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  • Not the same

    I love the show but lately have been finding myself more excited to watch the daytime reruns then the regular season. It's not the same without Christina and some of the other cast members. (Marc, Lexi, George, Izzy) I think it's time to end the show. Maybe Meredith should just move to DC with Derek and give up surgery to raise her family and not to follow in the footsteps of her mother.
  • This show and cast are old and stale and simply run its course! Kill the show already!

    I used to like this show however no longer do-it simply has Long past run its course. It just is Not worth watching anymore. Patrick Dempsey has plain and simply milked that "mcdreamy" thing dry, and just is not what it was at start of this show, the story line and cast are old n stale. Time to Kill this show and cast off! Should have killed off quite a while ago!
  • season 11

    I agree that Meredith is quiet the opposite of her mother in a lot of aspects. Ellis always put everyone 2nd to her. In a way it is Derek that is only putting himself 1st yes he should go to DC if he really loves her and his children then he will make it work. Meredith is right she needs to do for herself and not be in his shadow. As she has grown she has given up a lot for him in her own way to save her marriage. I know she screwed his trial but also he gave him the glory on his 1st trial. He said it in many episodes "i love you because of who you are and how you put others first" or words to that effect. He is as usual taking the Derek way out by just going at least without a discussion with her and seeing if it can work. Only him 1st her and the children 2nd. He was the one who pushed the original adoption she agreed and loved it . Over the series and I love it have watched them multiple times she always put everyone else before herself. If they part permantly and are not both in the series as far as I can see it would be the end. Let them live apart and try and make it work. Well Christmas is upon us and I love it but please I am really waiting for the next episodes
  • Season 11 Episode 9 ???

    Season 11 Episode 9 ???
  • Boo Hiss

    I agree with most in here that say it's time to end the show. It's been an outstanding one but it's run its course now.
  • Hmmmm

    I liked callie and ariizona as a couple but I knew they we're going to break up a while after arizona lost her legs. I just hope they continue to do well even apart and i'm kinda over merideth now, it's like uh hehe
  • Kill it!

    Please Shonda, pleaseeeee let it end with this season!
  • Bad Season 12

    OK after what eleven seasons the writer's, producers, cast who made all the changes. It is bad enough Christina is gone - what a mistake, now or again I should say Derrick and Meredith are at battle again. The regulars are going missing one by one and it stinks. What is the issue?

    The season has started off bad are you all tried of the show?

    I give the season a 2 for now
  • Dr Pearce

    This new doctor really isnt working for me. It feels like they want her to replace Christina and take on a new character. She doesn't meld well with the other character and is really intruding on the show. I dont think she will last long on the show. I said the same shame and Leah last season and they are gone now.
  • one of my fav show

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  • my favorite show to watch

    I would like to know why has change the options to watch online the abc link use to be free it says it is but its not I can't even keep up with my shows if I miss them. all of abc shows have switched to this so I'm very disappointed. I've already money into Netflix I'm not going to pay for amazon too that's crazy.

    I'm in the medical field and I love this show so much but this is crazy.
  • It entertains but....

    It entertains... but it s not the best. IT's always the same....
  • season 11 ep1 was a flop

    Did anyone else notice how fake the helicopter scene looked? the whole city scape and helicopter itself looked so blatantly CGed, in the past they at least used a real helicopter. It also bugs me that the operating theatres are so dark, real operating theatres are extremely brightly lit so the surgeons can actually see what they are doing. The long lost sister story line just feels like a repeat of lexi's story.

    At least find a cuter girl to replace meredith when she leaves. Very disappointing how this shows coming to.
  • Great as always

    I will be totally honest here. I have been watching it from the beginning and I always worry about the next season going flat. This season has not started off this way. I am excited to watch this season. Good job Shonda Rhimes!
  • I must have Lost it in the Wind

    Great episode. Loved Callie and Arizona scenes. Glad hiker was reunited with his family.
  • background music overpowering

    We totally agree!!! The background music is sooo loud that we can't hear the characters speak!! Turn it down!!! We are about to stop watching it!! Why watch the program if we can't hear the actors/actresses speaking!!!
  • Overpowering background Music

    I love this show but was very disappointed with the overpowering backgrond music. We couldn't understand in many scenes what the characters were saying because the music was louder than there voices. I can understand having the music but please tone it down very disappointed in the premiere.
  • Let it go already

    This show has been complete crap since the loss of Isaiah Washington. The ultimate tell tale sign of this was the musical episode, which showed that the writer's had just plain run out of ideas. I realize that fans of stupid shows like Glee can appreciate that kind of thing which is why they tune in to idiotic shows like Glee, but those of us who appreciate good tv drama don't watch for musical entertainment. With the departure of "McSteamy" the show just continues to roll over in it's grave. It's dead, the writers are just to self absorbed to realize it and give it a decent burial. I personally stopped watching immediately after the musical.
  • Enough already

    I tried to like this show, but it got boring real quick. Its a good show to put you to sleep with I guess. I haven't watched all seasons, but again I don't wont to.
  • 10 seasons .... please tell me thats it

    I just caught up on the final 6 episode of S10.... yes I enjoyed it ... but please enough ,, its 10 seasons what more could you possibly do with it.... just leave it where it is .... no grand epic disaster or soppy ending.... its fine ..

    Dont renew.
  • It's kind of a joke...

    most of the female characters are lesbians on this most of the male characters should be gay. I watched the grand finale and the way they paced it I thought I was going to end 15 minutes before it did. The show was like an ending that never ended. Interesting dramatic motif-I wonder what they call it. Bad TV probably. Maybe they could try and do more gross stuff in a next episode like someone who caries their head into the ER and complains of feeling funny. Or not.
  • 80's pop music, really?

    I love this show and I have always thought the soundtrack contributed to the great storylines. However, the last two episodes have had cheesy 80's music playing. Christina is having an emotional conversation with Burke and Madonna's "Like A Virgin" is playing? Seriously? Last night Owen and Christina are having a moment about him wanting her to stay and the cheesy music was so loud it was not only bad and didn't match the moment but distracted from the acting. Bring back the great music! Other than the music I really enjoyed last night's episode. I love April and Jackson more please, wasn't sorry at all to see Murphy go, and see some real drama with Bailey and Stephanie. The show needs more of what made it really good to start with core characters, passion and good stories.
  • Time to end

    I loved this show for years but lately it has just been predictable. I wish they would have kept

    the spin off and dropped this.
  • Music on show too loud

    The music on the show is sometimes so loud, that neither my wife and I can understand all the dialog. Solution: Please turn it down. We don't need music to enjoy the show.

  • The Greatest show on Earth!

    Grey's will always be the greatest show of all time! The richest and the most fascinating storytelling ever! Whoever does't like one ot another character in the process, and therefore stops watching, really has to consider giving it some time to think - none of the characters and the storylines (boring or not) is not there in vain. They all have very clear purose to be where they are, and to show us how to deal with different encounters. Cause real life is not just about marvellous people and all-perfect-McDreamy moments, right? And that's what makes a show worth making history! :)))
  • Not so great any more

    I watched this show at the start, seasons 1-4 but got fed up. Didn't like George and stories just got boring for me. By chance I watched again season 7 and I really loved it -but only until they killed off half cast. Last season was ok although not great but now... slow and boring. It really needs to finish or it will be just another soap.
  • Waffles To

    I've mostly enjoyed this show but have been turned off by the waffling Kepner storyline. Using "The Graduate" ending and having Jackson and Kepner bust up her wedding and break Stephanie's heart and her fiance's as well was ridiculous, contrived, and stomach turning. I'm done with the show despite how much I've enjoyed most of the characters and plots in the past.
  • Another soap opera

    Episode You've Got To Hide Your Love Away was more like a soap opera than the medical show it use to be. Only 1 medical problem discussed
  • Blah, blah, blah!! Predictable

    This show is done. I don't think I can watch another episode. After April decides to leave her fiance, who is a great guy by the way, and selfishly chooses Jackson after Jackson embarrasses poor Stephanie, a great girl, to crumbles, that was it for me. April is okay but there is nothing special there, and she often seems all over the place. It has gotten to the point where one can expect a certain character to get the girl/guy and be happy, and the rest is like, whatever. Grey's Anatomy is now boring, and no longer intriguing. It used to be a good show , but has long since lost that title.
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