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  • It just gets better and better ! When will it end . I don't care if it doesn't end ,i love it.

    Every episode of the show just gets better and better. Luckily the leave you guessing after every episode. The new season will probably be really good . New scandles and affairs in the hospital . Who new what goes on in such a place from doctor s sleeping with interns to syphlis being passed throughout the hospital.
  • Grey's Anatomy is the bomb.

    At first when I saw the title for the series, my first impression was "What the hell is the title about?". So, I checked out the synopsis for the series and wasn't even impressed with what was written.

    However, after watching Episode 1, it was so good that I was impressed with it. It's definately different than other medical series that I have seen.

    I give it a 10 rating and I can't wait for Season 2 to start. Season 1 ended with a bang so loud, it will last until the start of Season 2.

    To those who are still trying to "To watch or not to watch?" I would tell you all "Watch it, you won't regret it!"
  • I just absolubtly love this show grey's anatomy. It's witty it's funny it's everything that i look for in a show that I want to watch.

    I just absolubtly love this show grey's anatomy. It's witty it's funny it's everything that i look for in a show that I want to watch. Everything else out there is so much like other shows of the past this show is one that is so different from the rest....
  • Fabulous

    You cannot imagine my disappointment when ABC cut the last 3 episodes of the first season, to be screened at the start of next season. The show is so catchy, it really lends a different dimension to medical dramas. And one must surely also praise the excellent choice of music in the show; Tegan and Sara are a band that feature regularly in the music played in the show, and are fantastic too!
  • This show is Amazing...

    I've always really been into ER and then I started watching Grey's Anatomy and I got sucked in. All the characters have something going on and you really get to know their personality throughout the show. This show is the best new show on 2005! It's truly amazing. I hope it keeps getting better and better each season.
  • Great medical show but I love how comedy is interwoven through the show. The characters are great and work well together. It is also nice to see a show based in Seattle and so the opening scene and other city scenes are pretty to see as well.

    What a great show. I was hooked from the very first episode. The cast is superb and they work so well together. I love how the show flows through each episode, wether it be about 1 character and part of the plot, or wether it be a medical scene. And of course how great is it to have a happy ending, if only life could do that.
  • Boston Legal was bumped off of its RIGHTFUL time slot for this?!?! Get real!

    I never even watched the show, which by the standards of most of the show's fans would mean that I'm judgmental and critical. The real point of THIS part of the review here is that I don't give a damn what one will think of me based on my opinion of the show based on first episode promos seen on TV.

    My first thoughts when I saw the promo was, "Oh brother, here we go again with another medical drama that has some ER-like elements." Yet, my opinion would grow stronger against it the more the first episode promos were shown during commercial break. For one thing, it's just like any of the other medical dramas out there. Plus, the idea of it the more and more upon seeing the promos just started to annoy me to no end. I don't understand how anybody could find this show interesting. It's just another cookie cutter medical drama that's portrays its characters holding a job that makes it hard for them to have a real life. Well, wouldn't that aspect make you think twice? Given that this is all in la-la land here, you're able to have your cake AND eat it as well. I just have this hunch that the show won't last very long.
  • The next best thing to good

    I was highly suprised about this show. The cast is great, the writing is great, and the direction is great. I even loves how they used the Postal Service for the preview. I hope that it will last longer than 2 seasons and isnt another victim of Network uncertanty. Go Grey.
  • This show has grown on me. (No pun intended.)

    I didn't really care for the first episode of this show. It seemed like two different things totally in conflict. Parts of it were drama, parts of it were comedy, and it seemed poorly mixed. So much so that I actually got a headache watching it. But as the first season went on the mix improved greatly. It was funny and deep at the same time, like Scrubs without any surrealism and Desperate Housewives without any mystery. By the time George was attacking Alex for "giving him Syphillis!" I knew I would watch this show for as long as it was on.
  • I like this show! It is like watching old friends. Everyone compares to ER and Scrubs but, this show reminds me of St Elsewhere.

    I liked this show from the very 1st episode and my like for it has continued to grow. I think the writters are doing a great job with the developement of the characters.
    I remember watching St Elsewhere and it moved slow in the begining and had odd characters that took time to know and this show seems like it too could become a classic.
    I am a little worried about how the season ended. I think this show could fall into one that is too predictable if it trys to make it like a soap opera.
    And I hope they do not change the night as this play's well with Desperate Housewives.
  • This show is just plain awesome!

    I love this show. I didn't know if I would like it or not, because I'm not a big ER fan, due to the depressing parts, however "Grey's Anatomy" has a lot more depth to it on so many levels. Let's face it, who really wants to talk about death? This show involves some humor, unlike ER, but you also get the blood and guts popping out, very sad moments, more involved stories about the DR's personal life's, issues that are bombarding our medical care in this country today and the great music puts it over the top. It's more of a "tug at your heart strings" kind of show when it comes to death and also there are some politics involved, which i highly think should be brought up in this day and age-such as being a full donor and saving peoples lives, rather than rotting away. I'm actually surprised it's not a David Kelly Show (Boston Legal) - it seems like something he'd create. Anyway, you have to watch this show- it's completely addicting-- and I only watched it since i like Patrick Dempsey on the off chance it may be a good show--Wow, was I pleasantly surprised. I did also like Boston Legal, but not nearly like "Greys." Hopefully there is room for both of them on Sunday nights.
  • About a first year intern trying to be a surgeon at Seattle Hospital while at the same time trying to deal with personal issues at home and also at her job.

    I like this show. It gets better and better every time I watch it. I love the story plot. It's gets more and more interesting to watch. I thought that it would be boring and that I would lose my interest but actually it has kept my interest. A good show.
  • The first Medical show worth watching

    I love this show, i\'ve never like a medical show before they all sucked and i could never watch past the first 20 min. Then Out of nowhere comes Grey\'s Anatomy, As i always do with new shows i give them a change and i was shocked by this show i loved it and found myself drawn to it. I have watched every episode and can\'t wait for the next season to start. This show has good acting talent, Izzie (Katherine Heigl) Is awsom and brings the show alive. Playing a model trying to make it as a doctor is a challenging role but she does an awsom job. I\'ll keep watching the charecters grow and the tension between them make for fun watching. This show gets 10/10 from me and i hope it returns soon..
  • Grey's Anatomy was fantastic until they showed the main character having a one-night stand. Oh, wait, that was the first scene of the show.

    The medical part of Grey's Anatomy is fantastic. I like this part of the show way better than ER, which I never could get into after Gloria Reuben's departure. I enjoy some of the humor in this (and only this) part of the show. I like how they seem to portray everything realistically and that the medical storylines are always interesting. The doctors, when they're on duty (save for sexual escapades in closets), seem like nice, caring people. Basically, I enjoy the original premise of the show: "Interns at Seattle Grace Hospital struggle to succeed at their jobs". Now onto the part of the show that I hate. The immoral people. The disgusting scenes that shouldn't be shown on television. The affairs. The one-night stands. The rudeness to and bullying of George as well as the pressure put on him to be immoral as well as the fact that he gave in to the pressure! In case you haven't guessed yet, my favorite character is Dr. Bailey! Seriously. She's funny and does seem to have some sort of moral values. I like Ellen Pompeo's acting and I would like her character if she weren't so immoral. Anyways, ironically, even though being paired with Desperaate Housewives led to its success, it ruined the show for me. I hate watching immoral people live horrible lives and it's too bad that the writers don't stick to the medical aspect of the show. Whatever happened to "out of you 10 interns, 2 will quit, 3 will be fired, and only 5 will make it". That's not the exact quote but whatever it was, I liked it and it's too bad the writers have completely abandoned it.
  • Great show! Every week I become more hooked than I was the week before!! There's nothing that could keep me from this show... it's completely addicting and should be given a chance by ANYONE!

    This great new show has only been on for a short amount of time but with each new episode I become more and more addicted! I'm not quite sure what it is but everything about Grey's Anatomy is wonderful! For people that haven't watched the show I suggest that you give it a try and see what you think... if you don't like it right away, give it a week or two because it WILL grow on anyone overtime!
  • Pretty good

    This isn't one of my favorite shows, but I do enjoy it. I've watched every episode they've aired so far. I heard that they actually taped -- I think -- twelve, but decided to have the season end at episode 9.

    This is a very cool doctor show. ER held my attention for a little bit but ruined it for me when they wrote a particular thing into the show. But this show has some nice wit to it. And I like a witty show.

    They have nice characters, nice characters, nice plots. This is a show I would recommend you to try out. It might become one of your favorites.
  • This show came out of nowhere, and absolutely knocked my socks off.

    I can't explain why exactly I like this show. Usually I hate hospital shows, but Grey's Anatomy is a different breed. It may be set in a hospital, but it's not exactly about the hospital. The show's focus is more character driven, and it's a real blast to watch.

    There are definitely some ER moments, but they appear more sparsely than in your typical medical show, and the plots tend to stick to relationship and character issues.

    Speaking of the characters, they're a ton of fun to watch onscreen. Their chemistry is pretty good, and I can't really think of a character that annoys me, which is always a good thing.

    All in all, this is a great first effort, and I'm definitely looking forward to round two. The show manages to keep 75% or more of Desperate Housewive's audience, even at a 10 o'clock time slot, so it's definitely going to be around for a while.
  • "Grey's Anatomy" is a funny, sexual look into the lives of medical interns.

    I love "Grey's Anatomy." I was watching "DH" one night, and just stuck around for "GA" cause I was interested. I was not dissapointed. "GA" is humorous and sexual, and takes you into the world of medical interns. And although you may not think it, "GA" is also very shocking, with great twists that you don't even see coming! The acting and writing is very good; very original. "GA" is worth a look to anyone and everyone...I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It is an awesome show; ABC has really got another hit like "DH" on their hands. Way to go, ABC!
  • Fun. Sexy. Real.

    Grey's Anatomy is one of the best new shows of the year. Now I love hospital dramas, but Grey's Anantomy stands out from the crowd. This show isn't about the hospital and its happenings, its about the lives of the surgical interns. The show has a superb casts including the sexy Patrick Dempsey. The character's story lines are fabulous. The show had a great first season, but the second season looks even more promising.
  • Well written, well acted with multi-faceted characters... what more could I want?

    Well written, well acted with multi-faceted characters... what more could I want?

    I watched the first episode not knowing exactly what to expect. I'd watched other shows with lots of hype that I turned off before the first commercial break. Grey's Anatomy got my attention and kept it. The entire season kept up the pace. I can hardly wait for the new season to begin. The characters have depth and the viewer can really get to know them. Instead of concentration solely on the relationships (both sexual and work) to drive the show, actual medical cases are included in each episode so something actually HAPPENS! I'll definitely be tuning in again.
  • Greys Anatomy one of the better doc related dramas.

    Granted ER was the greatest under George Clooney left, then there was just no reason to continue watching. But I was so happy when I found Greys Anatomy. I mean its actually really really good, great plot, great actors just all around great!!
    And is the doc hot or what!~!
  • Finally a new drama worth watching that is not based on "reality TV" - imagine that?

    Greys Anatomy is one of the better shows on television during this "reality" saturated era.

    The show has interesting characters with good plot development. This drama tends to follow a true-life pattern of the "you win some and you lose some theory" which is refreshing also. It mirrors an Ally McBeal meets ER style which makes it a more light-hearted program.

    Though this show will most likely not become the next "ER", it will have legs for the next few years, and offers a new spin on the traditional medical drama. I highly recommend tuning in while it lasts.
  • Grey's Anatomy is a show that focuses on the lives of five hospital interns trying to become doctors. The show focuses on their competition against each other, their inter-hospital romances, and the everyday dramas that they have to face.

    Grey's Anatomy is very well written. All of the characters are in depth and fun to watch. The interns are constantly getting themselves into tangled situations that are a fan's guilty pleasure to watch. The show contains what most fans want: sex, drama, and humor. This plus the added bonus of doctors trying to figure out what's wrong with their patients makes Grey's Anatomy a show that's worthwhile to watch.
  • Wonderful Show!

    I was never much of an ER or Chicago Hope fan but after seeing the promos for this show...I watched it when the first season began. I was instantly HOOKED. The show has a great cast, great storylines & witty humor! I like all of the characters, especially Dr. Shepherd. :)

    I am glad that the show was picked up for another season, it's definately worth watching each week & couldn't be in a better time slot (right after Desperate Housewives!) I can't wait for season two. Tune in and check out out this fall - you won't be sorry!
  • I am really liking this show.

    I am so glad I've gotten the chance to see this show. I didn't start watching it until the summer reruns, but I am so happy that I did. I love Patrick Dempsy, and he is so good as Dr. Shepherd. I hope this show doesn't become like ER with its revolving door and outlandish medical problems. I love that they not only focus on the medical situations, but also the way the doctors are affected, and their relationships with each other.

    Now if they would just change the opening. It sucks.
  • xxx

    Sex, Lies, and...Surgery? Weird combination, but when combined with the outrageous funny and dramatic plot, the cutting edge cast, and all the suspenseful medical mishmash Grey's Anatomy is nothing short should I put this?...freakin' cool! Resident surgeons who elevators, walk around in their underwear, and still find time to unravel the latest medical mystery? I call that a must see show.
  • Give me a break...

    Ok, this show is like a Scrubs-ER hybrid; and guess what? It just doest not work, I would rather watch ER any day of the week, even in its last seasons! This show is just not worthy of that time slot, if the show were in another time slot it would have sunk! You want to see doctors in drama... Watch ER; You want to see doctors in comedy... Watch Scrubs, as simple as that, and if you are not sleeping well, turn on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, I assure you, you will be snoring in five minutes. Guaranteed!

  • I love this show as well. It is a great show to watch after watching Desparate Housewives. I love that they have 2 good shows back to back. It is great. It is cool how they have this show on here it is awesome.

    I give this show a 10 out of 10 as well. I love watching it after Desparate Housewives because I don't know I guess because it is great to watch "interns" trying to do the doctor's job. It is a great show and I love watching it. I Love it.
  • Trash tv at its worst.

    This is trash tv at its worst. When the very first episode begins with the main character introducing herself to the man she just spent the night with, it\'s pretty clear that this is not going to be a family show. The title is somewhat clever, but a more suitable title would be Dr. Slut. This show makes Desperate Housewives look like Masterpiece Theater, its characters obsessed with sex to the point that many of the conversations are unrealistic even by the standards of soft-core porn, which this show closely approximates. Another WC show (that is, I\'d rather watch the Weather Channel than this garbage).
  • Great show. Really enjoy the interaction between the characters. Where ER is more action, this one focus is character interaction. Tune in and enjoy.

    Grey\'s Anatomy shows that doctors do have feelings. Most of the action surrounds a group of new interns who must learn to work and live together. The interaction of this group provides many a comic and serious moment. The struggle of the interns to influence the staff doctors in giving one or the other a chance to be in on an operation or procedure provides great interaction.

    This show provides a different look into the medical field and does so in an entertaining, but serious way.
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