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  • Not bad

    I was pleasantly surprised by season one of Grey's Anatomy. I'll admit I hated it at first but it grew on me and I ended up really liking it. It has a convinent time slot that doesn't conflict with anything else I watch and Sandra Oh is a great actress. The writing is good but I could do without the constant narration by Meridith Grey. We don't really need her deep thoughts on everything. The best hospital drama on right now, even topping ER.
  • Seems like a very bad ER for younger demographics

    and why is that? because the lead actress looks like the mom of her \"peers\". I know there may be interns her age in a hospital, but she looks at least 40, even when she\'s in her early thirties.

    To me that ruins the whole experience, although the rest of the cast is very good, the plots are weak and very predictable
  • Excellent show. Loved the first Season.. cant wait for season 2...

    Finally, a good drama.

    This has to be my favourite medical show of all time.

    It brings more of a real life sort of view to being a doctor.

    I like how the interns face real-life issues as well as those presented on the operating table. This show makes me laugh & cry... almost at the same time!

    Meredth, the main character is very well cast i believe.
  • If it were funny, and had better actors and writing, it could be Scrubs. Instead, it is just a 3 years late, dramatic version of Scrubs.

    When I saw previews for this, I was appaled. I saw exactly what watching the first few episodes confirmed. If you took scrubs and removed the humor, you would have a drama called Grey's Anatomy.

    Sadly, it was even worse than I had predicted. The cast is laughable, and the writing is so bad it is kinda funny. The plot is terrible, the setting is overused, and really, the timing couldn't be worse.

    Trying to fill a void that ER did for many people, and trying to come in on the success of younger, newer doctors, like Scrubs, and of course trying to be that next medical show that works...with many failed like Medical Investigation, this show is nothing more than a calculated media hitter.

    Sadly it worked in terms of ratings, replacing a far better show in the same timeslot, Boston Legal.

    Don't feed the formula spewing directors and networks. Let them make a nother dozen crappy medical shows, but certainly let this one go with them, it certainly deserves it.
  • Grey's Anatomy is a hospital drama series made for humor.

    Actually I loved this show at the beginning. We loved the Derek and Meredith roller-coaster ride with each other and when the officially came together we held our hands tightly and hope that they would kiss at the end of their first date. There was one problem though 'his wife showed up' and reality stepped in. If you were like me you stood up and shouted at the screen wondering how the first series could end so abruptly and wondering how could Derek, you know, Mc. Dreamy ever be married and carry on that love affair with Meredith. Then we met Addison and even though we wanted to hate her, we fell for her occasional jokes and calm way about her. We learnt about her affair with Mark and got past it, and lived with Dr. Shepherd's occasional hurtful words towards an often forgiving Addison. His over boastful, egotistical placed its uproar on screen. He juggled two hearts on screen and slowly the show plummeted. Addison was horribly treated by her husband and to imagine if she had not gone to Seattle, he would still be married hooking up with Meredith not even having the decency to out when all odds were against him. Reality steps in and Addison is gone and slowly Grey's Anatomy lost the appeal they once had. We formed connections with each character, although I seemed to have loved Addison the most. Grey's Anatomy does not glue me to the screen as it did in the first two seasons. I dislike most of the characters now, since I felt the only reason I watched the end of Season two was because of Addison. Don't really tune into the show anymore, everything is like a soap opera, which seems too redundant for my appeal.
  • Greys anatomy- the famous anatomy book in colour and living pictures.

    Greys anatomy is a pretty mainstream show, it can really turn into one of those shows that just goes toooo far, in the wrong direction. Things are getting fuzzier and duzzier, nothing is getting any clearer. I think my agree with me that is was the funky hunky mcDreamy who has from the beginning kept the show together, we ladies just sitt there and say "pick meeeeeee!"
    Loved the show in the beginning, the first two seasons, the cases were interesting and all the characters were funny and relatable in some way. I'm sorry, Grey's Anatomy, you better pick it up before the show goes down.

    And I was so sorry to hear that Addison was to start another show. And if the ep when Addison goes to Los Angeles was a preview of how it's going to be in that show I will not see it.

    I really hope the show becomes better soon, it was something to look forward to in the weeks. And mcDreamy cannot leave Meredith! Then I will definetly stop watching!
  • Was at the top of my list, now at the bottom.

    For 3 seasons, 'Grey's' was a must watch for me. I actually gave it priority over Scrubs on my DVR series recording, but after last season, I gave up. I was sick of the whining, the everyone trying to get in each other's pants and the fact NO ONE on the show was EVER happy and the minute you thought maybe, just maybe, they could be, the writer's would dash your hopes. This season, I removed 'Grey's' from my DVR completely and while every once in a while I wonder what is happening to George and Izzy and the crew at Seattle Grace, I'm going to stick with JD and crew over at Sacred Heart. I seriously can't believe that I gave up a whole, wonderful season of Scrubs to watch this dribble last year.
  • The Turkish Programme called Doctorla (Doctors) The original Greys Anatomy.

    I must admit that i have not always watched Greys Anatomy and only got hooked a few weeks back, but i was surprised because it seemed that i had already seen it all before on a turkish program called doctorla (doctors). Everything from the chicken cutting surgeon Preston, to the 8.7 million being given to Izzie. I thought that this was an original storyline and new to screens but how wrong could i have been. There really is no need to watch this programme as i am up to date with the other one. What i hope is that this is a mistake and the Turks have taken the script from Greys because the shame in an Amercian TV Show having to copy from a Turkish one is a bit shameful.
  • Grey's started out really good, showing the ups and downs of complicated relationships..... the pains, the joys,...but after the writers strike, it just seems to be nothing but sex. And the homo show last night was off the edge.

    last night's show (May 8) was terrible. I can't believe they're bringing in homosexuality. There used to be a story line mixed in with all the sex, but it was missing last night. I know sex sells, but come on...isn't there a limit??? I know there's homosexuality out there, but I don't want to watch it. I'm very sorry Grey's has gone in that direction. it's too bad.... it's such a controvercial subject, can't Grey's just stay away from it and stick to medicine? There's already enough sex in the show, lets keep the show interesting by keeping an actual story line going
  • I don't know what's happened to Grey's. I wish the writer's had stayed on strike.

    I started watching Grey's on DVD. In two weeks, I had watched the first 2 seasons. I was hooked! The 3rd season wasn't up to par, but at this point, I'd love to get something closely resembling that season back. The new characters are fine, except for Erica, who I don't like. But the old characters aren't even likable anymore. Instead of being the funny, sure of herself person, Christina has turned into an obnoxious, suck-up, with no personality (and that started BEFORE Burke left) who is so "honored" to be in presence of Erica. Izzie is no longer the sweet, caring, lovable one, but a jealous competitor, who went from grieving over the death of the "love of her life" to being in love with her best friend in a matter of a few weeks. Meredith, who was once everyone's friend, has been so hateful to her half-sister, which I found so at odds with her character. Although in the 1st season this wasn't an issue, she now has severe abandonment issues and can't even have an honest relationship with her psychiatrist. Alex and George haven't changed all that much, but I'm tired of George's "whining". He should have grown by now. And even Bailey's lost her edge, which is what made her Bailey. The storylines have become ridiculous, including the homosexuality scene the other night. Grey's has always had a great following. But if this boring trash continues, I know one follower that will be turning the channel on Thursday nights.
  • Hospital drama loosing its charm.

    I like this show,and it have been at the top of my list ever since i saw the first episode, but it have lost a little of its charm. It doesnt really hold up anymore, but is good enough to watch when i dont have anything better to do. And many of the characters kind of lost the respect they once had with me, especially Meredith- shes just a piece of work. Its sad though, she was one of my favorites from de start. And it was really overkill to make George and Izzie somewhat of a couple, that just had it. Way to many no's in there. Not sure if this show will be anything for me to follow anymore, theres just so many better shows to kill time with out there. Although there is still some jokes in there that makes me laugh, but it doesnt really make up for it.
  • Soap opera masked as a trendy TV show!

    I find it amazing to be in this minority but i feel this has come from the dumbing down of television. I can understand the need for a light hearted view of hospital life. However, this show from ABC heads in that direction with almost an identical rip off of Scrubs, with narrations, musical moments, and even some of the same jokes and situations.

    Now the reason i state that there is danger coming is ABC is trying to sweep the ratings now with a bold move to Thursdays next season. if i am correct, they are aiming to bring 'Grey's' to the nine o'clock slot which is already the most competitive. PArt of me is pleased with this seeing as how there won't be a cheat on ratings for all the desperate housewives viewers being trickled into the ten o'clock spot where Grey's resides now. This could very well be the downfall of the show and i believe it is high time for it. The other shows on at that time deserve much more credit than Grey's.

    I still can't believe that this show is on the air. The writers have to know how bad some of their ideas are when they are coming up with them. At times i feel like they just went and filmed the first draft. I mean seriously, if an intern stole a heart, the interrogation wouldn't lose focus and become a therapy session. Not only that, there would be many more people in that room from all areas of the hospital. and let's not forget the sudden changes in character behavior. It's almost as if no one knows the priorities in a hospital. I'll tell you one thing. If i were to find myself a patient in that hospital, you would find me wheeling myself out of there within five minutes. Why would i want to seek aide in a hospital that puts all of the focus on the doctors first and then the patients.
  • 6.0
    Season 4 the show started on the wrong path.first after both Addison and Dr. Burke leaving the show they had to find many stories. Bringing Lexie onto the show would be fun. however I really was hoping to see Merideth be more independant this season and not so caught up in hating lexie. I think they should have had at least one episode where Burke came back. I think he needed to leave the show but they way he left felt incomplete. this season was given a much needed break with the writer's strike. I was "seriously" considering leaving the show after the break. However I felt it was necessary to stick around for the rest of the season. Those 5 or 6 episodes after the strike were awesome. I am going to buy the season 4 DVD set just for those few episodes. To me those previous epsidoes never happened. I cna't wait for season 5!
  • A Complete Waste of Time and a disgrace to drama and hospital shows

    I gave this show multiple chances and it is just one of the worst things I have ever seen. All I saw was sex sex sex, what is this supposed to be. Another thing is they steal everything from ER, M*A*S*H, and other hospital shows. Would it kill the writers to be original for once. Take out some of the sex and come up with some good storylines, and then I'll give it a better review. Until then If you want to lose an hour of your life then Greys Anatomy is the show for you. If you like good hospital shows then watch ER, Scrubs, M*A*S*H, St. Elsewhere, or any other hospital show other than this one
  • Tripe.

    I have to admit from the get-go that I have difficulty watching medical shows because, being in the business, they (any and all of them) never get it right. And I suppose in reality they shouldn't even try.
    But this is a horrible representation of even a fantasy medical world. It has been my experience that most nurses and/or doctors have neither the time nor the inclination to be screwing each other in the linen room. These "professionals" on the other hand, apparently find that medicine is interfering with their lives...
    It is also beyond a stretch to have these doctors jumping disciplines all over the place to accommodate a story line and satisfy some dramatic component that best shows off their hairdo. I doesn't happen. Thats why specialists are specialists and put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into becoming one.
    I don't mind artistic license, but I do mind that a show calls itself medical and apparently forgot to budget for medical advisors. Poor form.
  • One of the worst episodes every, definitely the worst of season 5!

    This episode had four tiny saving graces that wove through the rest of the mindless drivel. They were the two small interactions between Mark and Lexie; the moments where Cristina and Hunt pushed their personal boundaries; Cassie and Arizona tripping and falling through the beginning of what is hopefully going to be a relationship; and Izzie, who finally discovers what is happening to her and uses it to teach the interns. The rest of the time was a waste of air space. I realize that this is fiction, but Derek going psycho in his imitation of Dr. Mengele was impossible to believe. It was especially unbelievable considering that it was set off because an aneurism blew during a clipping. Sorry GA writers, but that is one of the risks of that surgery. Meredith's opening and closing dialogue about doctors v gods, only made it worse. I'm unsure why anyone through a public fist fight between two grown men would be fun to watch. If they had to go to blows, it should have been in private, though a surgeon who takes chances like that with his hands isn't much of a surgeon. I realize it was the last straw for Derek, but it was carried to the ridicules. I've read in the Writers Blog how thrilled they were to have Faye Dunaway as a guest star. It was unfortunate they didn't use her better. The story line was boring and made Cristina look like an ass. Lastly, what in the world are they doing to Bailey? They've taken a strong, wonderful character and turned her into a weak, indecisive woman with a bad hair style. Give us back the old Bailey! Let her become an attending! She would kick ass at it. Let the show grow.
  • Grey's Gone Down Hill...

    What was amazing the first two seasons has crashed and burnt. So sad, did the writers change? What happened?
    That being said: I met Patrick Dempsey and didn't recognize him, for the rest of the day, I got brushed off lol Not too impressive. I've met a lot of celebs and he really doesn't have it in person. He is much better looking in person though. As for his character in the show. He now gets the title " MC Dusty"
    While ABC is canceling shows like Men in Trees and Dirty Sexy Money, what's the deal!?
    I'd like to be a fly on the wall and hear the inside conversations over at ABC, What could possibly be the method to their madness?
    Right when they had regained my respect?
  • Let's face it, the series is going downhill, you'd have to be blind not to see it. Here's the pattern, a bit of love/work story on each episode without depth and sometimes without sense! The writers must be out of ideas, the characters out of ambition.

    It's actually depressing, we used to watch a gang of interns, united, funny, singular.
    The gang used to be funny, united, singular... Now they annoy me.
    Christina is so arrogant, full of herself, nothing's going on in her life apart from this flirt that's taking ages to get further.
    Grey, supposedly the main character, if you believe the title and the narrative, is hollow. In fact, her story line could be summed up in one line... "I'm depressed, boring but have Christina as a friend who is the same!"
    Izy, where is she going? I mean come on, bringing back the dead from 2 seasons ago! I think she was well over him!
    Georges is/was my favorite character but now we barely see him, wasn't he supposed to be with Izy? Did they break up or something? He might not be the smartest but a donkey could have seen Lexi is/was in love with him...
    I could go on and on, the characters are so void of interest now. It does feel like the writers are struggling to write 25 episodes per season, with maybe the unanticipated success the series got.
    I really used to like this series, season 4 was already painful to watch, please make an effort, don't fool us with stupid, slow, hollow story lines.
  • A drama taking place in a hospital about a bunch of trashy doctors who do next to nothing about curing their patient's ailments except maybe bone them every once in awhile.

    I watched season 1 and 2 of this, and thought it was pretty good of a show. It had substance back then, about how a bunch of newbies helped each other out on their journey to being doctors. Then, things took a dive mid season 2. Everything just got a little bit too repetitive, and the doctors started to become over-the-top slutty. It went to a point where i just could not take it anymore and switched over to NBC. They always got some kinda love triangle.. It was fun while it lasted, but thank god I found Scrubs instead.
  • ehh ... it's OK

    I think that Grey's used to be a great show, but has declined this season. The storyline has become slightly odd, with Izzie and Denny together all of a sudden, and oh the fact that HE'S DEAD! I think that the plot has strayed a bit too far from reality with all of the crazy instances presented this season, case and point, Izzie and Denny. I am glad that Alex finally proclaimed his feelings for Izzie, because I must admit his persona of being hard core and lacking emotions for her was getting a little bit old. All in all the show is OK, but i think that this season with all of the twists and turns it has declined slightly.
  • What's the big deal?

    I have tried to watch the show a couple times, but I just can't sit there for an hour and do so. I think this is an overrated show and I don't understand why people think it's the coolest show on television. I think the acting is decent, but the way they behave on the show is so unoriginal and immature. ABC is good at having the most overrated shows so I am not all that surprised. I think the way the show is going, it has hit its peak and will fizzle out sooner or later. Sorry, but that's just what I think. Thank you.
  • It my personal favourite show on television.

    I began watching it on a whim...I was bored, it was on, i was hooked; that simple. This show mixes romance, drama and comedy, with an intense focus on relationships, the individual and working in a field of medicine. Grey's Anatomy has been given all the attention it requires as you can't seem to fault it. As the seasons have progressed, so to have the characters involved. Growth of the main cast is central to all storylines - the sheer intensity of what each individual has gone through together and on their own, makes this show real for audiences, allows them to connect with different personalities, that makes watching Grey's, like keeping up with your family. Creator Shonda and her crew have no limits, they write fantastic episodes that have and will capture the hearts of old and new viewers alike.
  • Love it!

    I'm a huge fan of medical dramas and originally I really didn't see how this show could differ itself from any other average medical show. I got hooked in the first five minutes and I've been watching ever since. Now that ER is sort of past its prime Grey's Anatomy can easy claim the title as the best medical drama on television.What really differs the show from any other medical show I've seen is the character development. The character development helped keep me interested and I felt I got to know Meredith and the other interns. I also got a feel for the hardships being an intern is and how much work goes into becoming a doctor. You also get a feeling of connection with the interns because of how much we find out about them. Dr. Shepherd, Dr. Bailey, and Dr. Burke help them along the way and offer some good advice. It's very informative and I've learned a few things watching it.Overall I think Grey's Anatomy is one of the best and most addictive shows on TV right now.
  • The best show I've ever seen.

    Grey's Anatomy is a great show that mixes drama and comedy in a very intersting way. I'm often laughing or wanting to cry. It is about some surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital - I love following the dramas and the gossips inside there. The characters have to manage living their personal lifes and their responsabilities as doctors. I love following the problems and the funny situations they get themselves in. I love the Mcmoments, Lexie with Sloan, Izzie with Alex (enough of Danny) and the friendship between Mer and Cristina. The cases are very creatives and some are quite touching. What just make the show even better.
  • This show is absoultely hilarious and is dramatic and romantic at the same time! Genius!

    This show is fantastic. The writers have made it absolutely hilarious, and unlike any other medical drama. This show makes me laugh, cry and it breaks my heart. Sometimes I'm hanging off the edge of my seat to see what happens.
    The relationships are so realistic, and so is the humour. And who can forget all the inspirational speeches!

    Although it tends to lean more towards focusing on relationships, sexual and friendships, it also has some very realistic medical scenes to give it that extra touch of medical drama.
    Fantastic casting, and great characters faced with what are mainly everyday decisions.

    Overall a great show, if you haven't seen it, watch it now! :P
  • I love the show! Patrick and Katherine are the main reason I started watching but after the first episode I was hooked. I love the drama,love,and comedy. It gets better each episode. :) I even cry watching episodes. They make it all so real....

    I love Grey's Anatomy! Its my favorite show right now. I've been watching from the beginning and have never been disappointed.

    Grey's has an AMAZING Cast, and Writing team. Every Actor brings something special to the show. I love all the characters.

    I love that the show's not just about Medical stuff. It's also about the characters love lives, their family and everything they go through outside the hospital.

    I like the fact that the characters are like people in the real world. They all have their own problems to work through and all have some flaws. What I really love though is the MC thing,Couples,and Comedy. Its the BEST! :)
  • This show sucks eggs. XP Sinky egg old eggs. hate hate hate oh did I metion that I hate this show. XD ps I would've gave it a zero, but this will do. XDDD

    It sucks eggs I sinks I don't even now how people like this show it makes no sense it's totally fake really I saw my mom after she got her glad bladder out and she wasn't happy or cheeper even the next day she wasn't! It sucks It sucks and it sucks I hate it soooooooooo much! Why do they even have it on t.v? Serious guys it's fake unbelivable fake I wish for it to just burn and go away back were it belongs XD Which is no where. XDDDD It sinks, it sucks what more can I say? execpt that it sucks eggs. XDDD
  • More like Grey's Monotony.

    I have tried numerous times to watch this show and work out why so many people watch it and find it so appealing. I can't.

    I watched the first few episodes and was a little confused at what it was trying to be...was it trying to be a comedy or a drama? Cause it was failing miserably on both accounts...and then I saw the adverts for it here (Australia) touting it as the "Worlds Most Loved Drama". Now that got a laugh from me, my first.

    None of the characters are remotely engaging or appealing and neither are the actors (With the exception of Katherine Heigl who I love. She is doing the best she can with what she is given here.) I was never drawn into the stories and I certainly never connected with anyone or cared what happened to them. When they got hurt, I didn't feel their hurt.

    "McDreamy" should be renamed "McSmarmy". I wish someone would smack that smirk right off his face! He has has as much charm as a plank of wood.

    All the romances between the characters have as much spark as a wet blanket. I just don't see any chemistry between the actors at all. They really do look like they are acting...and labouring at that.

    Maybe my failing to find this show appealing is that I am not a single "20 something" or "30 something" woman.

    It baffles me that people watch this insipid show. I really have tried to get into it but it eludes me.

    Time to change the channel and watch how a medical drama should be done...go watch "House", you will thank me for it.
  • Grey's anatomy can be funny, sad and many other things. It has had many gripping and fantastic episodes and in my view is still great in its third season!

    This is a great show. It focuses on interms which is interesting in it's right. All the characters are different and great to watch, my favourite being christina yang for being so cocky and funny! The relationship between meridith and dereck is always good to watch even now in season 3!

    There are some characters who i'm not fans of, them being, Burke, Addison and Callie. two of which are now gone from the programme. I think greys became great after the brill episodes It's the ends of the world and As we know it! These episodes were funny but still were full of suspense and tension.

    Also i like the Izzie George thing! Overall i think this show was great from episode one and has had many brilliant moments!
  • Over hyped and over here.

    For months I've been reading rave reviews about Grey's Anatomy and hearing friends talk about how 'great' it is. The other night I decided to watch a few episodes and borrowed a friends box set. I was bored five minutes into the show, but I stuck it out thinking 'give it a chance, it's only the first episode.' I watched three more and gave up. As the box set was only the first season and I know the hype didn't start till the end of the first season, I decided to watch a few episodes of the new season that were on TV...I was even more unimpressed. I understand that many people enjoy this show, and I certainly have no intention of critisizing them for that (there are plenty of things I read and watch that other people despise), but I honestly don't get the big deal about this show. It's like a bad soap opera with doctors added to make it more 'intelligent'. My fingers itched to slap the leading character, Meridith Grey and her breathy 'little girl lost' voice. This is a grown woman who seems to refuse to take responsibility for her own life by acting like a spoilt teenager in a relationship, then blaming the man when it all goes worng. The love triangle between 'Dr. MacDreamy' and Chris O'Donnell (Whose character is so insipid I've forgotten his name) made me want to scream at her 'cop on! you're a grown woman!' I will admit that the story line in which she deals with her mother's alzemiers is interesting, and I would like to have seen more of that. The Izzy character is another ridiculous female character, who's unrealistic 'love at first sight' moment with Denny the heart patient made me throw my eyes up to heaven. If it weren't for the wonderful Christina Yang and the fabulous Miranda Bailey, I would be thinking that the writers were all men who didn't understand woman (Incidentally, can I just say that I'm gob smacked that Sandra Oh has gone from this?!!)

    I've never felt so let down by a show's hype before, and I'm sorry I wasted several hours of my time watching this. Honestly, I'm shocked that the show is so popular and even more shocked that it beats CSI in the ratings most weeks. Each episode I watched had the same bad plotlines and over blown romantic dramas that are present in EVERY soap opera on TV. The characters of Dr. Bailey and Christina Yang were the only saving graces in this show for me, and I felt that more time spent developing their characters and less time spent on the irritating Meridith Grey could improve things. I also felt that a little more gritty hospital realism (everything is so white here, no hospital I know is that clean!) and less of the over blown romantic dramas would help to make this a passable drama. But as it stands, all I can say is "yawn. Please turn the channel."
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