gladly tell anybody to get into, it really helps you look at life as if it's more valuable than it ever was my opinion, if a TV series is able to do that, it is well worth watching.

    The background music and noise is way too loud!!!!! It is very hard to hear the actors speaking. It's very frustrating!!!!! Never used to be like this!!! Please fix it.
  • Weak!!!

    I have been a fan of this show from the beginning, and although I had my doubts of the show's ability to keep my interest after the loss of key characters, it still managed to reach deep down and pull out another interesting storyline. I'm afraid, however, they've hit the bottom of the pit. The attempts to bring on new characters has only weakened the show. Season 11 was still okay without Christina, so I watched, and hoped for a success for season 12. The show is lame now. I feel the characters conversations are boring, and the relationships between them are unrealistic. And Meredith's new sister, whatever her name is, serves no purpose on the show. I will continue to watch the show in hopes that it will get better because I like Callie and Alex, and let's face it--it has been so good so far that I'm waiting to get that "high" I felt during previous seasons. Without the return of some older characters that can get the show back focused on the OR and not their trivial lives, I don't think it has a chance of another season. By the way, Meredith will never be the face of the show! Take her off the advertisment with Kerry Washington and Viola Davis! It's insulting.
  • Move on

    I think its time to move on and put the show to sleep. The characters are getting old and are acting like a bunch of high school students. Same stuff over and over ... its getting boring.
  • Season 12 ... Yawn

    Pluses for Grey's in the early seasons included some excellent music soundtracks and usually at least one standout episode each season. There were some misfires with casting and storylines but overall Grey's made the right choices.

    That is no longer true. The dialog has become predictable and characters are irritating rather than interesting.

    Season 12 opened with a preachy cartoon character story that did no justice to the issue that it addressed. Time to put this show to sleep.
  • Derek leaving was a huge mistake!

    The characters are just there for a paycheck, sorry but I will no longer watch this show!
  • No derek

    No Derek in this new season 12, I rather watching the previous season 1 to be 10
  • Still around?

    I was kind of surprised seeing that there is another season of this... thing... Now that all interesting characters are gone... Oh well, I assume someone will watch, I shall not.
  • About the series

    It has great casting in season 2, acting for Katherine Heigl in season 2 and Loretta Devine in season 7.

    So a certain little lady told me that Derek isn't allowed to (if you haven't freaked out about what may or may not happen than don't read this), that he isn't allowed to die because he was McDreamy and Mcsteamy died before him and now both of the Mc's are gone. I'm a McKesson so obviously I have to go on the show, build a time machine and reunite the Mc's now as a trio. Otherwise it's pretty freakin great
  • Season 12 will not be on at my house....

    Many people watched this show because of Patrick Dempsey. He is the one that made Meridith somewhat noticeable and brought her up as an actor. Without him, I find her very hard to watch, not to mention annoying. I really tried to like her in the beginning but it just never happened. In fact, I stopped watching when it first premiered because of it. It wasn't until the 11th season that my husband I decided to give it another shot on Netflix. While I ended up liking it, Derek, Sloan and Christina were the reason why. Once Sloan died and Christina left, my interest started fading. Now that Derek is gone, I see no other reason why I should continue into the next season.
  • What did you do to my favourite show?

    Every charcter I start to love leaves or dies first George, mark, Christina, and now derick. COMON!!!
  • I still love this show!!!

    Yes Derek died!! So did Mark, Lexi, George. Burke, Addison, Izzie, Teddy, Chiristina Left. The show has survived. When each character leaves( or dies) i cry i weep but in the end i still love the show. thats what makes this show so good, it keeps moving forward rather than stuck in rut. When new ppl r added i feel my love for grey grow even though almost all the time it happens it takes me a while to love the new additions(Owen,Arizona, April, Jackson, Jo, Stephanie, Teddy, Amelia.. Am still in the process of loving

  • I am devastated

    At first Christina left left the show, I suck it up, now with Derek I dont think i can, they were my way he left was brutal, they didn't divoted more than episode for him to die and he didn't deserve to live the show that I've never cried in a film or a show but Grey's Anatomy is the only one that makes me cry :'(
  • Good-Bye Shonda!!!!!!

    Grey's MUST END!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope, hope, hope that due to the majority here, that everyone follows through with their words that they do stop watching, hopefully forcing season 12 to come to an end. If Derek isn't coming back ........... the relationship that we ALL pulled for ........ if he is done, fans need to be done. Show killer shonda that she is not all that.
  • Shonda Rhimes It Is Time

    After going back and watching old episodes I realized what made me fall in love with this show at the beginning. With that said, this show is absolutely amazing until a certain point. I'd say that point is Yang leaving for some, or the plane crash. Which for me was the plane crash because.. SPOILER ALERT: Mark Sloan died and he was my favorite character. But the fact that I still watch it today even though it is boring and doesn't have the spark it once had still speaks volume to the greatness of this show. If it was that bad I would of stopped a long time ago, but I haven't. It needs to end soon though if it still wants to be considered one of the greatest shows ever. Shonda Rhimes doesn't disappoint though and she is amazing for giving us Grey's, Scandal, and Private Practice for some. But its time to quit as expectations only continue to grow. She put all her focus in one show and one show only making it the best she possibly can.
  • boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Derek being killed off has ruined the show, along with Christina. no one is interested it it anymore. Sad it was a good show.
  • Its getting so boring now!

    Ive watch Greys since it started and i absolutely loved it but even before Derek was killed off it has become awful! I agree with others that once the original characters left and they were replaced with new characters the show began to go down hill! Izzy, christina, Lexy and George were really great in the show but these new characters are ridiculous! I cannot stand listening to their constant prattling on about nothing, especially when they are in the middle of surgeries is not only annoying but stupid. The writers seem to have run out of decent storylines and now its all about having sex in the hospital closets, i really hope that isnt how hospital staff behave! God help us! Shonda got rid of all the interesting characters, except a couple that are left. I wont bother recording any more episodes, its just gotten too boring for words.
  • He dies !after making us fall in love with him all over again.

    Last WEEK was my last episode. I took it off my DVR recording was used to him being AWAY & it didn't bother last week I fell in love with him all over even walked in his room & they were talking. Then it was a vision & didn't really was a crappie way to ended for me right there.
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