Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 7

Rise Up

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2008 on ABC

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  • Grey's continues its run of lacklustre episodes

    So Grey's has not been been able to reach the heights it has scales in previous seasons so far this season but does that change in this ep?
    Sadly the answer is no it does not. Meredith and Derek are still in happy coupleville. The state of Mer and Christina's relationship however, makes the Arctic look warm.They can't even be civil to one another. Sadie takes a break from throwing meaningful glances Carrie's way to remind Mer that she and Sadie were once much closer and that she then pushed her away the same way she pushing Cristina away. Thus the character was given a purpose.Army doctor continues to have as much personality as a dry sponge and his messed up interaction with Cristina lumbers on. Izzie continues in her craziness, though thankfully she's no longer sexing the ghost/vision/illusion (seriously this has to be the worst storyline ever).She does however confide in Alex, which surprise, surprise, he doesn't grasp the gravity of and is actually quite sweet. Personally I think giving him a personality transplant instead of slowly unveiling his softer side is one way Grery's has been a let down this season. George again ceases to serve any purpose. The Chief continues to obsess abot the state of the hospital. Bailey clashes with a new doctor. Really the only high point of the the episode, for me, was the Mark/Callie interaction, which provided the only lighthearted interactions in the ep.
  • A really good episode!! And say goodbye to Erica Hahn.

    Honestly, I really liked this episode. I don't know why people seem to hate it and hate the whole Denny storyline in it. That seems to be my favorite part. I think the last scene with Erica and Callie arguing was A-MAZING. I loved it when Erica says, "You can't kind of think it's okay. You can't kind of side with Izzie.... And you can't kind of be a lesbian."

    That was so powerful in my opinion. I do understand Erica's point of view (only a little bit) but then again what good could possibly come of out reporting Izzie NOW? So that's why I loved Callie in this, when she told Erica, "Yes. I can."

    Also a great scene was in the OR (the second time) when Izzie had to hold Mike's hand and let him cough but then she sees Denny and doesn't know what to do. She's confused and lost and traumatized. Yet, in the face of all that, she helps her patient get through even though she knew that would mean she couldn't see Denny anymore.

    I loved Cristina/Owen here. In the end, where they're in the on-call room and Owen tells her, "I bet you don't even know the patient's name." and how he says that she IS a brilliant surgeon but if she's doing it for the rewards and as a competition, then she shouldn't be doing it at all. And then Cristina says, in the slowest way possible, "The patient's name is Tom." Sweet!!

    Another great installment from Grey's. This is really one of the most amazing seasons ever.
  • Meet Stan the Dummy. Denny comes back.

    The Chief introduces the residents and interns to Stan the surgical dummy, whom they can practice procedures on and never kill. O'Malley and Kerev are the first to get to use him, but George is the only one that works on Stan much to the Chief's delight. The interns practices procedures on each other. Izzy is chosen to work with Hahn and her patient Mike, who just happens to be the man that would have gotten the heart that Izzy stole for Denny. While in the room with Mike she sees Denny. Sloan starts flirting with Yang, because Derek asked him to, but unfortanately she doesn't even notice. When Hahn finds out that Izzy stole Mike's heart, she wants her reported but the Chief says it has already been dealt with. Calle tells Hahn to drop it and they get in a fight with Hahn storming off.
  • Izzie seeing Denny actually worked in this episode...everything else flowed too.

    So this is probably one of two episodes in which Izzie seeing Denny actually works...throughout the episode you could feel for Izzie and what pain that would have been brought back from that time. It was very well done and acted. Liked how it was ever a bit funny with Izzie asking people whether they had ever seen ghosts...Hahn was pretty harsh and Stevens. But I won't dismiss her anger, that was fair if not maybe slightly stupid.

    I hated how she treated Callie at the end...just because Callie was saying the 'wrong' things her eyes means she doesn't know her? How unfair is that, good riddance Erica. I liked the Hunt/Yang conversation about the latter's father...he realised that she wasn't just a cold person. Sloan hitting on Cristina was really funny as was Lexie and the dead bodies, plus George and the medical robot.

    The end was good...Izzie though Denny had gone but then he spoke to you 'Are you sure you're okay?'. Sadly this all gets too soppy and stupid soon...we'll see what opinion I'll have on the 2nd viewing.
  • The best episode so far this season.

    I haven't seen an episode so good in while. I'm starting to think that Denny Douqette related episodes are the most interesting of the show. Not only the whole plot around Hahn's patient, but everything else was brilliant. George and the robot, Lexie and the residents, Bailey and the old couple... Amazing. Sloan flirting with Cristina was hilarious! And Cristina's "I see dead people" is probably my favourite line of the entire show!

    But what really made me write this review is Callie Torres. Her last scene with Erica was her best in the show. I mean, the way she was on Izzie's side after all shows just how much of a good person she is. It was generous and unselfish and her character has just gotten a big plus in my book.
  • Best episode of the season, BUT...

    First off, I think I need to address the people who want to see the show go "back to the way it was". These are likely the same people who would complain about the show never going anywhere had it kept on being "the way it was"; there's usually a good deal of people who would dislike a show irregardless after two seasons (look at the boards for other shows, and you'll see this is true). The reality is that shows need to move forward, or else they'll become stale. I don't have a problem with a show moving forward, but I did feel that the plots were getting progressively weaker, more cliche, and just plain weirder and, as I can't find a more apt word to describe it, more dumb (Meredith dying and Christina getting impaled with the icicle are two things that spring to mind). I still watched the show, but didn't really care if I missed it or not. With the exception of the season premiere, however, this season has brought me back with a less obsessive focus on the Meredith / Derek relationship and much better writing than the past two seasons.

    I felt this episode was the best of the young season so far with one exception that I'll talk about later. Just about everything about it was interesting and engrossing, from the tragic story about the elderly couple to Izzie having to finally face up to not only Dr. Hahn, but the patient that she stole the heart from way back at the end of the second season. The intermittent bits of humor were well thought out and funny, especially Derek's jealousy over Meredith and Christina. Overall, it was just a great episode, the quality of which I haven't seen since Season 2.

    This would be well and good if I didn't have other thoughts. BUT (and this is a small but, but could get bigger) Denny shows up from the dead and starts talking to Izzie. While watching the episode, it was a minor annoyance, but not a big deal. It seemed ok since she was dealing with her guilt, so it would be natural for her to think of him. I wouldn't have mentioned it had he not shown up in LAST night's episode (11/13) as well and become a major plot element.

    I'm just hoping the writers won't indulge their penchant for weirdness, but from the looks of the previews, Izzie even has sex with the ghost of Denny somehow. Ugh. The positive thing is that I'm really enjoying everything else going on in the show right now, so I can ignore this subplot until it goes away.
  • A patient comes into the hospital with an odd connection to Izzie and her former fiancee Denny. Meanwhile Dr. Hunt begins to evaluate the residents and attendings at the bequest of the Chief, but what he finds troubles him. George encounters a robot.

    This week the residents of seattle Grace were entered into a contest to win their first solo surgery, and the claws came out, with the exception of Meredith. Cristina had her game face on, Alex used the interns for help and George battled a test subject robot that had it in for him. Izzy was plagued with the patient whose heart she stole in season 2 when she cut Denny's L-wire, who as we all remember was Dr. Hahn's patient. What I found interesting was that Denny died in 2006, at the end of the shows second season and in 2007, marked the end of their Intern year the end of the third season. So the fourth season could not have lapsed that much time, there was like a three week vacation between the season three finale and the season four premiere. What I figure is that in order for George to take his exam again less than two months had to have passed and we are now about six weeks in since the premiere, in which it was snowing, now Denny also died the night of the prom, which had to be in like April or May, so I figure season three ended in August or September, and it is now like December in the twisted Grey's timeline, so exactly how long has Denny been dead?

    If this gave you a headache I apologize, but it had me confused when Meredith read the patient (Tom Verica a.k.a Mr Pryor, and Grace's ex Danny) was supposed to get a heart two years ago. So to borrow a cliched time travel question, When exactly are we?

    That being said, the George story line reminded me why he is my favorite, he doesn't complain much and just takes his licks and keeps on going. When I found out that there was a wizard of Oz thing going on, I was cracking up, but then went Dr. Hunt started speaking to it, I nearly died seeing George's reaction.

    The whole this was the patient that Izzy basically almost killed, although if I remember it was Denny's heart by like 0.1 seconds, was really well written and inspiring for our favorite blonde resident. The whole seeing Denny walking around haunting the hospital was so creepy, glad that in the end she saw Alex in his place.

    Sloan is getting to be more and more underutilized, this week he was trying to pick up Cristina for Derek's sake. He is much better character than that, though it was funny.

    I really liking Dr. Hunt, his speech about respect was exactly what this hospital staff needed, and it was about time that he lashed out. I just worry that the speech from Cristina will turn him to the side of pure craziness.

    So this was the last we will see of Dr. Hahn, she walks to her car after the whole I am going to report this hospital, you can't be just half a lesbian speech to Callie. Brooke smith's firing has been all anyone can talk about this week, and i am a little disappointed, I mean Dr. Hahn was getting a little weird with her leave seeing, lesbian sex. Yet, I feel that she was going to be a pivotal character this season ever since the chief demanded that the staff become better teachers, and she was trying to so hard. She will be missed by me, but who knows maybe she will return one day.

    This was a great episode for sweeps, bringing back one of the most beloved story lines, and actors this show has had, I say well done to the writers, for not making it as freaky as the one where Meredith died and saw Denny.
  • Death is the theme. A surgical training doll is introduced, Denny haunts the hallways and the residents compete over a solo surgery.

    This episode is mainly about death.

    George tries to handle the training doll 'Stan', he's really entertaining and neurotic trying to keep it from "dying".
    (Stan is bleeding)
    George: Come on!
    Stan: I cannot help it. I'm dying.
    George: I'm applying pressure!
    Stan: There must be something you're forgetting.
    (Stan starts bleeding more)
    George: No, for crying out loud!
    Stan: I'm surprised you even passed your intern exam.
    George: Oh my God!

    Derek is annoyed that Cristina is hogging Meredith, they're always talking on the phone in the middle of the night, keeping him from sleeping.
    So, in an effort to improve the situation, Derek asks Sloan to start sleeping with Cristina. Sloan tries to flirt with and seduce her, but she completely shuts him down.
    Sloan: Yang, what is wrong with you?
    Cristina: Sir?
    Sloan: I've had women up for needless elective buttock enhancement surgery just for another chance to be flirted with by me. So what's your deal?
    Cristina: I have no idea what you're talking about.
    Sloan: I've been hitting on you all day!
    (Cristina starts laughing)
    Cristina: Oh, I... Really? Oh, excuse me...
    (She walks away laughing)

    Then there was the whole Izzie/Denny/cut L-vad wire/Erica Hahn thing.
    The patient that Izzie stole Denny's heart from 3 seasons ago, shows up at the hospital in need of painful procedures. Of course, it's Izzie's fault that he's there, which Hahn is quick to point out. As some of you may remember, Hahn was in the season 2 finale, as she was (and is) the patient's doctor.
    Hahn is furious that Izzie is still working at Seattle Grace, and bursts into the chief's office raging about it. Great acting.

    Bailey and Derek were assigned to an old couple. The woman is really sick and eventually dies. The husband is completely broken up about it, and refuses to let her. He starts giving her CPR himself, he can't let her go. Eventually Bailey takes over, but she can't either. So Derek pumps his chest for a little while, and then stops and lets her go.
    Bailey and Derek were both deeply touched by the amount of love they still had for each other, and as they kiss goodbye before her surgery, she says:
    Bailey: That there is the Holy Grail of marriage.

    So in conclusion, a terrific episode!
    This is Brooke Smith's last episode, and I want to give kudos to her for her great acting - not only in this episode, but in all she's been in. Thanks, Brooke!
  • I dont like episodes like this...

    I dont like episodes like this. where there is one awesome storyline and another one that I just hate. I loved the elderly couple storyline. it was so sweet and heartbreaking. it made me cry. and Derek and Bailey were great. he was McDreamy again. I kinda enjoyed Mark, it was amusing but its time they made him more then an emotional punching bag for anyone who needs to solve their problems. George, I dont really care about George. but I liked Lexie - she tries so hard. and then there was the storyline I hoped I never would have to see again. I didnt like Denny from the very start and now I dislike him even more becuase they just insist on bringing him back to screw things up even more. as interesting as it was to see the the heart-stealing storyline coming full circle I dont want to see anymore Denny. I dont want to see Izzie become psychotic again. I dont want to see Alexs sweet side dissapear becuase its not appriciated. I dont want to see repeat of season four. so please let the man rest in peace and finally STOP
  • Beautiful...

    I couldn't ask a better 1-hour of drama. This one had everything in the right proportion- be it the number of medical cases, relationship stuff, comedy, and other elements that bind the story.

    I've really hated Erica from the time she came on the rolls of Seattle Grace. But, even though I am kind of happy that she's out of the show, I really adored her performance this episode. She reminded me of good old times, when Isahiah Washington was the cardio god in SG, and Hahn was his counterpart in Mercy West. Kevin McKidd has delivered a rather strong performance this time around. This really suits his rugged Iraq-returned role. This episode also digs a story from the past. We see Denny Duquette coming back in his ghostly form to haunt Izzy. George has provided the comedy element in this installment. The sub-plot involving the simulator with the chief making good use of it to mock George was short and funny. Sloan hitting on Yang was creepy, nevertheless provided some funny moments.

    A good one hour, that you wont regret spending.
  • this was something I was waiting for

    I enjoyed this episode cause I had been waiting for Denny to be bought up again.. Just as she thinks she's happy. They bought it back and a very wise way because all watchers remember the heart was supposed to go Hahn's patient before we actually knew Hahn so it made sense. I love how she was seeing Denny and the End when he asked was she really oK.I had a tear cause I knew she wasn't.. OMG I hope next episode they expand on it. I hope its not a brain Tumor? I hope she's going crazy or something and alex helps her through to strength the bond but she should be crazy for a couple of episodes
  • Death of a loved one. A perfect theme. Again.

    This episode once again, proved why I love the show. This was the best episode ever - to date. I have really high hopes for the rest of season five after this.

    Izzie sees Denny, and is yet again remined her history. Hahn finds out and all hell breaks lose.

    Yang gets somewhat closer with Hunt, but in a proffesiona way.

    Hahn is furious and wants to report SGH because of the Denny and Izzie situation. She also question her relationship with Callie.

    Izzie and Alex grow closer, and Shepherd tries to fix Yang up with Sloan. Fun stuff. Oh, and George gets tricked by the chief.

    All in all the best Grey's episoder EVER!
  • Denny appears before Izzie during a surgery

    Finally Erica Hahn is gone. I know a lot of people were upset with Brooke Smith's immediate dismissal, but I could not be happier. Just could not get into her character at all and her scenes were always a low point for me.

    This Izzie storyline was a little silly but at least she's getting a a major role on the show. Her acting is superb and we had another powerful scene with her helping the man stay alive during a very difficult surgery with a very difficult backstory.

    I feel bad for Lexie who continually gets shafted and disrespected despite only having the best of intentions. I hope she doesn't head down a bad road something her final scene with the fellow interns may have implied.

    In short another good episode of this program.