Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 18

Scars and Souvenirs

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2007 on ABC

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  • The doomed birth of the Gizzie horror.

    The chapter was incredible really, great actings, very good plots. I loved Karev, the situations were entertaining as usual. I would have loved this episode, I really would have if not for that last, horrible scene, where Izzie and George get drunk and hit the bed.

    Izzie was always one of my favorite characters, her ordeal with her dead fiancé earned her sympathy points and also her struggle to get back to normality. George was also great, and he being able to have a great friendship with Izzie was a very good point, proving that a man and a woman can be friends without any sexual tension.

    but nooo, it had to be ruined, and the integrity I admired so much from these two characters has gone to the sewer. They were drunk, yeah, but that's no excuse for their behavior. I know many might disagree with this and many love this couple or "ship" but in my opinion, this only degraded their moral integrity.

    Down with Gizzie.
  • An old flame returns, while a new one surfaces. Everyone is on the edge over who's going to be chief. Secrets are revealed. In the end Mer comes to terms with her mothers death, Cristina is worried about her relationship & George and Izzie get it on!!

    I laughed ALOT this episode specially when Izzie just started blurting out all these things. HAHA! I also thought it was funny how they all reacted to Cristina sleeping with her professor.

    Isn't Alex just the sweetest? I'm glad he moved in Meredith's. I've always liked him but I'm really hoping they show more of him soon.Addie,Mark, and then Derek and Burke all getting into over the chief thing was sure intense!! Mer giving her father & step mom a chance was nice! In the end she was dealing with that the best she could. Derek & his little talk was sweet. Also, another BIG issue w/Burktina I hope they work it out. Izzie&George- WOW! but I'm ok with it. I feel so bad for Callie though. I believe she loves George though but they shouldn't have married so soon. :(
  • And I thought this would suck.

    Can I get a surgeon in here stat to remove the foot George just put in his mouth. Well this is like the fifth episode of Grey's Anatomy I've seen and I've got to say is not as bad as I thought, it's actually a pretty good medical show with a dose of extra drama but a little drama never killed…a lot of people. this episode is one of the best I've seen so far, I knew from the time that bottle was opened that it wouldn't end well for Izzie or George but it happened can't wait to see what happens after that.
  • Alex makes things weird with Izzie when he moves into the house. Derek treats a friend for a tumor in her head. Izzie causes more problems between George and Callie. Someone else joins the competition for chief of surgery.

    So we find out this episode that Alex is taking George's old room in the house. This makes things weird for Izzie because of their past. We then discover that she doesn't want Alex to want anyone else, even though she didn't want him. I thought Izzie was harsh with Callie earlier in this episode, and have thought for a while now that she's been quite the b**ch to Callie. I was starting to think she had feelings for George so when Callie finally said it i was like "YES! finally someone else sees it, i'm not the only one!" I was starting to think i was crazy. So, George and Callie have a fight over the fact that she's an heiress and never told George about it. He thinks she lied to him, and he feels like crap because he found out she uses the money he gives her to tip housekeeping every week. After Callie tells him that Izzie wants him, she tells him to get out. George gets drunk with Izzie to vent and of course winds up in bed with her. He will never never learn. That really sucks too because i thought Callie was awesome and i wanted them to make it. I wonder now if Callie is going to find out. A professor by the name of Collin Marlow from Stanford comes to Seattle Grace to join the race for cheif of surgery. We find out he and Yang had a three year long relationship, and it ended when she left. This throws a wrench in things for Burke and Cristina, though i sort of think Burke is over reacting a bit. He tends to blow a lot of things out of proportion. Of course, i think the man is an arrogant a** and he annoys me, so i want him to go away anyway. Grey's father and Susan invite her to dinner which she would've have thought of everything to get out of, but she winds up inviting them to have dinner at her place. She has Izzie cook the food. Susan turns out to be very nice as i thought ever since i first saw her, and i think she's helping Grey through everything. They finally start getting along, and i think she might even start getting closer to her father if she stops trying to sabatoge the only family she has left. The chief walks into several altercations between his attendings over the chief of surgery position and yells at them. I think he feels bad about them all fighting over the spot, so what i think he has done is brought Marlow in so he didn't have to pick someone that is friends or a co-worker of someone else at Seattle Grace. Derek has to work on a friend of his by the name of Helen Crawford. She must have a tumor removed which keeps coming back because they haven't been able to get it all every time they go in after it. When she reveals to Derek that she's throwing in the towel and this will be the last time, and she will accept the two years she'll have left to live, Derek refuses to accept that. She survives the surgery after a scare on the table where Derek had to cut her open and massage her heart, and they got all the tumor. The chief and Izzie remove a bullet from a man's scapula that has been there ever since he was at war in Korea. He was shot by his own men and wanted to use the bullet to bring the person to justice, but the bullet was too deteriorated to be able to match it. I thought this was another great episode. I still can't believe George was so stupid and yet again screwed up and slept with one of his friends. Off topic a little bit here, has anyone else noticed T.R. Knight's little eye twitches throughout the show, or is it just me? I'm starting to wonder if he has Tourette Syndrome.
  • A very funny episode that also changes all the relationships.

    It was a really funny episode, a very good way to start over after the three episode extravaganza. I really got surprised when I saw Colin Marlow touching Cristina! I never would have imagined it! Callie's attitude was a little bit annoying and she shouldn't have said she had tons of money. Izzie was a little hiperactive with the other interns and made awkward remarks at everybody. I really liked how Thatcher and Mer got closer, and especially how Mer and Susan got really closer! I really like the relationship between George and Izzie, but the biggest issue is that George is married...well...nothing is perfect, but I really like that relationship.
  • A great and funny episode!

    I really enjoyed this episode. My favourite part was the diner with Thatcher and susan. cristina said some funny things there and i thought it was just a great scene. I also like the tension between Thacther and Meridith. I think alex is becoming more likable which is a good thing, i like jane doe! Addison i'm not a huge fan of but she wasn;t in this episode much. This Colin Marlow seemas intresting and i can't wait to see how this affects the engagement. Callie is so annoying! Now the ending i know has been contreversal but i loved it! Go Gizzie!
  • Finally George and Izzy get together.

    I always though George and Izzy suited each other well, just because they have so much in common and get on like a house on fire. I'm glad Meredith is well again and i can't wait till George and Callie's marriage falls apart, well Callie is nice and all but she doesn't suit george. I wish Alex would hurry up and get together with Addison because they would be really nice together and she finally made up her mind about who she likes. Grey's Anatomy is always good to watch and this is just another great episode that i loved.
  • So the ferry boat incident is slowly fading and all of our fave Doctors are back on shore.. Grey's Anatomy continues to amaze me...

    I love this episode.. its was diffirent plus the way it slowly removed itself from the Ferry Accident is incredible as they move back to issues in the hospital e.g. Next Chief and Christina/Preston engagement tensions. Grey's Anatomy continues to amaze me every episode and it always ends with a big sigh of: "OMG! Did that just happen!" I love how Derek says about Meredith: "She's tough, but she tries to hide it, she's difficult, but if you make an effort, she's worth it."

    Love the ending as nothing is more beautiful than two best friends (Izzie & George) getting together but its funny how alcohol is the solution to everything lol. Only question is? ... will it last or will it be like a George/ Meredith thang? I live in Australia so i dont know what is going to happen next not like the Yanks out there lol.. yes Australia is slow when it comes to excellent drama viewing. Overall loved it!
  • silly

    I think grey's anatomy is silly.i have watched only two episodes and it's silly.i don't think their acting is that serious to deserve a doctor i see thousands of more intersting cases.the chemistry is horrible.i think it is targeted to certain it really a blockbuster like the x files and prison break.there's nothing intersting relationships !This is in every show on earth>i liked desperate housewives more>besides grey"s anatomy is a copy from scrubs both are alike and silly although the chemistry in scrubs is far better>grey's trying her best to be sexy but she isn't.people's lives and illnesses are not a joke so that a soundtrack is playing trying to make disease look simple and a subject of silly relationships.
  • The aftermath of the Ferry boat incident and a new competador for cheif comes forward.

    This epiosde was so good, I dont know why so many people did not like it. It seemed like Grey's Anatomy was back to its light hearted, happy self. All the characters were great in this eppy and some of the lines were HILARIOUS!!! I also loved Dr. Marlowe and all the drama he created. I totally loved this episode!!!!
  • Finally a good one again

    After the really really stupid previous episode, I was hoping for some light fun and an interesting aftermath of Meredith's near death experience. She's "fine", she claims, but I'm sure there'll be more to it. But I like the fact that she might be establishing a relationship with her father and his wife is so nice, they could be a good new family to Meredith, she should just try it!
    George and Izzie. Interesting. I heard the rumours and I always thought "No, oh my god, please not", but when they were sitting there together and drinking, it was a really interesting match. Callie is kinda annoying me lately, but I feel kinda sorry for her now, especially since she kinda knew it the whole time. But I'm sure she was the only one knowing it, because this must be a huge for Izzie and George...
    Cristina was once again great in this episode. It shouldn't come as a surprise that she's been with a great surgent before, but I didn't picture her in a long term relationship. Can't wait to see how this will effect the engagement to Burke...
  • Okay but usually does better!!

    I was slightly disappointed by this episode I must say. I was expecting an explosive start to the second half of the series, especially after nearly a month off. Grey's Anatomy never really disappoints so I think that maybe with the long gap between episodes I was expecting too much! The George and Izzy thing was way too obvious and I wouldn't imagine that this will last. Plus George cheated on his wife!! George is a nice guy, and nice guys just don't do that kind of thing. Liquored up or not I couldn't imagine him cheating, it doesn't sit easily with the character! Still it was a nice filler episode and i think this week's show will be explosive!?
  • what?!?

    So I was really yelling at the TV over this episode!! Parts of it were really good, Meredith making some type of peace with her father and his new family was nice. I also liked that Alex and Izzie made peace over now living together and what has happened in the past. Alex is slowly winning me over with how nice he is to Jane Doe. What I didn’t like was Callie being so mean to George, she lied about something big and he has a right to be upset over the whole thing. She was way out of line about Izzie too. But the thing that I really hate was when George and Izzie hooked up. Never would have happened if Callie hadn’t gone crazy and planted the idea. And I think that completed the sex circle, now the whole cast has slept with multiple people…
  • Who didn't see George and Izzy getting together? i thought the episode was amazing.Dinner with Meredith and her father was a priceless moment. Derek's famous one liners " I'll be your wingman" wow Mc Dreamy springs to the rescue.

    i feel really bad for Callie. so what if she has a lot of money? at the beginning of the season George asked how she afforded the hotel and she said "there is alot you still dont know about me" alarm bells. we all knew Callie was rich. no suprise there. foot in mouth disease for George though...saying Izzy is a model and would never look at him. Oops poor Callie.

    A new side to Alex has begun to develop over the past few episodes. im really starting to like him.

    i really dont think sloan will keep his end of the deal.

    And oh my word! christina was so funny when her ex grabs her bum while hugging. but yet again Christina and Burke are fighting.

    Bailey for chief!
  • George and Izzy had sex? seriously?

    So I have to focus on the fact that George and Izzy had sex. I used to like this show until I saw this episode. They´re like sibilings! ewww. Not watching the show again. The writers have made me hate the sweet George and the inocent Izzy. Is that their strategy to kill Katherine Heigl off the show?????
  • The producers are making Izzie out to be a jerk!

    Alex is getting to show his sensitive side and that
    Is good as he is working on an amnesia case
    For a woman patient. Meanwhile, a woman named Helen goes to
    The hospital claiming that she knows someone on the staff. Like everybody on this board, Izzie, or the producers are making Izzie less likable and more of a jerk. Making her almost the least favorite of the characters.
  • I like Izzy less and less as the show progresses. She causes doubt and havoc in other people's relationships, but when it comes to her own, she won't let other people in.

    First of all, the one thing I DID like about the episode, is the storyline with Mer, Der, Thatch, and her step-mom. I'm glad that Mer and Der seem to be trying to move past her "near death... whatever" and trying to be an actual couple, instead of jumping into marriage like everyone else. The fact that Derek came to Meredith's aide and helped her get throught hte dinner shows that he still is our McDreamy. I loved how he told Thatcher that Meredith is worth any struggle to talk with her. It shows how much he cares about her. And although it was painful to see Thatcher inaccurately describe Molly instead of Meredith in the tree picture, it was sweet when he took the pin out of the swing, saying that she used to catch her fingers on it. It showed Meredith that, even though he did run, he did care about her.

    Just when we think the Cristina is making progress in her relationship with Burke, she falls backwards. When Burke found out about her and her ex, I was hoping and hoping that she'd say something along the lines of how much she loves him or something emotional, but instead we get "it makes you happy". I really like Burke and Cristina, because I think they both enhace each other in different ways, but I'm really starting to wonder how much more Burke can take of Cristina's lack of a lot of emotion.

    The storyline with Derek and his old friend was interesting. We always love him as McDreamy, but it showed us that McDreamy can be a McDouschey sometimes. I think the past Mer-death situation might have fueled his passion about not wanting to let his friend go. But it also showed us that Derek IS human. Although he is an optimist, he is still human, with faults and emotion that might rule over him at times.

    Finally, the story that made me hate this episode. I love George and Callie. She saved him when he was a wounded puppy after being rejected by Meredith. He lost her, then realized how much she meant to him. They both had doubts, then came together to join as one in marriage. The fact that Izzy is constantly making snide comments about Callie is irritating. George almost started to make Callie a priority when he stood up to Izzy in the last episode. I think he, and all of the interns in some cases, need to learn how to keep certain things secret. (even though that might make for less exciting viewing for us) Yes, he was venting to Meredith about Callie withholding her riches, and yes, Izzy overheard by accident. But, if he had listened to his wife's side of the argument, he would have heard her say that it was a delicate and private issue. Something he obviously didn't think was such. From what we've seen, Callie doesn't have a lot of close friends, and none of the McGang has really done anything to let her in. George doesn't try to include her, he only further isolates her by choosing them over her all the time, and then SLEEPING WITH IZZY!

    Izzy is going to get irritating real quick, and if they hook up, I might stop watching the show. Seriously.
  • Stupid end. Just stupid.

    Great epi if not for probably one of the worst endings EVER. I was left fuming when the writers decided to add unnecessary drama by getting Izzie and George going the Meredith and George route (which sucked pretty badly as well). Why oh why can't they just stay mutual friends without the sleep together bit?!

    I have some strong personal issue with this matter so to say that I'm a bit peeved is really putting it mildly. Anyways, moving on, the race to be chief is getting a bit tired too. You can't help but hide your eyes behind your fingers when the acting gets a bit over the top.

    Other than that, it was just average. The real highlight for me was the whole Burke-Christina-Colin Marlow love triangle. The dinner was a nice touch as well. I just hope they'd come up with a bang to finish off the season.
  • Why is it that every episode of this show makes me cry?

    Why is it that every episode of this show makes me cry? Is it that's it's so cheesy or is it so insightful and mirroring real life? I'd like to think it's the latter.

    The moment where Izzy wakes up and realizes she's in bed with George seems like a flashback from my younger days. I can certainly understand a friendship that is so close, you aren't sure if it should go a step further. I wonder how this is going to pan out.... do they fall in love, or do they tell no one and forget it ever happened?????

    As for Meredith, I can see her letting go of her demons and really getting back into her life (though the show is much better when she has issues). Who is Jane Doe? Maybe we'll find out soon!!!!
  • Where are we going now?

    This episode is really something to wonder about... First things first: the show's named "Grey's Anatomy", so, in the end, we have to see things about Grey, right? It's to be expected, sure, and, personally, I really like Meredith - crazy, smart mouth, depressed Meredith. Yeah, that's my favorite Meredith. Still, I also don't want writers putting too much problem where, frankly, we don't have. I mean, in the last episode the girl almost died, lost her mom, and she now has to deal with her "father issues" so soon? Now, the reason why Tatcher Grey is around does make sense. He worries for his daughter that just lost her mom; okay, okay, but it is a little weird that no one seems to worry, or even mentions the fact that Meredith almost just died... Her father doesn't seem to know, fine, but what about Derek? I was wating to see what would be the outcome of Derek's conclusion in the last episodes - the one that Meredith's drawning wasn't just an accident. Now, that is something I want to see, that is, in my opinion, something I believe Derek would eventually like to discuss. It's true that this may be brought up again (or so I hope), but I still find pretty awkward that no mention was made in this episode. So, considering all this, I think that, if Meredith still have issues we would like to see her dealing with, the father thing isn't, right now, one of them. It's kind of forced upon us viewers right now. On the bright side, it has been fun to see the big shot doctors fighting for the Chief position. On the down side, the thing between George and Izzie is a little too much. I mean, the show has been doing this kind of stuff in an annoying frequency: they don't give viewers time to groom things. It's shocking, really, because the whole Meredith and Derek thing, for example, was dragged for almost three seasons, and, may I say, in a very interesting way. For almost three seasons we wondered about this couple, and this was fun! I'm not comparing the couples, I'm just saying that George and Izzie didn't have to go to bed at the same night Callie suggested Izzie had a thing for George... I do like the couple, but, truth to be told, I did always see them as friends. For me looked like a sudden thing, but... well, I don't want to run into conclusions about this until the next episode. However, it does pisses me off the fact that George and Callie can't get along for more than a few minutes. Really, they are so nice individually, but, as a couple, they are loud and annoying. Sad. Just sad. Now, characters like Karev, Sloan, Addison... They are doing fine. Here's an interesting love triangle, and one that I honestly can't tell how it will end. And, in fact, I don't even know how I want it to end (if ever ends). I'm liking Karev a lot these days, he's growing in an unexpected way, turning into a very realistic character, that fits well in the comedy as well into the drama. Same goes to Mark Sloan (although he is clearly hopeless in so many of his flaws), who's a total bastard, but a smart guy, good doctor, and trully in love with Addison, which is kind of cute anyway. And no need to mention Addison, one of the most solid, coherent, well played characters of the show, responsible for so many good moments in this season, both funny and sad, and by far the doctor in Seattle Grace that gets the most touching cases in the show.

    All and all, this episode wasn't great, but I still think "Grey's Anatomy" is great if you see the big picture. Problem with this episode in particular might be what I've been noticing for a while: there are too many characters. Most of them great, yeah, but you'll get a poor development if you try to squeeze all of them in every episode, adding to that special guest actors playing patients and their stories. The old formula of every intern having a case is not working anymore, especially considering we all want to see interaction between characters, sometimes even out of the hospital. In the end, either the show will cut a few characters (Webber, Callie, Sloan, even Addison, might try a life some place else), or they will change a bit their formula. I'm all for the second option, because, in my humble opinion, the best thing in "Grey's Anatomy" are the crazy, smart mouth, depressed doctors - and I would hate to lose any of them anytime soon.
  • Disappointing from start to finish

    I was so disappointed in this episode.

    It was frustrating to watch from start to finish. Burke "Oh my girlfriend doesn't believe in marriage but she'll marry me to make me happy" and George "OMG my wife is rich so i'm gonna get drunk and sleep with my friend" acting like emo teenage girls was so annoying, and made want to change the channel.
    Can I see where George's intial hurt feelings came from? Absolutely, however Callie had a very valid reason for keeping it from him, especially considering the way he acted, after he learned of her wealth. His actions were the exact reason she kept it from him.

    The storyline with Meredith and her dad/stepmother was refreshingly well written. I enjoyed how, even though there was still tension between her and her dad, she realized what a great person her step-mother is.

    Hopefully next weeks episode is better.
  • Huh.. not so bad after the million-cliffhangers sweeps episodes. But still.... AND WAIT. George and Izzie WHAAAT??!!!

    OK. So there've been better episodes, we all know that. But this one isn't really half bad... I mean- things that had to happen happen.. like Cristina and Burke putting time off on the engagement.. in the bottom of our souls we all thought it was coming. As we know that they'll get back together, cause- well- it's Cristina and Burke. Something I didn't like was Meredith and the whole "bonding with the stepmother and father." I mean, she did have the whole "near-death-whatever", but is that really excuse enough for her to suddenly become TOO warm and fuzzy towards her father and stepmother?... The whole Jane Doe and Alex process should be sped-up. Sort of like Denny and Izzie- it was faster, more obvious, more charming and sparkly.. I don't know- that's just my opinion.

    Anyways- this chapter is good- and coming from the three-part, million-cliffhangers, it's a great way to get back to the usual Grey we all know and love. But it could've been better.
  • I enjoyed it. Not much to say really.

    Scars and Souvenirs follows up after the three parter episode of Grey's Anatomy. The race for chief of surgery gets a lot more intense. Addison and Sloan get into a huge fight about their surgeries, accusing each of putting the life of the patient on the line to impress the chief. Meanwhile, Derek and Burke are put in a similar situation where Derek tries to impress Dr. Colin Marlow. I enjoyed the drama between the residences in this episode, but the interns will never disappoint. New comer Dr. Colin Marlow is apparently someone very very close to Christina and is jeopardizing her relationship with Burke. I think it's a great idea, I don't really like the whole Burke-Christina getting along thing, it isn't them. As for Merideth, she finds problems not with dealing with the effect of the death of her mother to herself, but the effect of it to her father and Susan. Her father and Susan are trying to get closer to Merideth, but at first Merideth pushes away though at the end she comes to them with open arms. The story was very OK, it wasn't my favorite, but after what happened to Merideth the past three episodes, she should get a break from the hard drama. Karev moves into George's room and still has a very strong relationship with Jane Doe. The Izzie-Callie face off is still going on with George right smack in the middle. Callie and George finally let all their emotions out and get into a huge fight after George finds out about Callie's expensive secret and when Callie finds out about George's closeness with Izzie. The story-line was perfect, it started off a little "Err... I don't know about this," but it was just right for the story. Overall it was a great episode. Nothing special to it though.
  • thank god i laughed this time!!

    i noticed that this episode has its own share of approvals and disapprovals.. except for the last part, i liked the episode.. i was laughing most of the time and it felt great! after the last three episodes, this is a relief..

    im so glad alex moved into the house! i hope he gets back with izzie.. (keeping fingers crossed) i loved how cristina reacted when she saw that it was a former lover who she's been waiting to see and after she told izzie that the professors in stanford love her! LMAO! how true! good thing mer agreed with the dinner with thatcher and his wife.. i love reconciliations.

    i certainly hope that george didn't do it with izzie! that is just so wrong!!!!!!!!
  • Terrible, just terrible. Callie and George continue to have marital issues, which are quickly resolved when George sleeps with Izzie. For more TV reviews

    Plot: A famous heart surgeon visits the hospital, and contemplates entering the race for chief. Christina deals with an ex lover and her crappy relationship with Burke. Callie and George continue to have marital issues, which are quickly resolved when George sleeps with Izzie.

    Honestly, if this were any other show, I would be surprised by the shoddiness of these story-lines, but with Grey’s, I have come to lower my standards. Much like Meredith’s dating life. Take that Derek. I can’t wait till you go bald. You will have nothing, NOTHING! I like when fictional characters are introduced to an audience, and we are just suppose to get that they are famous. Oh, he invinted the (insert nonsensical medical jargon) heart manuever! The famous surgeon is none other than Christina’s old professor and ex lover. With the chief supposedly retiring, everyone wants a crack at running this disfunctional hospital. Inexplicitedly, Derek and Burke risk their patients lives in a pissing contest to impress this guy. He may be a brilliant surgeon but the new comer doesn’t have a lot of tact. Bringing up his old relationship with a Christina, while Burke has his hands in some dude’s insides is a pretty dick move. Once again, the Burke/Christina relationship is on shaky grounds. This show really isn’t big on promoting successful marriages. Christina must have really wanted an A in school because her teacher has got to be pushing sixty. Burke is understandably disturbed by Christina’s emerging father issues. She is kind of a succubus, draining older men of all their medical knowledge in exchange for lack luster sexual favors. How can anyone find her attractive?

    Burke isn’t the only one with girlfriend issues. George freaks out when he learns that Callie comes from a very wealthy family. Why on Earth does this bother him? He is dirt poor and she has some self confidence issues, so understandable, she wanted to make sure that he isn’t in it for the money. Being a girl, George sees it as Callie hiding something from him and he runs to Izzie for help. Even though I saw this coming a mile away, it still really pissed me off. The worst part was when Izzie woke up, she seemed shocked and surprised. I wonder what Denny’s ghost will have to say to her the next time drops by the hospital.

    The Derek storyline came out of no where and felt very out of place. Who was this mysterious woman from his past and why did it constantly look like they were going to make out? Coincidently, I couldn’t care less about Meredith reuniting with her estranged family either. She is just like Susan on Desperate Houswives; a walking train wreck whose very presence makes situations inherently more awkward than need be.

    Parting Thought: First Meredith and now Izzie. George takes advantage of a lot of women!
  • Izzy annoys me more and more every week!

    Okay, maybe I'm wrong but Izzy seems to think she's better than anyone else! I mean, she's talking to this old man about how her soul has been changed and she's just telling him to get over it. She is so rude! And then all the mean stuff she says to Callie.

    Okay, I think Meredith took a huge step with her father, and wow, is Derek the best boyfriend ever or what? And her sister is so nice.

    I love Christina. She's my favorite so it's pretty upsetting to see her upset. She's such a strong character, I don't want to see her lose her relationship with Burke. I guess this episode was more of a teaser. Nothing new next week either!
  • I am so glad the humor is back in Grey's Anatomy. This episode made me laugh out loud. The last 3 episodes were dark and the beauty in grey's has always been the light!

    I am so glad the writers brought back the comedy for this episode. For the last month it’s been nothing but intensity and death. The lighter side of Seattle Grace really came prominent. The beauty of this show is really the commentary between the amazing characters. The Izzie and George night together through me for a loop, but I can see the story line playing out better then when George made that mistake with Meredith. As far as Callie is concerned George has come major groveling to do, not just for the “night with Izzie”(we don’t know if they actually had sex yet…maybe there was technical difficulty) but for his jerky remarks at the hotel.
  • Disturbing on soooo many levels...

    Review for Serbian audience

    OK, ako bi me neko naterao da biram između House MD-a i GA, oduvek bih izbegavala odgovor podvlačenjem činjenice da su to dve serije smeštene u identično bolničko okruženje, ali potpuno različitog senzibiliteta, te da su potpuno drugačijeg žanra... I zato jednostavno ne bih morala da biram između te dve serije.

    Ali, posle ove epizode, nije mi teško da napravim izbor. A to nije "Anatomija po dr Grej". Desilo se upravo ono čega sam se pribojavala nakon početka aktuelne, treće sezone. Serija je postala "Ally McBeal"-"Friens"-"samo za devojke" serija... Izgleda da se Šonda neće smiriti dok u ovoj seriji svako ne povali svakog. Tako smo mogli da vidimo i da se to desilo sa Džordžom i Izi. Odvratno. Fuj. Bljak. Uopšte, deluje mi kao da su svi karakteri prilično izmenjeni u ovoj epizodi, barem u odnosu na prethodnu. Sada imamo novu, veselu i super-raspoloženu Meredit, koja prima Aleksa u kuću, Aleksa koji se ponaša kao pravi dobrica, Izi koja je spavala sa Džordžom, i skoro pa sve specijaliste koji se na razne načine ponižavaju pred novim potencijalnim šefom hirurgije (koji je, baj d vej, svetski poznati kardio-torakalni hirurg i koji je bio profesor Kristini na Stanfordu.. i to ne samo profesor, if you know what I mean :) )... što Burka, naravno, čini ekstremno nervoznim, pa je i sama veridba "pod znakom pitanja"...

    Šta reći... prateći GA sve ovo vreme, pomirila sam se sa činjenicom da je u centru zbivanja ko se sa kim smuvao, ko je sa kim bio, čije su izgubljene gaćice, ko je kome preneo sifilis... U poređenju sa House MD, GA deluje kao kada se novi singl Britney Spears uporedi sa Mozartom ili Beethovenom. Naravno, svako može da đuska uz Britni, ali ko nauči da "sluša" Mozarta, on zna šta je istinsko uživanje u muzici...

    Pa tako i ovde. Svakako da će nove veze i šemice u GA naći veliki broj poklonika i fanova. Oni koje više zanima dobar zaplet, misterija, sjajni likovi, maestralna gluma Hugh Laurie-a, i koji žele barem malo da nauče, ti će se odlučiti za House MD.

    Ja znam da jesam. GA ću svakako nastaviti da pratim, rutine radi. Ali ono što je GA činilo tako posebnim, a to je nestrpljivo isčekivanje sledeće epizode, e, to je nestalo. PS

    Možda je i novi spin-off sa Addison znak da je Šonda uvidela "kud plovi ovaj brod", pa je rešila da koliko-toliko na vreme izbavi jedan od omiljenih likova i pruži mu novu šansu.
  • Congrats writers, on screwing up your two best characters.

    I used to love this show. Every Sunday I eagerly awaited a new episode. Since GA moved to Thursday it seems to have lost what I loved about it. Now this is it. I think I've given up. Having George and Izzie sleep together(even it they didn't have sex they implied it) is just a new low. Why, WHY can't to people just be FRIENDS? I loved the friendship between those two. But no, they needed to increase the !Drama!. Yuck. The whole episode was a mess. Addison, Derek, Mark and Burke doing risky surgeries to show off for the new guy? Yelling in the hall? I know it's a show, but these professionals are suppose to be in there mid-late 30's, not teenagers in high school (no offense to teenagers).
  • My favorite Grey's Anatomy episode!

    So far I've always had a hard time deciding which episode I liked the most, and fortunatelly the search is over.

    This is also one of the funniest episodes of the show and made me laugh almost to the tear point. Meredith saying to her stepmother her house isn't always that way and Cristina saying it is made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt.

    As it was hoped and predicted some things in the show had to start changing, otherwise everything would be too perfect and it wouldn't be so interesting anymore. And nothing like an ex showing up to shake Cristina and Burke's relationship. Add to that the fact that Cristina's ex was also her former mentor, had even proposed to her (filling Burke's mind with doubts) and now is one of the chief of surgery candidates.

    In the unknown background light we also have George finding Callie is rich, millionnaire like, which ended in a fight and George been thrown away to sleep in the couch. But since they are in a hotel, George ended in Meredith's house wanting to get drunk and confessing to Izzie he might have made a wrong decision marrying Callie, which by the way ended with Izzie and George drunk and naked and (too much detail).

    Oh! Almost forgot. Alex moved to Meredith's house and in the same second Izzie was already pissed because he took George's room and saying a lot of things about privacy, which she herself wasn't giving to Meredith when she stormed into her room and woke her.

    All in all, lots of laughs as I said before and lots of consequences to this episode. Just can't decide if they are going to follow this Izzie-George relation.

    Stay tuned to find out!
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