Grey's Anatomy

Season 10 Episode 1

Seal Our Fate

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2013 on ABC

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  • Want to stop caring about humanity? Just watch Grey's Anatomy

    I'm not sure what to write honestly.

    I feel that the writers for Grey's Anatomy need a hug. They don't seem to be capable of writing anything worth being happy about. Anything that could possibly have a happy scenario is always the worst possible one, and with some random twist that makes it even worst, and then when it couldn't POSSIBLY get any worst, they kick that scenario down the stairs, urinate on top of it and then gather up all the neighborhood animals so they can defecate on top of it and then pour acid all over it.

    Sure, Heather wasn't a major character and killing her wasn't a big deal, but honestly... after the major deaths that occurred over the series, I just don't really care anymore.

    There's news about Sandra Oh leaving the show, my guess?

    She gets shot in the chest by a sniper and the only person who could possibly fix it is herself.

    I say it jokingly, but I'm sure anyone who reads that probably wouldn't really think twice about it.
  • SERIOUSLY???!!!!!

    ATTENTION!! ANYONE WHO WATCHES GREY'S ANATOMY: I am not only extremely disappointed, but I am also very angry with the Arizona/Callie story line in season 10. It is not only insulting, but it is saddening that the writers would stoop to such an overplayed, unrealistic, and cheap tactic for drama. Arizona went through too much to get back to the person she was before she lost her leg in season 9. She went through too much to be who Callie needed her to be for her to risk losing it all, and throwing it all away for some tawdry, quick, cheap affair with some random hottie doctor. It is insulting to the viewers and quite honestly... painful to watch.
  • Was it neccessasry to kill of Heather?

    Why it is it that the producers of the show think the only way to keep the show interesting is to kill off another character. I mean Heather wasn't a major character but was it necessary? .
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