Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 23

Sanctuary (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 20, 2010 on ABC

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  • A shooter runs loose in Seattle Grace.

    From the beginning of this episode, I was screaming. I watched it with one of my girlfriends, who'd never watched Grey's before, and she afterwards told me she was hooked. The first half of the finale was more frightening than anything, but it was a nice change from the usual sappy, emotional undertones of the show. I give props to whoever played the shooter, because he was believable as hell. The second half was just emotional--people dying, or not dying (as usual!), break-ups, make-ups, true love, and (gasp) Meredith's miscarriage. I must say, I had a feeling that this episode would touch on the topic of pregnancy, but the fact that she lost her baby just made it tragic. At least she still has Derek, though. May MerDer live forever. Overall, a superb episode that I HAVE to watch again.

    Also, I loved the foreshadowing in "Sanctuary"--how Derek says "I wish I had something jammed in my head so I would at least get to see the inside of an OR" and Christina says "Now I wish you and Derek die so that I can teach this kid some priorities"... great writing.

    I also give props to Mandy Moore--her character basically cried the whole time, but she did a good job playing the victim.
  • The writing is near perfect, the acting is the best I've seen on any other movie or television show. It left me emotionally drained. Any show that can do that is permanently amazing!

    Shonda Rhimes and I must have the same "dark & twisty" mind, because most of what happened I somewhat thought of before the episodes aired. Her writing here is extremely intriguing, and a damn good inspiration for a fellow African-American writer like myself! I loved the complexities of each character's own issues coming to ahead during the shooting. I was sad, shocked, disturbed, devastated, mad, scared, and happy. That's a lot, even for a 2-hour finale. Shonda has done it! This may be the best episode of the series...maybe. Everyone who is complaining about Meredith's miscarriage and Derek getting shot, don't because if things went the way my dark and twisty mind went, Bailey would have also been shot, as well as Lexie. But Bailey would have lived. But even on Shonda's Grey's Anatomy blog she said that originally Bailey was going to be shot, but she couldn't do it.

    The acting. No words can describe the extraordinary acting from everyone from the main characters, supporting characters, and even the extras. Mandy Moore was fantastic! The stand outs in this episode, in my opinion, were Chandra Wilson, Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, and the guy who played Gary Clark, oh and Sarah Drew, who plays April. I smell some Emmy magic. If the Emmy's skip over these actresses and actor, then I will despise of them. Seriously, Chandra's freak out about the elevators was amazing. Sarah Drew proved herself tonight. Her powerful monologue about her life when Clark pointed the gun at her was her huge breakout scene! She can definitely get any role on any other TV show or movie now, thanks to that performance: " My name is April Kepner. I'm 28 years old. I was born on April 23rd in Ohio. I'm from Columbus, Ohio. My mom is a teacher and my dad is a farmer. Corn. He grows corn. Their names are Karen and Joe. I have three sisters! Libbie is first, I'm next. Then there's Kimmy, and Alice. I haven't done anything yet...I haven't--I've barely lived! I'm not finished yet! NO ONE'S LOVED ME YET! Please! Please! I'm someone's child! I'm a person! I'm a person!!!" (That tore me up!)

    And when Derek got shot! Whoa! And when Meredith threw Christina out of the way to get to Derek, I was shocked. Alex mistakes Lexie for Izzie. :-( So Sad!

    Reed's death was so brutal. Oh, and when April finds her in the closet...that was such an intense, yet simple scene! I love Sarah Drew now, if you cannot tell! When Clark was in the O.R, I was so shocked! Even though, I did think of him being in there, that scene was so real and so raw! Wow!

    Callie and Arizona facing Clark was scary. Loved Arizona's reaction: "There only children here.", and another line she said that I loved: "The makers of the tiny humans", being the parents.

    Owen finally chooses Christina! And I think Teddy will be at ease with it in season 7, and maybe move to a different hospital, but I really like her, so I hope she stays.

    And lastly Richard's confrontation with Gary Clark. Powerful! I like how Shonda added the whole drinking aspect to it as well. So smart for her to do that! That's one thing I did not think of.

    Crazy episode! I loved it so much! Shonda has out done herself!
  • I think this might be the best ever episode of a TV show, I've ever seen in my life...

    I am writing this review after watching the first part (thanks!). I still haven't watched the second part. I think I will soak up the drama a little bit before I start watching that.

    This is easily the most adrenaline pumped up episode and literally every second made me gasp asking for more. I usually look at movies or TV shows as a form of entertainment; never have I invested myself psychologically ever. But this episode literally shook my very perspective of entertainment. I also loved how they built up anticipation by plugging in normal scenes like Arizona and Callie arguing about stupid relationship stuff, that made you say - oh common, cut this thing, there is a shooter in the building, show whats going on there - not what's happening between these two.

    I have always said Grey's has one of the most talented bunch of actors ever. You could literally see the expression of fear in Chandra Wilson's eyes. If not for any other episode, she definitely deserves an emmy for this one. I also liked they way they decided to go for a whole lot of blood. I never expected Shepard to get shot - they got me here. But again, he will live - probably rise from the dead like Lazarus.

    I don't know, It's been a long time since a TV show has wowed me!!
  • Outstanding.

    What was great about this episode is that the promos had already built suspense, so watching the episode we all knew a shooter was going to appear but the suspense came from not knowing when. Also it was great to see Meredith and Christina share scenes again, this whole season it feels like they never see each other anymore and their chemistry together is golden. Reed getting shot how she did really set the tone for the two episodes and showed straight away that the writers aren't messing around. Reed wasn't really a loss, she was more of a pain in the bum than anything.

    There was only a tiny, tiny thing wrong with the episode and that was the characters saying things like "I hope you do die, so I get your baby" I think that's what Christina said, it just felt tacky knowing what was about to happen.

    Overall great episode and it was great to see Mandy Moore!
  • Meredith's dream was a premonition? 5x01 Dream a Little Dream of Me.

    On the beginning of season five, Meredith dreams with Derek's bloody death in the ER of Seatle Grace Hospital. Back then, the dreams means something about Meredith's commitment issues, at least the drama leads to think so, but now, around two years later on the story line, it easily can get a new mistical meaning. This has not been the tone of the serie, so this probably is just coincidential but... The details of the dream and the actual situation are very similar, so was that dream a premonition? And who had the premonition then? Meredith or the writers? =)
  • Play Dead(Spoliers if you didn't see the episodes)

    This was an amazing episode. It had everything. It had some funny moments with Mandy Moore at the begining of the episode. It was dramatic. When the shooter pulled Miranda out from under the bed, OH MY GOD! She looked so scared(I think Chandra Wilson should win an Emmy for her preformance) Also Mark and Lexie tring to save Alex, and Arizona and Callie have to be stuck on the same floor. The only problem I have is, The shooter's logic is so twisted I just wanted to yell at him. He says he has to protect the hospital from Dreke, and yet he is walking around killing inocent people.
  • OH MY GOD!!!!!! BEST 2 PART Finale EVER!!!!!! SEASON 7 IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would think that so far, Shonda Rhimes has done its best Greys Anatomy yet. Its started using the concept of real life situations and put it into the show making it the drama it's supposed to be. They also did this episode to show us how the cast react to the situation.With this breakthrough of drama and excitement, there will be no doubt that future Grey's Anatomy episodes will contribute to it's main purpose. So now we know what material is used to make a perfect series finalie for any Grey's Anatomy series to be made in the future and making it an excellent show.
  • WOW!!!!

    In this episode of Greys Anatomy, the following happens. We open this episode with Meredith finding out that she is pregnant, but the mood quickly changes when there is a shooter in the hospital. He quickly begins shoot people, and soon the terror spreads. The hospital goes into lock down but he still kills more people, looking for Derek. Bailey manages dot save her own life as she says she is a nurse, but then he finds Derek. As Meredith and Cristina watch on, they see the shooter pointing a gun and Derek and then he shots him. Derek falls to the floor and closes his eyes.
    This was just WOW! I was hooked from the start. I can't wait for part 2, it was just so amazing and before I knew it the episode was over. Poor Alex is bleeding, but hopefully Mark can save his life. We opened with goods news with Meredith being pregnant, but now with Derek possibly dying I am in tears.
  • Be careful what you wish for... "Axe murderer would be fun!" Mer said to Cristina... Close, It was a gun!

    It all started as usual, Cristina and Callie crying about their relationships, then they were all working at the hospital, and first news: Mer is pregnant? Yay! a McBaby is on the way! then 8 mins into the finale... and Reed gets shot right in the head... Is Shonda trying to make us go flatline? This episode was one of the greatest season finales ever! The Shooter, a stupid guy who wasn't man enough to handle his wife's death started to make a chaos in Seattle Grace.

    Alex got shot soon after Reed and crawled into the elevator... Poor Alex.
    and so the guy continues to shoot his way up to Derek, according to him, the responsible for his wife's death.

    I think the performances where amazing, from the regulars to the guest stars, they all were great! I could really feel their pain, their fear, and boy I got my adrenaline pumping... Mr Clark (the shooter) gets to the floor where Bailey and Percy are with Mandy Moore's character. he shoots Percy, while Mandy is "playing dead" and Bailey is hidden under the bed... and I got say this: The 'Bailey under the bed' moment and the performance from Mandy Moore were just breath taking.
    At one point, Bailey asks "where is this water coming from?" and yes Bailey, its your tears on Percy's wound.

    But, to the real shocking moment: Mr Clark shoots Derek while Meredith and Cristina watch helpless... Got Me Into Tears! the guy was determine to kill McDreamy and not even the "my father died in front of me" speech helped. Meredith screams out (Great Work Ellen!) while Cristina holds her down. at the end we see the McDreamy eyes being closed... whats to come?

    BEST. EPISODE. EVER. seriously, it was so intense i could barely breathe sometimes. they REALLY knew how to build up the tension. i was thankful for commercials to finally give us some breathing room. everything was brilliant tonight. the writing, directing, everything. but maybe most especially: THE ACTING! how on this good green earth do sandra oh and chandra wilson not have emmy's? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. but everyone else from ellen to sarah drew to even mandy moore was fantastic. so sad about mcbaby. so many great scenes. the final between clark and webber was highlight. charles's death scene was tragic also. alex seeing izzie was so sad. so much character development tonight. it's funny how i felt so bad for charles, april, and reed tonight even though they were annoying most of the other times. now all they need is a season opener to complete the 'game-changer'-ness of it because clearly EVERYTHING has changed. but really man, shonda rhimes BROUGHT IT tonight. absolutely amazing!
  • Sanctuary

    An extraordinary hour of television to kick off the season finale, so great that a lot of people probably didn't even notice that Mandy Moore guest starred in a very demeaning role.

    While it may seem like a bit of a cop out to have a hostage crisis episode as the season finale, few could argue that Shonda Rhimes andd company did not deliver a stellar episode of television here. The episode was adrenaline-packed and more importantly, the gunman actually shot people, something that seems like it should happen a lot and yet rarely does in these kinds of shows. While I expect all the characters to survive, this was still exhilarating television.

    I did not think they would be able to top the 09 finale this year, but I think they did here.