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  • An absolutely wonderful show, you should simply watch Grey's Anatomy.

    An absolutely wonderful show, you should simply watch Grey\'s Anatomy. It\'s filled with interesting stories, great character developments, talented stars and best of all, is the relationship developments (aka sex!) From the start, we already knew Meredith would be paired off with Derek and boy, does the chemistry sizzle. And also Cristina and Burke which proved to be the more fascinating couple of the show, they are as different as night and day, except for the one thing they\'re passionate about: being a surgeon.
    Neither lacking in humour or in drama, this show is quite hilarious with lovable characters like George and more intriguing characters like Cristina. The show has good plot, with compelling stories every week, and it\'s amusing to see the interns scramble to find the most gory-fied patient to tend to. They love surgery and cannot wait to scrub in.
    It may be featured in a hospital about surgeons, but the main focus of this show is about relationships between people. And that\'s why I love it so much. It is not to be missed.
  • I love this show. Every week they find some way to make me laugh and cry. Some of their jokes are dirty, but isn\'t that what life is... a series of bad and dirty jokes? I reccomend this show to ER fans and Sex and the City fans.

    I love this show. Every week they find some way to make me laugh and cry. Some of their jokes are dirty, but isn\'t that what life is... a series of bad and dirty jokes? I reccomend this show to ER fans and Sex and the City fans. The End.
  • Not that girly

    It seems like a girly show, and till some point it is, but it's also an entertaining show.
    It's sort of in the middle of Scrubs and ER (not as funny as the first but not as dramatic as the later) and with a touch of "Gilmore Girls".
    It's plain entertainment, with a few cheap psicological insights, but it's fine anyway.
  • Surgical interns just trying to make it thru with out killing themsevles or killing a patient. Not having much time for family and realising that your family is the hospital. Trying to deal with falling in love with a colliege. Who says that can't happe

    I love this show for many reasons. #1 Patrick Dempsey: that's all I have to say about that. #2 the plots are awesome, I love that it is not perdictable. Plus the medical cases are good. Some are funny but you never know if its real!! I think this show has the best twists and turns to keep the audience watching. #3 I love any hosiptal drama show. It doesn't get boring because every episode has different cases in it to keep us watching but it also has the main plot about all of the doctors and whats going on in their lives. My favorite plot is the Derek and Meredith love. They are soo perfect for each other and they still both love each other. I watch it every week to see what we happen between them. Even though that every episode leaves me hanging I am always excited to watch it next week to see what happens. I give this Show TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!
  • Saw two episodes in a row and it was enough to don't want anything else!

    I was lucky enought to caught to episodes, of this amazing series, by accident!

    I was completly blown away! I usually like shows based in doctors and interns, but this one simply has something else! All the carachters are completly amazing, the script is very good with quality comedy and the sets are absolutly fabolous! In others words, complete joy to watch!

    This was an early christmas presente! Can't wait for them to realese the Dvd in region 2!
  • I love this show. It adds a good dose of comedy and is a refreshing medical drama.

    I love this show. The humor is amazing, and I can't wait for the second season. The cliffhanger was good. I knew that either he did something wrong, or it was news about Meridith's mother. I just hope that the matter is resolved quickly. I really like T.R. Knight's character. It was pretty funny when he found out that he got the disease from her sleeping with his 'enemy'(what's his name). I am really excited to see the premiere for next season! Yea!!!!!
  • Absolutely one of the BEST new shows this season!!!

    I LOVE this show. My friends and I get together long distance by phone and discuss Meredith and Dr Shepherd and ALL of the characters in the show! They are ALL great and it's like every part was hand made for each and every one of them. I don't know who I like best because they're ALL great. The show wouldn't be the same without any of them (except maybe Dr Shepherds wife but of course she has to keep some tension in it) We count the days for the next show to come on. I absolutely LOVE Patrick Dempsey. The Dr that trains the interns is great also. I didn't like her at first but she grew on me as time went on.
    GREAT job on all of the episodes. Great writers! You keep it interesting, with a touch of humor.
  • Izzy is totally pissing me off

    I usually love Izzy,but the last two episodes have made me wanna slap her. She is being a little to mean to the others about being nice tp Alex. Yang and Burke are my favorite couple of course they are the only real couple on the show. Shepard needs to dump his wife and go back and beg for Grey's forgiveness. I think it was happy that everyone is helping Alex study I want him to pass the boards. Anyway as infuriating as this story can be I love it and I hope there are many more seasons to come!
  • Grrr!

    this show makes me want more and more and more everytime the show ends. It the one very show that I wait all week to sit down and watch. It very good and doesnt seem to take its ideas from ER which I first thought it would. Absolutly amazing series! Amazing actors and actresses!
  • One of the best episodes I have seen!

    This was a great episode and the reason that I continue to watch. Addison teaching Izzie a 'lesson' was great. I felt sorry for Izzie, but she needed to learn some distance with her patients and I felt that it was very well written. I truly felt that Addison hated what she had to do, but she had to do it to make Izzie a better doctor. All in all, great episode!
  • What a great show

    This show does pretty much everything for me. It makes me laugh it makes me sad and makes me mad... All in the same episode. This is hands down my favorite show out there. All of the characters compliment each other and show how small of a world it can be when all you see is co-workers every day. There's always something exciting or scandalous going on every week.
  • An inquizitive show that revolves around the life of a surgical intern. The show tracks the lives of a surgical department. We share their successes and their tribulations. Definately a laugh out loud show!

    I live for Sunday nights. First Desperate Housewives then Gray's Anatomy. It makes the start of the week a little more cheerful. And of course all the funny quotes that we share over our Biology lab are priceless. Way to go Gray's for making my Sunday night that more amusing!
  • greys anatomy is a great show with great actors and a great plot.

    Grey’s anatomy is a very interesting show. It is about a group of starting surgeons. Meredith grey is the narrator and almost the main character, but the other four main characters get their own stories to. This show sucks you in like a black hole. I absolutely love it. I am a big ER fan so when I saw it I said to myself “oh no, not another ER knockoff!” but I was wrong. Grey’s anatomy is in a field of its own. There is great comedy and heart wrenching love and drama. Also every show has a message to get across and there’s always a monologue by Meredith Grey at the end that makes you think. This show is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and I hope it’s here to stay.
  • I love this show

    I love the Grey's Anatomy sooo much. I do not know how someone could come with all of the story lines. There are soo many surpises you don not know what is going to happend next. I hope that everything works out for everyone.Why don't they show reruns for the first season?
  • My new favorite show, and I wasn't a big fan of medical shows before this one either.

    What makes this show so different from its big brother (ER) is that it's a lot slower and, i think, focuses more on the characters with more witty dialogue rather that witty one-liners. The medical stuff and the human stuff is also balanced equally enough to keep the show from being a straight-out soap opera or some ploy to encourage more people to become surgeons (sort of what CSI did with forensics). The writers also do a good job of making the interns/doctors and patients seem like one; the former almost always relates with the patients with something in every episode and that's a good thing. Finally, the struggles within the relationships are a nice touch which, in my opinion, shows that even people who seem to not have problems (in this case, doctors) are still human.
  • Dear Sirs: This is about your last episode. It stunk. See below.



    After your last episode, you have sunk to a new low. I am not too much against an occasional sex scene, although I think that sex outside of marriage is wrong. But your last show was below the belt.

    The bit with the young man and Meredith was nauseous. Also, most of the program was given to gratuitous sex scenes. Unless you discontinue having these types of episodes, I will tell others not to watch you and I will no longer watch you, because I really like medical shows.


    Jackie Hart

    72 and going strong

  • It just keeps getting better!!

    Grey's Anatomy is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE show on TV! I can't wait for it to come on TV, but expecting to be disappointed, because I think their is no way they can top last week's episode, but they do it EVERY SINGLE WEEK! This show is not your average medical show, it is so much better, with just enough comedy, real life drama, and lots of things I can relate to. You have to watch this show, if you don't, YOU'RE CRAZY!
  • A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.

    I love this show. I didn't know if I would like it or not, because I'm not a big ER fan, due to the depressing parts, however "Grey's Anatomy" has a lot more depth to it on so many levels. Let's face it, who really wants to talk about death? This show involves some humor, unlike ER, but you also get the blood and guts popping out, very sad moments, more involved stories about the DR's personal life's, issues that are bombarding our medical care in this country today and the great music puts it over the top. It's more of a "tug at your heart strings" kind of show when it comes to death and also there are some politics involved, which i highly think should be brought up in this day and age-such as being a full donor and saving peoples lives, rather than rotting away. I'm actually surprised it's not a David Kelly Show (Boston Legal) - it seems like something he'd create. Anyway, you have to watch this show- it's completely addicting-- and I only watched it since i like Patrick Dempsey on the off chance it may be a good show--Wow, was I pleasantly surprised. I did also like Boston Legal, but not nearly like "Greys." Hopefully there is room for both of them on Sunday nights.

  • Another Medical Show

    Okay, so we have yet another doctor, hospital, nurses, community in crisis show…. Well, yea, sort of.

    I took more that my usual 3 episodes to see how this show would pan out, because it had a better story line than its counter part (hack, cough….) ER. Focusing on the interns exclusively, did give the show a more entertaining angle with a storyline.

    Grey’s characters are more believable, because the characters actually look like their character’s ages. And with that, young people breaking into the medical field. And with that, bringing in young people’s issues to the show. Which make for more interesting and believable people.

    This program needs some fine tuning, as in does tend to get soap-ish at times. Show the writers need to turn down their General Hospital side of the brain when writing a script.

    I personally don’t watch this show, but I do recommend it to those that like Doc shows.

  • Filled with a dynamic cast of bizarre and loveable characters,...

    Filled with a dynamic cast of bizarre and loveable characters, this show keeps me looking forward to it every Sunday night. The editing is superb and the comedic timing and use of understated acting work marvels for your enjoyment. Maybe the most influential aspect is the relaxing and refreshing music that is pleasantly integrated. In short, try out this show for yourself.
  • Just like ER and all other medical dramas, we don't need another.

    This show is just like Scrubs, and a tad like ER, America should not need another one of these shows. I am tired of them, and everyone else should be too. They have all gone on too long, and they've reached their end.

    American Broadcasting Company: Please hear my cries, and cancel 'Grey's Anatomy'
  • Grey's Anatomy is just getting better every episode. I watch the episode and can't wait for the week to pass so I can see what is going to happen next. Excellent writing and awesome characters.

    I love the way the show has taken off. I was so excited to see Season 2 come to play and I wish it was a show that would never end. The drama/Romance/Medical Aspect/Humor is great to just get away from our lives and cause you to imagine you were there with them living in this medical world. I love the show. It has totally surpassed Survivor and CSI and Desperate Housewives for me. There is no other show I would want to air 24/7 rather than this one.
  • George RULEZ!!!! and so does Izzy, almost as much as George. George and Izzy Rule!!! .. I guess Meredith is ok too.

    George RULEZ!!!! and so does Izzy, almost as much as George. George and Izzy Rule!!! .. I guess Meredith is ok too. George and Izzy together are funny as crap, and that's something I know about, crap is funny, or funny crap. George IS the man, with out George and Izzy this show would probably get a 7.5 because the rest of the cast, while good, just don't make it one of my favorites. The writing is smart, though teetering on soap opera at times; generally it still has a really good wit the rest of the time.
  • This show is just so endearing. I wouldn't call it "my new best friend," but it certainly feels like a new friend.

    It's not amazing or cutting-edge, but it's solid, and there are moments of brilliance. It really is one of the most pleasant viewing experiences of the week, although I never go crazy having to wait a whole week for the next episode either. Of all the shows that have really high ratings, I think this one probably deserves it the most.
  • Another great episode of Grey's. I loved that we got to meet George's family, as he is forced to go hunting for a turkey with his hillbilly brothers and father - which a brother shoots in the ass! Meredith escapes thanksgiving dinner and opens up to Ale

    This was anther great episode of Grey's. I loved that we got to meet George's family, as he is forced to go hunting for a turkey with his hillbilly brothers and father - which a brother shoots in the ass! Meredith escapes thanksgiving dinner, and opens up to Alex who in turn opens up to her about failing the mediacl boards. This is a big step for Alex, as he is starting to open up a bit to everyone. Cristina is closed off towards Burke, not letting him really get to know her. And Izzy just wants to be normal for a day. And best of all, this is the episode that Baily admits to Cristina that she is pregnant! Cannot wait for that storeyline to unfold! Great ep!
  • Grey's Anatomy is a refreshingly different medical show. It has romance, drama, and comedy and can even satisfy those looking for a semi-realistic medical show on TV. The storylines are fantastic, the actors are great and the writing is some of the best o

    I only watched Grey's when it first came on because it came on directly after my other fav show, Desperate Housewives. Since the first episode, I've been hooked. It's got elements of ER but it's mixed in with great opening and closing monalogues like Sex and the City & it's got the funny relationships like in Friends along with characters you can really care about. As much as I "hate" the back and forth of Meredith and Derick, I can't get enough of it. I watch every week to see what will happen next with the two of them and to see what funny things Dr. Bailey, Christina & George will say next. The show has so much to offer and it's not just geared towards women. I've got several of my guy friends hooked, and any guy could be hooked too, if the show is given a chance. So, in conclusion, the show is amazing & it's a must watch. It doesn't get quite the hype or media attention that Desperate Housewives does, but it's slowly passing Desperate Housewives in my eyes...
  • i love this show

    This show is so great. it is a very hot cast. there is no stuipd drama it is great story lines and it is not very perdicable. it keeps you guessing about what is happending next. the only thing that is do not like about is that is on at 10 o'clock and on sundays so i have school the next day so i am always tired but it is so worth it. WaTcH tHiS sHoW yOu WiLl NoT rEgReT iT.
  • This show is the best show in the entire world! all of the actors and actresses are the best!

    Oh my god!!! This show is the best show in the world!! I cant stop watching it, if you hate it your crazy!! This is the best show on t.v right now! All the actors and actresses are great and play the perfect parts! I cant wait till next weeks episode!!!!
  • i sooo love this show!!!

    this is my current favorite tv show, i always look forward to this show... every episode is great... i love meredith and derek... they're perfect for each other... they love each other so why keep them apart? i hope they get back together soon... this show rockz.. i soo love this show!!!
  • This is the Best Show on TV!

    I can't wait for 10pm on Sunday nights...I Love Grey's anatomy. It's my favorite show. The whole cast has great chemistry. I recommend this show to everyone it's a must see for everyone. I like watching the scenes with Meredith and Derek (Dr. McDreamy)...also, Dr. Burke and Christina have such an outstanding repor with each other. I can't wait to see how things progress with Alex and Izzie.
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