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  • so nice

    i loved the show so much

  • Sandra Oh aka Cristina Yang

    lmao dry humor i love this girl!! i never knew a Asian would ever make my laugh so much!! together with her person they make a fantastic combination!!

    Love the show i hope it never ends!!


  • I love it

    I think this is great! Oldscool in new and refreshed form. Great!
  • Awesome

    Absolutely love this show, will be with it until the end (which is hopefully never) lol
  • fan of greys anatomy

    is there coming season 10 i hope there is because this is the best serie ever i have watched.. And it kills me if its gonna end like that. Wathed it from season 1 and i have seen every episode and liked it, so i hope this wont stop allready 2 my favorite csi are ended so i hope this wont end, merder are the bestes....
  • Once a good show-Now off the rails

    Really used to like this show. Interesting characters, good story lines and good continuality. However I think it's overstayed its welcome. Go to Netflix and watch the initial years-no comparison! This season has no direction and no believability. Stick a fork in it. And the music!! Was almost as bad as the singing episode a few years back.
  • Used to be a good show

    A very very long time ago. Jumped the shark at least five years ago. Time to go.
  • background music distracting

    The background music is mostly too loud and out of place. I actually stopped watching the last episodes as I couldn't stand it any more. Unfortunatly the show is getting very soapy. Lot's of close ups, unconvincing characters and a lack of depth. While watching it you go from being annoyed to being bored. If I watch it with my friend we just laugh all the time because it's getting so ridiculous. It seems that the script writers exchanged jobs with the guys from Private Practice, which apparantly is getting better. Please turn off the music during the dialogues. It's distracting and incredibly annoying!
  • Sorry.... can't HEAR YOU!!

    Love the show and have been a loyal fan BUT.....

    I totally agree with "eaten alive by music" and "Turn music

    Tonight was the last straw. I love this show and never miss watching or recording it. For the first time I felt myself trying to back up the program, turn up the volume and lean in to the tv and try to hear and read lips all at the same time. Missed half of the conversation due to the loud music. I have always loved the music but why is it so loud this season??? I used to find it annoying but at this point I am getting so frustrated I'm tempted to quit watching.
  • Turn music DOWN... WHAT?

    Here Here to "eaten alive by music!!! I'm an avid fan of this show, but WHO is in charge of the SOUND MIXING? Obviously NOT a fan of this show. This show has smart, fun, interesting dialogue, BUT I CAN'T HEAR 80% of the dialogue because of the LOUD MUSIC!! .... the . I'm missing full episodes because of the LOUD MUSIC. This is insane - are the Producer's giving a break to a first-time Sound Mixer? Hire an experienced one. I'm 60 & have never written a comment in my life, but there's a first time & this is it!
  • Grey's Anatomy being eaten alive by music!

    I can only surmise that in last night's episode the dialogue was supposed to be background noise for the ever intruding music with cheesy, sighing voices. It is no longer an enhancement, but is taking over the whole program which is becoming unwatchable. And who thinks it's clever to put music with WORDS over dialogue? What exactly are you supposed to listen to?
  • So match violence

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  • i cant take it anymore :'(

    thats it if one more person dies I WILL NOT watch this show anymore :@

    why cant shonda make a good finale without people dying !!!!
  • Too much drama

    It used to be a nice drama medical-show. The issues each character faced were normal things normal people face. But then too many people started dying. And it's not even believable any more!! I mean, how many people experience a shooting and a plane crush in a life time???
  • Look forward to more episodes

    I'm from Belarus, and we love this show here. I never thought I would like a medical show, but I watched all the almost 9 episodes at one breath, and look forward to new episodes and new seasons. It would be nice to see Izzy back. The accident with George was really stupid, the same with Lexy and Mark..
  • A good show

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  • owen and cristina

    this is one couple in the show that can be put in the "meant to be" category for times, different opinions, no matter what.

    plus, kevin mckidd and sandra oh bring such excellence, such profound passion and such intimate truth to the characters of owen hunt and cristina yang that it is hard not to root for them even in the worst case scenarios.

    their story line for me is the one of the very few intriguing factors that make me wait on the edge of my seat all week..
  • Next episode

    When does the next episode come up?
  • love it

    its amazing how they operate people. i want to be a surgeon badly
  • Background noise louder than character dialog

    Just watched episode "This is why we fight" which aired on 2/21/2013, and found the background noise so loud that I couldn't make out what the characters were saying, this is very annoying. Who's bright idea is this?
  • Noise

    In this new season, we've noticed the "background" music and "background" noise is louder than it has been in the past. Most of the time, it is difficult to hear what the characters are saying. It is very annoying and frustrating. I really hope they do something about it!! Have loved this show for years...
  • i dont want it to end

    i love watching this its one thing i look forward to every week. i do agree with other reviews that jackson and april should get back together. mayb bring someone back from the past would be good too. also you never get to see sophia or zola which i think would be better cz they are never there but dont end it yet!
  • from bad to worst

    It's time this series stops before it gets even more boring and silly! Now it is only a repeat of when the oldest characters were interns but the new ones are worst, no relief to their characters.
  • Background music is annoying

    It has become hard to hear the dialogue with the overpowering background music that adds no value to the program. The producer is asleep at the switch since they have given the sound folks discretionary power to supplant the program content.
  • It's still good, but not what it used to be... and I miss Lexi and Mark

    I have watched every episode of Grey's Anatomy and I'll probably keep watching till the very end, but... I'm not as involved in this season as I was in the previous ones. I miss Lexie and Mark, the chemistry. April and Jackson was fun, but now that's gone too.

    It just isn't what it used to be. I can't seem to get involved in the new characters and storylines. I watched the last episode fast forward.... that's saying something.

    For the first time I'm kind of hoping this season will be the last so this show will end on a (relative) high. But I'll miss it when it does.
  • I miss the good old Grey's Anatomy

    I have quickly gotten bored with this show. I was FAITHFUL in tuning in every single week and had my box of tissues right next to me. I have just never ben able to stomach Merideth, watching her storyline alone became exhausting and repetative. After the season with the hospital shooting, it just fell off after that. Then after Merideth and Derrick adopted a black baby, I had enough. I am tired of shows depicting what other celebs are doing or trying to keep ratings by going with a trend. It ruined it for me that my beloved George and Izzy are gone, which I still think was the producers bigest mistake letting them go. Hopefully I will regain interest soon, I am hearing good things.
  • Excellent medical drama

    Loved this show for a long time.
  • Best Show Ever

    Love this serie, BEST EVER :)
  • Grey's Anatomy..... one of the best and smart Tv series!!

    How sweet girl is Miranda Bailey!!! I miss Lexi and Mark..............
  • I love this serie and I love much more history and characters Calli and Arizona, and I miss Lexi

    I love this serie and I love much more history and characters Calli and Arizona, and I miss Lexi
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