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    Love the show and i am pissed that Lexi is killed off. She was my favorite throughout the season was waiting for her and mark to get together.
  • The Last Straw!

    The actors were good as usual but the writing really sucked. So Meredith is going to unplug him that quick and never call anyone? Not even his sister? Too ridiculous. I'm done! When they killed Derek off I am through watching Grey's Anatomy. Did he make too much money for Shonda or is she just jealous of his fame? Not good anymore. Not like the early episodes with ALL the original cast. Watching it now is like watching a sequel with none or one of the original cast. I guess getting all the new cast members saves them a little money. It won't pay off in the end Shonda and I think the end is getting near.
  • I just absolubtly love this show grey's anatomy. It's witty it's funny it's everything that i look for in a show that I want to watch.

    I just absolubtly love this show grey's anatomy. It's witty it's funny it's everything that i look for in a show that I want to watch. Everything else out there is so much like other shows of the past this show is one that is so different from the rest....
  • awesome!

    I always liked medical shows.I was obsesed with house and i thought a medical series couldn't be better.Well,i was wrong.I started watching Grey's Anatomy just a few weeks ago.It is my new best friend.Now i am in the middle of the second season and i am very happy i started watching it.A frien got me into it and i am grateful.It is not all about medical stuff.It shows the characters personal lifes and feelings.I also love the way it combines drama with comedy.Sad moments are very intense and funny moments are very ...funny.It is very real unlike House where they always save the patients.How would i classify this Show? Absoludely Fabulous!
  • Greys anatomy isn't your mommas soap opera!

    Derek is killed off! Don't tell me for 10 years I have been watching a soap opera? After 10 years I find that killing off Derek was ridiculous and amateurish. A soap opera move when a writer can't write anymore. I'm done with this show and will not watch the end of the season,
  • enough is enough...

    done!!!it started out like a really good really loved she started killing or cutting off george, izzie, mark and lexie, cristina, now i'm herself? it would have been a better idea to stop the show years ago...
  • Greys anatomy is OVER without Mcdreamy!

    I have watched this show for many years. Greys anatomy has been my favorite show throughout all these years. I am beyond disappointed that they got rid of Derek. This show will never be the same without him. I am not going to watch it anymore. I was very sad when they got rid of Lexie and now Derek?!!!! :((((( Who is going to replace such a charming, handsome, loving and simply amazing character?! Are they going to have Mer fall in love with someone else?! Mcdreamy can NOT be replaced!
  • This is a very good show, with so many talented actors. It should last forever or as long as the best ones do.

    I love this show. Everyone on it is a remarkable actor/actress. But I must admit, I tuned in from the start for one particular actor, and that would be Dr. Mcdreamy! He is so easy on the eyes and I enjoy the character he brings to the show. I am also glad one such character was written off, no name mentioned here. But the rest of the cast is amazing, and they need to be very proud of the work they do. They have a very well written and produced show, that should go on for an indefinite period. Good Luck
  • Is Grey's going down the tubes?

    This show has been at the top of my list for a long time. I have followed it since the middle of season one I believe. The first episode that I saw was the one where the paramedic put her hands into a mans stomach cavity to hold his insides in and there happened to be a bomb inside of him that had not exploded. I was on the edge of my seat, captivated by this show, in fact this is one of the reasons I had to get DVR so I would never miss an episode again. However since Addison left to Private practice the show has gone down hill and now this season premiere that was below average even for a regular episode. I am worried that Greys is going to fall on the charts this season. I use to love Meredith and now she is becoming annoying, depressing and repetitive. They need to let Denny go and stop all of these stupid dreams and out of body experiences. They are cheesy. Please I am begging you to step it up and not let this show crash and burn.
  • i dont think so!

    Grey and Derek was the reason I was watching the show. The love affair and drama. Yes I do agree that some of the characters that went off was unfair and stupid put they could be replaced not Derek. When I saw Derek lying in bed talking to Grey I was relieved but then it was just a wishful thinking. Why kill off a main character but now I think it's time for the show to end. It will not be the same without the true love story. The others was just there to make a story but Grey and Derek was nice to follow.
  • boring

    10X4 was absolutely boring and meaningless! It is getting worse and .
  • Season 10 thus far

    Wow this season is so boring. Grey used to be my weekly treat now it's my weekly chore. I think the main problem is that the old characters are quite settled and boring and the new batch of interns is just lame and lack lustre. 10 is a nice round number to end things on please Shonda take a hint
  • My New Love

    I discovered Grey's Anatomy was included with my Amazon Instant Prime account on September 1st and immediately started watching the first season. I was instantly hooked. It wasn't long before I realized that season 10 premiered on September 26th, so I had about three weeks to get all caught up so I could watch the new episodes live. I literally watched the first nine seasons in two weeks. It's now my new favorite show.

    I was instantly captivated by Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). Their chemistry is what sucked me in and is a huge role in this show. As long as they're on the show, I will continue to watch. I've also grown attached to the other characters, because Grey's Anatomy has a beautiful cast.

    I'm not a huge fan of some of the new residents, like Shane and Leah, but Stephanie and Jo have started to grow on me. I loved Heather and was sad when she died. Yes, this show has put its characters through the ringer, and it's full of ups and downs. There's no other television that can make me laugh my ass off one moment and cry my eyes out the next. Let's just say, there's a reason that the "Shondaland" logo is a rollercoaster.

    If you don't like it, don't watch it, don't bellyache on the internet. Grey's still has its spark, 10 seasons later.
  • Show of the decade

    I didnt start to watch this show until the beginning of Season 8, and to say I was hooked. I went out straight away and purchased the boxset and wow what a collection. I did wish key charactures would of remained in the show (i.e George) but hell out with the old and in with the new. I know shows run their course but i do hope its has a few more seasons under its belt.
  • Meredith Grey and other interns trying to become doctors.

    I absolutely love this show! I just started watching it, i know im a little late ( : But atleast I am watching it. The drama is great with the surgeries they have to do, it has really funny comedy in each episode, and the relationships between the characters are really great! I love derek and meredith together they are soo cute!!!! I hope that they stay together now, through all their ups and downs they are still perfect for each other with their amazing chemistry. The whole cast is great working together to give us a great show. I can't wait for more!
  • One great show with a fine balance of medical and personal dramas

    I have loved Grey's Anatomy since episode 1 and although I enjoyed the first 3 seasons the most, it still continues to develop lots of drama, both medical and personal. The cast of characters is fantastic and many of the stories have been highly imaginative, even now during its fifth season.

    We have seen the interns from season 1 develop into Residents at Seattle Grace and the senior staff have moved along in their lives too, especially Miranda Bailey who is one of my favourite characters.

    I don't know how much longer this series will continue but it is still up there as one of my absolute favourites.
  • Not ready to say goodbye to Derek!!

    No, no, no!! This is just to sad!! They should have kept Derek on the show!!
  • No derek

    No Derek in this new season 12, I rather watching the previous season 1 to be 10
  • Derek leaving was a huge mistake!

    The characters are just there for a paycheck, sorry but I will no longer watch this show!
  • Season 12 will not be on at my house....

    Many people watched this show because of Patrick Dempsey. He is the one that made Meridith somewhat noticeable and brought her up as an actor. Without him, I find her very hard to watch, not to mention annoying. I really tried to like her in the beginning but it just never happened. In fact, I stopped watching when it first premiered because of it. It wasn't until the 11th season that my husband I decided to give it another shot on Netflix. While I ended up liking it, Derek, Sloan and Christina were the reason why. Once Sloan died and Christina left, my interest started fading. Now that Derek is gone, I see no other reason why I should continue into the next season.
  • boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Derek being killed off has ruined the show, along with Christina. no one is interested it it anymore. Sad it was a good show.
  • This show is amazing!

    It's one of the best shows I have ever watched, I love the humor, the excitement and the love. It's truly talented writers, that's for sure!
    The actors are amazing too, they make the characters so believable. You just love all the characters! Except April, she really bugs me... The personal stories is absolutely fantastic too. Everybody has or will get their own personal story, just like Lexie, Meredith and their father, or like Teddy and her "fake" husband. I just love them!
    The surgeries are great as well. It's almost always complications, witch make it really exciting to watch!
    Anyway, fantastic show! I really hope that it will continue forever...
  • Been watching this show since it started, and words can not describe how much I love it and the characters in it. I hope it never ends, keep the great stories coming!


    Yes I know some people are upset about the abortion episode and while I dont really agree with abortion, it is legal and it does happen, the choice of the character was based on that character and what she wanted. And its FICTION, if you are truely upset about it put your anger towards changing its legality in real life and not towards a show that truely is amazing and is showing true aspects of life.

  • The show is better than most

    I love this show but they are getting a little to wrapped up in the doctors than patient medicine. It's supposed to be a medical drama, not a doctor drama. It was better when the show revolved around medical mysteries than a ghost from the beyond?
    I just think they need to move out of the stories of the doctors and move on to more medical mysteries that they were so awesome at. They need to get out of the news and into the writing room. I never hear heros coming out with such offscreen publisity, they kick butt come ratings.
  • George is an official Dr. Izzy and Alex confront their own personal demons. Mer makes a (somewhat laughable) mistake. Cristina is badass. And Bailey makes her own history. Awesome episode.

    Just when I thought that last week's episode was awesome, Shonda rises yet again and gives us "There is No I in Team". The Domino procedure was pretty amazing, and it wouldn't be Grey's without some emotional drama, i.e. a love triangle that had the potential to destroy the Domino Surgeries. From the previews, I was a little worried that, for some reason, our team might actually fail at something, but I'm glad that everything worked out o.k. As always, the last 10 minutes were the best.

    Meredith: Throws a small tantrum over Derek taking the sole credit for their clinical trial. I see her side of it... it was her idea, and he never did thank her for it (except at the end, with the holy grail of surgical gifts). But I'm glad she stood her ground with him and "battled" it out instead of leaving him for a bottle of tequila like she used to. And the fact that she DROPPED a kidney was, I'm sorry, a little hilarious, especially when Bailey yelled "5 second rule!!" Meredith is right, she's not half the surgeon her mother was, but she's just getting started I think.

    Cristina: I love how they almost "hazed" the interns to see who they would give to George. I have a feeling that she's going to warm up to "2" like she did with our Lexipedia. Even when she's being cruel and tough, I still find her amusing. And I CHEERED to myself when I saw Dr McMajor, Owen Hunt, sitting at Joe's. Hello, he's coming to Seattle Grace! She needs her "man"!

    Izzie: She still gets too emotionally attached to her patients, but I don't foresee that changing anytime soon. Obvi she and Alex were paired with the emotionally diverse father-son pairing to work out their issues. I think, when it comes down to the tough stuff though, she can hold her ground with the trailer park girl toughness she has.

    Alex: Even though we got a little insight into what his family life was like when he was little, it would still be interesting to find out a little more. Alex does seem like a good guy, but he's damaged and I don't think we've scratched the surface of what happened. I do think he wants to be a good guy though, and the fact that he manages to YELL some sense into the son shows that he still does care about others... in his own way. It'll be interesting to see, since they've grown since they last tried to hook up, how their potential relationship could play out.

    Bailey: 5 second rule. Berating the residents for saying she didn't get to pick them for interns. Priceless.

    This upholds my theory that my favorite episodes of the seasons tend to be the 4th of the season. (I guess if you count this season's premiere as 2 separates, this debunks it, but I counted it as one.)
  • plain crash

    Why is Lexie dead? :( I was expecting more of their (Sloan) love story. what a sad ending. :( Kudos to Cristina because she always remains strong despite all the bad things that comes into her life. but really, why Lexie?? :(
  • Season 12 ... Yawn

    Pluses for Grey's in the early seasons included some excellent music soundtracks and usually at least one standout episode each season. There were some misfires with casting and storylines but overall Grey's made the right choices.

    That is no longer true. The dialog has become predictable and characters are irritating rather than interesting.

    Season 12 opened with a preachy cartoon character story that did no justice to the issue that it addressed. Time to put this show to sleep.
  • Awful Way to Kill a Good Show

    What the heck was Shonda thinking?!? Last week's episode was my last. Meredith not only pulled the plug on Derek, she also pulled the plug on the show. It isn't worth watching anymore.
  • I am devastated

    At first Christina left left the show, I suck it up, now with Derek I dont think i can, they were my way he left was brutal, they didn't divoted more than episode for him to die and he didn't deserve to live the show that I've never cried in a film or a show but Grey's Anatomy is the only one that makes me cry :'(
  • Good-Bye Shonda!!!!!!

    Grey's MUST END!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope, hope, hope that due to the majority here, that everyone follows through with their words that they do stop watching, hopefully forcing season 12 to come to an end. If Derek isn't coming back ........... the relationship that we ALL pulled for ........ if he is done, fans need to be done. Show killer shonda that she is not all that.
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