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  • This is one of my top guilty pleasures.


    Let's be honest, it's a girl show. It has girl kind of issues and girl kind of conversation. The difference, though, from other girl shows is that it's "dark and twisty" as Meredith would put it. It also has a little substance to it, although at this point (end of season 7) it's starting to get a little ridiculous. Nobody gets away unscathed in this series (like many other shows, I admit), and everyone comes to the brink of death at least once. It's not normal. But still I wipe my tears away after every episode and wait in anticipation for another one, wondering who's gonna be hit by a car next time.

    As much as he'd like to deny it, my boyfriend also likes (loves) this show, but don't tell him I said so.

    All in all, yay for Grey's Anatomy.

  • If I wanted a musical, I would have gone to Broadway.

    I have to say, as a long time fan, I found this episode hard to watch. It was so cringe-worthy I couldn't focus on the plot. Yes, Cali can sing, but she's the ONLY ONE! Well, Miranda Bailey was okay and what I heard of Alex - but that's not the point! I'm all for trying something new (like the mockucumentary episode after the shooting), but this episode did not pull off the musical thing. At all. First of all, why did songs continue in the background and people keep flapping their mouths behind closed doors while other characters attempted to carry on normal dialogue? Awkward. And that weird cheesy Running On Sunshine interlude? Yuck (that may have something to do with the fact that I hate that song). Well, that's okay, I still love you GA. Let's just forget that this episode ever happened.
  • Definitely one of the best shows of all time!


    This show madeShonda Rhimesone of my favorite tv show writers. Not only has she been able to develop each character and weave each of their story lines together, but she's been able to transform the show from season to season with so many of the main characters coming and going and to continue the spark that the show has from season to season.

    It's becoming a lot harder to keep the originality now that we're in season 8 and the actors playing the top two main characters announcing that they will leave the show after this season, but I have no doubt that Season 8 will be the best one yet, and if the show does get prolonged, Shonda Rhimes will figure out how to transform the show yet again to overcome the departed characters and keep it going for another season or two.

  • Worth to watch!

    What would happen if you mix "House" with "Desperate Housewives" (actually only in the part where they start and finish saying a line in a woman voice, oh and the big amount of girls characters), anyway; this is an cool show with cool characters; the best are(In my opinion and this order...) Callie, Izzie, Bailey, Erica, Lexie, Karev, Sloan and Grey...sorry Christina...I don't like you too much...even when you have your moments, and the others...well they are not too special...I used to like the chief but since the flood episode...well...he seems kind of only complain about the show is...well...they abuse a lot of the "I got cancer" know, they introduce us a patient (in this case the chinese girl in one of the first episodes of the fifth season) who is cheerful and apparently doesn't care about the disease...just to realize she is going to die...and then...we don't know anymore of her...and that happened in other episodes...(I can't remember them because in my country they broadcast the episodes in no particular order...sad!)...anyway...I can't miss a single episode now!
  • This hospital drama follows the lives of the doctors at seattle grace hospital. It follows their careers during their emotional relationships and struggles wether it is hospital related or personal. It's never a dull moment in the OR of seattle grace.

    This show could not be more addicting. Each episode has something different to offer and it never gets old. Every day there is a new paitient, a new story which affect the lives of the doctor. It never gets boring. I find that this shows purpose a lot of the time is to teach lessons. Such as Meridiths monolouges at the beginning and end of each episode. I find them fascinating. Some of the time I find the characters storys can become annoying and carry on. But not too often do I find that. Perhaps its my way of trying to find something wrong because in reality I don't feel that it has many flaws. The character of Addison Montgomery leaving I think really damaged the show but it is starting to climb its way back up. But I find that the way they have their personal lives and lives at the hospital intertwine are brilliant. And the strange relationships between some of the characters draw so much attention. The mystery of some of the characters such as Meredith Grey really attract me to the show. You can't help but feel for them all but still feel like you want to know so much more about them. The paitent stories are all very raw and real which for some can be very relatable and hit close to home. But it was settled this show went down as one of my favorites after "Drowning on dry land"
  • Out of character

    I can't believe what they are doing with Derek. He would never act like that. Screaming at Meredith and swinging this bat like a psycho. I gotta admit that I am amazed with his aiming. After drinking 10 beers? Man, I wouldn't hit it if I was sober like a little piggy. Although I don't love Izzie's storyline, I have to admit that was the thing that made me watch this episode from the beginning to the end. I didn't like her screaming at interns when they asked about reward. And aren't they like little kiddies in the woods not realizing that it's Izzie they are diagnosing.
  • everybody is trying to save Meredith's live

    This episode, a real tearjeker is a must to see. you can see the heart of every relatioship : georges izzy callie ; addi and mark ; burke and christina and of course mer der. it is also in the episode that th ebest line of the show is delivered : when christina yells at bayley "try again" I got goose bumps and my eyes tears up. Sandra Oh delivers a fantastic performance !!! the saving of mer was mandatory but a bit unreal, but it was a good way for the authors to set everyone straight. this is why i really love this episode, it's one of my favorite !
  • Wow x

    OMG i like love this show its so interesing all the medicine and personal lives all mixed together x but i do think that they should make lexie and meredith closer i mean they are ment to be sisters and yet they hardley ever have a nice private convo just the two of them and they need to make something big happen as well coz i know there is a lot of drama at the moment but why dont they make somthin troubling happpen like knocking someone up or somthing like that would be goood lol x x x x
  • Grey's anatomy rocks:)

    This is one of the best shows ever ! It has passion , love , action , drama in it . :D
    and omg sometimes it's soo sad ,, I think I've cried during every episode ! And I swear , every episode just gets better and better this season ! But they can't let Izzy die :( , I just love her character , she's so sweet and she & Alex are just perfect together . And Callie :D , she's just so funny , but I always thought that she and Sloan would end up together .. Kisses Jana
  • I love this show!

    Grey's Anatomy is just totally amazing! The medicine, the love affairs. It's just wow! It's actually made me want to be a surgeon :)
    I actually imagine myself sometimes starring in the show! lol this show is really amazing :) I live in the Uk so like im a little behind but i just watch it on the comp. My fav characters have to be Meredith obvz :P and Mark Sloan. I just think she's a really good actress i couldn't imagine Izzy or anyone playing her role. I find mark very funny and cool. So as i've said 100 times I LOVE THE SHOW!

    How weird when i wrote ^^ one hundred it was my 100th word :)
  • Good medical drama with boring stories

    Not only did I notice the acting on this television show, it is also over dramatized. It is basically a soap opera. The casting for the show is great also. They act so well together and make the show enjoyable to watch. In my opinion, season two was the best out of the three and especially the cliffhanger of the second season was excellent. Season three was somewhat different, in the way that the traditional story lines settled down a bit more then before. The main story is about Meredith Gray is a promising intern. Meredith has high expectations from the staff at Seattle Grace due to her successful mother being a head surgeon and legend there.
  • Love at the hospital.

    Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama that not only focuses on medicine, but mostly on the doctors that practice it. The main character of the show are a intern-group with the characters Meredith, Christina, Alex, Izzie and George. We watch them as they enter the world of medicine, but also a world of love and complications. Other main characters are the doctors of the hospital. Grey's Anatomy is a great show because it provides good medical facts, loads of drama, but also very gripping stories. What I love the most about this show is the main character Meredith Grey, whom I relate to. I also love her realationship with the doctor McDreamy and her best friend Christina. This show is filled with great punch-lines!
  • A very good series.

    Grey's Anatomy is a show about a group of surgical interns, residents, and their attending physicians at Seattle's Grace Hospital. The main character Meredith Gray is haunted by the memories of her parents and her mother is currently in facility with advanced Alzheimer's disease. From day 1 of the show she has an on again off again relationship with an attending physician named Dr. Derek Shepherd. Meredith's best friend becomes Cristina Yang, who is an overachiever to say the least. Cristina immediately falls for an attending named Dr. Preston Burke. The rest of the main characters are Izzie Stevens, George O'Malley, and Alex Karev. Izzie Stevens gets emotionally attached to the patients, George O'Malley struggles from day to day but cares very much, and Alex Karev is the resident bad boy but has a soft side. On the resident side there is Miranda Bailey, a very skilled and caring doctor, who is in charge of the interns.

    The series as a whole deals with many of the issues that we deal with; life and death, politics, religion and the list goes on. The interns, residents and attending physicians have to deal with a wide variety of patients that sometimes test them to the limits. Right from start the interns observe and assist in surgical procedures sometimes ending nicely and sometimes ending in disaster. It is a teaching hospital, so bad things are going to happen from time to time.

    In my opinion this is the best hospital show on TV. It has all the elements needed; drama, suspense, humor romance, make it one that should be watched every week.
  • it used to be good but now ive stopped watching

    i watched this show from season one and used to be in love. now i cant even stand to watch it because it became so terrible. the izzie storyline was too dragged out and the ghost sex was just plain rediculous. the story between callie and han was annoying too (dont get me wrong im all for gay rights but i find it hard to believe that a woman would not know what another woman wants in bed). after they decided to drag out the "will izzie die" story to next season i decided that i will no longer watch. this show did not just go downhill it jumped off a cliff and hit the bottom... hard.
  • Excellent episode, best this season, one of the very best for the show.

    After ranking Grey's as my favorite for the first three seasons, I was so close to giving up on it this year I'd downranked it in TiVo. The upturn came with episode 5-17 where Izzie, as "patient X", is diagnosed by her interns, and escalates through this, the final episode of the season. This installment reaches, maybe even exceeds, past peaks in story, script, visualization, and acting. There is a great scene with Christina and Izzie where they discover Izzie's memory has stopped "looping", and a warm and fuzzy one where Meredith and Derrick agree to the "terms" of their commitment to each other, recording them to post-its. The moment when Meridith grasps the meaning of "007" is astounding and the elevator shot at the end is perfect. Can't wait for season seven!
  • A light hearted medical drama that should be applauded for.

    Watched it since season 1. In my opinion, the series is getting better and better. Season 5's finale was the best out of the five seasons. Season 1-4 finales were not so exciting. What I mean is you won't be too eager to watch the first episode of the season after the previous season. Not as eager as season 5's finale, I think season 6 episode 1 will have the most viewers out of the five season's first episodes.

    I would recommend you to watch it from the beginning (Season1), so you would understand the progression of the storyline. It's funny, light-hearted, sometimes emotional enough for Kleenex, cleverly filmed...etc

    Not going to spoil you with storylines in the series, just watch it.
  • Big up this show!!!:-)

    I'm about to be a Dartmouth alumnus so I'm ever so happy to support other alumnus, it's a good thing Shonda Rhimes and the team she has working for her do not make it difficult. At first I was a little hesitant to watch Grey's Anatomy because I thought it was more of a fad than an actually interesting television show. The jury is not really out yet, but I think the character and relationship developments in the first couple of seasons were really good. The show right now is ok, there is nothing really interesting about it. I just watch it out of habit,and procrastination; but if you are looking for a pseudo-light hearted, and funny medical (but not really) drama this is the show for you!

    I wish they would sometimes actually focus more on the medical side of things rather than the love triangles of seattle Grace...but I guess that is why I have House MD
  • Excellent show!

    This show has proveen that it can change what you're expecting and do it right!, yes we all knew that Izzie would die, but at least for me it surprised me the whole George thing, excellent show perfect!! I'm looking forward for the 6th Season, although im going to miss Izzie and George, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
  • I love the show!

    My husband was life-flighted to a hospital after a cardiac arrest; they put him in ice for 3 days and watched his brain waves. A week later he had open heart surgery. Not long after he got out of the hospital one of the shows put a guy in ice and it was very similar to what they did. I think the show is great, this hospital had interns and it really made the show feel so real when we watch it. They came in one morning and there were 14 of them following the doctor around and a few checked on him all the time. He was their miracle patient because he came out fine. Keep the show going it is great to watch something that is so real.
  • I like the show, but no new character's!! Stick to the basics!!!

    I really like this tv show! Specially on season one and two. I think in the past two seasons, there are some characters that are boring specially the story about Lexie! I don't see the point of the character and is basically useless for the story!!
    Because the producers don't care about any other intern and most of the viewers don't care about Meredith half sister the main point in this show is Meredith, right? Not her little sis!
    I really don't like tv series that every season change and introduce new people on the show, it remains me the pathetic last nine seasons of ER!
    Please don't do that with Grey's Anatomy!!!
  • What started out as a funny, romantic, easy-going show focusing on McDreamy, McSteamy and other quirky characters like Christina soon became a circus of crazy and dead people and other general nonsense that totally changes the nature of the show.

    I think there's still a lot of potential for turning things around, but they need positive exposure of the most interesting characters like Christina, Hunt(please make him not-crazy again), McSteamy(break things off with boring lil Grey!), and Callie(more lesbian stuff please!), oh and of course Baily needs to get back to her nazi-self too. There's simply been too much negativity the past 3 seasons!

    There's nothing wrong with adding new charactesr, I'm actually glad they killed off some of the less successful characters like Hann, Izzie(crazy) and George(got boring), make way for fresh new blood. I just keep my fingers crossed that they are good, like Spike to Buffy and Laurence Fishbourne to CSI.

    I hope the show gets back on track with some positive character development, challenges for the doctors (that doesn't neccessarily involve grotesque medical conditions), and more making out in the elevator and sex in the on-call room please!!!

    One last thing, if Izzie and/or starts coming back as ghosts in the new season, I am quittin!
  • Probably I will stop watching.

    I'm tired of this show, i'll probably stop watching it, specially if they let Izzie live. I'm completely tired of her character and the fact that everything is always about her. They always put her in the center of attentions.
    Regarding the finale, I don't know why everybody was so surprised that the bus victim was George, it became quite obvious after a while. It has been done before on other shows. Besides, if TR is leaving the show, they could simply send him to Iraq, they didn't have to kill him. They're trying to make the show so dramatic, that it's becoming ridiculous and boring.
    I loved the wedding thing between Meredith and McDreamy, i think it had everything to do with their personalities. I know most people didn't like it, but i'm not in favor of the whole official and traditional ceremony, it doesn't suit them.
    (I'm sorry for any writing errors but english is not my first language).
  • The struggle of the characters to become or remain great surgeons, while dealing with everything that live has to offer is the key for success.

    What began as a romantic drama show about the (love) life of Meredith Grey, became an interesting show full of laughter, love, friendship, loss, life and death. All this personal drama next to some pretty interesting medical cases made for a great show. As the show progresses we get more insights into the lives of the interns, attendants and residents of Seattle Grace Hospital. We get to know and love the characters. As the personal dramas continue and become almost over the top, and the medical cases tend to lose their credibility, there's still something about this show that still makes it enjoyable to watch.
    It must be the dark and twisty edge of Meredith Grey, the dreamy eyes of Derek Shepherd, the steamy relationships of Mark Sloan, the optimistic Izzie Stevens, the hot and damaged Alex Karev, the overly competitive Cristina Yang, the sexually disorientated Callie Torres, the smiley posters Lexie Grey, the tough yet overbearing Miranda Bailey and all the other interesting characters that makes you not want to miss a second.
    The emphasis on the struggle of these characters to become or remain great surgeons, while dealing with everything that live has to offer and not so much on the medical aspects is and stays fascinating and is in my opinion the key for success for this show.
  • The show is a hospital drama that focuses around a bunch of doctors. The patients always end up connecting personally to the doctors-whether the doctors realize it or not-

    This show is fantastic, it always keeps me on the edge of my seat. There is so much romance,and intensity that is has me like "wow" everytime. I don't like how they killed George off though, i miss him. I also really miss Izzie, she needs to get done being mad at Alex and come back. Although, I am sad their fighting..I can't wait to see them make-up. Grey's always have a really cute way of bringing relationships back together-like giving their girlfriends kidneys in a jar--aww---. Speaking of kidneys in a jar... Meredith and Derek, I just love how their relationship is blossoming. They have come so far since season 1 episode 1. So I say on the show they have probably been married for a couple of months,so it's time to bring a baby in the world. Right? I know it won't be easy-cause they never make anything easy- but still. We want a McBaby. Anyway, I say all around an excellent show, keep up the good work. P.S I also want to see where Mark and Lexie are headed. They are cute together too! I thought it was weird at first now I dont mind it. I think Lexie is good for Mark its just going to be hard to watch Mark not be like the "old" Mark anymore. That was always kind of funny. Also, Cristina and Owen, I don't know where their relationship is headed it seems like they are constantly going to be on again,off again. Hope it all works out.
  • i love this show. this show was a lot of drama. that good Miranda visit her father. lexie and mark should date cause they like each other. Meredith and derek should get marry. they should just quit fighting. Dont let anyone died in the show like george.

    Izzie and alex should get marry and have kids. Christina should go back out there and date again. theres a lot of new people on the show. Help each other in the hositpal. meredith and Lexie should get a long cause u too r half sister. Meredith just give lexie a break, she is trying to help u too get along and stop fight. Miranda can give the interns a break, they r trying to help the people in the hositpal. the interns should figure the things out on there own like alex, meredith, izzie, and christina. get a long
  • Favorite

    This is my favortie show, I have watched every episode there is. Meredith is my favorite person on the show I love the way they are playing everything out with her and Derick. I also like Yang and Hunt I think that is going to be very interesting how that plays out with the Teddy! I love Bailey she is so crazy I don't know what the show would do without her. I was a little surprised about the whole Izzie and Alex thing but so far so good. Then there is Lexi I love the way they put her with Mark I mean Derick's best freind and meredith's sister crazy but funny! I love this show!
  • Brilliant television.

    Grey's anatomy is a series about doctors trying to succeed in a competitive field,struggling to find love and facing their own personal demons.The characters are all inspiring and relatable and the storylines are interesting and well-written.
    One of the many things i like about grey's anatomy is the interaction between the characters,especially meredith-christina,callie-mark and alex-izzie.Furthermore,i love all meredith narrations at the beggining and ending of each episode that are always superb.
    My only complaint about grey's anatomy is the huge cast in the last two seasons that get more air time than the original should focus more on meredith and derek who don't get a lot of attention this season.
    my favorite season is season 3 which had so many wonderful episodes like meredith drowning and the season finale with christina and burke's wedding.
    my second favorite season is season 2 which also had some brilliant episodes like the bomb episode or the season finale with denny's death.
    then is season 5 with izzie's cancer and the breathtaking season finale.
    after season 5, is season 1 with the meredith-derek meeting and the arrival of addison.
    Then is season 4 with great storylines like the ambulance accident and the season finale.
    Last is season 6 because it was a weak season except for the flashback episode,the massive tumor episode and one of the best episodes of Grey's,the exceptional and thrilling finale which doesn't make up for the rest of the season.Heigl's absence was another reason for my diskling the season.
    All in all,Grey's Anatomy is one of the most awesome shows on television that everyone should should continue for a lot more years.
  • 'Grey' killer ends the season

    After watching this season's finale, I have to say that it was one of the most intense and suspenseful finales the show has ever had.

    Of course, they did it in typical Grey's fashion where some crucial characters had near-death experiences or were killed off the show. But this time, death came at the hands of a vengeful Mr. Clark, whose wife was quickly terminated by the doctors when she was determined to be brain dead. Death on the show is usually uncontrollable and unavoidable, but this was one of the few times that it was controlled, and that it was avoidable.

    Let me start off by saying that it was a pretty good way to kill off secondary characters that they didn't need anymore from Mercy West. Gone are Reed and Charles, and if you asked me, they should've gotten rid of April, too. Almost dead are Alex, Owen, and of course, Derek. At the beginning when Mr. Clark had run into Reed asking for directions, I was definitely not expecting her to be shot point blank. A few seconds later, Alex was shot and the stage was set for the rest of the night.

    The most suspenseful part of the night was...

    Read on at
  • Wow. Just wow.

    I freakin' adore this show. Grey's made me laugh and cry at the same time. Yes, it is kinda dull because of the confusing relationships they have. (come on! soon, it will be very confusing who dated who first before who dated who)

    But the story, how the story progresses, the sad and inspiring medical stories.... who wouldn't love this show. Seriously, after watching this for a long time, I just wanna be a surgeon when I grow up. Haha! The only bad thing about this show is that they killed Izzie and George... the best characters of GA. I just loved them and when they died, gah... I almost stopped watching this. And Meredith is kinda annoying. Haha!

    Worth the watch? DEFINITELY.;
  • Couldn't ask for a better medical drama

    When Grey's Anatomy first came out, all of my friends were crazy about it. I, at the time, did not even want to bother watching it because I was so in love with House. I did not start watching Grey's Anatomy until 2 years ago, and ever since then I have become hooked. It is a perfect balance of medicine and drama, with something for everyone. I admit there were times where I was left scratching my head, but this show really has it all. I have laughed, cried, and experienced nearly every other emotion because of this show. I agree with the other reviewers who have said that the Izzie situation was too prolonged, I completely agree. However, that doesn't diminish the excellency of this show in my mind.
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