Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 6

Second Opinion

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Jeff Russell: Well, I understand that you already know your way around, probably better than I do, so, um, welcome. And go. Have fun. See patients.
      Cristina: I thought we might talk.
      Jeff Russell: I wish I had the time.
      Cristina: Dr. Russell--
      Jeff Russell: Jeff.
      Cristina: I am happy to be back at Seattle Grace Mercy West, but not if my progress ends here. I think my time would be best spent--
      Jeff Russell: Dr. Yang... I am in the weeds. I have a huge myxoma on a pregnant lady, I am spearheading the first U.S. lotus valve implantation, I've got four papers that journals are breathing down my neck for, I've got an army of interns who could use... Who needs some... Who are stupid. Go. Run my service. Make me look great. Just don't kill my patients.
      Cristina: Who's gonna assign my surgeries?
      Jeff Russell: Um, you are. Call me if you do something really cool.
      Cristina: Sir, I'm a fellow.
      Jeff Russell: No, that's not what I've heard. I've heard you're as good, as capable, as excited about this work as I am, if not more. Go. Be that way.

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