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  • Very disappointed...........


    Murdering an unborn child, really ???? I am so sick of PC junk being shoved down my throat, it was bad enough watching 2 women smooch in bed. Used to be one of my favorite shows, as soon as the baby was killed that ended it for me, was that really a necessary story line ????..Very sad to see where we are headed as a country...............

  • BOYCOTT Greys Anatomy!!


    Seriously!! Murder an unborn baby for ratings! ABC should be ashamed. Show went from a 10 to negative 2. Everyone with any ethics should just boycott the show. They crossed the line. Stop talking about it and just turn it off and send a message to the sponsors...

  • A Complete Waste of Time and a disgrace to drama and hospital shows

    I gave this show multiple chances and it is just one of the worst things I have ever seen. All I saw was sex sex sex, what is this supposed to be. Another thing is they steal everything from ER, M*A*S*H, and other hospital shows. Would it kill the writers to be original for once. Take out some of the sex and come up with some good storylines, and then I'll give it a better review. Until then If you want to lose an hour of your life then Greys Anatomy is the show for you. If you like good hospital shows then watch ER, Scrubs, M*A*S*H, St. Elsewhere, or any other hospital show other than this one
  • Dr. Torres relieved that the arm circulation was restored and said Thank god.

    Love it but did not appreciate that the script included the subtitle "Thank god" NO CAP on GOD...... what is that all about? God is a name, since when do we not capitalize names? It stuck out to me more than the scene itself. Who does that? Whose decision is it to not capitalize the name of God? I never understood why someone takes the time to write God into a script as a slang term associated with the word damn and now you use His name appropriately as if giving thanks for an operation well done and don't bother to refer to Him as a person but more like a thing.
  • dragging

    i dont think that its a good idea for a show to get dragged down 8 seasons i think that a show shouldn't extend anymore then 2 or 3 seasons because then it would just become a drag and ruin the show and pretty take the montemum of the show. its better to just end the show with the montemum still involved. but this show has became pretty much became a drag.
  • Time to cancel this show that used to be soooo good!


    Like with Desperate Housewives, the show has reached an expiration date. I was a die hard fan of Greys Anatomy the first 3 seasons, and then gradually lost interest episode by episode. The new characters are not very good. The people who were there from the beginning is losing their touch and becoming more and more unrootable, spoiled and whiney. At this point the only character that still feels fresh and maturing is Callie. Even Cristina has lost her spark, which is unforgivable by the writers. And don't get me started on Meredith. She just gets more childrish and unbareable by the season. And what has happened to Dr. Bailey?
    Greys should do a Desperate Housewives and call it quits while still having some dignity left.

  • This show sucks eggs. XP Sinky egg old eggs. hate hate hate oh did I metion that I hate this show. XD ps I would've gave it a zero, but this will do. XDDD

    It sucks eggs I sinks I don't even now how people like this show it makes no sense it's totally fake really I saw my mom after she got her glad bladder out and she wasn't happy or cheeper even the next day she wasn't! It sucks It sucks and it sucks I hate it soooooooooo much! Why do they even have it on t.v? Serious guys it's fake unbelivable fake I wish for it to just burn and go away back were it belongs XD Which is no where. XDDDD It sinks, it sucks what more can I say? execpt that it sucks eggs. XDDD
  • It's kind of a joke...

    most of the female characters are lesbians on this most of the male characters should be gay. I watched the grand finale and the way they paced it I thought I was going to end 15 minutes before it did. The show was like an ending that never ended. Interesting dramatic motif-I wonder what they call it. Bad TV probably. Maybe they could try and do more gross stuff in a next episode like someone who caries their head into the ER and complains of feeling funny. Or not.
  • a racial show ?

    This was great

    it used to be about Meredith Grey and her band

    i loved it

    now he has become an Afro-american centric show

    is Shonda Rhimes obsessed with enforcing black cast in Grey's Anatomy ?

    i have nothing about that as long as the story is good, but it's longer the case

    ER was a real melting pot and much more interesting
  • Probably I will stop watching.

    I'm tired of this show, i'll probably stop watching it, specially if they let Izzie live. I'm completely tired of her character and the fact that everything is always about her. They always put her in the center of attentions.
    Regarding the finale, I don't know why everybody was so surprised that the bus victim was George, it became quite obvious after a while. It has been done before on other shows. Besides, if TR is leaving the show, they could simply send him to Iraq, they didn't have to kill him. They're trying to make the show so dramatic, that it's becoming ridiculous and boring.
    I loved the wedding thing between Meredith and McDreamy, i think it had everything to do with their personalities. I know most people didn't like it, but i'm not in favor of the whole official and traditional ceremony, it doesn't suit them.
    (I'm sorry for any writing errors but english is not my first language).
  • It\\\'s a stupid show all the doctors do is boink each other in every episode!!! Rather watch DH.

    It\\\'s a stupid show all the doctors do is boink each other in every episode!!! Rather watch DH. the cases seem cool but people only watch the show to watch doctors hook up. this is the only reason the show is popular. Don\\\'t waiste your time. watch something better. ok? Desperate housewives is getting waay better watch that instead. p.S. i hate meredith grey she\\\'s such a ska*k. she hooks up everyone and all the male doctors love her. she is not pretty and i don\\\'t get waht people see in her. Christina is annoying too.
  • Grey's Gone Down Hill...

    What was amazing the first two seasons has crashed and burnt. So sad, did the writers change? What happened?
    That being said: I met Patrick Dempsey and didn't recognize him, for the rest of the day, I got brushed off lol Not too impressive. I've met a lot of celebs and he really doesn't have it in person. He is much better looking in person though. As for his character in the show. He now gets the title " MC Dusty"
    While ABC is canceling shows like Men in Trees and Dirty Sexy Money, what's the deal!?
    I'd like to be a fly on the wall and hear the inside conversations over at ABC, What could possibly be the method to their madness?
    Right when they had regained my respect?
  • This is the most boring, slow moving, uninteresting show I've seen in years.

    I'm probably in the minority here, but I remember the earlier versions of this show when it was called "Trapper John, M.D.," St. Elsewhere" and "ER."

    This is nothing more than a bunch of priviledged interns whining about how their lives are, despite there being little reprocussions to their actions. This is so boring that Ellen Pompeo's character seems about to fall asleep at any second.

    The acting is drab; Ellen might be a decent actress, but her whole attempt at playing the beginner doctor-responsible domestic-protector of mother-screwing a collegue is just too identical attempt at Maura Tienery's "ER" counterpart (a blantant copy of Maura if I ever saw one). Sure, Patrick Dempsey may be everyone's Dr. McDreamy, but in here, he's nothing more than a poor man's George Clooney. Katherine Heigl is ackwardly annoying (as usual). The supporting characters - not worth mentioning here - couldn't hold the White Shadow's jock strap.

    One is best to skip this highly overrated Sunday disaster, wait for Tuesday, and tune into "House."

    everyone, i want you to read this and spread to everywhere so she (rimes) can read or heard this message.

    I watched grey's anatomy from season 1 to season 7.

    season 1-3 were perfect, so perfect but from season 5 to 7 is bad!!

    so, read this! (sorry if my eng is bad)

    1. I would like cristina's character is fixed. she's too absorbed to work and aborted second child. it make me want to choke her neck.

    2. what?? one by one character dies. and now? lexie? she doesn't need to die. she just quiet her job at hospital. die? it will make viewers mad.

    3. i don't like their twisty and dark. i like it at first. but they make it worse.. more worse..

    4. shonda rimes, i want you to think first before write a storyline. dont make a new relationship anymore like owen and cristina, derek and sheperd. dark and twisty.. hell

    5. i like owen and cristina, they're best couple i've ever seen. and when i watch cristina's line "I made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy". it make me shocked. thanks to you or writer, their relationship will be more dark, twisty. make me stress again. again.

    6. I just finish watch season 7. it full of anger, hatred, sickener... I can't stop watch grey's anatomy because I'm so mad that I want to see the story and the relationship. it make me stress!

    7. btw, MUSICAL EPISODE!? it doesn't fit at all. don't suit at all. i want to vomit.

    8. meredith's character is okay. although her character is worse, but it doesn't make me mad. but CRISTINA, when she will realize about her work? she thinks she's very good.. bla bla bla cardio..

    9. i think i know why their ratings dropped. yeah, fuck them.

    MY POINT IS I want you end this series. I want season 10 or 11 is last with happy ending. because you make it more bad. btw they are look like grandma and grandpa.

    ... sorry, i want to share my opinions. that's it. but i want season 1 to season3 where it doesn't have the most dark and the most twisty.


    i love owen and cristina, derek and meredith, lexie and mark (end because lexie is dead). dont you dare change their relationship.

    thanks, mind my english. just read it and understand it, please. thanks. MAD! I'M MAD!
  • what happened to the season?

    I am incredibly disappointed w/grey's anatomy this season, they can't seem to be able to choose rerun vs new episode!! haven't seen a new episode since the really great "what if". what the heck is going on? I so look forward to that program every Thurs. and have been so disappointed. BRING BACK MY GREY'S ANATOMY PPLLLLEEEZZZZZZZ....and get rid of that stupid "little grey" - yuk
  • Tripe.

    I have to admit from the get-go that I have difficulty watching medical shows because, being in the business, they (any and all of them) never get it right. And I suppose in reality they shouldn't even try.
    But this is a horrible representation of even a fantasy medical world. It has been my experience that most nurses and/or doctors have neither the time nor the inclination to be screwing each other in the linen room. These "professionals" on the other hand, apparently find that medicine is interfering with their lives...
    It is also beyond a stretch to have these doctors jumping disciplines all over the place to accommodate a story line and satisfy some dramatic component that best shows off their hairdo. I doesn't happen. Thats why specialists are specialists and put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into becoming one.
    I don't mind artistic license, but I do mind that a show calls itself medical and apparently forgot to budget for medical advisors. Poor form.
  • Dear Sirs: This is about your last episode. It stunk. See below.



    After your last episode, you have sunk to a new low. I am not too much against an occasional sex scene, although I think that sex outside of marriage is wrong. But your last show was below the belt.

    The bit with the young man and Meredith was nauseous. Also, most of the program was given to gratuitous sex scenes. Unless you discontinue having these types of episodes, I will tell others not to watch you and I will no longer watch you, because I really like medical shows.


    Jackie Hart

    72 and going strong

  • Just4Pussies

    C'mon.... it's like an headache... everytime!
  • Ugh Christina!!

    Seriously, she has gotten pregnant TWICE!! And wanted to abort the first time too. What the heck!! Isn't she a doctor? Why didn't she tie her tubes. I am getting so sick of this story line of Christina and Owen....
  • Out of character

    I can't believe what they are doing with Derek. He would never act like that. Screaming at Meredith and swinging this bat like a psycho. I gotta admit that I am amazed with his aiming. After drinking 10 beers? Man, I wouldn't hit it if I was sober like a little piggy. Although I don't love Izzie's storyline, I have to admit that was the thing that made me watch this episode from the beginning to the end. I didn't like her screaming at interns when they asked about reward. And aren't they like little kiddies in the woods not realizing that it's Izzie they are diagnosing.
  • Just let Izzie come back!

    Her return could totally make sense and it more people would start watching the show again.
  • it used to be good but now ive stopped watching

    i watched this show from season one and used to be in love. now i cant even stand to watch it because it became so terrible. the izzie storyline was too dragged out and the ghost sex was just plain rediculous. the story between callie and han was annoying too (dont get me wrong im all for gay rights but i find it hard to believe that a woman would not know what another woman wants in bed). after they decided to drag out the "will izzie die" story to next season i decided that i will no longer watch. this show did not just go downhill it jumped off a cliff and hit the bottom... hard.
  • writers need to step it up!

    come on people! write something worth watching!!
  • Christina proudly practices insubordination, Derek has a massive hissy fit, Alex likes "guys," and Meredith becomes yet more unimportant as her winy supporting characters awkwardly throw themselves at the camera.

    Firstly, what is with Bailey's flashy new hair style? What's with the Alex/Meredith my-guy/your-guy stupidness? It is utterly out of character, and Alex had a role in the storyline solely because he banged Addison a few seasons back - but that doesn't mean he should randomly be her lapdog. I found it disturbed that Derek's patient was ALWAYS wearing make-up, whether or not she was in surgery. Her husbands remark of "save her, we can always make another baby," was strangely undeliberated, insensitive, unhesitant, and lacked any of the character development that would require such an opinion/commitment. Addison's trigger-happy "Dammit, I have to remove the baby!" was redundant, the childish yelling, and Derek's hissy-fit was all just very, very odd. Christina's rude, strange, know-it-all storyline was random, as was the old surgeon (her strange shrieking), and their demands that she retire (especially Owen's. Seriously, it was all just too random and forward of them).
    I'm sorry peoples, but this episode was weak. I personally thought it looked frighteningly like Private Practice.
  • I do not have really any words for this show?

    I really think this show should end. It does not make any sense. And It makes the people in the medical profession look really bad. I am nurse and it makes me really upset when I watch this show. It was really hard to get 100 words to review this. I think it was one of the worst shows I have ever sat through. Besides the Office. I just think this programming is going from bad to worse. It is better background sound when you are going to sleep. I hope these writers know the people who is watching these shows are older than 25.
  • I miss the good old Grey's Anatomy

    I have quickly gotten bored with this show. I was FAITHFUL in tuning in every single week and had my box of tissues right next to me. I have just never ben able to stomach Merideth, watching her storyline alone became exhausting and repetative. After the season with the hospital shooting, it just fell off after that. Then after Merideth and Derrick adopted a black baby, I had enough. I am tired of shows depicting what other celebs are doing or trying to keep ratings by going with a trend. It ruined it for me that my beloved George and Izzy are gone, which I still think was the producers bigest mistake letting them go. Hopefully I will regain interest soon, I am hearing good things.
  • My creative position on who should go, oh and another storyline!!!

    I would like to see Mark Sloan be the one to go. As well as Karev...I've had enough of him playing the same character and never growing as a person...and Owen..well that was probably the worst casting decision the show ever made...he has never brought anything to the show and never will, plus it's time Christina has time on her own & if a new relationship begins for her it's one of equal respect..she has never had luck when it comes to men. Also, I think they have a lot of room to move on Arizona & Callie's relationship, not to break them up in the end...but for Arizona to have a new interest in her that makes her emotionally examine all that Callie put her through & decide for her and to put it all in question if Callie is the right person or did she compromise Arizona's life's and personal desires.
  • If it were funny, and had better actors and writing, it could be Scrubs. Instead, it is just a 3 years late, dramatic version of Scrubs.

    When I saw previews for this, I was appaled. I saw exactly what watching the first few episodes confirmed. If you took scrubs and removed the humor, you would have a drama called Grey's Anatomy.

    Sadly, it was even worse than I had predicted. The cast is laughable, and the writing is so bad it is kinda funny. The plot is terrible, the setting is overused, and really, the timing couldn't be worse.

    Trying to fill a void that ER did for many people, and trying to come in on the success of younger, newer doctors, like Scrubs, and of course trying to be that next medical show that works...with many failed like Medical Investigation, this show is nothing more than a calculated media hitter.

    Sadly it worked in terms of ratings, replacing a far better show in the same timeslot, Boston Legal.

    Don't feed the formula spewing directors and networks. Let them make a nother dozen crappy medical shows, but certainly let this one go with them, it certainly deserves it.
  • Prime Time General Hospital

    This is absolutely one of the worst shows on television today. I seriously cannot see what people see in this show. It has little to do with medicine at all, yet is a "medical drama." And what little medicine it does provide is either inaccurate or far exaggerated. In addition, All it consists of is gratuitous sex and hook ups. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind sex and violence and "language" on television, but Grey's Anatomy uses sex for no reason other than to provide the "OMG, Mcsoandso slept with Nurse Ratched..." factor for one week. Little to provide with character development.

    It's a soap opera, and thats all. It has absolutely no artistic or cutting edge quality. And yet it is highly touted because 14 year old girls and women in midlife crises like it.

    If you seriously want good drama, real and accurate medicine, and three dimensional characters that develop, watch House. If you like crap, watch Grey's Anatomy.
  • Sex crazed doctors on the rampage!

    I watched this show (though Ive never made it thru a full episode without falling asleep) and tried to figure why so many people watch it and find it so appealing. I guess its the sex crazed doctor fantasy that alot of people have. Other than that I just cant see the appeal of this show. My mother used to watch the soap opera General Hospital; maybe Grey is like that? I dunno. I only remember it was on just before "Lost In Space" came on back when I was 10 or so.

    Its like these docs are popping Viagra 24/7 or something. It is sort of like ER: Viagra Central. The characters themselves are just not likable. They all seem overly self absorbed. ER is suffering from the same problem as they are trying to copy Grey. Nowadays there are few ER characters I like, most are jerks that I wouldnt want around if I were in the hospital. Maybe I just watched the worst Grey episodes by random chance? I doubt it. It still ranks high in the ratings so it will be around for years, but then again the same goes for American Idol (way worse than this show).
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