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  • Very decent for TV today ...

    I dont even know how to describe this show. It has everything - great cast, decent storylines, drama, passion, action, even comedy. I think ABC must be lucky to have this show along with Desperate Housewives - I remember the time when those shows started - everybody was talking about them. Although their ratings dropped by the time, they are still solid and can attract a viewer. Kudos to Shonda Rhimes for creating this great masterpiece. Ive always thought that there wont be another strong medical hit like E.R. was. Then Greys Anatomy showed up and I can see that I was wrong.
  • season 1-3 good. seasons 4+ bad

    SEASONS 1-3 were perfect (10/10). 4 plotlines made it gripping & compelling: (a) mer/derek/mark/addie ; (b) izz/alex/denny/Ava; (c) mer/parents/webber; (d) Cristina/Burke. There were mind-blowing cliff hangers: Addie's 1st appearance, Mark's 1st appearance, cutting the lvad wire, Burke getting shot

    SEASON 4 onwards was a steep decline in quality. Stupid events occurred, eg the GLEE singing episode, the LOST plane crash. Worst of all was Izzie's weird deranged cancer battle, where a creepy stalker Denny haunted her mind (which desecrated the beauty of their season 2 relationship), & George dying from randomly/ stupidly leaping in front of a bus to save a stranger. The original cast (Mer, Alex, Cristina) began looking middle-aged, but continued acting like frat house interns!
  • They ran out of ideas. the first four seasons were fantastic.

    well, the title says it all. in fifth season it turns into an annoying drama soap opera with some surgery as toppings. But Meredith is suck a strong person, and I gotta admit it has some memorable quotes like "SeRiOuSlY????" and "pick me. choose me. love me." and ps: killing characters are not cool.
  • Great show!

    Hate for anything to coincide with GA on Thurs nite. It's always been well written, closely accurate in the OR (tho they forget to show how much work the nurses actually do,not the docs) . Think the characters are wonderful and diverse, just wish some of them hadn't been removed forever. There is one character who vanished and did not die. I think it would pump the series to surprisingly bring her back! Continue the good writing, don't lose anymore key characters, and I'll be faithfully watching the best medical drama on TV!!
  • Best show ever!

    I dont think another 8 seasons would keep me from watching! Awsome ending once more.... Best show I 've watched after Boston Legal.
  • plain crash

    Why is Lexie dead? :( I was expecting more of their (Sloan) love story. what a sad ending. :( Kudos to Cristina because she always remains strong despite all the bad things that comes into her life. but really, why Lexie?? :(
  • dragging

    i dont think that its a good idea for a show to get dragged down 8 seasons i think that a show shouldn't extend anymore then 2 or 3 seasons because then it would just become a drag and ruin the show and pretty take the montemum of the show. its better to just end the show with the montemum still involved. but this show has became pretty much became a drag.
  • My creative position on who should go, oh and another storyline!!!

    I would like to see Mark Sloan be the one to go. As well as Karev...I've had enough of him playing the same character and never growing as a person...and Owen..well that was probably the worst casting decision the show ever made...he has never brought anything to the show and never will, plus it's time Christina has time on her own & if a new relationship begins for her it's one of equal respect..she has never had luck when it comes to men. Also, I think they have a lot of room to move on Arizona & Callie's relationship, not to break them up in the end...but for Arizona to have a new interest in her that makes her emotionally examine all that Callie put her through & decide for her and to put it all in question if Callie is the right person or did she compromise Arizona's life's and personal desires.
  • Just let Izzie come back!

    Her return could totally make sense and it more people would start watching the show again.
  • Owen Can Go

    Hopefully Owen is the one who dies in the finale because he is a super boring character.
  • Ugh Christina!!

    Seriously, she has gotten pregnant TWICE!! And wanted to abort the first time too. What the heck!! Isn't she a doctor? Why didn't she tie her tubes. I am getting so sick of this story line of Christina and Owen....
  • Show of the decade

    I didnt start to watch this show until the beginning of Season 8, and to say I was hooked. I went out straight away and purchased the boxset and wow what a collection. I did wish key charactures would of remained in the show (i.e George) but hell out with the old and in with the new. I know shows run their course but i do hope its has a few more seasons under its belt.
  • writers need to step it up!

    come on people! write something worth watching!!
  • Just4Pussies

    C'mon.... it's like an headache... everytime!
  • awesome

    this is da only show.... i've watched from season 1 ep 1 n haven't lost interest as yet... with the background of surgery and the procedures n decisions taken , it also involves... situations in life n how it is affected on what we choose... basically very mature n interesting..
  • Please do not break up Sandra Ho and hubby

    I want to see their babies
  • what happened to the season?

    I am incredibly disappointed w/grey's anatomy this season, they can't seem to be able to choose rerun vs new episode!! haven't seen a new episode since the really great "what if". what the heck is going on? I so look forward to that program every Thurs. and have been so disappointed. BRING BACK MY GREY'S ANATOMY PPLLLLEEEZZZZZZZ....and get rid of that stupid "little grey" - yuk
  • The beginning was great, but...

    I loved Grey's Anatomy in the beginnings (means: season 1-4). But in season five, Izzie has started to see the ghost of Danny (or what was his name, again?), and then it was too corny for me. Grey's anatomy isn't corny at all, at least the rest of it. But this storyline was very corny! Then the brain tumor of Izzie was hard (it was a tumor, wasn't it?) Then Izzie came and went, and that's why I rather watched another show. I think they should end the whole show after the 8th or 9th season.
  • cALLIE aNd AriZona

    this show is grrreat, its into the 8 season and i luv it, just keep getting better and better.callie and arizona are my favorite people on the show to watch but i do wish that arizona would surprise callie every now and then.
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  • Coming Back

    The show was mediocre in seasons 5 and 6. I thought season seven was nice, but there were still holes in it. Now there in season 8 and doing almost as good as seasons 1 and 2. I hope this show continues to run at the top or near top of it's game. The charcters are much more interesting and more storylines actually does make the show work.
  • Where's this week's episode?!!

    arrrgggg why are they stopping again? seriously!

    so NOT cool!
  • Gray's -they got their baby back!!!!!

    Love the show. HELLO, I cried, and often. Thrilled Meredith and Derek got their baby back. NOW, as a parent of of Spina bifida child, (now grown up) I really want to see how spot on they are going to be with the story of the baby. That will tell the tale.
  • This is my favorite show!


    I do wonder why people are so upset with the content, abortion is a womans right (at least in my country it is), and what about the homophobia - stop it people? It's set in a hospital, what do you think is going on in the real world? get real people!

    (Is it my prejudice, or are those critics christians? are we forgetting what Jesus said about loving our neighbor? and don't judge as how you judge you will be judged? and do unto others how you want to be treated?)

    Love this show so much, every episode is like coming home to family, I am so attached to them. I didn' t watch from the start, but I got hooked after seeing it the first time, season 2 that was.

    I love the drama (its acting - not real life - who needs more drama in real life?), the storylines, the more dramatic the better. Series 8 is absolutely superb.

    Thanks to all the people who make this show :-)

  • If only there was a Hospital like this in the real world, where all the Doctors are that hot.


    This show is just great. Before I really got into watch TV and deciding that I want to be in the TV industry, Grey's Anatomy was the gateway show for me. The first show where I got really into and emotionally involved. All the doctors are just great and you learn to love each one individually and uniquely. The cast is great, The drama is great, and the medical cases are good. At some points I was at the edge of my seat just watching as close as possible. I've cried, I've laughed, and watching this show made my day. This show really helped me learn about myself and I can relate to some of these characters.

    This show is totally not a chick show cause im a guy and I love this shit. Give it a shot.

  • Very disappointed...........


    Murdering an unborn child, really ???? I am so sick of PC junk being shoved down my throat, it was bad enough watching 2 women smooch in bed. Used to be one of my favorite shows, as soon as the baby was killed that ended it for me, was that really a necessary story line ????..Very sad to see where we are headed as a country...............

  • BOYCOTT Greys Anatomy!!


    Seriously!! Murder an unborn baby for ratings! ABC should be ashamed. Show went from a 10 to negative 2. Everyone with any ethics should just boycott the show. They crossed the line. Stop talking about it and just turn it off and send a message to the sponsors...

  • Time to cancel this show that used to be soooo good!


    Like with Desperate Housewives, the show has reached an expiration date. I was a die hard fan of Greys Anatomy the first 3 seasons, and then gradually lost interest episode by episode. The new characters are not very good. The people who were there from the beginning is losing their touch and becoming more and more unrootable, spoiled and whiney. At this point the only character that still feels fresh and maturing is Callie. Even Cristina has lost her spark, which is unforgivable by the writers. And don't get me started on Meredith. She just gets more childrish and unbareable by the season. And what has happened to Dr. Bailey?
    Greys should do a Desperate Housewives and call it quits while still having some dignity left.

  • This show is amazing!

    It's one of the best shows I have ever watched, I love the humor, the excitement and the love. It's truly talented writers, that's for sure!
    The actors are amazing too, they make the characters so believable. You just love all the characters! Except April, she really bugs me... The personal stories is absolutely fantastic too. Everybody has or will get their own personal story, just like Lexie, Meredith and their father, or like Teddy and her "fake" husband. I just love them!
    The surgeries are great as well. It's almost always complications, witch make it really exciting to watch!
    Anyway, fantastic show! I really hope that it will continue forever...
  • Been watching this show since it started, and words can not describe how much I love it and the characters in it. I hope it never ends, keep the great stories coming!


    Yes I know some people are upset about the abortion episode and while I dont really agree with abortion, it is legal and it does happen, the choice of the character was based on that character and what she wanted. And its FICTION, if you are truely upset about it put your anger towards changing its legality in real life and not towards a show that truely is amazing and is showing true aspects of life.

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