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  • I think it may be time.....

    I used to love this show. Now it's like a train wreck, I just can't stop watching. Please, put the viewers out of their misery and take Grey's off life support.
  • a racial show ?

    This was great

    it used to be about Meredith Grey and her band

    i loved it

    now he has become an Afro-american centric show

    is Shonda Rhimes obsessed with enforcing black cast in Grey's Anatomy ?

    i have nothing about that as long as the story is good, but it's longer the case

    ER was a real melting pot and much more interesting
  • Season 10 thus far

    Wow this season is so boring. Grey used to be my weekly treat now it's my weekly chore. I think the main problem is that the old characters are quite settled and boring and the new batch of interns is just lame and lack lustre. 10 is a nice round number to end things on please Shonda take a hint
  • Great Show!

    Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama television series. It has aired out nine seasons and recently aired out its tenth season. The show sets in Seattle Grace Hospital later on renamed to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The series covers the lives of the interns and residents at the hospital as well as their experience with their training and their development at the hospital. The characters all play different roles. You have the surgeon who wants all the surgeries and the one who is calm under pressured situations; the "Nazi" which is good at giving orders and gaining respect and more surgeons that play different roles.

    Dr. Meredith Grey is the protagonist she is married to chief of neurosurgery, Dr. Derek Shepherd. Meredith is a surgeon who is trying to follow her mother's footsteps, Ellen Grey, a famous surgeon who was known for tremendous research discoveries. It all starts in her time at the hospital as an intern with all her colleagues where they struggle and are put through tough situations. Their internship is what either made or broke some of them. The characters are amazing; each and every one of them are different in a curious and interesting way. The characters save lives or at least give it their all to save lives playing the role of heroes, a bit clich, but completely true.

    The series is setup spectacularly. It slowly shows each intern become a well-expert surgeon not only that but then shows what they've decided to specialize in. It all starts at their beginning, day one of internship; where they didn't know how to work under pressure. Later on they become residents. Where they prepare new interns to think fast, react quickly in pressured situations, to not get caught in the patient's case, and learn how to detect and see things before its too late for the patient. In Grey's Anatomy, each season consists of varies patient cases were some have good outcomes and others have devastating outcomes. Another great element the show consists of are how the outcomes are unpredictable constantly keeping you at the edge of the seat craving for more.

    Grey's Anatomy isn't all medical. It also involves the personal lives of the surgeons. In the series we see them struggle not only with hospital issues but with personal life problems. During the ten seasons these main characters undergo serious problems with their families; some even putting their own health at risk. Some of them make it and some don't. But you'll just have to watch and find out yourself.

    Like many things, this show isn't perfect and it does have it downs. One down point is that in the show some things are done that in real life hospitals would never be acceptable. An example is the whole Izzie and Denny situation where she goes extremely crazy and does things that in real life can cost your degree as a doctor. Another down point would be how some residents decide to go behind their attending's back and do exactly the opposite of what they were told not to do. If that were to happen at a real hospital extreme consequences can occur especially if something goes wrong with the patient. But besides those negative points I recommend everyone who is interested in medicine and isn't grossed out by the images to watch Grey's Anatomy. I won't promise you'll love it but many people end up liking it very much or loving it to the extent that they become hooked. The show is great, it's funny, it has drama, it has medicine, and amazing characters.

    If you are considering entering the medical field especially becoming a surgeon or working in the ER, I would watch the show. It doesn't only give you a visual example for what you'll go through as an intern but it also shows you a couple of techniques of what you can do when working under pressure. The series shows extreme cases and surgeries; the vivid pictures of everything they do all the procedures they go through seem so real. The blood, the organs, the cutting and closing, everything seems realistic as if you were there in the hospital, in the operating room, next to the table.

  • Seriously ?!

    Are these people for real ? They stil run this show, inspite of the opinion of its own very avid fans, that it was suppose to end ages ago. Are they trying to make it run longer than ER, by all means ? FYI, dear producers, your money are being wasted for a show that has eneded at least 3 seasons ago. Give it a rest. End it.
  • boring

    10X4 was absolutely boring and meaningless! It is getting worse and .
  • No season 10...

    What else can they show after all these years? They should have cut this show than DEsperate housewives, which was could have kept us hooked on for another season.. The season's premiere was boring.. The same thing over and over again.
  • great show

    I love the show been watching it since it started I just don't know how long left it has it started with 25 million views and now has 7 million
  • OBVIOUSLY The Best Show ..

    Evergreen Always.
  • great show

    worth watching it
  • Top Grey's Anatomy moments

  • Starting seasons were good,after that it's just non sense.

    At the start the show was nice,the twists and turns were good not everything has to be every episode there has to be something extreme,there are no happy times,its like the writers think when there is nothing to do KILL A DOCTOR people will get emotional. That's pretty much this show is.
  • I love this show!

    It's amazaing!
  • great show

    this show is awsome, worth watching it
  • Could watch for days, actually i did.

    Captivating cast, even though a few characters have annoying qualities and the plot has some holes.

    I watched all 9 seasons from start to finish in 2 and a half weeks. -ish.

    I got emotionally attached to the characters, and got engrossed watching the intense story unravel as well as had a laugh along with the characters.

    i also like how Shonda Rhimes created a musical number similar to how Scrubs did, but it was more intense and used all of the fans favorite songs we associate with Greys.

    All in all, a definite 10 for me.

  • Worth Watching

    This show started off really great until Season 6 and just went downhill from there but not enough to stop me from watching the show. I give it a 8.5 because its still keeps its intense moments every now and then which is worth a watch.
  • Nice Show

    It is a nice show.
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  • You think??

    IMHO, I don't really get it when people say they prefer this instead of I don't find this show interesting enough to get me hook up with the story and the cast. Sorry to say, but the show is average for me.
  • i don't see this show right now

    I see it a few minutes and don't like it anymore!
  • stupid show

    Take off the air
  • so nice

    i loved the show so much

  • Sandra Oh aka Cristina Yang

    lmao dry humor i love this girl!! i never knew a Asian would ever make my laugh so much!! together with her person they make a fantastic combination!!

    Love the show i hope it never ends!!


  • I love it

    I think this is great! Oldscool in new and refreshed form. Great!
  • Awesome

    Absolutely love this show, will be with it until the end (which is hopefully never) lol
  • fan of greys anatomy

    is there coming season 10 i hope there is because this is the best serie ever i have watched.. And it kills me if its gonna end like that. Wathed it from season 1 and i have seen every episode and liked it, so i hope this wont stop allready 2 my favorite csi are ended so i hope this wont end, merder are the bestes....
  • Once a good show-Now off the rails

    Really used to like this show. Interesting characters, good story lines and good continuality. However I think it's overstayed its welcome. Go to Netflix and watch the initial years-no comparison! This season has no direction and no believability. Stick a fork in it. And the music!! Was almost as bad as the singing episode a few years back.
  • Used to be a good show

    A very very long time ago. Jumped the shark at least five years ago. Time to go.
  • background music distracting

    The background music is mostly too loud and out of place. I actually stopped watching the last episodes as I couldn't stand it any more. Unfortunatly the show is getting very soapy. Lot's of close ups, unconvincing characters and a lack of depth. While watching it you go from being annoyed to being bored. If I watch it with my friend we just laugh all the time because it's getting so ridiculous. It seems that the script writers exchanged jobs with the guys from Private Practice, which apparantly is getting better. Please turn off the music during the dialogues. It's distracting and incredibly annoying!
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