Grey's Anatomy

Season 10 Episode 1

Seal Our Fate

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2013 on ABC



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    • Derek (during Heather's surgery): Oh, damn it. There's blood in the temporal horn. I'm gonna have to do a temporal lobectomy.
      Shane: Dr. Shepherd. She'll have motor and memory deficits if you--
      Derek: I'm trying to save her life.
      Shane: This is my fault.
      Derek: Shane.
      Shane: No, I did this.
      Derek: You didn't do anything. This isn't your fault. This just happened. Now I can't have you in here if you can't hold it together. Can you be in here?
      Shane: Yeah.

    • Meredith: Be a good friend. Tell me I made the right decision.
      Cristina: You made the right decision.

    • (Jo pulls Alex into a supply closet)
      Alex: What are you doing?
      Jo: Heather's hemorrhaging.
      Alex: Yeah, I heard.
      Jo: She could die.
      Alex: Alright, look, don't go there.
      Jo: She's my age, my class. Her locker's right next to mine. I use her deodorant without telling her, and she could die.
      Alex: I know. It sucks. It all sucks. (Jo kisses him)
      Jo: Wait, wait, wait. This is bad. We shouldn't.
      Alex: Yeah.
      Jo: But I want to.
      Alex: Okay.
      Jo: Wait. Did you have sex with any of my friends in this closet?
      Alex: Uh...
      Jo: Okay, no. This isn't happening. I gotta go.
      Alex: Wh-- (Jo opens the door and finds Arizona about to walk in)
      Jo: Hey.
      Arizona: Hey. (Jo walks off, to Alex) I was just gonna get some lidocaine, but I'm not gonna slip on a used condom, am I?
      Alex: Screw you.
      Arizona: Yeah. Did you hear the news about me being a big slut got out?
      Alex: Yeah.
      Arizona (sighs): It's mortifying. But, you know, I mean, I think that-- I think that we're gonna be okay. You know, I-I think-- I think it's gonna make us stronger. You know, like a bone. You know, sometimes you-- You have to, you have to break it in order for it to heal correctly. And I think that maybe Callie and I... That's what I was gonna tell Callie... (sighs) Like, um, an ortho metaphor? What do you think?
      Alex: I think you should stick to "I'm sorry I'm such a slut."
      Arizona: Yeah. Good call.

    • Cristina (about Richard): You're not opening him up.
      Bailey: The electrical injury may have caused intra-abdominal tissue damage and likely progressing because of his heart failing.
      Cristina: He barely tolerated the balloon pump.
      Bailey: I need to get in there and debride the dead tissue.
      Cristina: There's no way his heart can handle the anesthesia.
      Bailey: His lactate is 6.
      Cristina: He needs sustained cardiac I.C.U.
      Bailey: He's gonna die if we don't do anything.
      Cristina: We're not doing nothing. We're gonna let the balloon pump work and keep his fluids tight.
      Bailey: I am the attending. You are a fellow. I make the decisions here.
      Cristina: Well, I own this hospital. You work for me.

    • (While Cristina is trying to insert a pump on Richard)
      Cristina: It's too quiet. Talk.
      Bailey: Y-You're doing good. You... are not going to rupture the aorta. Because you... are Cristina Yang. You are the star of your class. I always knew it. I said it to anyone who'd ask-- 'Look out for Cristina Yang.' I-I said it to Webber. (voice breaking) 'Cristina Yang is good. Cristina Yang would not rupture an aorta. Cristina Ya--' (Richard's blood pressure stabilizes) Oh, god, you did it. Oh, dear lord. He has a steady heartbeat. Oh, praise jesus. You did not rupture his aorta.
      Cristina (to nurse): Secure this device and get him up to the I.C.U. (to Bailey) We just bought him some time.
      Bailey (hugging Cristina): Hug me back, Cristina Yang. I know that you are not a hugger, but right now I need you to hug me back. (Cristina hugs Bailey back)

    • Cristina: Hey. You agree with Meredith's decision?
      Owen: I think that it was a coin toss.
      Cristina: You gonna be in there with Bailey?
      Owen: Yeah.
      Cristina: Okay, if he has abnormal bleeding, give him factor 7. He responds well to it.
      Owen: Okay.
      Cristina: And make sure his pulses are checked hourly. That is really important. You wanna write that down?
      Owen: No, I think I--
      Cristina: You know what? You know, let me put that in your phone.
      Owen (smiles): You're a challenging person.
      Cristina: I know.

    • Callie (holding baby Bailey): I was just thinking about when Richard caught me living in the limb room. I was a resident. Before George. Anyway... I was in there one night, and he-- Richard walked in on me dancing in my underwear. (they chuckle) I was so embarrassed. I mean... he was the chief.
      Meredith: Are you okay?
      Callie: No. No, I'm... No, I don't dance in my underwear anymore.

    • Meredith: You know what I was thinking before you guys came in here? (sighs) I was thinking that I wish my mother were here to see my kids. I was wondering if she'd make a good grandmother. But you know what that is? It's delusional thinking. Because my mother would make a horrible grandmother, because she was a horrible mother. So... I'm delusional and hormonal. And I can't trust my delusional thoughts. I have to rely on the labs. So we need to run the lactate again, and if it's above 6, we're going to do the surgery. And if it's not, we're not. (Cristina, Owen & Bailey nod in agreement)

    • (In the gallery watching Heather's surgery)
      Stephanie (walks in): Can you see her vital signs?
      Jo: Yeah. (sighs) Bad.
      Leah: At least Shane's happy. Heather's out of the competition.
      Stephanie: That was mean... even for you.
      Leah: It was a joke. I'm trying to lighten the mood.
      Stephanie: Our friend is dying.
      Leah: You don't even like her.
      Stephanie: Oh, my god.
      Jo: Just ignore her, Steph.
      Leah: Well, she usually does.
      Jo (sighs): We should get back.
      Stephanie: I like Heather.
      Jo: I know.

    • Cristina: His heart is too weak, Meredith.
      Bailey: His heart can take it. You trust me, right? You named your baby after me.
      Cristina: Hey, hey! No personal relationships.
      Bailey (waves Cristina off): The amount of electricity he had in his body should have killed him instantly, but it didn't, which tells me that the heart damage isn't as bad as you think.
      Cristina: He coded four times.
      Bailey: And we got him back!
      Cristina: Oh, and now you just sound idiotic.
      Bailey: Ah-ah! Dr. Yang!
      Cristina: No, seriously. You sound like a family member who googled 'electrocution' and is trying to remain optimistic.
      Bailey: Well, I am optimistic.
      Cristina: Well, Richard should have made Bailey his family member, because that is how she's acting right now.
      Bailey: I wish he would've.
      Owen: Well, he didn't. He put Meredith down, so--
      Meredith: Why would he do that?
      Bailey: And she knows as well as I do that electric shock can cause death of tissues which could start a whole inflammatory cascade unless I debride what's been damaged.
      Cristina: Well, he'll have to handle it for a day to let his heart rest. And then--
      Bailey: He can't handle it? Okay, now you sound like an idiot. Letting that tissue die is like taking a gun and killing him.
      Meredith: Why wouldn't he tell me?
      Cristina: I don't know, but he didn't. And it's on you, so you have to decide, Mer.

    • Meredith: I don't understand.
      Owen: Richard designated you as his medical power of attorney.
      Meredith: But he can't make me next of kin without talking to me first.
      Bailey: He did.
      Cristina: After Adele died, he revised his directive.
      Meredith: But--
      Owen: Meredith, I know this is a shock but we don't have much time. Right now you need to make a decision.

    • Cristina (in the file room, looking for Richard's file): Oh, I smell dead people.
      Bailey: Oh, and spiders. Dead people killed by spiders.

    • Cristina (after Owen walks in Richard's room): Oh, Owen.
      Bailey: Owen, no. You're not gonna 'Owen' this. No personal relationships, this is professional. This is Dr. Hunt.
      Owen: What is going on?
      Bailey: Dr. Webber has an acute abdomen. He needs surgery.
      Cristina: He barely survived the balloon pump.
      Bailey: His lactate is 6...
      Cristina: And holding.
      Bailey: So what if it's holding? Something is dead inside of him. It's not gonna get undead.
      Cristina: It's way too risky, and you know it.
      Bailey: I would rather take the risk than just wait for what we know is gonna kill him.
      Owen: Stop, stop. What does his healthcare directive say about extraordinary measures? (they are both silent)

    • Callie: Guys, he's almost lost his entire blood volume, if you don't get control in there--
      Arizona: It's already done. I controlled the bleeding using a pringle maneuver.
      Leah: Wow. Cool.
      Arizona: Don't be so impressed. It's fairly standard.
      Leah: Yeah, I know, but you did it so well.
      Callie (sighs): I was wrong before, Murphy, when I implied that Dr. Robbins wasn't a real general surgeon. She is. She's an excellent general surgeon.
      Arizona: It's okay. We've all said things that we shouldn't have.

    • Derek: I know this is difficult, but Brooks is our patient. I'm telling you this to remind you to be her doctor, not her friend right now. There are decisions to be made in there that will affect not only her ability to be a surgeon-- Her speech, her ability to function, her life. But those decisions are ultimately mine. I will not make them lightly. But I will make them quickly, and you need to do exactly as I say. No questions. Can you do that?
      Shane: I think so.
      Derek: That's not good enough.
      Shane: Yes, sir. I-I can do it, sir.

    • Alex: We need blood, Mer. There's no time to screen, type, or cross. Alright? I need all the o-neg I can get.
      Meredith: Okay, but wait. Tell me what's going on?
      Alex: And staff. Lab techs, scrub nurses. I need E.T.A.s on when you can get people in here. Page me when you can.
      Meredith: Alex, pick up the baby.
      Alex: Mer, I don't have time.
      Meredith: Alex. Pick up my baby. (Alex goes over and picks up Bailey, and goes to hand him to Mer) No, the baby is for you, so that you can stop freaking out. Now just relax and tell me what's going on.
      Alex: Webber and Brooks are down. They were electrocuted. It's bad, but we're-- We're-- We're dealing with it. I just need you to get on the phone and help us get those supplies, okay?
      Meredith: Okay. Okay.
      Alex: Here. (hands her Bailey) Your turn not to freak out.

    • Arizona: I know that you wanted Bailey but she's working on Richard. (sighs) Callie, we should--
      Callie: Should what? Not sleep with other people? Respect our wedding vows?
      Arizona: We should put our problems aside right now because this guy deserves that. (Callie scoffs and walks into the O.R.)

    • Stephanie: Dr. Bailey, um...
      Bailey: Ugh, you smell like feces.
      Stephanie: I-I know.
      Bailey: So why you standing next to me if you smell like feces?
      Stephanie: Uh... Dr. Hunt would like you to take over in the E.R. while he goes up to surgery.
      Bailey: Tell Dr. Hunt I'm about to go in with Torres. So I can't man the E.R. Where's Dr. Webber?
      Stephanie: I don't know.
      Bailey: Okay, well, find him please. (raises voice) Someone needs to find Richard Webber!

    • Jo: Do you have cefazolin?
      Stephanie: Yeah, they were hoarding it in O.B.
      Jo: Bastards. Give me some.
      Stephanie: Ah! I'll trade you for a chest tube. And a granola bar.
      Jo: I don't have a granola bar.
      Stephanie: Liar. You've got granola bar breath. Do you want the cef?
      Jo: Fine! (pulls back her coat, revealing a granola bar in her pocket)
      Meredith: What is going on out there?
      Jo: Huge mudslide. Gotta go.
      Stephanie: Lot of crush injuries. Super cute baby.
      Meredith: I thought the E.R. was closed!

    • Arizona: Okay, we need to stabilize his pelvis. (to Leah) Okay, you're gonna need to pull harder.
      Callie (walks up): Talk to me, Murphy.
      Leah: Aaron Garcia. C.T. showed an open book pelvic fracture and a liver lac with hemorrhage.
      Arizona: Harder, Murphy.
      Leah: I'm afraid if I pull too hard I'm going to make it worse.
      Callie: You can't-- Move. You can't make it worse. (looking at Arizona) It's already as bad as it can be. Alright, I need to get this guy upstairs, put in an ex fix immediately. Murphy, book an O.R. and ask Bailey to scrub in.
      Arizona: What do you need Bailey for?
      Callie: He has a liver lac. I need a general surgeon.
      Arizona: Well, I'm a general surgeon, and it's all hands on deck--
      Callie (to Leah): Get me Bailey!

    • Shane: Have you seen Dr. Webber?
      Cristina: Uh, last time I saw him was after surgery. He went to go check on the generator.
      Shane: Where's that?
      Cristina: How the hell should I know? (walks off)
      Heather (walks up): Lidocaine and a bunch of 4x4s. Can you take that to Hunt? I got paged by Shepherd.
      Shane: Uh... He wants you to go find Webber.
      Heather: Are you sure? He just paged me 9-1-2. That's our special little code. It means it's more urgent than 9-1-1. Get it?
      Shane: All I know is, they need Webber here, and Shepherd wants you to get him. Apparently, he went to deal with the generator. (Heather shakes her head and walks away)

    • Bailey: Hey, um, go find Dr. Webber.
      Shane: I'm supposed to give Dr. Brooks a message from Dr. Shepherd.
      Bailey: Uh, is that life-threatening? Because not having enough general surgeons in here right now is life-threatening. Go find Webber.

    • Cristina (laying in Mer's hospital bed with her): Owen and I... (sighs) Oh, you know, I don't even know what to call it. Ended it? Broke up? I feel like I'm gonna die.
      Meredith: You always end it, then you start it again.
      Cristina: Yes, but this is different.
      Meredith: Okay.
      Cristina: Oh, I'm gonna go to sleep. Oh, just for, like, 20 minutes.
      Meredith: Okay.
      Cristina: Oh, Robbins cheated on Callie? Oh! Did not see that coming.
      Meredith: I know!
      Cristina: Oh. And 'Bailey' is a good name. But two Baileys? You don't think it's gonna be confusing?
      Meredith: No, because... If I say 'Bailey peed on me,' I think it's safe to assume that I'm talking about my son.
      Cristina: Very good. Seriously, wake me in 20?
      Meredith: Okay.
      Cristina: Thank you. (her pager goes off and she groans) I feel like I'm gonna die.

    • (Alex & Jo are making out)
      Alex: Wait, wait.
      Jo: What?
      Alex: I'm not doing it in an on-call room. I'm a grown up, with a house.
      Jo: And your house has a tree in the middle of it. (takes off her shirt, Alex does the same, they start making out again) Wait, wait. Did you have sex with Leah in here? (Alex makes a face) And Heather? (Alex is silent) Oh, god. I don't think I can do this. Yeah, I can. (starts kissing Alex again. Alex gets paged) No, no, no. I need this. We're here. We're ready. Let's just do it, two minutes. No one's gonna die if we don't answer our pages for two minutes, right?
      Alex: Right. (they start kissing again)
      Jo: Crap! Now I'm thinking about dead people.

    • Owen: What?
      Leah: My shift is over. I was gonna go home and go to sleep. I'm so tired and hungry, and my teeth have stuff growing on them. And... Can you pretend you didn't hear any of that?
      Owen: Yep. (Leah walks back inside the hospital)

    • Owen: Okay, we should get started. Um, Bailey, we have some board business that we need to disc--
      Bailey (holding baby Bailey): I'm not going anywhere. Me and this baby got Bailey business to discuss. Don't we? Yes, Mr. Derek Bailey Shepherd. Yes, we do.
      Arizona: What does Zola think of him?
      Meredith: Oh, she wants to take him into daycare for show and tell.
      Derek: Where's Richard?
      Owen: I paged all the board members.
      Derek: Well, Avery should be here, too.
      Owen: Yeah, well, he was being a hero last night. He dislocated his shoulder saving a kid from a bus crash.
      Meredith: What bus crash?
      Cristina: She had a baby. She doesn't know things.
      Meredith: So tell me.
      Derek: A church was evacuating some people and their bus overturned.
      Owen: The good news is, everyone survived and there are no major injuries.
      Arizona: And the bad news?
      Owen: Everything else. The blood bank is flooded and the E.R. looks like it was ransacked.
      Derek: So we need to close the E.R.?
      Owen: We are dangerously low on meds. Personnel can't make it in due to the flooding.
      Cristina: So we need to close the E.R.
      Arizona: Can we do that?
      Owen: You are the board. I am telling you that E.R. cannot open today.
      Meredith: Well, what do we need? I can try to coordinate with our suppliers. (Arizona gives her a look) I had a baby, I'm not dead.
      Owen: If they have it, then we want it. In the meantime, let's make sure that our in-patients are taken care of and discharge who we can.
      Meredith: Like me.
      Derek: No, you just had a major abdominal surgery. You're gonna stay right here.
      Jackson (walks in): Alright, airports just reopened. Just put Dr. Boswell in a cab.
      Cristina: Who's Dr. Boswell?
      Callie: She's the woman who Arizona slept with last night. (walks out, everyone looks to Arizona, shocked)

    • Jackson: April, you're getting married.
      April: Unless I'm not.

    • Richard: (opening voiceover) When you become an intern, there's a ceremony where you get your white coat. Like magic, you're a doctor. My parents came to my white coat ceremony. I can still picture them, so happy, so proud. They say your life flashes before your eyes right before you die. The important moments, the moments that tested you. The moments that made you who you are. I don't know about my lifeflashing before me. I was thinking about my white coat, and how I'm glad I have it on me now. It's the moment my life started. Seems fitting it should be on me when it ends.

    • Richard: (closing voiceover) A doctor puts on his white coat to save lives, defy death, but once he takes it off, he's vulnerable, just like anybody else. Human. We're all gonna die. We don't get much say over how or when. But we do get to decide how we're gonna live. So do it. Decide. Is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to love? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More compassionate? Decide. Breathe in. Breathe out. And decide.

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