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  • Love/Hate relationship

    I am completely in love with Grey's Anatomy! Even though I really wish they would bring back Derek Shepard, Mark Sloan and all of the original characters; I still can't wait for season 13 to realease on Netflix this June!! I know they aren't going to bring back any old characters but it would be so nice to have a flashback episode with everyone in it like Yang and Lexi!
  • I have been religiously watching for forver!

    I think the show to a turn and I don't think it was a bad one. I think bringing in Derek sister Amelia was a great move. Everything else was great I think April and Jackson's dinamic is interesting. Maggie is annoying but that's the point and I think she will really stir things up in season 13. People who are pissed about the past couple seasons just keep watching it will get great in season 13.
  • Loving the show

    I love the show
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  • New Season!

    I'm absolutely loving the new season. I know there was a lot of talk about the show going down hill after Christina and Derek and all and I was a little worried but this season has been fantastic so far. It took some getting used to all the new characters but I'm loving the vibe the show has now. I just thought I'd give the writers props since they've been taking a lot of heat!
  • Grey's Anatomy

    Grey's Anatomy - Wow. All I can possibly say is wow. This series is filled with suspense heartbreak - and when I say heartbreak I literally cried my eyes out like a little baby numerous times - , and excitement. Grey's Anatomy is a series that revolves around surgeons and their adventures throughout the years of training to become a surgeon, it also deals with relationships and crises throughout each of their lives. I feel as though this series is like a drug, no matter how much you need to stop doing it - in this case watching it - you are seriously addicted and cannot turn away. You feel as though that you understand each of their lives. For me, I feel like I resemble the main character, Meredith Grey. A scary byproduct of watching so much Grey's Anatomy is that you won't just feel like you resemble them, you will also feel like you can do their job just as good as them. I mean I could easily walk into an operating room and do an entire brain surgery just from watching Grey's Anatomy -. the suspense throughout each episode and throughout the series is what gets you;it's what reels you into getting so addicted to the series. You can't help but wonder who's going to die next or if Dr. Sheppard is going to finish his brain surgery successfully after he promised a patient's family that their family member is going to come out okay. To sum Grey's Anatomy up, it is an amazing series that I would gladly tell anybody to get into, it really helps you look at life as if it's more valuable than it ever was my opinion, if a TV series is able to do that, it is well worth watching.
  • About the series

    It has great casting in season 2, acting for Katherine Heigl in season 2 and Loretta Devine in season 7.
  • I still love this show!!!

    Yes Derek died!! So did Mark, Lexi, George. Burke, Addison, Izzie, Teddy, Chiristina Left. The show has survived. When each character leaves( or dies) i cry i weep but in the end i still love the show. thats what makes this show so good, it keeps moving forward rather than stuck in rut. When new ppl r added i feel my love for grey grow even though almost all the time it happens it takes me a while to love the new additions(Owen,Arizona, April, Jackson, Jo, Stephanie, Teddy, Amelia.. Am still in the process of loving

  • I am devastated

    At first Christina left left the show, I suck it up, now with Derek I dont think i can, they were my way he left was brutal, they didn't divoted more than episode for him to die and he didn't deserve to live the show that I've never cried in a film or a show but Grey's Anatomy is the only one that makes me cry :'(
  • Good-Bye Shonda!!!!!!

    Grey's MUST END!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope, hope, hope that due to the majority here, that everyone follows through with their words that they do stop watching, hopefully forcing season 12 to come to an end. If Derek isn't coming back ........... the relationship that we ALL pulled for ........ if he is done, fans need to be done. Show killer shonda that she is not all that.
  • Shonda Rhimes It Is Time

    After going back and watching old episodes I realized what made me fall in love with this show at the beginning. With that said, this show is absolutely amazing until a certain point. I'd say that point is Yang leaving for some, or the plane crash. Which for me was the plane crash because.. SPOILER ALERT: Mark Sloan died and he was my favorite character. But the fact that I still watch it today even though it is boring and doesn't have the spark it once had still speaks volume to the greatness of this show. If it was that bad I would of stopped a long time ago, but I haven't. It needs to end soon though if it still wants to be considered one of the greatest shows ever. Shonda Rhimes doesn't disappoint though and she is amazing for giving us Grey's, Scandal, and Private Practice for some. But its time to quit as expectations only continue to grow. She put all her focus in one show and one show only making it the best she possibly can.
  • This is a Great Show

    I like this show because of McDreamy and McSteamy. They would probably make good doctors in real life if they wanted to go to medical school. The thing is, if they were walking around your local hospital in those lab coats, you wouldn't question it. You would assume they were actual MD's. I like the drama of the show and all the hook ups. They need to focus more on that. It would also be cool if there were more scenes with McDreamy and McSteaming hanging out with each other outside of work. Maybe playing 2v2 beach volleyball together like Top Gun.
  • I love this season

    I honestly really love this season for many reasons: More focus on Mer as a person (this whole show is after all her story), and I like that Derek is gone, because he just was soooo bad for her. Not a good husband and partner.

    Same goes for Callie and Arizona. Callie is so much better off without her, (she needs to be able to dance in her underwear again!).

    And so much more good stuff. The only thing I hate is the fudging music in the background, which is super annoying and I simply want the feel-good/fitting indie-music back which defined the show in it's earlier seasons. So yea. All is perfect, exept the soundtrack.
  • my favorite show to watch

    I would like to know why has change the options to watch online the abc link use to be free it says it is but its not I can't even keep up with my shows if I miss them. all of abc shows have switched to this so I'm very disappointed. I've already money into Netflix I'm not going to pay for amazon too that's crazy.

    I'm in the medical field and I love this show so much but this is crazy.
  • I must have Lost it in the Wind

    Great episode. Loved Callie and Arizona scenes. Glad hiker was reunited with his family.
  • 10 seasons .... please tell me thats it

    I just caught up on the final 6 episode of S10.... yes I enjoyed it ... but please enough ,, its 10 seasons what more could you possibly do with it.... just leave it where it is .... no grand epic disaster or soppy ending.... its fine ..

    Dont renew.
  • The Greatest show on Earth!

    Grey's will always be the greatest show of all time! The richest and the most fascinating storytelling ever! Whoever does't like one ot another character in the process, and therefore stops watching, really has to consider giving it some time to think - none of the characters and the storylines (boring or not) is not there in vain. They all have very clear purose to be where they are, and to show us how to deal with different encounters. Cause real life is not just about marvellous people and all-perfect-McDreamy moments, right? And that's what makes a show worth making history! :)))
  • When is the show back on TV?

    When is it back on tv after the holidays? January 16th?
  • My New Love

    I discovered Grey's Anatomy was included with my Amazon Instant Prime account on September 1st and immediately started watching the first season. I was instantly hooked. It wasn't long before I realized that season 10 premiered on September 26th, so I had about three weeks to get all caught up so I could watch the new episodes live. I literally watched the first nine seasons in two weeks. It's now my new favorite show.

    I was instantly captivated by Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). Their chemistry is what sucked me in and is a huge role in this show. As long as they're on the show, I will continue to watch. I've also grown attached to the other characters, because Grey's Anatomy has a beautiful cast.

    I'm not a huge fan of some of the new residents, like Shane and Leah, but Stephanie and Jo have started to grow on me. I loved Heather and was sad when she died. Yes, this show has put its characters through the ringer, and it's full of ups and downs. There's no other television that can make me laugh my ass off one moment and cry my eyes out the next. Let's just say, there's a reason that the "Shondaland" logo is a rollercoaster.

    If you don't like it, don't watch it, don't bellyache on the internet. Grey's still has its spark, 10 seasons later.
  • If you DON'T like it DON'T watch is forcing you too!!!!

    I love this show although I miss Mark and Lexie, but I wish Arizona would shove off whiny thing she is and Ross is just super annoying
  • Great Show!

    Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama television series. It has aired out nine seasons and recently aired out its tenth season. The show sets in Seattle Grace Hospital later on renamed to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The series covers the lives of the interns and residents at the hospital as well as their experience with their training and their development at the hospital. The characters all play different roles. You have the surgeon who wants all the surgeries and the one who is calm under pressured situations; the "Nazi" which is good at giving orders and gaining respect and more surgeons that play different roles.

    Dr. Meredith Grey is the protagonist she is married to chief of neurosurgery, Dr. Derek Shepherd. Meredith is a surgeon who is trying to follow her mother's footsteps, Ellen Grey, a famous surgeon who was known for tremendous research discoveries. It all starts in her time at the hospital as an intern with all her colleagues where they struggle and are put through tough situations. Their internship is what either made or broke some of them. The characters are amazing; each and every one of them are different in a curious and interesting way. The characters save lives or at least give it their all to save lives playing the role of heroes, a bit clich, but completely true.

    The series is setup spectacularly. It slowly shows each intern become a well-expert surgeon not only that but then shows what they've decided to specialize in. It all starts at their beginning, day one of internship; where they didn't know how to work under pressure. Later on they become residents. Where they prepare new interns to think fast, react quickly in pressured situations, to not get caught in the patient's case, and learn how to detect and see things before its too late for the patient. In Grey's Anatomy, each season consists of varies patient cases were some have good outcomes and others have devastating outcomes. Another great element the show consists of are how the outcomes are unpredictable constantly keeping you at the edge of the seat craving for more.

    Grey's Anatomy isn't all medical. It also involves the personal lives of the surgeons. In the series we see them struggle not only with hospital issues but with personal life problems. During the ten seasons these main characters undergo serious problems with their families; some even putting their own health at risk. Some of them make it and some don't. But you'll just have to watch and find out yourself.

    Like many things, this show isn't perfect and it does have it downs. One down point is that in the show some things are done that in real life hospitals would never be acceptable. An example is the whole Izzie and Denny situation where she goes extremely crazy and does things that in real life can cost your degree as a doctor. Another down point would be how some residents decide to go behind their attending's back and do exactly the opposite of what they were told not to do. If that were to happen at a real hospital extreme consequences can occur especially if something goes wrong with the patient. But besides those negative points I recommend everyone who is interested in medicine and isn't grossed out by the images to watch Grey's Anatomy. I won't promise you'll love it but many people end up liking it very much or loving it to the extent that they become hooked. The show is great, it's funny, it has drama, it has medicine, and amazing characters.

    If you are considering entering the medical field especially becoming a surgeon or working in the ER, I would watch the show. It doesn't only give you a visual example for what you'll go through as an intern but it also shows you a couple of techniques of what you can do when working under pressure. The series shows extreme cases and surgeries; the vivid pictures of everything they do all the procedures they go through seem so real. The blood, the organs, the cutting and closing, everything seems realistic as if you were there in the hospital, in the operating room, next to the table.

  • OBVIOUSLY The Best Show ..

    Evergreen Always.
  • Could watch for days, actually i did.

    Captivating cast, even though a few characters have annoying qualities and the plot has some holes.

    I watched all 9 seasons from start to finish in 2 and a half weeks. -ish.

    I got emotionally attached to the characters, and got engrossed watching the intense story unravel as well as had a laugh along with the characters.

    i also like how Shonda Rhimes created a musical number similar to how Scrubs did, but it was more intense and used all of the fans favorite songs we associate with Greys.

    All in all, a definite 10 for me.

  • Sandra Oh aka Cristina Yang

    lmao dry humor i love this girl!! i never knew a Asian would ever make my laugh so much!! together with her person they make a fantastic combination!!

    Love the show i hope it never ends!!


  • Awesome

    Absolutely love this show, will be with it until the end (which is hopefully never) lol
  • fan of greys anatomy

    is there coming season 10 i hope there is because this is the best serie ever i have watched.. And it kills me if its gonna end like that. Wathed it from season 1 and i have seen every episode and liked it, so i hope this wont stop allready 2 my favorite csi are ended so i hope this wont end, merder are the bestes....
  • i cant take it anymore :'(

    thats it if one more person dies I WILL NOT watch this show anymore :@

    why cant shonda make a good finale without people dying !!!!
  • Look forward to more episodes

    I'm from Belarus, and we love this show here. I never thought I would like a medical show, but I watched all the almost 9 episodes at one breath, and look forward to new episodes and new seasons. It would be nice to see Izzy back. The accident with George was really stupid, the same with Lexy and Mark..
  • owen and cristina

    this is one couple in the show that can be put in the "meant to be" category for times, different opinions, no matter what.

    plus, kevin mckidd and sandra oh bring such excellence, such profound passion and such intimate truth to the characters of owen hunt and cristina yang that it is hard not to root for them even in the worst case scenarios.

    their story line for me is the one of the very few intriguing factors that make me wait on the edge of my seat all week..
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