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  • Not just copying off ER & House; its just a bad replacement.

    I don't get "ABC Network" for cancelling L.A. Dragnet and replacing it with this. Grey's Anatomy is a very bad medical drama. Common their is seriously no character development. I turned on the show one night and I was like what. Seriously I only keept in on for only ten minutes.
  • I absolutely love this show, i always wish it was for 2 hours instead of one! Creator-Excellent Job! My favorite character is Christina, she is really funny and always makes me laugh! I like the other character but Christina stands out the most!I look for

    I absolutely love this show, i always wish it was for 2 hours instead of one! Creator-Excellent Job! My favorite character is Christina, she is really funny and always makes me laugh! I like the other character but Christina stands out the most!I look forward to watching every episode!


    I give the show A perfect 10 all the way!!
  • A dumb show where doctors make out and have sex every episode! It's Stupid!

    A dumb and retarded stupid excuse as a doctor. my 3 month old cousin could make a better show than this. It's a horrible show with the most stupid and idiotic plot i have ever heard of. I hate it and hope it gets cancelled because we already have enough doctor shows that are way better, such as House! Grey's Anatomy is a bad show!
  • Trash tv at its worst.

    This is trash tv at its worst. When the very first episode begins with the main character introducing herself to the man she just spent the night with, it\'s pretty clear that this is not going to be a family show. The title is somewhat clever, but a more suitable title would be Dr. Slut. This show makes Desperate Housewives look like Masterpiece Theater, its characters obsessed with sex to the point that many of the conversations are unrealistic even by the standards of soft-core porn, which this show closely approximates. Another WC show (that is, I\'d rather watch the Weather Channel than this garbage).
  • Give me a break...

    Ok, this show is like a Scrubs-ER hybrid; and guess what? It just doest not work, I would rather watch ER any day of the week, even in its last seasons! This show is just not worthy of that time slot, if the show were in another time slot it would have sunk! You want to see doctors in drama... Watch ER; You want to see doctors in comedy... Watch Scrubs, as simple as that, and if you are not sleeping well, turn on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, I assure you, you will be snoring in five minutes. Guaranteed!

  • NOTT!

    What can I say? This is the one show that my wife and I sit down together every week to watch.

    We feel like we know the characters. The issues that it deals with, are real.

    It seems to keep on getting better, even as it goes into the middle of its second season.

  • Just like ER and all other medical dramas, we don't need another.

    This show is just like Scrubs, and a tad like ER, America should not need another one of these shows. I am tired of them, and everyone else should be too. They have all gone on too long, and they've reached their end.

    American Broadcasting Company: Please hear my cries, and cancel 'Grey's Anatomy'
  • If it were funny, and had better actors and writing, it could be Scrubs. Instead, it is just a 3 years late, dramatic version of Scrubs.

    When I saw previews for this, I was appaled. I saw exactly what watching the first few episodes confirmed. If you took scrubs and removed the humor, you would have a drama called Grey's Anatomy.

    Sadly, it was even worse than I had predicted. The cast is laughable, and the writing is so bad it is kinda funny. The plot is terrible, the setting is overused, and really, the timing couldn't be worse.

    Trying to fill a void that ER did for many people, and trying to come in on the success of younger, newer doctors, like Scrubs, and of course trying to be that next medical show that works...with many failed like Medical Investigation, this show is nothing more than a calculated media hitter.

    Sadly it worked in terms of ratings, replacing a far better show in the same timeslot, Boston Legal.

    Don't feed the formula spewing directors and networks. Let them make a nother dozen crappy medical shows, but certainly let this one go with them, it certainly deserves it.
  • Greys anatomy

    Well if any want to watch this show don't anymore cause Derek just cheated on meridith so I might kill that both that kissed him
  • Enough

    The show needs to come to en end. The love story between the head doc and the other

    Shepard is annoying and no chemistry. Please stop! I say end the show while it's not totally awful. I only am still watching cause I've watched for years. And honestly, never liked Ellen Pompeio. The hot male docs are to end the show. I watched last night's episode and thought: really? This show must have new bad writers because it's almost totally unwatchable.
  • This show and cast are old and stale and simply run its course! Kill the show already!

    I used to like this show however no longer do-it simply has Long past run its course. It just is Not worth watching anymore. Patrick Dempsey has plain and simply milked that "mcdreamy" thing dry, and just is not what it was at start of this show, the story line and cast are old n stale. Time to Kill this show and cast off! Should have killed off quite a while ago!
  • Kill it!

    Please Shonda, pleaseeeee let it end with this season!
  • Let it go already

    This show has been complete crap since the loss of Isaiah Washington. The ultimate tell tale sign of this was the musical episode, which showed that the writer's had just plain run out of ideas. I realize that fans of stupid shows like Glee can appreciate that kind of thing which is why they tune in to idiotic shows like Glee, but those of us who appreciate good tv drama don't watch for musical entertainment. With the departure of "McSteamy" the show just continues to roll over in it's grave. It's dead, the writers are just to self absorbed to realize it and give it a decent burial. I personally stopped watching immediately after the musical.
  • Enough already

    I tried to like this show, but it got boring real quick. Its a good show to put you to sleep with I guess. I haven't watched all seasons, but again I don't wont to.
  • Waffles To

    I've mostly enjoyed this show but have been turned off by the waffling Kepner storyline. Using "The Graduate" ending and having Jackson and Kepner bust up her wedding and break Stephanie's heart and her fiance's as well was ridiculous, contrived, and stomach turning. I'm done with the show despite how much I've enjoyed most of the characters and plots in the past.
  • Blah, blah, blah!! Predictable

    This show is done. I don't think I can watch another episode. After April decides to leave her fiance, who is a great guy by the way, and selfishly chooses Jackson after Jackson embarrasses poor Stephanie, a great girl, to crumbles, that was it for me. April is okay but there is nothing special there, and she often seems all over the place. It has gotten to the point where one can expect a certain character to get the girl/guy and be happy, and the rest is like, whatever. Grey's Anatomy is now boring, and no longer intriguing. It used to be a good show , but has long since lost that title.
  • I'm no geek

    Really boring!!!
  • Ross + Yang = disgusting

    This season is going from boring to annoying. Several characters are uninteresting like Ross and some totally not memorable.
  • a racial show ?

    This was great

    it used to be about Meredith Grey and her band

    i loved it

    now he has become an Afro-american centric show

    is Shonda Rhimes obsessed with enforcing black cast in Grey's Anatomy ?

    i have nothing about that as long as the story is good, but it's longer the case

    ER was a real melting pot and much more interesting
  • Seriously ?!

    Are these people for real ? They stil run this show, inspite of the opinion of its own very avid fans, that it was suppose to end ages ago. Are they trying to make it run longer than ER, by all means ? FYI, dear producers, your money are being wasted for a show that has eneded at least 3 seasons ago. Give it a rest. End it.
  • Starting seasons were good,after that it's just non sense.

    At the start the show was nice,the twists and turns were good not everything has to be every episode there has to be something extreme,there are no happy times,its like the writers think when there is nothing to do KILL A DOCTOR people will get emotional. That's pretty much this show is.
  • stupid show

    Take off the air
  • Once a good show-Now off the rails

    Really used to like this show. Interesting characters, good story lines and good continuality. However I think it's overstayed its welcome. Go to Netflix and watch the initial years-no comparison! This season has no direction and no believability. Stick a fork in it. And the music!! Was almost as bad as the singing episode a few years back.
  • Used to be a good show

    A very very long time ago. Jumped the shark at least five years ago. Time to go.
  • Show about Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome

    Our son suffers with this horrible syndrome, the show presented the syndrome so poorly!!! Can't believe Sandra Wilson has a daughter with this disorder. We were so excited the show was going to discuss such a rare disorder. Disgusted how the show brought this syndrome to the public eye. If the sufferers of CVS had it this easy it would not be so unbearable. Sad we had all our friend and family watch this episode. OMG, for weeks on end our son lays in a state of extreme nausea....... so sad!!!!!
  • This Show

    It's the worst show ever and i gave it many chances to impress me its just doctors having sex with each other.
  • As horrible as the hype

    I was forced to watch this show by my gf... the first episode I saw was where someone was going to do a penis transplant... I was then forced to watch some more... I've lost all faith in American intelligence. I can see now why the world thinks we're a bunch of idiots. Grey's Anatomy is one of the worst written, acted, and plotted shows I've ever seen.

    Somehow they've compiled a cast where nearly every character is beyond bearably annoying.

    Avoid this show and the morons who find it interesting at all costs.
  • why did Lexi and Mark have to die?? why not Arizona?

    I really hate how season 9 ended with Mark dying. Having Lexi die in season 8 was bad enough. I personally think that Arizona should have died instead. Mark and Lexi should have been reunited after telling each other their true feelings. There is a spark, and mystery about both of them on the show that can not be replaced by the other characters. Arizona should have been died instead! The whole show will be based on sadness from now on, with the surviving victims trying to deal with their losses, as well as the trauma that was left in their lives after the crash. I think the fans should have taken a vote on who the most popular characters in Grey's Anatomy before they decided to kill off two of the most interesting characters on the show. As far as I am concerned the show is going to be much less interesting, and a lot more depressing from now on.
  • Why Shonda Why

    I have stood by Grey`s Anatomy since season 1 and stuck with it even when you took George away. But this is to much for me. Every single character was getting boring or annoying except for Mark. The only one on this show who made me laugh and cry and care about. Why do you keep taking away the only characters that had any meaning. He had a baby, dammit. His story could have gone on but i really want to know the reason for this. You have murdered one of my favorite characters for the last time. I will never watch this show ever again.
  • what happened to the season?

    I am incredibly disappointed w/grey's anatomy this season, they can't seem to be able to choose rerun vs new episode!! haven't seen a new episode since the really great "what if". what the heck is going on? I so look forward to that program every Thurs. and have been so disappointed. BRING BACK MY GREY'S ANATOMY PPLLLLEEEZZZZZZZ....and get rid of that stupid "little grey" - yuk
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