Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 8

Save Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2005 on ABC

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  • Details about life...

    It was somehow nice episode but nothing too special on my opinion.

    I liked the whole thing with Meredith - she trying to find out those facts about Shepard, learning about his past as she is really falling for him.. and I most say I did like how she imagined how Shepard always manage to have faith, follow his instinct.. the whole case with that man losing movement..

    And that psycho.. and how Cristina reacted to him but he caught Izzie's attention and how she remembered some important things and decided to call to her mum in the end.. and George.. some interesting developments.
  • Nice storylines,nice scenes,perfect Grey's Anatomy episode.

    Meredith is not satisfied without knowing anything about Derek's life.
    Izzie want to reconnect her estranged mother.
    Cristina deals with a desire of a pregnant woman in her 40s,diagnosed with cancer,to give a birth to the baby.
    A man who believes he is a psychic comes to Seattle Grace as a patient.
    One of my favorite episodes of season one because the storylines were all amazing.The episode showed us the both aspects of Grey's Anatomy- the dramatic and the comedic ones.The case of the sick pregnant woman is one of my favorite and most memorable cases so far in the show because it shows us great emotions and sadness from the pregnant woman and Cristina's reactions are amazing.
    The episode shows the past of Izzie for the first time thorough the series.
    Another great epiosde.
  • An excellent episode.

    Meredith's relationship with Derick is heating up but she doesn't even really know much about him. Does he have friends, about where he came from. He is reluctant to share.

    Alex meets a very interesting patient who's extremley religious beliefs could prevent her from getting better.

    Cristina and Izzie meet a patient who believes that he gets visions. But everyone else just believes he is having seizures. Meanwhile George has trouble doing an intubation.

    Cristina asks to switch patients with Izzie because her patient (the vision man) said something about her being pregnant. Bailey swaps the two but it turns out Cristina's new patient is a woman who is also pregnant and must chose between having the baby and dying or losing the baby and have therapy to remove a breast cancer.

    The vision man also reveals a few things to Izzie that startle her. Things about her mum, who Izzie has been contemplating calling.

    Meredith works with Derick on a rock climber with paralysis that is spreading up his body. Test's show nothing and Meredith believes it is all in the man's head. Derick doesn't agree and when the man's condition worsen's, Derick opens him up trying to find something wrong. He eventully finds a clot which he pulls out.

    Cristina's patient decides to have the baby even if it means she will die and George finallydoes an intubation infront of ahot nurse he is keen on.

    The episode ends with Derick showing Meredith where he lives and revealing a bit more info about himself.

    I enjoyed this episode. George finallt gets a date. Izzie is forced to remember her mother. Cristina is faced with someone else in a similar position to her, deciding to keep a baby or not.

  • A psychic comes to the hospital. Meredith demands to know more about Derek and vows 'no more sex'. Burke doubts his ability to follow through on a new surgery he's never performed. George learns you have to know you can follow through.

    I loved this episode - mostly the story line with Izzy and the psychic although I do think that the situation between Derek and Meredith is very relevant to todays relationships.

    With regards to Izzy and the psychic, I like seeing a negative side to Izzy because she's normally so happy and perky. It's a nice change to see her not trying to believe in someone and push them to be all that they can be. I loved seeing this new side to her character and it clearly displays Katherine Heigl's ability as an actress to be able to do this many layers for a single performance.

    Derek and Meredith face a very realistic situation. No one wants to share with other people any more whether they be romantically involved or otherwise. It's only one scenario of how her pushing could turn out though. In most circumstances I think that kind of pushing would cause a much more negative reaction within a relationship. Kudos to Shonda Rimes for a well written episode!

    That's my two cents.
  • "A really good episode, but... It could be better."

    "A really good episode, but... It could be better."

    Sadly, this episode was not that good as I expected. It was revealing, very informative, funny and ... boring. Why, you're maybe asking yourself. Huh, I suppose many of you won't agree, but this episode was really disappointing because it wasn't interesting as the previous episodes.

    I think that the psychic and Devo made this episode somehow better. I don't think episode would be this good if it wasn't for them.

    Psychic was really interesting, I found it very amusing when he predicted somebody's future... especially Izzie's. Although, not her future, but the thing about her cake... and Cricket!
  • This is one of my favourites cause:

    Wauwie wasn\'t it great I mean there happened so much again I didn\'t watched away for one second those actors are so good!! I don\'t know where to start I think by saying wow Izzie and that guy I loved the scenes (also that one with cristina and him ) And afcourse Meredith and Shepherd what a great couple isn\'t it haha but I already know who is coming to spoil the fun... because they are sending the episodes out for the second time and afcourse I watched the first times as wel hihi well I hope the dvd comes out soon can\'t wait!!
  • It is all about getting to the core of things: Getting to know each other in the case of Meredith and Derek and admitting that one still can learn something in the case of Burke

    Although nothing really new happens in this episode it is much more than a filler: It gives room and time for the characters and relationships to develop and grow. They have to learn to trust each other.
    While watching Derek getting dressed and ready, Meredith's voiceover about finding Prince Charming somehow becomes suspicious. Can you actually be that lucky to find him - and be happy ever after?
    She realizes she does not know much about him, not even where and how he lives and she keeps on asking him questions all day about what he likes, his family situation, etc.. He tries to avoid answering her and tells her to wait and see. When a patient with increasing paralysis comes in and they cannot find a reason for it, Derek assumes it is a tumor that puts pressure on his spine, but he cannot prove it. Meredith does not trust his diagnosis, neither does she trust him to reveal more about himself. She does not "want to be the gravy", she wants it all.

    After finding out that she is pregnant, Cristina gets an appointment for an abortion and does not consider keeping the baby. Her firm belief that her decision is right is shaken by a pregnant woman in her forties with a carcinoma who decides to keep her baby although that will make cancer treatment at the moment impossible. She is ready to risk the cancer to develop faster because of the pregnancy. She rather wants to give birth to the child she and her husband had so long hoped for, no matter whether that will shorten her life.
    Burke is angry about Alex for telling a orthodox jewish girl that she could have a bovine instead of a unkosher porcupine heart valve (which she refused to have) without consulting him before. He never has done this surgery before and feels uncomfortable asking somebody else for advice. The sick-feeling Cristina tells him just to do that and finally, Burke gives in, even allows Alex to scrub in and - succeeds.

    Izzie also has a case which involves belief. Her patient calls himself a psychic and claims to have insights into the future and into people - to "know things". Izzie and Cristina find out that he has seizures, but still - he knows things that he could not possibly have learned by observation and guessing (eg. Izzies nickname 'Cricket'). When he does not want to have an operation because he fears to lose this insight, Izzie tells him that if he really believes in his ability, it wont just go away because of a surgery he needs to survive. He gives in, he believes her - and right after the operation he gives Izzie the missing ingredient for her mother's cup-cakes she desperately has been trying to find. She did not want to call her mother to ask since she left her at the age of 18. Still, in the end, she calls her and just says: "It's 'Cricket'".

    Everyone wins in this episode when opening up to their feelings and towards each other. In the last scene, Derek takes Meredith to the land he owns outside Seattle and gives her the answers to her 'small' questions: His mother's maiden-name, him having four sisters, his favourite ice-cream flavor (coffee) - and he shows her his home, a trailer. Stunned, Meredith has a look around and then just smiles and puts her hand out towards him. He trusted her enough to let her step farer into his life and she now trusts him to take her hand to move on together. Together they walk towards the trailer. Confident - and happy.
    Merediths voiceover sums it all up: Try to trust each other, it may be worth it:
    "It's not so important that it's happy ever after. Just that it's happy right now. See, once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you. And, once in a while, people will even take your breath away."
  • Meredith wants to know more about Derek's life as a pregnant woman with cancer has to make a choice if she will do treatment or not.

    A very interesting episode. I loved that psychic patient who guessed certain things which happened. It assured us of some funny scenes..
    Also an interesting case for Cristina with that pregnant woman who was diagnosed with cancer but had to make the decision whether to go with a treatment or not... I think it was a very good case for her to see that some people care more about their (unborn) child then themselves...

    And of course Meredith who wishes she could get to know Derek a bit better.. It's nice to see that and in the end it was also nice to see that Derek gave in and showed and told her about his life.
  • Lacking tension and spark between the main couple! The Psychic was probably the highlight of the show!

    This episode really didnt satisfy me. All the episodes before have had some meaning and drama between dr shepard and meredith. But this episode lacked the spark needed. I mean if meredith is going to be this annoying every episode then heres a reminder for her this type of neediness only works for desperate housewives!

    I enjoyed the pyschic paitent in this episode i thought it was new and it lifted the show. Christina and her pregnancy is it going anywhere i mean i would of thought that she would have told him by now considering it is his baby to and that they should discuss it together. All together i found this episode to be a bit of a let down and hope that is gets better next week
  • I know what you did last summer...

    Meredith starts to complain to Derek because she doesn't know anything about his personal life. He keeps avoiding her until he takes her to the caravan where he lives and tells her all details about his family.
    A patient in the hospital claims that he is a psychic. Izzy dislikes him from the beginning because in her teens she used to work in order to get into college but her mother spent that money on psychics. When he starts telling her things that would be impossible for him to know she desides to call her mother.
    A 47 year old woman is pregnant while at the same time she's got cancer. She can either drop the child and start chemotherapy or give birth to it and lose her life. Christina tells her that it's not worth losing her life when she won't be able to see her child go to kindergarten. She disagrees with her and decides to keep the baby.
    A 17-year-old girl has a heart disfunctionality and needs a transplant from a pig(i think)but that goes against her religion but Alex discovers that there is another way and she agrees to take the risk.
  • Life is not a fairy tale.

    Meredith wants details about Derek's life but he doesn't want to give her any. Devo a very relligious orthodox jew is brouth to the hospital and she needs a porcine valve replacement for her heart but she refuses to have pig inside of her. Karev and Burke have a fight about that. Visionary guy is brought to the hospital. He is epileptich actually but all of his visions came true. He know that Cristina is pregnant and that Izzie's mather call her Cricket and tells her that she misses coconut extract for her cookies. An extremly good episode but nothing exciting.
  • Are you ready to be saved?

    How brilliantly fun was this one :) I mean, it wasn't all good but it just kept a constant smile on my face! I like it when that happens ;)

    I really like Meredith and Derek ( but I fall for couples very easily :p ) they're cute and cool, and stuff. But I think they got a little too quickily over the problems they had. I like it that they have, but it doesn't really make sense. The main problem was that nobody would accept it, and that he was her boss. Now he spends the whole week at her house, eating Muesli. For everyone to see! Is there suddenly no problem anymore? Call me freaky, but this is ignoring a plot line. Although I have to say: the reason I was smiling: defenitly Merdeith and Derek. Maybe it's better this way. I just kinda felt like being cheated. *shrugs*

    What I loved about this episode was Izzie, and her mother-issues. She defenitly hasn't had an easy life, and I think he mother is to blame for that. At least partly. The brownies were so cute :) And I totally loved the physic story :) It was such a cool way to let Izzie deal with her problems. Offcourse she also had George, who Needs to get laid, as Christina so nicely put it. Wich, btw, is finally happening!!! Good for him:)

    Except for her funny comments, and her knowledge of people ( yes I think she has it, she always says the true things. It's just the way she brings it :S ) I don't get Christina. She's so harsh againt her patients. This career is everything for her, she'd give up her baby for it, and probably even more. But if she doesn't go and tae some social cursus she will get kicked out. She needs to watch her words. Being a doctor means being around people. I wonder if she really understands that. I also wonder is she's noticing how much Burke is falling for her. She must.

    Alex is cool:) He's soooooo going to get something with Izzie. I mean....obvious much :P:P I think they'd be cute :)
  • Although Meridith's need to know all about Derek was a bit far fetched. Overall this episode made me smile.

    Connecting the stories with the pyschic was a good way for us to get a little humour out of what was otherwise an obvious lets get to know the characters better episode. That withstanding I enjoyed it, coming to the series late as I have.
    The pyschic finding the missing ingredient for the cup cakes at the end was predictable but forgiveable in an overall very enjoyable episode.