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  • I love the show. I never miss an episode. I love Patrick Dempsey. I want Derick and Meridith to get together he needs to leave his with Addison.

    I love how you never know what is going to happen. All I know is that I hope Dr. Mcdreamy and Meredith get together. I am dissappointed that she slept with Omally, he is so not Derick. Meredith is great but she needs to let Derick know how she feels and he needs to leave Addison and get back with the woman he really loves which is Meredith. Derick and Meredith make the show that is the reason I watch it hoping they get together. Christina and Preston are great and I hope they stay together and she doesn't screw it up. Alec and Izzie are also great. George Omally should find someone that is more for him and to get over Meredith they are not good for each other she belongs with Dr. Mcdreamy. Addison should go back to New York with her Lover and her husbands Ex best friend. I also loved the part when Derick hit that guy because he was talking to Meredith. He loves her and she loves him.
  • It's the best!

    There's really only 1 thing to say. It's the best show on TV. Nothing else compairs. If I could only watch one show and nothing else, this would be it. I love this show, more and more each week. It's funny and sexy. The writing is great, especially the one liners. It has it all!
  • Great show and color blind!!

    This show is a great show
    Plus there is one thing about this show other than Dr Derek "McDreamy!!" Shepherd
    It is color-blind which I love and think that lacks in today's shows and movies
    It has an Asian, Black, Jews, etc
    I am glad that is has all things above
    Very, very, well-scripted as well as well-acted
    Way to go Grey's Anatomy!!
  • Grey's Anatomy is a show about life as an intern.Each character varies in their own ways and has to overcome problems.(Honestly,I doubt that you would meet your boss's boss in a bar,sleep with him, fall in love,have his wife come back and want him when h

    I absolutley love this show! Its so amazing. I now want to be a surgeon when I get older! I think I could do a good job as one! Plus, they make it seem like so much fun! I like the characters because of their interesting lives and multiple personalities.
  • A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.

    I absolutely love this show! The characters are full of character and feeling and sense and everything that is in the best shows!!! The story lines are totally believable and there are sad parts, funny parts, intense moments, and refreshing insights...just everything I love in a great show. There are enough surprises to keep you guessing, but enough stability to keep me coming back to watch the next episode. This is truly an absolutely wonderful show! I cannot wait for the next season to begin. This show is if you haven't watched the first should try to rent it or watch the re-runs (if they ever come on again!!!)
  • speechless!

    This was a very very good episode. We got the chance to see some secrets of the past and definetly we could know some more about the future. I loved the way each character was devoloped, how every history came to a conclusion -or nearly- and how there is also a lot of funny things and tense moments.
    Two thing I'd like to comment:
    1º Dr. McSteamy... very cute, now I understand Addison.
    2º Something that I did not like at all was the thing between Meredith and George they are so NOT good together, they're just friends and I could bet that Meredith will regret wathever happened in that room. BIG MISTAKE
  • Yesterday is really great! I love to see Burke groove. And Eric Dane is not McSteamy but absolutely McCreamy!!!

    I think that christina and burke is one hell of exciting match. Maybe the love triangle between addison, derek and meredith is not so exciting as one cannot make sense on why derek is sticking out for the so unworkable marriage. But the appearance of Mr Suture himself is one great decision!
  • Great show!

    Grey’s Anatomy is more Dawson’s Creek than ER. It’s about growing up, becoming an adult and figuring out how to handle relationships. Grey’s Anatomy is funny, refreshing, highly entertaining, completely addicting and… soapy. But that’s not a bad thing! There are plenty of medical dramas on the air right now and the last thing we need is carbon copy of one of those. Grey’s Anatomy is different and that’s why people love it
  • Meredith Grey is just a regular intern at a Seattle hospital. Along with her other intern friends, she falls in love, and of course is in for an experience she'll never forget.

    This show is absolutely hooking. If you watch it once, then you'll be staying up every Sunday night waiting for the next episode. The charatcers are very well developed, and the plot is well defined. Celebrity cameos can't hurt, either. You'll be hooked on to the love triangles that are presented in the episodes, crying when Christina cries, laugh when Meredith laughs.
  • My. Favorite. Show. No doubts about that. It's pure innovation. The music is phenomenal. Before this, shows hardly EVER used songs with lyrics. Shonda had a classic on the way with this series. The acting is completely natural, seeing as how they created

    I have high standards. I really do. I'v only really enjoyed a few shows that I've seen. One being the forever immortalized Friends. I don't mean to be rude to all the avid Friends fans, but this show is, in simple terms, better. The music director doesn't use worn-out songs that you hear on the radio everyday. They use fresh music from underappreciated, underground bands. The majority of my current favorites I never heard until they were fetured on Grey's Anatomy.

    But that's not the only reason to watch. Their plot lines are new. They make you think without confusing you or overworking yourself after a hard day. The hour between 10 and 11 is like a get-away. You enter the lives of these surgical interns, residents, and attendings. Both personal and professional. It is as if you know them, as if they're life-long friends. The show makes you feel like one of them with such relatable characters. You'll be able to find a bit of Izzie Stevens, the not so confident go-getter. She fights for what she wants, if it's really important, she strives (with George) to be a doer. Alex Karev, the arrogent boy with the tough childhood with his father being a musician with drug problems. He goes from being a class 'A' ass to slowly unpeeling his many layers and showing a much more vulnerable, human interior. George O'Malley is the friend thgat never quite gets what he wants. He's so close, but unwilling to make that extra push, in fear of pain, failure, and above all, rejection. You can't help but love him for it. His crush, Meredith Grey, has an abundance of problems, for lack of a better phrase. The man she loves is married, her mother is sick with alzheimers, she hasn't seen her dad in twenty years, and she's struggling to survuve her internship while nursing a broken heart. Cristina Yang is Meredith's best friend, obviously relating to each others 'glass-half-empty' views. Graduating summa cum laude from Stanford, she has the world of surgery bowing at her feet. She's in a serious relationship with an attending, Preston Burke. He would say she's a slob, who doesn't talk about her feelings, lies, and an over all pain in the ass. But, oh, hoiw he loves her for all (and there are a lot) of her imperfections. A fellow atteneding, Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd, is in a difficult position. He loves Meredith, and she loves him, but his wife, Addison, gets in the way. He's trying to make it work, but after she cheated on him with his best friend, Mark Sloan, it's proving to be challenging. Among all of this madness is Miranda Bailey, otherwise know as the nazi, stirring up more trouble. Like the others, however, it's just one characteristic. Later she proves to be just as insecure as the next guy.

    All of them work at Seattle Grace Hospital, where nothing is the same two days in a row.
  • McDreamy who? Patrick Dempsey is handsome, but Eric Dane....... WOW

    So much to say. McSteamy please don\\\'t leave!! Loved every scene with Mark, Merdith, Derek & Addison. Loaded with chemistry & tension. Last week the Mc- prefix was stupid but this week it was so funny. McSexy... McYummy... McSteamy... (Mark is all of that) & George\\\'s McVomit..priceless. Even so, the writers should not over use it. I loved when Christina was turned on by Mark suturing his own wound... I admire Addison (she is McHot) for trying to save her marriage, but she cannot do it alone. Derek summed it up with the elevator scene... he felt obligated to try, but he can\\\'t forgive her & maybe never will. Mark & Addison seem like a good pair, but I know they probably will go back to NY, but I hope they stay around for a while longer. Some flirting b/t the mistresses would be great, If only to rock Derek\\\'s world for not telling Meredith sooner. I could even understand a Mark & Meredith pairing if Derek doesn\\\'t finally choose her over Addison for good.
    Love Izzy & Alex, but they need to actually get to know each other a little in b/t beast feedings.
    I did not like that the boy with the lion face had to die (so we could see Mark has a heart in spite of sleeping with his best friend\\\'s wife) & mean cancer guy lived. (I get the point about speaking your mind, but he was so hateful).
    Burke\\\'s tirade to Christina was awesome. I hope this odd couple stays togeter.
    Going to go out on a limb here, but does anyone think the chief of Surgery could actually be Meredith\\\'s father from the affair with her Mom & that is why Thatcher did not fight for or see Meredith for 20 years? AND Had almost no reaction to seeing her? This is basically a soap after all & anything is possible.
    Meredith & George. Wrong on so many levels. Mainly b/c she does not love him & will break his heart. There is no excuse to use George like that. He is so great(loved what he said to Bailey & how he helped deliver her baby). He should find some one who hears him all the time.
  • This show rocks!!

    I love this show! I love how this show is combined with medical emergencies and relationships and feelings. Right now, the show is focusing on alot of relationships. I think this show is trying to keep us in suspense with alot of the relationships going on, like Merideth, and Dr. Shepherd. Derek still seems to be in love with Merideth, but we really don't know what is going to happen next with him. He could leave his wife. And then there's Christina and Dr. Burke, she's moved in with him, but she doesn't want to give up her apartment, and of course Izzy and Alex, maybe they will take it further than just friends.
  • The Best Show So Far!

    This show has got a little bit of everything. It's fun, it's sad, it's exciting and it's clever.
    I love the plots and the writers skills.
    I love all the characters (Christina is the best).
    I love the relationships and the intrigues between the hospital staff.
    I love the relationships and the intrigues between the hospital staff and the patients.
    I love to Grey's Anatomy.

  • love it

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  • It all started in my head a while ago.. Grey's Anatomy was there on the TV schedule site and I was like.. let's not watch this. Eventually an episode aired on Dutch TV and I saw it. 24 hours later season one was on my computer..

    Yes, I said it. On my computer. Yes, I do download tv series. Why? Because I love to watch them whereever, whenever. Sure this post might cross a line with me saying this, but hell.. Dutch law says you can download if you don't contribute. I don't contribute. Secondly, I do pay cable bills, so I have the actual feeling that I pay for this in a sense.

    To the point of the matter of the fact. The first ep I saw was Season One, Episode Four. When this ended I got the rest of the first season and the second season till then. This was about three weeks ago, somewhat around Season Two, Episode Sixteen. I watched all these episodes within 7 days (mind you, i still have a demanding life, all the watching time got cut out of my sleeping time).. and was hooked. So hooked that I was kinda pissed off about the dual episode split they pulled off with the bomb scenario, but hey... they went from there straight into the top of my head with 'Yesterday'; Season Two, Episode Eighteen.

    I saw it a few hours ago and I must say this is the best episode in my opinion ever. Grey's Anatomy is the only show I look forward to in a week now, even MORE than 24, which I still have in high regard.. but it hasn't really kept my attention span going yet.

    The directing, the action, the incertainty. The dancing, the punch and the drama. George and Meredith? And who could forget 'the beast'.

    Go Go, Grey's Anatomy!
  • Another great episode!!!!

    Burke finds out after some fun dancing that Christine still has her old apartment and he is not happy. When McDreamy punches his old friend out, I really could not help but wonder why? Was it because he was talking to Meredith? Hmmmmm something to think about. Even Mark made a comment about that. Said he caught me in bed, just walked away, but when he saw me talking to you, he punched me to the floor. McDreamy is still in love with Meredith, and his actions are speaking loudly to everyone!!!

    The woman having the spontaneous orgasm, oh, my, goodness!!! That was some funny stuff!!! I loved it when Dr. Webber found out about the affair between Addison and mark, and asked McDreamy “did you put your weight behind it?” I know it was wrong, but I could help but laugh.

    I don’t want George getting hurt and Meredith and George sleeping together will mess up their relationship!!! I’m so upset with Meredith!!!! Dr. Webber and Meredith’s Mom!!! Oh boy!!!!!
  • Great view about life and how relations can affect every part of your wife.

    Great view about life and how relations can affect every part of it. It can change your mood in 15 seconds and it is not always nice or funny. It has every emotion mixed up in 42 minutes doses. Take like a pill, straight up.

    Don\'t miss it if you like House, or other tv show\'s like it.
  • The best thing to happen to TV in a long time!

    Grey's Anatomy presents one of the most ethnically diverse casts on network television today. The acting is brilliant and the storylines, while seemingly outlandish, are incredibly innovative and original. Best of all, the characters are "real" and exhibit real-life emotions and experience real relationship problems and handle them in realistic ways. Above all, they are people you just want to hang out with. Each character contributes to the dynamic of the show and without any one of them, it just wouldn't be the same. Grey's may be listed as a drama, but it's the oh-so-sentimental comedic moments that keep me coming back for more every week. I've never been hooked on a medical drama or comedy of any sort. The Patrick Dempsey factor made me tune in that first week and I've been in love with the show and the phenomenal cast ever since!
  • Young interns and residents learn about medicine and life.

    What Grey\'s Anatomy brings to the table, in terms of distinguishing it from other medical shows, is failure. Already, we\'ve had unmarried sex end up in ectopic pregnancy and venereal disease...what other show actually includes the possible consequences of actions? We have struggling marriages, noble surgeons and heroic doctors, but we also have anxiety attacks, untrained dogs, and downright fear and cowardice. To me, the attraction to Grey\'s Anatomy is the combination of characters, the absolutely perfect musical scoring, and the fact that anything can happen - not just good anythings, but bad anythings as well. This is why we watch - because we understand that life is like this.
  • pleasure to watch

    This show is an absolute pleasure to watch Sunday nights. It is fresh, it is clean (the scenes are smooth and flowing), all the characters have spunk, and all the actors are doing super jobs. I love the fact that it light and comic, but also that last week it delt with a much more serious situation. This show to me is becoming the new E.R. but ten times better. :-)
  • The show was pretty exciting. I made sure to watch both episodes. Still, I had to suspend my disbelief about some of the scenes.

    I guess they were trying to show a vulnerable side to Dr. Bailey, but it didn't ring true for me. Bailey is so practical and stoic in the face of tragedy. I don't think she would have put her child in danger like that.
    I was really thrilled to see Kyle Chandler(Gary, on "Early Edition") on the show. I thought he might become a regular, maybe someone new for Meredith. Then they blew him away in the ending! I was shocked! By the way, why did Meredith go out into the hall??? She seemed about to say something.
    The best part of the show was the two shower scenes, the dream and the reality. I do believe in premonitions.
  • 9.6
    Watched The End of the World and As We Know It only because Kyle Chandler guest starred. Naturally, he was perfect in his role as Dylan Young,, no nonsense bomb expert, yet resourceful, ordering the surgical arena moved away from oxygen lines, and sensitive to the terrified intern holding her hand on the bomb. As he encourages her to see him as someone she likes, he keeps her focused so she's able to remove the bomb safely. When he rounds the corner in the hallway, presumably to get the bomb to a lead container, it inevitably explodes in his hands and he's the only one killed. At first, I felt devastated. My all-time favorite actor, Kyle Chandler guesting in a popular show. Then, I realized that was the most logical way to end the situation, with the bomb expert saving the whole hospital and everyone in it! I never saw the show before and now that Kyle Chandler won't be on it, I never have to see it again. I did like T. R. Knight as George, though. He did a fine job. Dr. Bailey named her baby for George. The Seattle Grace Hospital should name the whole surgical wing for Dylan Young!

  • The show is basically about a group of doctors who save lives everyday and they also give you a glimpse into each of their love lives

    This show is absolutely fabulous. I started watching it the beginning of the second season and I fell in love with the show. The Dr. Shepard and Dr. Grey "romance" is awesome. My favorite episode this season so far was when they had the bomb inside the guy and Dr. Grey pulled it out of him saving herself and the rest of the people in the operating rooms and the rest of the hospital. and Yay Dr. Baily had her baby!
  • straight through the heart

    This epsiode just made my tummy flutter. Ah it was such a good episode,particularly the tension between meredith and shepherd and how it is about love completely and not just lust. Such fantastic writing and acting. Cannot wait until next week.The journey between them is particularly good as it will inevitably give the writers ample material for more episodes. I also like the way the storyline is not concentrated on two or three specific characters, by letting us into the numerous characters lives viewers can begin to feel empathy for all of them and not just the central ones. Its pure escapism.
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  • So awesome

    I love this show. It's realistic, but unrealistic too. Well, it's more on the unrealistic side. But everyone feel like doctors are somewhat like immortal, but this show shows that they are human. Another thing about it is that it has so much drama. And it's so unusual drama though. But it got stuff that every soap opera does.
  • I watched most of the first season and it was good but season 2 is wow!

    I watched Greys Anatomy when it first cam on a thought it was a wonderful show and then I kind of stopped watching but I watched the recent episode dealing with code black and I have to say I am going to start watching the show again. Watching the recent episodes reminded me of how much I loved the show! Definately worth watching!
  • One of the best shows since friends. I am so addicted to my Sunday nights.

    who would have thought that this show could be the best of the best in this season. Clearly the writers of this show has hit the nail on the head. I think Grey\'s Anatomy is better than Friends and I was a faithful watcher. Every week I look foward to this time and I love it. Way to go Shondaland. I have my family and friends calling while my show is on and with the tivo tuner commercials are a thing of the past. I am so proud of the creator for this show it\'s about time. You did it girl you go. !!!!!!
  • Tells about how I love Grey's. Please watch Grey's Anatomy!!

    I feel that Grey's is the best show on Tv right now. I can't wait for it to be on and can't wait for the next episode. I use to watch ER and a couple of years ago I stopped watching because it got boreing, but Grey's never ever gets that way. I love Grey's more than ER. You get so involed in the charters that u feel that they are a part of your family. Grey's does more and more things that no other tv show has done before. I hope it last along time.
  • OMG Grey's Anatomy is the best show ever!!! Patrick Dempsey is sooo hott!!! I love this show!

    This is the greatest show in the world. I never miss an episode... and if i would... i would probably cry... lol... but yeah I have yet to miss an episode... Patrick Dempsey is sooo hott! I am completely hooked on the show... like literally. I am obsessed with the show. All my friends know not to bug me on Sunday nights because I watch Desperate Housewives and then of cousre Grey's Anatomy! It would be awesome to be able to guest star on Grey's Anatomy... Merideth (Ellen Pompeo)is the luckiest person in the world to get to star with Patrick Dempsey and kiss him!!
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