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  • Young interns and residents learn about medicine and life.

    What Grey\'s Anatomy brings to the table, in terms of distinguishing it from other medical shows, is failure. Already, we\'ve had unmarried sex end up in ectopic pregnancy and venereal disease...what other show actually includes the possible consequences of actions? We have struggling marriages, noble surgeons and heroic doctors, but we also have anxiety attacks, untrained dogs, and downright fear and cowardice. To me, the attraction to Grey\'s Anatomy is the combination of characters, the absolutely perfect musical scoring, and the fact that anything can happen - not just good anythings, but bad anythings as well. This is why we watch - because we understand that life is like this.
  • pleasure to watch

    This show is an absolute pleasure to watch Sunday nights. It is fresh, it is clean (the scenes are smooth and flowing), all the characters have spunk, and all the actors are doing super jobs. I love the fact that it light and comic, but also that last week it delt with a much more serious situation. This show to me is becoming the new E.R. but ten times better. :-)
  • The show was pretty exciting. I made sure to watch both episodes. Still, I had to suspend my disbelief about some of the scenes.

    I guess they were trying to show a vulnerable side to Dr. Bailey, but it didn't ring true for me. Bailey is so practical and stoic in the face of tragedy. I don't think she would have put her child in danger like that.
    I was really thrilled to see Kyle Chandler(Gary, on "Early Edition") on the show. I thought he might become a regular, maybe someone new for Meredith. Then they blew him away in the ending! I was shocked! By the way, why did Meredith go out into the hall??? She seemed about to say something.
    The best part of the show was the two shower scenes, the dream and the reality. I do believe in premonitions.
  • 9.6
    Watched The End of the World and As We Know It only because Kyle Chandler guest starred. Naturally, he was perfect in his role as Dylan Young,, no nonsense bomb expert, yet resourceful, ordering the surgical arena moved away from oxygen lines, and sensitive to the terrified intern holding her hand on the bomb. As he encourages her to see him as someone she likes, he keeps her focused so she's able to remove the bomb safely. When he rounds the corner in the hallway, presumably to get the bomb to a lead container, it inevitably explodes in his hands and he's the only one killed. At first, I felt devastated. My all-time favorite actor, Kyle Chandler guesting in a popular show. Then, I realized that was the most logical way to end the situation, with the bomb expert saving the whole hospital and everyone in it! I never saw the show before and now that Kyle Chandler won't be on it, I never have to see it again. I did like T. R. Knight as George, though. He did a fine job. Dr. Bailey named her baby for George. The Seattle Grace Hospital should name the whole surgical wing for Dylan Young!

  • The show is basically about a group of doctors who save lives everyday and they also give you a glimpse into each of their love lives

    This show is absolutely fabulous. I started watching it the beginning of the second season and I fell in love with the show. The Dr. Shepard and Dr. Grey "romance" is awesome. My favorite episode this season so far was when they had the bomb inside the guy and Dr. Grey pulled it out of him saving herself and the rest of the people in the operating rooms and the rest of the hospital. and Yay Dr. Baily had her baby!
  • straight through the heart

    This epsiode just made my tummy flutter. Ah it was such a good episode,particularly the tension between meredith and shepherd and how it is about love completely and not just lust. Such fantastic writing and acting. Cannot wait until next week.The journey between them is particularly good as it will inevitably give the writers ample material for more episodes. I also like the way the storyline is not concentrated on two or three specific characters, by letting us into the numerous characters lives viewers can begin to feel empathy for all of them and not just the central ones. Its pure escapism.
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  • So awesome

    I love this show. It's realistic, but unrealistic too. Well, it's more on the unrealistic side. But everyone feel like doctors are somewhat like immortal, but this show shows that they are human. Another thing about it is that it has so much drama. And it's so unusual drama though. But it got stuff that every soap opera does.
  • I watched most of the first season and it was good but season 2 is wow!

    I watched Greys Anatomy when it first cam on a thought it was a wonderful show and then I kind of stopped watching but I watched the recent episode dealing with code black and I have to say I am going to start watching the show again. Watching the recent episodes reminded me of how much I loved the show! Definately worth watching!
  • One of the best shows since friends. I am so addicted to my Sunday nights.

    who would have thought that this show could be the best of the best in this season. Clearly the writers of this show has hit the nail on the head. I think Grey\'s Anatomy is better than Friends and I was a faithful watcher. Every week I look foward to this time and I love it. Way to go Shondaland. I have my family and friends calling while my show is on and with the tivo tuner commercials are a thing of the past. I am so proud of the creator for this show it\'s about time. You did it girl you go. !!!!!!
  • Tells about how I love Grey's. Please watch Grey's Anatomy!!

    I feel that Grey's is the best show on Tv right now. I can't wait for it to be on and can't wait for the next episode. I use to watch ER and a couple of years ago I stopped watching because it got boreing, but Grey's never ever gets that way. I love Grey's more than ER. You get so involed in the charters that u feel that they are a part of your family. Grey's does more and more things that no other tv show has done before. I hope it last along time.
  • OMG Grey's Anatomy is the best show ever!!! Patrick Dempsey is sooo hott!!! I love this show!

    This is the greatest show in the world. I never miss an episode... and if i would... i would probably cry... lol... but yeah I have yet to miss an episode... Patrick Dempsey is sooo hott! I am completely hooked on the show... like literally. I am obsessed with the show. All my friends know not to bug me on Sunday nights because I watch Desperate Housewives and then of cousre Grey's Anatomy! It would be awesome to be able to guest star on Grey's Anatomy... Merideth (Ellen Pompeo)is the luckiest person in the world to get to star with Patrick Dempsey and kiss him!!
  • A little bit of life, sex life, private life, intern's life, life's hard... Life, almost just like it is.

    The first season was totally interesting. Especially because of more Patrick Dempsey (don't mind me ;-)). But it had good action, good writing (what is rare) and good plot. But then, they introduced something that I expected - Mrs McDreamy. Because it was the easiest way to escape. But with the wife, who is surprisingly nice and likeable, came lower pace. There is not so much "life" stuff going on, only more cases. Writing is still good, but less jokes between Meredith and Derek (I wonder why....). I still wait for the next ep, but it is not so chilling as it used to be. And some background characters are black, and some parts of the plot are not necessary (Ellis' Grey in the hospital? was it only to show us the old flame romance?), but some are essential. Clearly, there is a Meredith-Derek action missing and I think that's not a good side effect. At least I have George, my favourite character, and Izzy, my second favourite. And, most suprisingly, Addie, me new favourite character...

    Well, after watching more episodes I must say that fortunately the pace changed. And Derek finally realised his mistake!!! I think it gets better and better.

    I cannot figure out why I like this show so much, it's not unusual or uncanny... It's funny, true, and Sandra Oh plays great. Oh, and Patrick Dempsey... But the main character lisps (cute! in same cases), they are all beautiful (grrrr ;-))...
    I'll get back here when I figure it out.
  • Seattle Grace Hospital is known for it's rigorous surgical program, turning out excellent surgeons year after year. Grey's Anatomy focuses on the lives of 5 interns fresh out of medical school and their attempts to have lives while trying to make it throu

    This is quite possibly the most entertaining and emotionally draining show I have ever watched. Without fail I get teary at the end of every episode when Meredith and Derek are talking to each other, hoping they'll get back together. But then I don't really want them to because I really like his wife Addison, even though she cheated on him and basically forced him to leave her. That's one of the greatest things about the show. Every character is likeable. There aren't any unintentionally annoy people and even Addison, who I first thought of as a cheating whore, is portrayed in a positive light. And then there is the comedy. I love George. He is pretty much the comic relief in ever episode. He has a lot of the great one liners and during the serious episodes his jokes don't seem out of place. I think the best part about the show is that the characters seem like real people and are identifiable. I personally place myself somewhere between Cristina and George. No matter whether you like medical dramas or not you should watch this show. You'll get you fill of drama and you just might learn something too.
  • Worthy successor of ER? Or is it just "ER Lite", without all that bloody legacy of Michael Chricton? The truth is, Grey's Anatomy stands on its own. It tales the tale of the interns, cannon fodder of every hospital. With every episode, the show just devel

    Worthy successor of ER? Or is it just "ER Lite", without all that bloody legacy of Michael Chricton? The truth is, Grey's Anatomy stands on its own. It tales the tale of the interns, cannon fodder of every hospital. With every episode, the show just develops on - it is most impressive that show creators added the fourth dimension, and that dimension is time.
    What I objected (up'till GA) to most of the shows is the lack of proper character representation - people of all ages enroll in college and graduate. Izzie is a young person who sacrificed everything to get out from her state of affairs, having a baby at very young age (and living in trailorpark) and giving it out, showing her own flesh to pay through college.

    George is "everyone's favorite physician - surgeon. Primitive family prompted him to become a doctor, just 'cause he wanted more of life. Also a very young pup like Izzie. Alex is a person "everyone watches to hate", but the series adds an interesting twist of young doctor Karev. Expect alot of char development over him. Not your average twodimensional figure.

    On the other hand, we have two older graduates, both suffering same emotional instabilities.
    Cristina is giving everything to become a full member of the family, something Meredith already is (due to her mother being a legend).

    Meredith is older/wiser, albeit full of emotional insecurities - her one-night stand and the consequences of the one-nighter go throughout the whole first and second season. Also, the legacy of "great dr. Grey" will haunt her for a long period of time. The mum's shadow is really big, since Meredith is a emotionally unstable person.

    It'll be interesting to see the battle for CoS develops between Burke and McDreamy - both have a lot of ammo for and against them (both have or had relationships with interns... which is a capital no-no in most of the hospitals - but not every).

    All in all, a very intriguing and developing show. A must watch.
  • This is the best show EVER!!!

    I fell in love with this show when I first watched it, in it's first season. I haven't missed an episode since. I am a student studying medicine and that's what intrigues me to this show, it's and exaggerated version of my future life. Not to mention the fact that Patrick Dempsey is pretty much the sexiest man alive. Every week I look forward to watching this show, and hoping and praying that Meredith and McDreamy are going to get back together, that is the only thing that could make this show any better!!!!!
  • Great episode, great series

    You'll never know how things will turn up. Meredith's relationship with McDreamy is still getting on her nerves but McDreamy says if you wait long enough, it will pass. Burke and Christina still have a weird relationship. Izzy and Alex are getting it on again.

    The opening scene was sexy, too. :)

    If you want drama, comedy, romance, and even a little mdical action, this is the show for you. With Golden Globe Winner Sandra Oh, and others, this is the perfect show for any type of person. I never watched ER or General Hospital but if they are anything like this, I am guessing that I would love them. This show has so much anticipation in it, it is like you actually have to be patient to watch the show. Like when it goes to a comercial, you either A: Sit, Jaw-dropped, waiting for more or B: Are so anticipated that you run a marathon until the show comes back on.
  • This is the most boring, slow moving, uninteresting show I've seen in years.

    I'm probably in the minority here, but I remember the earlier versions of this show when it was called "Trapper John, M.D.," St. Elsewhere" and "ER."

    This is nothing more than a bunch of priviledged interns whining about how their lives are, despite there being little reprocussions to their actions. This is so boring that Ellen Pompeo's character seems about to fall asleep at any second.

    The acting is drab; Ellen might be a decent actress, but her whole attempt at playing the beginner doctor-responsible domestic-protector of mother-screwing a collegue is just too identical attempt at Maura Tienery's "ER" counterpart (a blantant copy of Maura if I ever saw one). Sure, Patrick Dempsey may be everyone's Dr. McDreamy, but in here, he's nothing more than a poor man's George Clooney. Katherine Heigl is ackwardly annoying (as usual). The supporting characters - not worth mentioning here - couldn't hold the White Shadow's jock strap.

    One is best to skip this highly overrated Sunday disaster, wait for Tuesday, and tune into "House."
  • Who doesn't love when a good drama comes along and takes in real situations....everyday, like relationships, sex, love, and life.

    Let's face it people, some of us secretly wish for the life of an inter at a hospital. The knowledge to no better and about how to read people, to have the power to save lives, not to mention all the fun inbetween...all the parties & bars, all the sex, all the regrets made in a the life of an intern. In a hospital, every second counts.
  • "It's The End Of The World (As We Know It)" An explosive case arrives at the O.R. that might endanger all the lives of the people working there, which leads Dr. Burke to declare a "Code Black" for the hospital.

    Meredith wakes up believing that death is near. She can feel it. She's crying in bed and refusing to go to work. But, with the help of christina she gets outta bed LMAO

    At the hospital Bailey is telling the interns off. She said she didn't raise them to be "piriahs". She says she's pregnant and should be in bed. George hugs and whispers, "You're back." "I am not," she protests. Soon, her water breaks on his shoes.

    An ambulance pulls up. A woman is screaming in hysterics. A man is unconcious and very badly injured, bloody. He has large, chest wound.

    In surgery, Carleson's wife is screaming hysterical in the waiting room. Hannah (Christina Ricci) has put her hand in the wound to stop bleeding.

    Since the wife is still screaming, Alex screams in her face and that stops her. When he asks what happened, she starts crying, softer, but she cannot speak

    Mrs. Carleson starts yelling at her husband's best friend. As it turned out, they were re-enacting and had built a bazooka. Was there an explosion. Alex takes off like mad. Surgery is starting

    Back in OR, Burke tells Hannah what might happen. She looks sick

    Hannah pulls it out and runs. No bomb explosion. Christina looks. Meredith has her hand Carleson's chest. Now the bomb squad talking to her. Steady. "What did I do, What did I do," over and over.

  • strange but in a good way

    I at first really was not into this show, but the more I watched the more I liked.. quirky differant not sure how to describe it, but very very good.. iam glad it has garnered some awards..Congrats Sandra Oh...I hope it lasts a while I want more charecter devoplment,,good show
  • In this great story it almost reminds me of ER , but with a twist that makes it so good to watch. The lives of the surgeons are absolutly fabulous and so unpredictable.

    Every week I make sure i watch this show and just in case i tink i might miss it i make sure it is set to the tivo. the decisiond tehy make are so fast , and always unpredictable. Like in the last episode merideth taking over with that bomb , it was hard to even tell what would happen , it makes your heart race , this is truely good TV.
  • What A Show!

    Where should I start. Last night's show was amazing! Christina Ricci was gave a great performance. I was so shocked when it was said that the man had live ammunition inside of him and Hannah played by Ricci had her hand on it. I was also happy to see Alex and Izzie get it on it has been way too long for those two! I was saddened to find out that it was Bailey's husband who was in the car accident. Patrick Dempsey also gave a great performance. I wasn't surprised that Derek didn't leave the OR. Ellen magnificent as usual and when Meredith put her hand in the guy's wound I was so scared for her. One last thing I must congratulate Sandra Oh for her GG and SAG wins!
  • First time I ever watched this series, and am not really impressed. It offers the hope for some "gotta see it" draw down the road, but technically is way off-base. I'll be more interested when the producers hire a few technical advisors and render it mor

    Having never seen or even heard of this series before, I watched the last half after the Super Bowl with no previous bias to influence my opinion on the show.

    Although I could see this episode's allure, the technical errors were too blatent to ignore and far too distracting. As a paramedic myself, I can tell you first hand that "bagging" a patient with the BVM ("Ambu") is taught in the first week of many years of training; a physician teaching the skill to a *certified* paramedic, or even EMT-Basic? Unnecessary and unlikely.

    Another gripe: I don't want to sound rude, but a working paramedic panicking like that and bolting from the OR??? We usually *have* to be taught and reminded of "scene safety" from the start just to keep our collective backsides out of trouble and reminding us that two dying patients (the patient and the paramedic) is far worse than one dead one, lol! It's just our nature. Many paramedics died at the World Trade Center and other disasters because of our deep-down need to help others, which means we oftentimes tend to disregard our own self preservation in the process. The mortality rate of paramedics now meets that of police offices in the US. But we do this work because it is our life's path, and feels right. I honestly don't think "Hannah" would have gone on to become a working paramedic if she was this flighty; she would have called it quits on her own. Too much blood out there, too many gunshots, too many drunks, too many life threats that simply cannot be avoided.

    Those was the technical errors that stood out the most for me, just on the paramedic end. As one who also works in a hospital as a tech to pay the bills, there were other obvious errors as well in the episode, but my amount of space to write is probably limited.

    In my opinion, the producers need to shell out a few bucks to hire a Paramedic for a little technical advice and forget the soap-opera dramatics that destroyed the integrity of other programs like ER and Third Watch. It's no great expense; fast food shift managers make more than we do per hour, lol! And then consult OR techs, and interns, and... you get the point. Maybe I'll give this show an honest try next season, with hopes that it has only gotten better and not worse.

    Appreciate your time!
  • GREY's ANATOMY didn't air in L.A. as listed on ABC's website, at 10 PM. Instead there was a re-run of Desperate Housewives. My neighbor hurried home to see it at 9:45PM; ditto for me. Why bother to get good ratings when your web listing and programming do

    BOOO! to ABC for not airing the episode they advertised all week. People in my area on the west coast didn't see Grey's Anatomy at 10 PM or even 11 PM, after the Super Bowl. ABC's website listed it at 10 PM, it's usual time. The show beforehand, discussed the Super Bowl. Why have a website if it's wrong?
  • Grey's Anatomy is funny comedy/drama that reminds me of the first seasons of ER.

    I have watched Grey's Anatomy since the pilot and I love to watch the reruns. It is the only new show I watch on regular basis in five years. I like how the characters react to each other and how they insult each other. My favourite quote is "they are not dead until we say they are dead."
  • A doctor show that focuses more on the personal lives. Excellent!

    This is just waht primetime needs. A doctor show that is mainly about people's personal lives. It is more about relationships and friendships than surgeries and accidents. It proves that doctors can have personal affairs affect thei job as well as any other job. It really gives you a new perspective on doctors.
  • This show follows the lives of several surgical interns. It's wonderfully put together, and the script is always wittily written.

    This show is amazing. I really identify with Meredith, who shares my name. I've always wanted to be a surgeon so I hope someday I am in a position similar to Meredith's. I love George and Izzie, who are both stand-out characters to me. I thought at first that Alex was a jerk but I've seen a nicer side to him recently. I think that he really likes Izzie but doesn't know how to deal with it. Christina is hilarious and sometimes goes a little crazy, but is sympathetic and does have compassion, contrary to what Dr. Cindy(who was really annoying) said!
  • This show is about interns in the medical profession and the real life. Its abode love it s abode pain it s funny. You get so involved with the characters. You ken feel there’s pain there’s joy. And The actors play their roles very good.

    I love Grey's anatomy. I love how the characters are. Like George is so funny and cute, Meredith and Derrick are so god together and and I hope the will get back to gather agene! They are the perfect match and It’s so wonderful to se the spark between them. Burke and Cristina are also great together, and I think that Burke is going to change Cristina to a beater person. Izzy is a good person and has a good heart, and she is so different from the other two girls. Alex is to post to be a bad person .bud deep done he is a very nice person. It’s just that this show is so great..... I wish that i could se a new show everyday. I can’t enough of it

    Tank you all so much fore making this fabulous show.