Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 8

Save Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2005 on ABC
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Meredith grows increasingly dissatisfied with the unknown details of Derek's life. Meanwhile, Alex treats Devo, a patient whose religious beliefs jeopardize her chances for recovery; Izzie contemplates reconnecting with her estranged mother; Zoey, a pregnant woman in her 40s who's been diagnosed with cancer, disagrees with Cristina's medical advice; and the interns are mystified by Cable, a patient who's being treated for seizures and who thinks he's psychic.moreless

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  • Details about life...

    It was somehow nice episode but nothing too special on my opinion.

    I liked the whole thing with Meredith - she trying to find out those facts about Shepard, learning about his past as she is really falling for him.. and I most say I did like how she imagined how Shepard always manage to have faith, follow his instinct.. the whole case with that man losing movement..

    And that psycho.. and how Cristina reacted to him but he caught Izzie's attention and how she remembered some important things and decided to call to her mum in the end.. and George.. some interesting developments.moreless
  • Nice storylines,nice scenes,perfect Grey's Anatomy episode.

    Meredith is not satisfied without knowing anything about Derek's life.

    Izzie want to reconnect her estranged mother.

    Cristina deals with a desire of a pregnant woman in her 40s,diagnosed with cancer,to give a birth to the baby.

    A man who believes he is a psychic comes to Seattle Grace as a patient.

    One of my favorite episodes of season one because the storylines were all amazing.The episode showed us the both aspects of Grey's Anatomy- the dramatic and the comedic ones.The case of the sick pregnant woman is one of my favorite and most memorable cases so far in the show because it shows us great emotions and sadness from the pregnant woman and Cristina's reactions are amazing.

    The episode shows the past of Izzie for the first time thorough the series.

    Another great epiosde.moreless
  • An excellent episode.

    Meredith's relationship with Derick is heating up but she doesn't even really know much about him. Does he have friends, about where he came from. He is reluctant to share.

    Alex meets a very interesting patient who's extremley religious beliefs could prevent her from getting better.

    Cristina and Izzie meet a patient who believes that he gets visions. But everyone else just believes he is having seizures. Meanwhile George has trouble doing an intubation.

    Cristina asks to switch patients with Izzie because her patient (the vision man) said something about her being pregnant. Bailey swaps the two but it turns out Cristina's new patient is a woman who is also pregnant and must chose between having the baby and dying or losing the baby and have therapy to remove a breast cancer.

    The vision man also reveals a few things to Izzie that startle her. Things about her mum, who Izzie has been contemplating calling.

    Meredith works with Derick on a rock climber with paralysis that is spreading up his body. Test's show nothing and Meredith believes it is all in the man's head. Derick doesn't agree and when the man's condition worsen's, Derick opens him up trying to find something wrong. He eventully finds a clot which he pulls out.

    Cristina's patient decides to have the baby even if it means she will die and George finallydoes an intubation infront of ahot nurse he is keen on.

    The episode ends with Derick showing Meredith where he lives and revealing a bit more info about himself.

    I enjoyed this episode. George finallt gets a date. Izzie is forced to remember her mother. Cristina is faced with someone else in a similar position to her, deciding to keep a baby or not.

  • A psychic comes to the hospital. Meredith demands to know more about Derek and vows 'no more sex'. Burke doubts his ability to follow through on a new surgery he's never performed. George learns you have to know you can follow through.moreless

    I loved this episode - mostly the story line with Izzy and the psychic although I do think that the situation between Derek and Meredith is very relevant to todays relationships.

    With regards to Izzy and the psychic, I like seeing a negative side to Izzy because she's normally so happy and perky. It's a nice change to see her not trying to believe in someone and push them to be all that they can be. I loved seeing this new side to her character and it clearly displays Katherine Heigl's ability as an actress to be able to do this many layers for a single performance.

    Derek and Meredith face a very realistic situation. No one wants to share with other people any more whether they be romantically involved or otherwise. It's only one scenario of how her pushing could turn out though. In most circumstances I think that kind of pushing would cause a much more negative reaction within a relationship. Kudos to Shonda Rimes for a well written episode!

    That's my two cents.moreless
  • "A really good episode, but... It could be better."

    "A really good episode, but... It could be better."

    Sadly, this episode was not that good as I expected. It was revealing, very informative, funny and ... boring. Why, you're maybe asking yourself. Huh, I suppose many of you won't agree, but this episode was really disappointing because it wasn't interesting as the previous episodes.

    I think that the psychic and Devo made this episode somehow better. I don't think episode would be this good if it wasn't for them.

    Psychic was really interesting, I found it very amusing when he predicted somebody's future... especially Izzie's. Although, not her future, but the thing about her cake... and Cricket!moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

T.R. Knight

T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Steven W. Bailey

Steven W. Bailey

Anesthesiologist Jeremy

Guest Star

Joan McMurtrey

Joan McMurtrey

Zoey Glass

Guest Star

Anjul Nigam

Anjul Nigam

Psych Intern (uncredited)

Guest Star

Sarah Utterback

Sarah Utterback

Nurse Olivia

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof (medically incorrect): When Dr. Grey suggests that Mr. Walker has a conversion disorder, Dr. Shepherd asks if it's psychosomatic. This is a common mistake. A psychosomatic disease is a genuine physical ailment caused in part by psychological factors. However, a conversion disorder is considered a somatoform disorder (one that cannot be fully explained by organic conditions and are largely due to psychological factors, i.e. what many people consider to be "psychosomatic").

    • Goof: There were two religion-related mistakes in this episode. First, the religious Orthodox Jew refused to have a "pig part" inserted in her body. But technically, according to Jewish Law, in order to save one's own life, one could break any of the laws of Judaism. Furthermore- the laws of Kosher only pertain towards eating. It specifically states in the Talmud that you may derive benefit from pig meat. Also, the Jewish girl wanted a rabbi to pray over her before her surgery, but the rabbi was female, which is not permitted according to Orthodox Judaism.

    • Goof: In the opening scene, there's an aerial view of Seattle looking from North (generically) to South... if you have lived in Seattle for more than a few years, you would know the Kingdome was imploded in March of 2000. It's unfortunate the folks who screened the aerial (which is a nice enough shot) didn't notice this fact.

      In fact, a later aerial (from South to North along the Elliott Bay shoreline) shows Safeco Field, which the Kingdome was removed to make room for. In less than 8 minutes, including commercials, we go from Kingdome to Safeco. Impressive. :)

      There's a third aerial later, an early evening shot similar to the first one, where neither the Kingdome nor Safeco Field seem to be where they are/were/should be.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Izzie: My psychic had his surgery.
      George: Yeah?
      Izzie: I wonder what happened with his... gift.
      Cristina: Come on. We all know he's crazy.
      Meredith: Thought you said you didn't believe in that stuff.
      Izzie: I grew up in a trailer park. I waited tables, which was supposed to put me through college, but my mother was always calling these psychics all the time. And the bills started piling up, so I had to use my money to pay them. When I turned 18, I left and never went back. But this guy has been saying things to me, things he couldn't possibly know anything about. So I just wonder.

    • Meredith: You know, you keep taking everything on faith. How do you know what's real and what's not?
      Derek: You just do. You know some people would call this a relationship. The kind where you exchange keys, leave your toothbrush over.
      Meredith: Who? Who would call it that?
      Derek: Me. I would.
      Meredith: And I'm supposed to believe you?
      Derek: Uh-huh.
      Meredith: Show me something. Give me a reason to believe.

    • George (to Cristina who doesn't want her sandwich): If that's turkey, can I have some?
      Cristina: It's soggy.
      Alex: If it'll kill you. Solve everything.
      George: I coulda gotten that intubation. I am good at intubations.
      Meredith (taking a bite of the sandwich): Why does everything in a hospital smell like a hospital?
      Izzie: Don't be so hard on yourself, George. Everybody makes mistakes.
      George: You know, I'm good at a lot of things.
      Cristina: You know what, I'm gonna tell you something. Hey, George. You need to get laid. See that nurse over there? (pointing to a nurse) She's single. She's got red hair. Go ask her out.
      George: In case you forgot, I intubated an esophagus.
      Alex: Dude, you're tweaking. Maybe you should go see that psychic. (walks off)
      Izzie: Mr. Duff is not a psychic!
      Cristina: I am trying to help you. Go buy her a latte and freshen up your gonads, please. (walks off)
      Izzie: Shut up.
      George: It's not too late to call her. You know, moms like that, surprises on their birthdays. You know, it's very Hallmark.

    • Mr. Duff: Your nostrils are flaring.
      Izzie: They are not.
      Mr. Duff: You're into me. I can tell. "Dr. Small and Angry" was a hot appetizer but you, doc, are a smorgasbord of lust.
      Izzie: Mr. Duff, you're pressing your luck.
      Mr. Duff: Would you press it for me?
      Izzie: I hope you're not claustrophobic. You're staring at me. Stop it.
      Mr. Duff: I'm looking at you, sweetheart, but it's the strangest thing. I'm hungry for a chocolate cupcake.
      Izzie: What did you say?
      Mr. Duff: A chocolate cupcake. Maybe one of those fudgey things with the white squiggle on the frosting. Could you oblige?
      Izzie: What, do I still have some chocolate on my face or in my hair or something?
      Mr. Duff: What are you talking about?
      Izzie: You. I know the drill, so keep it up. Next you'll be reading my cards, telling me my dead uncle is in the room.
      Mr. Duff: Is he?
      Izzie: I don't have a dead uncle. I'm watching you.

    • Mr. Duff: A little Botox would do wonders on those frown lines.
      Cristina: Okay. Shut up.
      Mr. Duff: Are you allowed to talk to me like that? (Cristina makes a face) God, you're a Mrs. Livingston kind of way

    • George: Fourth floor, dead guy. The psychic predicted the fourth floor dead guy.
      Cristina: I need someone to cover me on the 16th. You in?
      George (watching Mer & Derek walk by): I'm thinking about letting my hair grow. And maybe I won't shave. Go for the stubble effect. What do you think?
      Cristina: The 16th, George. Can you cover me or not?
      George: Uh, yeah. I guess. Why?
      Cristina: It's none of your business.
      George: Thank you would be nice.

    • Meredith: I tried to talk Shepherd out of that clot surgery. What is wrong with me?
      Alex: Basically, you tried to kill the guy.
      Cristina (to Alex): Basically, you're an ass.

    • Meredith: So let's go sleep at your house tonight.
      Derek: What?
      Meredith: I mean, why are we always sleeping at my house? Do you even have one?
      Derek: One what?
      Meredith: A house. With a closet. With your stuff in it. Your personal stuff. Do you even have one of those?
      Derek: Mmh.
      George: Hey. You guys want a cupcake?
      Derek: Oh, no.
      George: Izzie made them.
      Derek: You know, I like it here. You said so yourself, you liked having your things around, sleeping in your own bed. (Derek is getting cereal and a bowl out)
      George: You're like a health nut, aren't ya? You eat museli every morning.
      Derek: No, I don't.
      Izzie: Okay, the museli thing, you do. The last seven days, at least.
      Derek: Oh, come on. I haven't been here for a whole week. Have I?
      Meredith: See? Even they think it's weird.

    • (Izzie is in the kitchen, a sink full of dirty dishes, and cupcakes everywhere. George is there eating cupcakes)
      Izzie: Eight hours, 16 ounces of chocolate, and 32 cupcakes, and they still don't taste right.
      George (with mouthful): No, these are good. Martha Stewart would be proud.
      Izzie: Yeah, look where it got her.

    • George: How's a pompous cocky jackass like you always have women all over him?
      Alex: Little blue love pills. Lots of them.
      George: Oh c'mon.
      Alex: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. (looking through a book) There it is, a bovine xenograft. (jumps up shouting) O'Malley, you think too much. Can't you see it? You gotta dance and jab. Dance and jab! Like me. I am the Ali of this place.

    • (Derek takes Meredith to his trailer)
      Meredith: Where are we?
      Derek: I'm gonna tell you. All right. My mother's maiden name, Maloney. I have four sisters. I have, uh, nine nieces. Five nephews. I like coffee ice cream, single-malt scotch, occasionally a good cigar. I like to fly fish. And I cheat when I do the crossword puzzle on Sunday. And I never dance in public. Um, favorite novel: The Sun Also Rises. Favorite band: The Clash. My favorite color is blue. I don't like light blue, indigo. The scar right here on my forehead, that's why I don't ride motorcycles anymore. And I live in that trailer. All this land is mine. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it. So that's it. That's all you've earned for now. The rest you're just...just gonna have to take on faith.

    • (Alex enters Devo's room, she's praying in Hebrew against the wall)
      Alex: Does the wall ever bow back?

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): You know how when you were a little kid and you believed in fairy tales? That fantasy of what your life would be. White dress, Prince Charming, who'd carry you away to a castle on a hill... You'd lie in bed at night and close your eyes and you had complete and utter faith. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Prince Charming - they were so close you could taste them. But eventually, you grow up. One day you open your eyes and the fairy tale disappears. Most people turn to the things and people they can trust. But the thing is, it's hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely. 'Cause almost everyone still has that smallest bit of hope, of faith, that one day they'll open their eyes and it will all come true.

    • Alex: So, what kinda name is, uh, Devo, anyway?
      Devo: 80's rocker. My parents did too much blow. I call myself Esther.
      Alex (pulling down the blanket revealing a long denim skirt): Nice skirt, Esther. What are you? Amish?
      Devo: Get a life, haven't you ever seen an Orthodox Jew?

    • Cristina: Dr. Bailey, I want off the psychic case, I'll take whatever you've got. Can I switch?
      Bailey: Ask nicely.
      Cristina: What - this is me doing nicely.

    • (discussing beliefs with an Orthodox Jewish teenager)
      Devo: He wants me to be passionate about what I believe in. You don't believe in anything.
      Alex: Well, my mother used to pray to Saint Jude for me.
      Devo: How appropriate. Patron Saint of Lost Causes.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): At the end of the day, faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than your dream. The castle, well it may not be a castle. And it's not so important that it's happily ever after – just that it's happy right now. See, once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you. And once in a while, people may even take your breath away.

    • Meredith (again looking for more details about Derek): Give me something to go on. Anything. What are your grandparents names?
      Derek: I don't have grandparents.
      Meredith: Where'd you grow up? What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Where'd you spend your summer vacations?
      Derek: Lighten up. It'll be good for your blood pressure. (stands and leaves Meredith alone)
      Meredith: Oh don't you tell me to lighten up. I'll lighten up when I... feel light.

    • Meredith: It's just that I hardly know anything about you.
      Derek: You know I'm from New York. You know I like ferry boats.
      Meredith: Enough with the ferry boats. What about your friends?
      Derek: I'm a surgeon. I don't have friends.
      Meredith: Everybody has friends. I mean, who do you hang out with? What do you do on your days off? These are important questions.
      Derek: Ah, important for who?
      Meredith: We're having sex every night. I think I deserve details.
      Derek: You have more details than most.
      Meredith: See, this is going somewhere weird. I want facts, and until I get them, my pants are staying on.
      Derek: Or you could just roll with it. Be flexible. See what happens.
      Meredith: I'm not flexible.
      Derek (laughs): Ah! Now, there I disagree. Hmm. I've got to go. We'll find these things out. That's the fun part. You know? That's the gravy.
      Meredith: That is what I'm talking about. I don't want to be your gravy.

    • Mr. Duff: Hello! They're not seizures. I'm psychic.
      Cristina: Of course you are. And I'm a chicken.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Sweden: January 10th, 2006 on Kanal 5
      Netherlands: February 21st, 2006 on Net 5
      Germany: May 2nd, 2006 on ProSieben
      Croatia: October 23rd, 2006 on NOVA TV
      Finland: October 25th, 2006 on Nelonen
      Portugal: January 7th, 2007 on RTP1
      Romania: February 27th, 2007 on TVR1
      Serbia: February 9th, 2008 on B92

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. David by Nellie McKay plays at the beginning while Meredith is asking Derek where he lives.
      2. Feels Like by Masha Qrella
      3. Fix You Up by Tegan and Sara plays at the end of the episode
      4. I Love the Rain the Most by Joe Purdy
      5. No Illusions by 78 Saab plays while Cristina delivers discharge papers to the pregnant woman with cancer.
      6. Rapture by Laura Veirs plays while Alex explains to Devo that her condition is getting worse and talking about faith and beliefs.


    • George (on Izzie's baking): Martha Stewart would be proud. Izzie: Yeah, look where it got her.

      Martha Stewart is a homemaker who became famous through her cookbooks, she now has a home decor line at Kmart. When Izzie says 'Look where it got her', she's referring to Martha being convicted on nine-counts including charges of securities fraud and obstruction of justice. She served 5 months in jail, and had an ankle bracelet for 5 months following that.

    • Alex: Little blue love pills. Lots of them.

      This is a reference to Viagra, the major brand associated with a pill that gives men erections. Viagra's other name is Sildenafil.

    • Devo: As long as it doesn't answer to Wilbur and say 'Oink,' I don't care what it is.

      Wilbur is the name of the pig from E.B. White's Charlotte's Web.

    • Episode Title: Save Me

      The title of this episode is a reference to a song by the same name. Several artists have recorded a song by this title, including Queen, Aimee Mann, Remy Zero, Embrace, Dave Matthews, Hanson, Jordin Sparks, Fleetwood Mac, as well as the Turin Brakes. Another band that has recorded a song titled Save Me is Unwritten Law. Also interesting to note is that a song by this name was featured in the Grey's Anatomy episode, If Tomorrow Never Comes. That one was by artist Jem.

    • Bailey: There's an A.V.M. on his left temporal lobe.

      Arteriovenous Malformations (A.V.M.s) are abnormal masses of blood vessels in the brain. They can cause headaches or seizures. If the pressure on the blood vessels gets high enough, they can rupture causing a hemorrhage that can lead to a stroke and even death. It can be treated with surgery, radiation, embolization, or a combination. The prognosis is good if detected and treated early; if a hemorrhage occurs there is still only a 10% chance of death if caught.