Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 7

Rise Up

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2008 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the first parts of the episode, Izzie is wearing a long-sleeved red shirt beneath her hospital clothes, but, in the end, when she is about to change, you can see that she doesn't have it anymore.

    • Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny Duquette) although appearing throughout the entire episode, only says the last five words "Are you sure you're okay?"

  • Quotes

    • Izzie (to Denny): You can't be here. I have to move on. I love you. And I will always love you, but I have to move on. That's why I had that patient today, and that's why I helped save his life today, so that I wouldn't feel guilty anymore. So, I could move on. So, please. You have to go.

    • Meredith: Sloan, seriously? (Cristina and Meredith laugh)
      Cristina: Oh, what, did you think that we'd double date?
      Derek: Look, I'm gonna take my pants off, so unless you wanna stay and see...
      Cristina: Nope. (walks out)
      Meredith: I'll see it later. I'm gonna go downstairs.

    • Bailey: Tell me I am not seeing what I think that I'm seeing. Tell me that I am not seeing a room full of human bodies, half opened, schattered and forgotten about.
      Lexie: They're unclaimed bodies.
      Bailey: Unclaimed? Each one of these people was loved, each one of these people was somebody's somebody. So we are responsible to treat them as such, we claim them and treat them with respect. ... Close them up, cover them up, and put them back where they belong. Now!

    • Mark: Yang. What is wrong with you?
      Cristina: I'm sorry?
      Mark: I've had women opt for needless, buttock implant surgery just for another chance to be flirted with by me. So what's your deal?
      Cristina: I have no idea what you're talking about.
      Mark: I've been hitting on you all day!
      Cristina (laughing): Oh, I- uh... Really? Oh. (gets up, still laughing) Excuse me. (walks off)
      Mark: It was a stupid idea. It wasn't even my idea. It was Shepherd's idea.
      Derek (walks up): Ah, come on.
      Mark: That woman is not a single malt scotch, my friend. She is bad cheap wine that gives you a headache that you can feel in your teeth.

    • Cristina: Why didn't you put in a chest tube?
      Lexie: I- I don't know how.
      Cristina: What do you mean 'you don't know how', I learned that in my first week.
      Lexie: Yes. You learned. You know. But I will never know because you will not only not let me try one, but you-you hog all our robots, and you steal all of our corpses.
      Alex (to Cristina): Dude, I think you broke her. ... Vitals are stable for now. ... Was there this much blood in his urine before?
      Lexie: No ...
      Cristina: He's going to need a bedside-
      Alex: Dibs on that.
      Cristina: No, no, no. That's mine. And his bladder repair is mine too.
      Alex: No, that's mine. We traded.
      Cristina: No, no. We never traded and just to prove you wrong, 3 next time this guy crashes, you get to put in his chest tube.
      Owen (walks in): Get away from that man right now!
      Alex: Uh.. He was crashing so we upped his--
      Owen: Are you deaf, Karev? I said step away from him.
      Alex: I'm just saying that we're saving his life.
      Owen: No what you did was pick over him like vultures. Like a bunch of children fighting for toys. What you did was treat a man who's fighting to live like he's already dead. You have no sense, no decency and no respect!

    • Izzie: Dr. Hahn, I apologize and ask if I can please be let off your service.
      Erica: No. ... If I can convince Mike to have another ablation, you are gonna be there to see him through. To look him in the eye, to help him through the pain that you have caused him. And if he dies, I want you there for that too because you're responsible.

    • (Cristina and Meredith walk in to the basement where Alex is practicing on the cadavars)
      Cristina: I see dead people.
      Alex: Get out.
      Cristina: I need off my Hunt case, so on a one-time only offer, I'm gonna trade you my beaten to a pulp, trauma-plooza patient for no less than uh... three of your cadavars. Pony up.
      Alex: Deal, take three.
      Izzie (walks in): I need to be with people. Preferrably live people, but whatever. Alex, by the way, thank you for bringing me the corpses, it was very sweet.
      Lexie (walks in): Dr. Hunt and Dr. Sloan sre still operating do you think I could try--
      Cristna & Meredith: No.
      Meredith (reading her mom's diary): Alright, so check this out. My dead mommy, just taught me a new way to hold these instruments. If you palm it, you can switch off faster.
      Izzie: When your dead mommy teaches you things, can you ... see her?
      Meredith: No. I'm reading her journals.
      Izzie: Ah. I was kidding. Obviously.
      Meredith: I did see her once, though. And that bomb squad guy. And Denny.
      Izzie: ...T-Today?
      Meredith: No, I was dead at the time.
      Lexie: I still feel my mom with me sometimes.
      Izzie: I gotta get off this case. (walks out)
      Lexie: Could I--
      Alex & Cristina: No.

    • Callie: I'm sorry about before. Everybody's all up in everybody's business around here, y'know?
      Owen: It's better to keep things professional.
      Callie: Yes, because one minute your working with people, and then you're friends with them, and then you're... whatever. And then there's all this pressure to define what you are, like it's so black or white. Like you're this or you're that.
      Owen: You are aware that you're doing it again, right?

    • Izzie: Is Mike okay?
      Meredith: No, the ablation failed and he's refusing to try again. So, Hahn's um... You should go talk to her.
      Izzie: I stole his heart, Meredith. I stole it for Denny, I stole it for myself and now I'm supposed to hold his hand while we torture him? I can't even look at him. It's my fault that he's here. So, anyway, I'm hiding.

    • Erica: How is Stevens still working here? How is Seattle Grace still accreditated? This whole thing goes unreported? It's no wondering this place is number 12. What kinda hospital are you running?
      Richard: Stop right there.
      Erica: I want an ethics review panal assembled. I want Stevens role in this investigated, and Bailey's as well because she was her superior.
      Richard: Slow down, Erica!
      Erica: No. My patient lost a heart over this, Richard! Someone is damn well gonna lose their job!
      Richard: Stop! We're not digging this up. It didn't go unreported. It was reported to me! I dealt with it! Stevens was punished. She's learned from her mistake! And she's on her way to becoming an excellent surgeon. That's the kinda hospital I'm running! Now, this is issue is in the past, and that's were it's gonna stay!
      Erica: It is not in the past for me. It's laying on the bed in the ICU you about to die.
      Richard: Then your only responsiblity is to make sure that, that doesn't happen!

    • Izzie: Did you page me down here for sex? 'Cause I'm not really in the mood.
      Alex: You wanna see some dead guys?
      Izzie: Why? Why would you say that? Why?
      Alex (uncovering the cadavars): Cadavars. For practice, for the solo surgery.
      Izzie: What? What is this?
      Alex: I heard that you were havin' a crappy day, I thought this would cheer you up.
      Izzie (laughing): It's like a buquet of corpses, that is so um (stops laughing) ... (to herself) I'm sorry no, um, that is crazy. He is dead. Just so many dead people today. (leaves)
      Lexie (walks in): These are for interns!
      Alex: Go play with the dummy. (Lexie groans and walks out)

    • Erica: Do you know if Izzie Stevens had some sort of relationship with Denny Duquette?
      Callie (laughs): What you mean besides the engagement? Oh, and the cutting of his LVAD wires so she can move him up the transplant list? What you didn't know about this? Izzie was on probationary leave, she was like... nearly kicked out of the program. Wait, you weren't here then.
      Erica: No, I wasn't. I was at another hostpial watching my patient's heart get stolen out of his chest.

    • Meredith: What happened?
      Cristina: Hunt. Hunt hates me. He hates me.
      Meredith: He kissed you.
      Cristina: Yes, I don't know... that was before. Now, he hates my guts. This is worse than Hahn, I mean, I have no idea what I did, or said or what.

    • Owen: So the Chief asked me to watch the 2nd years for the solo surgery. What's your take on this class?
      Callie: They're a mixed bag. Yang's very good. She's uh, hardcore, she'll be a cardio God. She's my roommate actually.
      Owen: And Stevens?
      Callie: She's smart. Good with the patients, very compassionate, ... supposedly, she did sleep with my ex-husband while we were still married.
      Owen: You know... I'm more interested in the doctor part.
      Callie: Right. Obviously, of course.

    • Cristina: 3, run these by the lab, and then go down to the morgue and get the forms for an unclaimed body.
      Lexie: He needs a chest tube, right? I was just thinking, with the solo surgery coming up, that- (walks out)
      Cristina: With the solo surgery coming up your job is to impress me. Go.
      Owen: Dr. Yang with the solo surgery coming up your job is to impress me. You're planning for this man's death while I'm fighting for his life.
      Cristina: I was trying to be prepared, I'm sorry ...
      Owen: I can't use sorry. I can use a doctor. Be one.

    • George: I hate this. I'm not gonna win the solo surgery practicing on plastic man.
      Alex: You're not gonna win the solo surgery because you suck.
      STAN: Your bedside manner is what sucks.
      Alex: What? What did you say?
      George: Ain't technology amazing?
      Alex: Screw this. I'm gonna go practice medicine, you go ahead and play with your doll.
      STAN: What's the matter? Scared of a little education? (Alex walks out)
      George (sing song): You are so awesome.

    • Meredith: Wow. Aren't you freaking out?
      Izzie: What? Why? Do you think that I should be?
      Meredith: This patient, in Denny's old room. I mean, it's a lotta Denny for one day, Izz.
      Izzie: It is a lot. A lot. Is it a lot of Denny for you too? I mean, how much Denny are you experiencing?
      Meredith: Izz, you can do this.

    • Derek: I need you to have sex with Cristina Yang.
      Mark: Good morning.
      Derek (sighs): Distract her, ingage her, give her something to do after midnight besides call my girlfriend and wake me up.
      Mark: Yang? (Derek nods) No, no. Too serious. Humorless. Un-fun. Not my type.
      Derek: Yang should be your type. She's intense, intelligant, complicated, she's like the single malt scotch and you're used to beer bongs.
      Mark: Callie Torres is no beer bong.
      Derek: Oh, no, wait. I get it. You don't think that you have a shot. You're probably right.
      Mark: Oh, I have a shot.
      Derek: Try it. As a favor.
      Mark: No. I'm not your stud horse, you can't just tell me to--
      Derek: You slept with my wife.
      Mark: Yeah, I'll give it a shot.

    • Erica: Look, I don't get attached to patients. But I like this guy, and I've spent almost two years giving him hope, and then taking it away. This procedure will buy him time until he can get another shot at a transplant. We need to make sure it works, okay?
      Meredith: Absolutely.
      Izzie: Of course.
      Erica: Have you familiarized yourself with the case?
      Meredith: Yeah. Michael Morris, 44-year-old male with congenital hypertrophic cardio myopathy. Failed medical treatment at Seattle Pres. Been waiting on a heart transplant since narrowly missing out on one on May 14 of 200--
      Izzie (whispers): Wait... May 14 what?
      Meredith: What?
      Izzie: That's Denny's heart. That's the heart I stole for Denny.

    • George: We're operating on robots now?
      Alex: Can we please go back to pigs?
      Cristina: What about people?
      Bailey: When the Chief decides which one of you gets to do the first solo surgery, you'll wanna be ready. (they all start talking at the same time) Shh! I do not know what it will be. I do not know when it will be. I do know that winner should be prepared to any surgerical procedure and will choice one intern to scrub in. So, practice your skills, impress your attendings, and do not make me look stupid.

    • (Bailey just got off the phone after arguing with Tucker)
      Derek: Marriage counceling? How's that going?
      Bailey: You just heard us arguing about the marriage counceling, how do you think it's going? (Derek yawns) Oh, no you doin' a craniotomy on my patient Rosemary Bullad today. Now are you gonna be awake for that? Or are you gonna be yawning into her brain?
      Derek: Oh, Meredith kept me up most of the night.
      Bailey: I don't wanna hear about your dirty, nasty--
      Derek: Talking on the phone with Cristina.
      Bailey: Aww, and it stole your sleep? Did you say that 'Yang goes, or I go?'
      Derek: I don't think that I'd win that one.
      Bailey (laughs): Those two come as a set. You should know that by now.
      Derek: Before she had Burke, and Burke helped. ... I think counceling is a good move. Addison and I did counceling.
      Bailey: Yeah, right before you got divorced!

    • (Meredith and Cristina are each reading Ellis' diaries, Cristina calls Meredith)
      Meredith: Hello?
      Cristina: These are amazing. They're all about the medicine. There's like no personal crap, no talking about boyfriends, or feelings, she hardly even mentions you.
      Meredith: Yes, thank you for pointing that out. What about how she held the retractor for 6 hours without moving?
      Cristina: They are like the Harry Potter books that I never had.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): We put things to rest. Only to have them rise up again. ... So if death is not the end, what can you count on anymore? Because you sure can't count on anything in life. Life is the most fragile, unstable, unpredictable thing there is. In fact... there's only one thing about life that we can be sure of.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): If you're a normal person, one of the few things you can count on in life, is death. But if you're a surgeon, even that comfort is taken away from you. Surgeons cheat death, we prolong it, we deny it. We stand and definantly give death the finger.

    • Erica: I went to the Chief about Izzie Stevens and he completely shut me down. Well, we'll see what he says when I report this to UNOS.
      Callie: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, what? Why? What good would come of that?
      Erica: What do you mean?
      Callie: What possible good would that do? Would it affect your patient's outcome? Or...?
      Erica: My patient wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her!
      Callie: So you're going to report this to UNOS and cost this hospital its transplant certification? Cost our patients organs? Cost people their jobs? Cost Izzie Stevens her career ...
      Erica: Wait, so you're taking Izzie Stevens' side in this? Over mine?
      Callie: She's a doctor. One of our doctors. There's a reason we have each other's backs, Erica.
      Erica: Oh, please, don't talk to me about a code. Because this is not that.
      Callie: No, this is that. Look, I don't know what happened between Denny Duquette and Izzie Stevens that night, but unless you were in the middle of that situation, I don't see how you can make a judgment.
      Erica: Easy. There's right, and there's wrong. And this, was wrong. And illegal. There is no gray area here. You can't kind of think this is okay. You can't kind of side with Izzie Stevens. And you can't be kind of a lesbian.
      Callie: ... Yes, I can.
      Erica: I can't believe I didn't know this.
      Callie: Erica, the Chief is right.
      Erica: No, you. I don't know you... at all.

    • Cristina: The wife's here, of the beating victim. She ID'd her husband, so I-
      Owen: What's his name? I was wondering if you found out his name so that he would become a person to you. They're all people, you know. This is not a game or a competition, who gets surgeries and who doesn't. They're people and we get to save them. Now you're good. You're excellent and you can win all the contests. But if that's why you're doing this then you shouldn't be. Did you find out his name?
      Cristina: ... My dad died when I was nine. In a car accident, I was with him in the car. While we waited for the ambulance, I tried to keep his chest closed, so he wouldn't bleed so much. When he died, ... my hands felt his heart stop beating. ... That's why I do this. It's also why I win all the contests. The patient's name is Tom. (walks out)
      Owen: ... Single malt scotch.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Slovakia: Budíček (Reveille)
      Czech Republic: Člověče, povstaň (Rise Up, Man!)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: March 9, 2009 on Fox Life
      Australia: March 12, 2009 on Channel 7
      The Netherlands: March 16, 2009 on Net 5
      Latin America: March 16, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony)
      Germany: May 20, 2009 on ProSieben
      Norway: September 29, 2009 on TV2
      Slovakia: November 2, 2009 on STV1
      Czech Republic: April 1, 2010 on Prima

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. I Want That by Psapp
      2. Good Times by Brazilian Girls
      3. Torch Song by Shady Bard
      4. Gotta Figure This Out by Erin McCarley

  • Allusions

    • Meredith: ... Been waiting on a heart transplant since narrowly missing out on one on May 14--
      Izzie: Wait... May 14 what?
      Meredith: What?
      Izzie: That's Denny's heart. That's the heart I stole for Denny.

      Meredith mentions the date being May 14th 2006, the same day the episode 17 Seconds aired, the episode in which Izzie stole the heart for Denny.

    • Episode Title: Rise Up

      Rise Up is a song by Yves Larock, Parachute Club, Vanessa Amorosi, R Kelly and Drowning Pool.