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  • Awful Way to Kill a Good Show

    What the heck was Shonda thinking?!? Last week's episode was my last. Meredith not only pulled the plug on Derek, she also pulled the plug on the show. It isn't worth watching anymore.
  • time for all of you to go

    this show should have ended with the plane crash, the only 2 characters worth watching at that pt, once the character of dr Yang left, this show was utterly hopeless, the loud music's been annoying for years. the awful acting, McDreamy or MC Constipated? he looks the same, they should have killed of Meredith as well, and euthanised the show entirely
  • i dont think so!

    Grey and Derek was the reason I was watching the show. The love affair and drama. Yes I do agree that some of the characters that went off was unfair and stupid put they could be replaced not Derek. When I saw Derek lying in bed talking to Grey I was relieved but then it was just a wishful thinking. Why kill off a main character but now I think it's time for the show to end. It will not be the same without the true love story. The others was just there to make a story but Grey and Derek was nice to follow.
  • Not ready to say goodbye to Derek!!

    No, no, no!! This is just to sad!! They should have kept Derek on the show!!
  • The Last Straw!

    The actors were good as usual but the writing really sucked. So Meredith is going to unplug him that quick and never call anyone? Not even his sister? Too ridiculous. I'm done! When they killed Derek off I am through watching Grey's Anatomy. Did he make too much money for Shonda or is she just jealous of his fame? Not good anymore. Not like the early episodes with ALL the original cast. Watching it now is like watching a sequel with none or one of the original cast. I guess getting all the new cast members saves them a little money. It won't pay off in the end Shonda and I think the end is getting near.
  • Greys anatomy is OVER without Mcdreamy!

    I have watched this show for many years. Greys anatomy has been my favorite show throughout all these years. I am beyond disappointed that they got rid of Derek. This show will never be the same without him. I am not going to watch it anymore. I was very sad when they got rid of Lexie and now Derek?!!!! :((((( Who is going to replace such a charming, handsome, loving and simply amazing character?! Are they going to have Mer fall in love with someone else?! Mcdreamy can NOT be replaced!
  • no more !

    This was my season made a big mistake on pitty....11 years and this is all I get !
  • enough is enough...

    done!!!it started out like a really good really loved she started killing or cutting off george, izzie, mark and lexie, cristina, now i'm herself? it would have been a better idea to stop the show years ago...
  • Greys anatomy isn't your mommas soap opera!

    Derek is killed off! Don't tell me for 10 years I have been watching a soap opera? After 10 years I find that killing off Derek was ridiculous and amateurish. A soap opera move when a writer can't write anymore. I'm done with this show and will not watch the end of the season,
  • Can't hear the actors over the music!

    I like music but not drowning out the voices so I can't tell what is being said, please lower it especially at the very end, I have to record it and then rewind about 3 times to figure out what is being said, PLEASE,PLEASE
  • This is a Great Show

    I like this show because of McDreamy and McSteamy. They would probably make good doctors in real life if they wanted to go to medical school. The thing is, if they were walking around your local hospital in those lab coats, you wouldn't question it. You would assume they were actual MD's. I like the drama of the show and all the hook ups. They need to focus more on that. It would also be cool if there were more scenes with McDreamy and McSteaming hanging out with each other outside of work. Maybe playing 2v2 beach volleyball together like Top Gun.
  • Greys anatomy

    Well if any want to watch this show don't anymore cause Derek just cheated on meridith so I might kill that both that kissed him
  • I love this season

    I honestly really love this season for many reasons: More focus on Mer as a person (this whole show is after all her story), and I like that Derek is gone, because he just was soooo bad for her. Not a good husband and partner.

    Same goes for Callie and Arizona. Callie is so much better off without her, (she needs to be able to dance in her underwear again!).

    And so much more good stuff. The only thing I hate is the fudging music in the background, which is super annoying and I simply want the feel-good/fitting indie-music back which defined the show in it's earlier seasons. So yea. All is perfect, exept the soundtrack.
  • It's over. You can all go home. It's over... So over

    I ADORE Grey's! But this is how I have felt all season. Derek is gone. MerDer appears to be over. The reasons I loved Grey don't seem to exist anymore. (I still tape and watch the reruns every day - the original characters and seasons are AMAZING!) I truly wish Shonda would have written a wonderful ending to the whole show when Sandra left last season. I just don't see it being saved with who they have left. Meredith, Karev, Callie, Bailey, Richard, Arizona. The new people are good, but they aren't Mark Sloan, Lexi, Mousey!, George, Izzy! Just my humble opinion. I love Grey's Anatomy. Loved Grey's Anatomy
  • Music too loud

    Please don't play the music so loud during the can't hear the script.. It's so activating because I really want to watch the show and hear what they are saying without turning it up and rewinding it so much.
  • Most recent show

    Why does female Dr. Sheppard always whisper? It's very annoying! Almost turned it off tonight but couldn't because I have enjoyed it for so many years. It is starting to get boring but thank you for many episodes of entertainment.
  • Enough

    The show needs to come to en end. The love story between the head doc and the other

    Shepard is annoying and no chemistry. Please stop! I say end the show while it's not totally awful. I only am still watching cause I've watched for years. And honestly, never liked Ellen Pompeio. The hot male docs are to end the show. I watched last night's episode and thought: really? This show must have new bad writers because it's almost totally unwatchable.
  • Grey's Anatomy

    Stop the hideous banging music that goes on during the entire show. So annoying!
  • I like the old shows better

    we need a love story again it has no spice or love.
  • Not the same

    I love the show but lately have been finding myself more excited to watch the daytime reruns then the regular season. It's not the same without Christina and some of the other cast members. (Marc, Lexi, George, Izzy) I think it's time to end the show. Maybe Meredith should just move to DC with Derek and give up surgery to raise her family and not to follow in the footsteps of her mother.
  • This show and cast are old and stale and simply run its course! Kill the show already!

    I used to like this show however no longer do-it simply has Long past run its course. It just is Not worth watching anymore. Patrick Dempsey has plain and simply milked that "mcdreamy" thing dry, and just is not what it was at start of this show, the story line and cast are old n stale. Time to Kill this show and cast off! Should have killed off quite a while ago!
  • season 11

    I agree that Meredith is quiet the opposite of her mother in a lot of aspects. Ellis always put everyone 2nd to her. In a way it is Derek that is only putting himself 1st yes he should go to DC if he really loves her and his children then he will make it work. Meredith is right she needs to do for herself and not be in his shadow. As she has grown she has given up a lot for him in her own way to save her marriage. I know she screwed his trial but also he gave him the glory on his 1st trial. He said it in many episodes "i love you because of who you are and how you put others first" or words to that effect. He is as usual taking the Derek way out by just going at least without a discussion with her and seeing if it can work. Only him 1st her and the children 2nd. He was the one who pushed the original adoption she agreed and loved it . Over the series and I love it have watched them multiple times she always put everyone else before herself. If they part permantly and are not both in the series as far as I can see it would be the end. Let them live apart and try and make it work. Well Christmas is upon us and I love it but please I am really waiting for the next episodes
  • Season 11 Episode 9 ???

    Season 11 Episode 9 ???
  • Boo Hiss

    I agree with most in here that say it's time to end the show. It's been an outstanding one but it's run its course now.
  • Hmmmm

    I liked callie and ariizona as a couple but I knew they we're going to break up a while after arizona lost her legs. I just hope they continue to do well even apart and i'm kinda over merideth now, it's like uh hehe
  • Kill it!

    Please Shonda, pleaseeeee let it end with this season!
  • Bad Season 12

    OK after what eleven seasons the writer's, producers, cast who made all the changes. It is bad enough Christina is gone - what a mistake, now or again I should say Derrick and Meredith are at battle again. The regulars are going missing one by one and it stinks. What is the issue?

    The season has started off bad are you all tried of the show?

    I give the season a 2 for now
  • Dr Pearce

    This new doctor really isnt working for me. It feels like they want her to replace Christina and take on a new character. She doesn't meld well with the other character and is really intruding on the show. I dont think she will last long on the show. I said the same shame and Leah last season and they are gone now.
  • one of my fav show

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  • my favorite show to watch

    I would like to know why has change the options to watch online the abc link use to be free it says it is but its not I can't even keep up with my shows if I miss them. all of abc shows have switched to this so I'm very disappointed. I've already money into Netflix I'm not going to pay for amazon too that's crazy.

    I'm in the medical field and I love this show so much but this is crazy.
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