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  • It is a great TV Show, it is romantic and really puts the doctors life in a way you do not follow the patient health but the feeling of the doctors and they dreams.

    Great show, doesn't matter if they are doctors or not, it just shows the life of young people with actual problems incluiding romance, dreams, anger and makes everyone to get into their lives and wonder what their feelings are and what you think it would happen next. Just watch it!!
  • I absolutely love this show, i always wish it was for 2 hours instead of one! Creator-Excellent Job! My favorite character is Christina, she is really funny and always makes me laugh! I like the other character but Christina stands out the most!I look for

    I absolutely love this show, i always wish it was for 2 hours instead of one! Creator-Excellent Job! My favorite character is Christina, she is really funny and always makes me laugh! I like the other character but Christina stands out the most!I look forward to watching every episode!


    I give the show A perfect 10 all the way!!
  • We follow new doctor wannabe's

    The networks have brought back the hospital drama and this is pretty good. Instead of following already made doctors, this follows interns as they try to make it to doctorhood. Instead of the always sure and competant doctor, here we have unsure people hoping to fulfil a dream and learn their craft.
  • one of the best medical dramas out there

    wow when i first saw the commercials for grey's anatomy i knew i had to watch it. and now that's it's in it's second season i'm glad i did. i say that grey's anatomy is just starting out as a great show but also has so much more potential. can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Very good with other Dramatic life, skip to E.R and go to Grey's Anatomy. Very touched with its sensibility with Doctors,Affairs, and secrets. Not realizing on how the post operation isn't on the patient, but on how the Hospital has alot of Dramatic revie

    It speaks to me on how this staff full of Doctors has stress on its hands. Don't deal on the patient, but deal with their own life change experince. More actions in the bedroom, not in the E.R. room. The doctors might have mix signals about each other.Their motto must be "all play,no work all day", this matches the idea on how they do in the hospital. I hope that meredith will get over the dr.shephard thing its really getting to old.Christina should get over her pregnency, she should tell that dude wh got her pregnent. I think things are hitting up with Izzy and alex. Meredith should go with George even though he's out of her league. It's obvious that he likes her , tell that to Meredith.
  • Better than Desperate Housewives. Really...!

    Grey's Anatomy has the complete package. Great cast. Great writing. Great music. Watched the first episode mainly because of the Roswell cast connection. Kept watching because the characters are a hoot. The interns Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, George and Alex all interact in interesting ways with each other as well as with the Hospital staff. This has quickly become my families favorite prime time soap opera (in a postive sense)...overtaking Desperate Housewives in that category. If you haven't caught Grey's Anatomy yet then take a chance.
  • Simply the Best! Better then all the rest.

    Oh MY GOD! What a great show, forget about programs like Holby City, Casualty and E.R, this has got to be the best one of the group. You haven't got just the usual medical talk and action, but you have the personal life of the characters also, love, action, etc.
    The dramatised scenes of surgery are the best, I have never seen anythiong like it, they are just soo captivating.
    I love the character Meredith Grey, and it is nice to see some familar facesin the cast which makes the program even more enjoyable.
    I have enjoyed the first season and I can't wait for the second season to start in the UK.
  • A great show about Dr. Meredith Grey who is just starting her surgical residency/internship with her colleagues. Of course love, sex, action, drama, and suspense ensue as we get glimpses into each person's personal life. It's ER meets Scrubs by way of S

    I LOVE THIS SHOW. It's got wonderful acting, directing, and plot!!! It's a cool show that is totally addictive. I've liked it since I saw it. We see Meredith fall for her boss (patrick dempsey), who of course is actually estranged from his wife that cheated on him. We also see her struggle with her mom who has early onset alzhiemer's disease. We also see the pain and suffering of going through medical training and the difficulty of balancing life and work. Overall a terrific show!!
  • Great stories, funny, sexy,simply the best!

    Great stories, funny, sexy,simply the best!
    Without a doubt one of the best shows on TV. The acting is great, stories surprising, sad, happy. Love the intertwined love connections. I do not usually enjoy medical shows but, this one I never miss. All of the characters are interesting and enjoyable. A must see!
  • Follow the lives, both personal and professional, of a group of interns at Seattle Grace Hospital.

    Romance, hot guys and science. What more can one ask for in a TV show? I adore Grey's Anatomy...almost makes me want to be a surgeon! It's only been on for a season and a bit but I'm already addicted and I hate it when the characters don't do what I want! Chandra Wilson is absolutely awesome as "the Nazi"! I love that all the characters have nicknames for each other (Evil Spawn, Dr. Model, Bambi...) Grey's Anatomy is one of those once a week shows that you wish was on every night of the week because you hate to wait to see what will happen next! Shonda Rhimes has created a hit!
  • The new ER with a sexy twist.

    This show gives you a whole new look and appreciation for interns. Sexy and smart come together as one in this well casted show. McDreamy, Nazi, Evil Spawn as well as other nicknames make me fall out of my chair from laughter. Twists and turns around every corner leave me hanging for more each week.
  • Thanks for giving me something to watch.

    A reason to watch television again. The actors and actresses are great. The writers are great. I do love a story that I can really relate to the characters and storylines. I'm not in the medical field but oh does this drama hit home in so many ways. Thanks again
  • A window into the lives of a group of keen medical interns..

    Grey's Anatomy is one of those shows which makes you want to watch it again... and again... and again. The writing is sharp and witty, the cast are outstanding and the diverse characters they play make for compelling viewing. Unlike many other medical shows, Grey's shows a lot of medical procedures to show not only the private lives of Dr Grey the rest of the interns, but their working lives too. Grey's Anatomy is definitely one of the best medical dramas to have graced our screens - right up there with Nip/Tuck.
  • the new ER

    Grey's Anatomy is the new ER... its just like ER when it first came out, and now that ER really sucks... Grey's Anatomy has come to take it's place! i love how it began too, with grey sleeping with a random guy then it turning out to be her attending... so absurd, but it was great! :) happy watching
  • Drama behind the scenes in a hospital

    I stumbled upon this show by mistake here on We don't get that many great shows on tv here in Finland. But this is a new nice show and I hope it lasts long. It's begun very promising. Many series face problems when starting but this is working like it's been going for at least few years.

    The nicest part is that many parts of the drama reflects my life. I can rely relate to George because I've had same problems with women. Me and George are like the good guys and never get the one :) But anyway it's interesting and not too sensationalist like Holby City and some other drama series based in somekind of workplace.

    Only problems I have had so far is that few episodes resembles too much some Scrubs episodes. Like some of the lines the actors says are taken directly from the other show. But this has happens only a few times and it's going on better after that.

    It would be really great to see this one on tv here in Finland!
  • Grey's anatomy: part drama, part comedy.

    There is the perfect mix of dramatic storylines, wacky pasts and hilarious characters. Meet George who is in love with his roommate, Meredith but Meredith is in love with Derek (aka dr. mcdreamy) who also happens to be her boss and also happens to be married. Great huh? Not so much, and Cristina, the feisty, smart intern working with Meredith, Izzie, George and Alex is just trying to get through her internship with some good experience. Until she starts sleeping with her boss as well, only she gets pregnant. Getting good yet? Well, we'll see this season what the characters have in store for us.
  • An unexpected new personal favourite! Not your average medical drama...

    Grey's Anatomy is absolutely the best medical drama of our time! It has the perfect mix of humour and drama. It can bring you to tears one moment, and then make you laugh the next. This show is thoughtful and will get you thinking. It is exciting and will leave you wanting more every week. And just when you think you know what's happening, it will blow you away with something else. (Just when Dr. McDreamy becomes Dr. McMarried everything else changes!)

    Viewers can relate to the characters. Whether it's quirky George, hottie Dr. McDreamy, double-sided Alex, or torn Merideth - there is someone that will catch your eye, or grab your heart.

    Meredith's opening and closing commentaries are thoughtful, meaningful, and bring an unexpected insight.

    I find myself waiting for Sunday nights with great anticipation.
    This is by far one of the best shows on TV today!
  • A great medical show, just kicking off its second season, Grey's Anatomy has found a perfect harmony with both drama and comedy. It follows the lives of a group of new surgical interns, including both their crazy personal lives and the issues they encount

    My new favorite show! Grey's Anatomy is, in my opinion, the best medical show on TV! It combines sentimental medical drama with laugh-out-loud comedy to produce an hour of glued-to-the-TV fun. Follow the interns as they learn hard lessons in medicine and in life. Laugh with them (or at them) when they do something crazy or funny (which they always do). And explore the meaning of life with Meredith, who always leaves us with a touching lesson at the end of each episode. The only show that will make you laugh, cry, and think - all in one hour - then leave you begging for more!
  • i love this show so much !!! it is the best medical show since ER and it is even better than that.

    the characters and plotlines are original and interesting. i like being able to see into a world of unreal med happenings. aaargh at first i hated dereks ex-wife, but she seems nice anyway. although it is sweet but very annoying with george constantly going after merideth. i want it all to work with derek and meredith they are the best together. whats with her mum, we dont know anything about her ! hopefully the ratings are good and it wont get axed.
  • This is a great show. Way to go!

    This is a really enjoyable show. I love the mystery and the love affairs going on. I think that it is the best show on TV. so far this year.
    It is thrilling to find out what will happen with Doctor Gray and Dr. Sheppard. They should be together.The electricity in the air with them is great. The passion that they share and their great sex appeal is worth watching.

    They have a good chemistry together. They are all complicated, but fun to watch. I hope it will stay for a lot a lot of years. I love Sunday nights. I am looking forward to see it every week.
  • One of the best shows on TV!!!

    I love Grey's Anatomy! When it first came on, I thought I'd give it a chance and immediately loved it. Every aspect of this show intrigues me. The best part of this show is the characters. They all compliment eachother and bring out eachothers' best traits. Also, the storylines are all very interesting and seem realistic (but I'm not a doctor so who knows). In addition to the 'hospital' stuff, the real life dramas that occur for these interns and doctors makes me relate with these characters. Finally, all the pairings! I just love everyone that they decided to put together. All of these couples make sense. This show is one of the best!!
  • This is the kind of show I should hate, but who can hate Dr. Hottie? Not me, I am defenseless!

    Grey's Anatomy was a show I was only looking forward to for 2 reasons: Patrick Dempsey (swoon) and Katherine Heigel (of Roswell). I was hoping this was going to be a show that was a nice balance of medicine and life. What I got was more than I had hoped.

    My only real problem is the actress who plays Meredith is a bit too Calista Flockhart skinny for me. I would prefer it if she looks like she ate a meal once in a while.

    This show shows just how much work goes into being a doctor, a surgeon especially. Each of these individuals has a problematic life both in and out of the hospital, and 9 times out of 10 their patients come first.

    The first season was good, the second season is only getting better and better each week. This show makes ER look lame. Some of my favorite moments:

    George gets syphilis
    Meredith accidentally sleeps with her new boss
    Izzy attempts to make the perfect chocolate cake
    George crushes on Meredith in a painful way
    The interns throw a bash at Meredith's mother's house
    Christina starts sleeping with a boss of her own
    Dr. Model
    Dr. Hottie

    This show has a great balance of humor and sadness. I do my damndest to never miss it, and that's a lot for me to say about a drama these days. Check it out, it's worth it!
  • a whole lot of stroy lines

    not sure really what i suppost to put here but here it gose this show was how ppl life can efffect the whole hospital there was so many story lines going on and they all went on with what the other ppl were doing to i love this show and cant wait till next week
    was filled with a lot of story lines and they keep you wanting more. they really made you feel what it must feel like having a mother like that i felt very sorry for the whole family and i love that they are having the wife want to get back with him and gray
  • Great characters and fantastic medical drama, grey's anatomy just begs to be watched

    Fantastic acting and production values come together to make this one of the best drama series I have ever watched. Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey is truely superb, as are all the other actors in the show. The storylines are fantastic (if not always realistic). Emotional, endeering and addictive. Unmissable.

    Wow this show is so amazing its jsut so interesting i never wanna get up and i cant wait till next sunday i laugh my a** off the whole time and i just love it!! i think it is one of the best shows on tv, its even better then desprate housewives!
  • Its about doctors in a hosipital and their lives, mostly Meredith Grey's. Its a great show, and even if you hate doctor shows youll love this one, it is great.

    this show is amazing and good. It is witty and sweet with twists in the show that are amazing. Every sunday i watch it along with desperate housewives and i love it. It is one of my favoite shows, wow its amzing. And dr.mchottie is actually pretty damn hot. I love him and everything anfd the show and anyone likes this show that watches it. So i reccomend watching and youll love it too. My best freind liv even wathces it and lloves it. It is greta and has a good story line each time. I cant wait for the newest one today!
  • Greay\'s Anatomy the most talked about hit NEW television series out there! MUST READ review.

    Grey\'s Anatomy is the #1 new television series that everyone loves. Its all people are talking about, in the streets, at the shops, at school and at work! It grasps anybody who watches just one of many thrilling episodes of this spectacular, drama/comedy. Never is there one day of rest at the hospital where Grey and her team mates fight to complete their degrees. Drama and activity is around every corner, and somehow these young doctors always manage to figure it out. Always getting into trouble and mischeif, these young doctors have attitude and together make the best television series out there! The new episode is filled with, roamnce, heartbreak, drama and excitement, in every eppisode. If you havent been watching Greays anatomy Mondays at 8.30, you have no idea what youre missing out on! so grab your popcorn and be prepared for the best night in of your life.
    Grey\'s Anatomy, the only television series you should be watching. By: Lauren Pettitt. e-mail:
  • The show is a good example of what can be done if you have a group of writers that know what the audience wants.

    This is one of those shows that does entertain by showing us that we are human. It doesnt show us as big heroes or struggling against the choice between life and death. It shows people trying to survive day to day with all the baggage that you carry with them. Its not about really what is right and wrong but the people who make those decisions. Its the person and how they deal with the trials and tribulations that we should go through to become a functioning member of society. It won't change the world but to the grand children of todays yuppies it might give them a glimpse of what the big deal of growing up at this time was.
  • Not bad, I was impressed by the first season. It has some growing to do, but this could just be the new medical drama to watch out for.

    I don't have a lot to say about Grey's Anatomy. Yet. I have watched all episodes so far, and I have found myself strangely drawn to it. It has a bit of that Scrubs quality to it, but without the silliness and repeated jokes. I liked all the cast, especially Sandra Oh (she is fabulous) and Chandra Wilson (you love to hate her). I still can't really put my finger on it thought - it looks like it's moving forwards, albeit very slowly. I'll keep watching for a while.
  • sooo good! I watch it every week religiously...then as soon as it is over sms my friend to say how damn good it was... Patrick sexy!

    It's so amazingly brilliant! I dont know what I did on mondays without it...
    The season final of the first series was just on here in Aust and i cried when Dr. Shephard turned to Meredith at the end and said "I'm so sorry Mertedith" gah! killed me! Then the evil wife came back...gah...
    we are going straight into series 2 thank god... I would die without it...
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